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posted by DiscordYJ
Inspiration? Monster por Imagine dragões

Does it hurt? Yes..
Does it mock me? Yes..
Does it scare people? Yes..
Does it hurt people? Yes..
Does it cause pain? Yes..
Does it want her? Yes..
Does it want to hurt her? Yes..
Will I let it? Never..

This thing doesn't want me to love, its selfish. Blade. I'd kill it before it touches her. She makes it angry, uncomfortable, envious. If I gave it a chance, which I never will, it would kill her, rip her apart, and leave nothing left. She's scared, though she says she's not. I can feel the fear deep within her; I wish she wasn't, but it is glad she's...
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posted by MafiaYJ
 Time keeps running off with out her..
Time keeps running off with out her..
Woman eternal,
She cannot die,
And ever dia of her years,
She shall cry.
Woman out of time,
Who does not age,
Who harbors fear,
And harbors rage.
Angry daughter,
Along at last,
Time goes por slow,
But people go por fast.
Wandering soul,
Awaiting death,
To take its toll.
A woman eternal,
May have no heart,
For it may end,
Before it may start.
Woman eternal,
Who cannot die,
Only one who calls on death,
And doesn't lie.

This is a poem about Babylon in case you wouldn't tell..and now i'm babbling because my artigo needs to be longer..ugh. Anyway, I hope you liked it. So tell me what you think.
posted by Robin_Love
I know these have been posted before, but I'm going to list them again. All at once so there are no perguntas later on. Let's start.

Don't spam with pics UNLESS it's for a book series.

Articles must be kid-friendly aka PG por movie rating

If there are artigos that need questioning, message me.

If there are any problems between fans, they MUST contact me IMMEDIATELY

If you make fun of another user in a way they don't like, you will be reported (unless it's an OC thing like the Becca/Sam stuff that happens)

Pictures must not be graphic either sexually or violently

When new members come, tell them to...
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OOC: this will be a short part, and afther this there will be one mais small part in this teme.

Twan sat in his room cleaning his gun as his celphone rang, he awserd it and heard a slitly panict voice on the other end.
Twan ?
Yes it is me Babs, somting wrong? Your voice soundes worryd.
It is pinguin he got batman and robing capterd at the docks.
Thad fat bird never learns his lesson. He said whit a angry voice, but he soon callemd himself agien.
Oke stai were you are i will be there in a sec.
Oke but pleas hurry i got no idee wat pinuin will do to them.

Babs was waiting in the rua as a motercykel...
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