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posted by InfinityYJ
*runs to avoid bombs, pitchforks, torches and angry mobs* I'M SORRY. I'M SORRY. I HAVE TOO!! They've been in my head for so long... I just.. oh god don't hurt me please. Just tell me if I should RP as one.. or both.. I really like Maddy. She's cewl. AH! OH GOD! *continues running*

Name: Maddy Chive
Alias: Riot
Age: 15
Appearance: wavy brown hair, steely blue eyes, 5’7”, normal weight, pale-ish skin
Personality: upbeat, peppy, not at all quiet, has a little bit of a trust issue
Costume: white tank top, cropped biker jaqueta with short sleeves, ripped black leggings with red patches lining it,...
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posted by Mclovin_69
She skimmed her finger across a ballet and took it out into her hands and walked back to the microphone and opened it, she cleared her throat " Aryess Weston " she said, Silvers eyes went wide and everyone around her gave her a look as if this was the last time they were going to see her, she slowly stepped out into the middle and looked back to her brother who had a shocked expression on his face and guilt in his eyes. But what was he able to do the capital guards would just grab him and he couldnt volunteer, the last thing Daemian wanted to do was sit there but he couldnt do anything else...
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Daily Episode

dia Thirty-Four:

Static Shock Episode Nineteen: "Sunspots"
Link: link

When sunspots appear, they can control Static's powers, sometimes causing his magnetic force to rage and become out of control, while other times, his powers simply vanish. Until the sunspots disappear (which is unpredictable), Static has no control over his powers at all. 



We're gong from "Independence Day" to "Happy New Year" to "Depths"!!!!!!


Link: link
posted by ArtemisYJ
  I reveal to you my OCs. Will I rp them??? No idea. You tell me. I do not have pix yet either 

Hero Name: Razor
Secret I.D: Lola Valten
Gender: Female
Powers/Abilities: Weaponary and combat expert. 
Basically, Lola was born into a family of ninjas. Her dad was a combat expert and was a hero until he was stabbed por his enemy when Lola was 13. Her mother was a swording master and she naturally got her stelthly-ness. But she died at giving birth to Lola.  Shes indepentdent and had some issues adjusting to the team. Personality wise she is seen as firece on strong hearted. Apperence...
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posted by ArtemisYJ


     Guys, lets be serious. Since Artemis got pregnant, at least 10 (if not more) OCs have gotton pregnant.         
        Mclovin and I came up with the unique, never-before-used RP idea together and its kind of annoying you guys continue to copy.
       I know it sounds kind of cocky and full of ourselves but weather you conciously knew what you were doing or not. You did. 
       Honestly, me and Mclovin aren't very happy with it. And sick of our idea being used and no one ever even asked if they could. They just took it.    
And in general, when you copy anyone. Its so irritating to see someone take your idea you worked to come up with. So guys. Come up with your own ideas. I know you can do it. You guys come up with your own OCs so make your own ideas. 
posted by Robin_Love
I had too much fun with this! Just so you know, when she gets to a certain level of excitement, Cat will shout things in aleatório languages, even gibberish.

A little black kitten wandered into the lounge room. It hopped up on the sofa and curled into a little fluffy ball on someone's lap. Blade looked down at the little ball of pele, peles in her lap. Blade Howard was not one to be soft. But the sight of the cat melted her. She picked it up and looked into it's purple gaze.
“Hey little kitty! Aren't you adorable?!”
The cat let out a soft “mew” and started to purr. Blade cuddled it, stroking the...
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posted by The_Writer

Okay, here are the facts, confirmed por Greg Weissman himself:

As of 2.05 "Bloodlines" Cissie is 14. Bart is 14.
When asked about Cissie, Greg at first stated Cissie's ten segundo cameo was merely a "taste"
Bart and Cissie had a romantic relationship in the comics.
Cissie King-Jones did appear in "Insecurity". (She was the blonde girl fascinated with Arty saving her dad.
Greg refuses to confirm or deny the archer in the poster is male or female. Though it is most likely male.

Also: Sme artwork from the guy who does the artwork for YJ:

Daily Episode

dia Thirty-Five:

Static Shock Episode Eighteen: "Frozen Out"
Link: link

During the natal season, ice and snow blow through Dakota. Static soon realizes it comes from a Bang Baby with cryogenic powers named Permafrost. Permafrost, however, is merely a young homeless, orphaned girl who has mental problems from trauma as a young child, who can not control her powers as they occur when people ignore her as she begs on the streets. Static must somehow convince her to calm down and accept his help. 



In two days, Young Justice will be ADDED to the Countdown Episode List. That's right. You'll have an episode of Static and YJ to watch.


This is one of my favorito episodes. What about you?


Link: link
(PLEASE NOTE: No OCs but RR exist in this fanfic.)

"Be on the watch out." Revenge said. Batgirl crept seguinte to him.

"Who is this guy?" she asked. "Batman obviously has had issues with him..."

"Issues doesn't even begin to cover it, Batgirl." a voice called. Grenades landed in the alleyway. Revenge jumped on Batgirl as they exploded.

"You okay?" he asked.

"Fine." Barbara replied. "Who was that?"

"The name was Robin. Or Jason." the figure said, leaping down seguinte to Revenge and pointing double pistols at him. "But you can call me Red Hood. And my associate--"

"Please!" another voice...
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posted by Red-Revenge
Daily Episode

dia Thirty-Six:

Static Shock Episode Seventeen: "Static Shaq"
Link: link

Static is hunted out por the Ruff Pack, who nearly discover his secret identity. This episode guest-stars Shaquille O'Neal as himself. 



Static Shock has a lot of famous African Americans guest estrela on the show, with Lil Romeo even doing the themesong for seasons 3 and 4. But for a monster introduction, you had to bring in a monster of a guy. So, Ladies & Gentlemen: Shaquille O' Neille!!!



Link: link
posted by SilverWingsYJ
Name: Tanner Mason

Age: 16

Hair: light brown

Eye Color: hazel

Height: 6'

Weight: 165

Occupation: Green Lantern (in training) and ally of the JL and YJ.

Costume: lantern gear

Personality: humorous, doesn't take a lot of things too seriously, follows orders well, focused, determined.

History: Tanner grew up near an air base with his parents. He hung around the air base a lot, learning to fly and repair planes, and caught Hal Jordon's eye. Hal recruited him when he was 15. He assists Tanner in his training. He enlisted him onto the YJ team so that he can interact with heros his age and train with them.

-spends a lot of time off world helping the Lantern

-likes to dress nice when in civvies
posted by XxKFforeverXx
Probably won't RP with her, not untless you want me to.

Name: Carly Bagans
Alias: Lysis (I know, it sucks.)
Age: 17
Powers/skills: Controling Ice/water
-contact with the spirit world,
-field tactics,
-all terrain hand to hand combat,
-and acrobatics
Past: Honestly, Carlys past is pretty quite and neutral. Nothing to scar her for life actually. She's quiet and keeps her thought to herself. She lives with her parents currently, Became a hero at the age of 13, she's just know joining the team, because of her shyness.
Notes: -can turn her powers on and off
-shy, until you get to know her
-runs around with the "Ghost Adventures" crew
-Keep all sweets AWAY from her.
-carries around electrical devices to detect spirtual presents when her powers are offline.
posted by BladeYJ
 Sexy photo! ;)
Sexy photo! ;)
Name:Dante Johnathan Howard

Alias: Dante ;)

Relations With Team: Blade, his sister.

Age: 17 and a half! ;D
He and Blade are exactly 1 ano apart, they were born on the same day, December 13th, at the exact same time.. just a ano apart.

Height: 6'01in.

Weight: 170 lbs.

Appearance: Dante is pretty much Blade's twin just taller and older. He has Blonde hair that comes down to the mid-point of his nose. He has red eyes, like blade, and a light tan skin tone.

Hero/Villain: Dante is a hero, he loves helping people and will try his hardest to save someone in need. Dante will sacrifice his self for his...
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I ran as quickly as possible, trying to get my hands on the Joker. When I got there, the Joker was gone; and Kent was bleeding on the ground.
    “Crap,” I mumbled under my breath. I teleported over to Kent, he had some internal bleeding and bruises, definitely Joker damage.
    “Rene?” he whispered.
    “Shh, I’ll take you to the hospital.” I put him in a protective bubble so I wouldn’t hurt him. We teleported to the mountain and I brought him to the infirmary. Maxine and Nightwing came rushing over to me.
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posted by Robin_Love
As requested.

She paced back and forth in the small width of her room. The other occupant followed her and just listened.
“Nonononononono! Why did this happen to me?! NOT okay! Stupid gum. Stupid people. Stupid world!”
“It's not ending just because-”
The other sighed, still watching.
“It wasn't just anything. It was a symbol. I didn't want to part with it!!!”
“Becca, you're being ridiculous.”
“Yes. But I don't care!”
“Any other things you want to rant about?”
Becca glared at the other in her room.
“Then we should train.”
“NO buts!”
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Got bored of Mel being Allana to the rescue!!!!

Mount Justice.

Superman stood behind Batman.
"We need the Secret Weapon." He said, softly and sternly.
"I will not waste my time on-" He started, but was cut off por a glowing light, in the center of the lounge.
"You need me for what?" She asked, softly, and barely audible. super-homem smiles and walked over to the light, the light morphing into the image of a 13 ano old, angel girl.
"We need you for a rescue." super-homem said, the girl smiled.
"Okay." She said, and the light dissappeared. Baman growled.

Unknown location.

Mel screamed...
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
Fangs eyes fluttered opened as he looked around at his surroundings, he ignored the pain in his right shoulder and wing. Fang stood up and wobbled a bit trying to regain his balance.
"No point in trying to fly." Fang said, talking to himself, he stretched out his hurt wing and started walking alone, his hand was still clamped to his side, try to keep the blood from gushing out of the deep gashes in his side. "Why is it always me? Why can't it be someone else?" Fang kicked the dirt, as a white furgão, van swervered in front of him.
"Maybe it's because you're a experiment Fang!" Ari smirked and got out...
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
Sift sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose. 
"Ari, why the heck did you signal them to THROW him off the cliff?!? I specifically said, to keep him down, while I injected the toxins. But NO! You had to screw it up!" Sift walked away from the cliff as Ari peered over it, 
"You know Jess, he's probably still alive, just hurt badly." 
"Then we will intersect him at the cave." Sift said as she hopped into the van. 

There was a light knock on Scotts door, he groaned and rolled off his bed. There was another light knock as Scott pulled on his camisa and buttoned his pants, he walked up to it and...
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posted by Mclovin_69
I sat on the train wide eyed, shaking and breathing deeply to try and molusco myself, i couldnt fool myself and make the fear go away though. We were on the train, on the way to the capital to train and compete in a game to fight to the death. I didnt understand why being in the justice league was so important that all the heroes of the generation had to die and only leave one victorious, to me it sounded stupid and monsterous, not to mention heartless. My thoughts were interupted por a voice " you havent said anything since the reaping Willow " looked up to see Lucas and sighed looking down "...
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Daily Episode

dia Thirty-Eight:

Static Shock Episode Twelve: "Power Play"
Link: link

Richie bumps into an old man, Ragtag, in an alleyway, granting him the power of lygokinesis (the ability to control raw energy); allowing Richie to become the superhero "Push." The powers are temporary, however, and in order to continue being a hero, Richie must perform criminal acts on Ragtag's behalf. 


Why is everyone power hungry? (Daily Episodes back to their regular times!!!!!!)


Link: link