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Fan fiction by Skittles98 posted over a year ago
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“So, you got anything to drink?” I asked
“Cooler in the back” she nodded. I walked back and pulled out a Pepsi. I charged it. I walked to the door. I saw batman and Robin pursuing me.
“Bomb’s away!” I cried, dropping the Pepsi. It exploded mid-air, turning into a giant foamy cloud, covering our escape. Domino took the hint and flew as fast as the chopper went. It jerked forward, sending me stumbling out the door.
“Gambette!” Kurt cried. He teleported under me, but I moved him just before we hit ground. He landed on topo, início of me. Thank God for my prehensile hair. It softened my landing a bit, but I was still fairly sore.
“Kurt?” I whispered. He groaned.
“Kurt, if you want to sleep, I don’t care, just tell me you’re okay” I pleaded, kneeling beside him. I noticed there was a large bloody gash on his stomach and his shoulder looked dislocated. I picked him up. I focased and my hair shot up and grabbed the copter. It brought me and Kurt up. I laid him carefully in the copter. Suddenly, the copter started lurching one way. I ran to the cockpit and found Domino with a device on her forehead.
Fan fiction by Skittles98 posted over a year ago
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Everyone looked up and saw the Dark Knight standing on the landing pad.
“Welcome back Gambette” he said
“Batman” I nodded curtly. I walked up the stairs to see the Dark Knight in all his dark, brooding glory.
“So, you gunna let me leave?” I asked
“No” he shook his head. I saw a lady with blonde hair walk by.
“Okay. Then I might as well familiarize myself with the base” I shrugged, running off. I sprinted after the lady.
“Excuse me!” I called. She stopped and turned around.
“I’m Gambette. Can you authorize me leaving the cave?” I asked
“I’m Black Canary. And sure” she nodded. We walked to the teleporters and it scanned her.
“Where to?” she asked
“Far away” I said. She nodded.
“Is New York okay?”
“Perfect” I grinned.
“Recognized; Black Canary B15, Gambette, B08” the computer said. I saw batman running in. I walked quickly into the bright light. I smirked and waved over my shoulder. I walked out and found myself in Gotham.
Fan fiction by Skittles98 posted over a year ago
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The New Gambette
A ano later…
I ran through the forest, the sounds of gunshots pursuing me. I was in New England again. I was now a traveler who helped people in need. But then again, I was being chased por several angry hunters because I let the urso they had caught free. Sorry I amor animals! Jeesh! I came to a screeching stop at a cliff beside a waterfall. They had me cornered. Well shit! What now?! I glanced at the water. It didn’t look too cold.
“Ah, screw it” I muttered before jumping off the cliff into the water fall. I was plunged down into a deep pond. I smacked my head against something and everything went black.
Author PoV
Gambette’s body was rushed down the river with the currents, taking it to an underground river. It was tossed through the river at a surprisingly fast rate. Suddenly, her body was in metal pipes, heading straight for a vent cover! Her hand went out and touched the cover accidentally. It charged, then exploded, letting the young mutants body float up to a small lake in a cave with stairs leading from the water and a landing pad above her.
Fan fiction by Skittles98 posted over a year ago
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“Wait, he’s your dad?” Wally finally managed
“Yes” I nodded
“And you were hugging him because…?” Robin asked
“None of your beeswax!” I snarled
“Woah…touchy” he muttered
“I’ll show you touchy mister ‘I’m so cool and awesome because Batman’s my mentor’” I muttered under my breath.
“Why didn’t you tell us?” Wolverine asked
“Because it didn’t concern you. My family concerns Me, Kurt, Laurna, Laura, Wanda and Gambit. No one else” I growled
“Why does it concern them?” Aqualad asked
“Because they’re the closest the to family I have, aside from Gambit” I said
“What about your mother?” Wally asked
“My mother…” I whispered
“Yeah, your mom, mum, mama, ma, mommy, mother, mu-“ Wally ranted
“She’s dead! Are you happy now?!” I demanded, tears brimming my eyes. I spun on my heel and walked out. I heard people walking after me. I broke into a run. I didn’t want anyone taking advantage of me while I was in such a fragile state. I ran to a bridge, where I broke down. Someone came over and sat beside me.
Fan fiction by Skittles98 posted over a year ago
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I ran at Blob and launched myself off his neck fat, right at Quicksilver.
“Dodge this” I snarled, kicking him in the face. I launched off his shoulders and took Toad out with an expert kick to the stomach. Domino started shooting at me, but I managed to dodge them all. Except one. It hit my hair. I screamed loudly, considering the roots of my hair were connected directly to my spine. I threw four playing cards at her. They landed around her, then exploded, knocking her out. I looked at the two people left; Blob and Gambit. I flipped over to Blob.
“Blob, are you really taking orders from this clown? I heard he thinks you’re a stupid piece of fat that’s only purpose is to serve him” I whispered in Blob’s ear. He shouted angrily, and then charged my father. I smirked. I was walking away when a flaming playing card was dropped in my path.
“Oh crap” I muttered, jumping back. I spun around to see Blob on the ground, Gambit sitting on him.
“It’s just me and you, daughter” he said
Fan fiction by Skittles98 posted over a year ago
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Gambit entered as if on queue. I glared at him.
“Kurt, get us out of here” Wanda said frantically
“I can’t take you all” he said
“You take one half, I’ll take the other” Kitty said
“Wunderbar” he nodded
‘Half of you, hold on to me, the other grab onto Shadow Kat’ Kurt thought through Jean’s mental link.
‘Got it’ Wolverine nodded
‘Laurna put up a wall. Iceman, you reinforce it’ Wanda ordered. The metal floor formed into a barrier and Iceman shot a tall mural of ice to prevent Magneto from morphing it. Everyone dividido, dividir up and went to one the people. I grabbed Kurt’s tail just as he teleported away. We finally arrived outside the tower. I looked down at my dress. It was ruffled and dirty. I sighed.
“Wanda, how far are we from our rooms?” I asked
“Not far. About one teleport” she said, looking hopefully at Kurt.
“Got it” he nodded
“Everyone, hide and we’ll meet you back here when we’re prepared for battle. Alert all the mutants you see” Wanda ordered. Everyone nodded and Kurt teleported us to our rooms. We quickly changed and I grabbed my...
Fan fiction by Skittles98 posted over a year ago
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The smoke cleared to reveal the X-men standing there, untying Wanda, Laurna and Eclipse. Young Justice and batman were all encased in ice, courtesy of Iceman. Laurna angrily stood. The floor around my ex-team fell away.
“You’d better explain why you attacked my início and tried to take my guest” she growled
“We want our friend back” Wally said
“So you attack her?” Wanda exclaimed, her fists glowing red.
“Yeah, babe” Wally grinned, looking Wanda up and down. Kurt’s tail twitched.
“Megan, you like making people happy right?” I asked
“Yeah” she nodded
“Then why do you wish to make me sad?” I asked
“I-I don’t” she stammered. I turned to Wally.
“Robin, what is the job of a hero?” I asked
“To save people and protect their home” he said
“I was protecting my início and saving innocent lives por coming here” I said
“Artemis, Robin, Batman, you know what it is like to hold a dear secret. Let me hold mine” I continued. Finally, after a bit of mental discussion, the team decided.
Fan fiction by Skittles98 posted over a year ago
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all "special guest" rights go to robins-gfriend (Eclipse) and Marvel (The X-men)

He blinked up at me and suddenly, his eyes were green.
“Wally!” I screeched. All of a sudden, my ex-team mates surrounded me.
“Come back with us” Robin urged
“And if I don’t?” I asked “You can’t force me”
“They can’t. But I can” batman said
“What can you do?” I laughed nervously.
“I can tell them who you are” he said. My blood froze.
“You wouldn’t” I hissed. The team was suddenly confused.
“What’s so wrong with who you are?” Robin asked
“Batman, if you do, it would not help your cost. They wouldn’t want me” I pointed out
“I don’t care if they want you or not. You’re joining this team” he growled
“Batman, you are in no position to be making threats” I snarled
“And how so?” he asked. Suddenly, Wanda, Laurna, Kurt and a girl with dark brown, almost black hair poofed up. The girl who I didn’t know had green eyes and was wearing a black flowered dress. Tied around her waist was an avental with a large rosa, -de-rosa bow at the back. She had black and white...
Fan fiction by Skittles98 posted over a year ago
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“Gambette, how are we supposed to contact you?” he asked. I pulled out a playing card.
“I can’t really answer that. But know this: You and your team have people watching over you” I said, slipping the card into his hand. Night Crawler, Laurna, X-23 and Scarlet Witch all came up behind me.
“Au revoir, mon ami” I said. I walked away with my real family, who took me to my new home. It was a surprisingly short trip. While Laura had to leave right away, because of the usual reasons, Wanda gave me a tour with Laurna and Kurt. The island was beautiful. Finally, they showed me to my room. It was a medium sized room with a balcony that over looked the sea. There was a large cama and a beautiful vanity and dresser.
“Do you like your room, Miss Le Beau?” Laurna asked
“I-it’s amazing!” I breathed “But I couldn’t possibly take it”
“Why not?” she asked. That was all the prompting I needed.
“Never mind. It is gorgeous” I said. She smiled.
“Wanda wishes to see you” she announced. I nodded and followed her to the trono room. Wanda was sitting on a throne.
Fan fiction by Skittles98 posted over a year ago
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Kurt pulled the gauze out and gingerly wrapped it around my wound. I bit my lip as pain shot through my arm.
"Why did they want you?" Wanda asked
"I was bait. Bait for a certain father that never cared for me" I spat. Laura, Wanda and Laurna all snarled in unison.
"You misunderstand, mon Cheri. I do care for my daughter" Remy said, coming up to us.
"Gambit" I snarled
"Bon soir, mon ami" he grinned. I slapped him across the face.
"You're the reason I'm in this mess in the first place!" I shrieked
“And I am sorry you had to get involved with our family rivalry” he said
“No you’re not. You’re probably glad so now I can never return to my início without being attacked por Rippers” I snarled
“Ryella, you know I never wanted you to get into my business” he said
“Well, thanks to you, I am now” I growled, turning my back on him.
“Ryella, please” he pleaded
“If y’all want me, I’ll be somewhere at Mardi Gras” I snarled before storming off.
Fan fiction by Skittles98 posted over a year ago
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I glared at him.
“You’ll never get respostas that way” I said lazily.
“Where is Gambit?” he demanded. I kept my mouth shut. He raised his hand to slap me. As he went to land the blow, my hair snapped up and caught his wrist.
“So, are you going to untie me now?” I asked as I twisted his wrist. He yelled out some nasty words. A dark figure entered. It knocked the man out. It un-tied my hands and shoulders. I easily zapped off the ropes on my ankles. I stood up and saw an older boy with brown hair a blue eyes standing there, holding a corvo bar.
“Thanks” I nodded
“No problem” he shrugged
“So, who are you, anyways?” I asked
“Distant cousin of Remy. I followed the Rippers here and thought you might want some help” he said
“So, I guess that means you’re my uncle” I said absentmindedly. I peeked out the door and we ran out of the room down the empty hall. I followed the boy. We came to a large hall where about six men were standing with guns. The boy looked around, then pointed to another hall.
Fan fiction by Skittles98 posted over a year ago
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“Hey, you’re Remy’s kid, ain’t ya?” one asked
“Maybe. And maybe I’m an Arabian slave trader here to collect this little lady to sell for two stallions” I sneered. Laura laughed.
“Yup, that’s her” one nodded
“Anyways, what’s it to you who I am?” I asked
“Well, we’re the Ripper’s, and we want Remy dead” the lead one said
“Your point?”
“Well, we’ll need bait to get him down here. And if he knows his daughter is here, he’ll come get her” he continued
“Pass” I said, getting up.
“It wasn’t an option” he smirked. Laura snarled.
“Don’t use your powers” I hissed. She gave me a questioning look, but nodded. I brought out my bow staff.
“Now ya’ll, I don’t want trouble. So just mover before I rearrange your face” I glared at them. They all laughed. I smacked one in the head, knocking him out cold.
“You made me angry. You will not like me when I’m angry” I snarled. They all laughed again. I heard a thump and Laura was on the floor.
Fan fiction by Skittles98 posted over a year ago
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Gambette's Mardi Gras Costume
I dropped Gambit. I stepped towards them. They all backed up.
“Y-you’re not actually scared of me…are you?” I asked. None of them answered. My eyes widened. I ran off.
“Gambette to Batman. I’m out. If you want me, have fun trying to find me” I said, before throwing my comm. unit on the ground. I ran to the industrial area of New York City and saw a train pulling away. On one box it said New Orleans. I grinned and hopped in. I pulled my capa tight around my body. As long as I didn’t use my powers, I would be fine. No one would be able to track me. I dozed off. I woke to the train screeching to a halt. It was around 10:00 pm. I walked through dark alley ways to the town square. I could here the jumpy música of Mardi Gras a mile away. I grinned and my hair changed por itself, shortening itself and curling. As I walked por a girl, I grabbed her ribbon from her neck and quickly tied it in my hair, like a pony. I walked into a local costume comprar and quickly bought a bunch of new clothes, including a masquerade mask. I changed into them and walked through the streets. I listen joyfully to the music. I walked into a bar. A bunch of men gave me odd looks.
Fan fiction by Skittles98 posted over a year ago
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In the blink of an eye, Quick Silver was holding me in a head lock.
“Sorry, kid” he said.
“So am I” I said before flipping him over my head. I pulled out a communicator.
“Gambette to Scarlet Witch! Pietro is back. He’s here in New York with the Brother Hood. I need some help” I said. Domino quickly loaded her guns.
“Scatter!” I yelled, flipping over behind a corner. Domino shot at me a couple times before moving in. I brought out my bow staff. As she came around the corner, I smacked her up-side the head, knocking her out.
“Sorry, D. If you had joined me, I wouldn’t have had to do that” I apologized. I felt the ground shake. I watched as the team, minus Miss Martian, fell. I ran up to Avalanche, despite the rumbling ground and smacked him in the head. Hard.
“Bad choice, little girl” he growled. Rocks spurred up from the ground. I used the inertia to shoot myself at the helicopter. I put my hands on it.
“Brother Hood, Surrender or the copter is gunna blow” I ordered. They immediately stopped fighting.
Fan fiction by Skittles98 posted over a year ago
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“Team, something’s come up” batman said “Computer New York News”
“-things have been exploding randomly all over the city! In one case, a árvore took out a huge chunk of a road, causing traffic to build. Back to you Kelsey” a man said
“Thank you, Sam” a woman said. The screen closed.
“Gambit” I snarled
“What?” Robin asked
“Pardon?” I raised an eyebrow, pretending not to hear him.
“What did you say?” he asked
“Nothing” I gave him a funny look.
“I want you seven to find out what is causing things to explode” batman said. We all nodded and everyone ran off, leaving me with Batman. I pulled out my contacts, revealing red eyes on black. I followed the rest of the team. Miss Martian used her telekinesis and brought up a seat. I sat in it and two straps kept me in. We flew to New York and I looked down. It was in chaos. I saw a man in a long over casaco walking casually down the street, throwing cards.
“Friend of yours?” Kid Flash laughed
Fan fiction by Skittles98 posted over a year ago
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"Um...hi?" the red head said
"I'm Gambette, a some-what friend of tall, dark and brooding over there" I said
"I'm Miss Martian; this is Super Boy, Aqualad, Robin, Kid Flash and Artemis. It's great to see you" she smiled, shaking my hand.
"Pleasure's all mine" I said
"Soooo...what was with the intro?" Kid Flash asked
"Oh, nothing" I smirked. batman grumbled something incomprehensible.
“Team this is your new team mate. She will be living here with Miss Martian and Super Boy” he said, then walked off.
“I really like your hair! It’s so long and pretty!” Miss Martian said. The blonde archer huffed quietly
“It’s probably a really good weave” she muttered. My hair shot out and tapped her shoulder.
“Sure about that?” I asked
“How’d you-?” she started
“Prehensile hair; comes in handy in rua fights” I said
“That’s weird” she said, turning away.
“So, what’s your name?” Robin asked
“Gambette” I said
“Your real name” he added
Opinion by YJTTFAN posted over a year ago
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SUP! My name is- well depends when and where I am. Currently I am Dana Grayson, sister to Richard “Dick” Grayson. My hero name is Data, given to my por the reporters of Gotham. Yeah Gotham, kinda bad idea just strutting up on the Batman’s and Robin’s turf, but eh I needed their attention. I may look like just another hero-girl but actually I’m a experiment; a failed one at that. I came from Cadumus, just another project, you heard of Superboy?
(*Footsteps, people walk into room*)
Same concept, I am from Project Justice we were given and created por DNA of the Justice League and their sidekicks
(*punch noises* “Gahhh alright sorry” *clears throat*)
I mean partners
(“No she means sidekicks” *scuffling breaks out, mic falls * “Will you get off of ARGG”)
Sorry about that. Anyway, we were a group of about 50 kids most were….failures, only about30 made it passed infancy. But even those had several problems, like mood swings and power-overload mostly because a lot of us are ‘mutts’. Mutts are the ones who got mixed DNA like mixing lets say Wonder Woman, Flash, and Hawkwoman the child...
Fan fiction by Skittles98 posted over a year ago
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I walked down the empty streets, shuffling the decks of cards in my hands. My long over casaco flapped behind me, along with my long brown hair. My brown eyes followed the path my cards took. I turned down a wide alley. Four guys block my path. Another four blocked my retreat.
“You guys wanna play a little card game?” I asked, holding up my deck of cards.
“Sure” the lead guy nodded
“Let’s play 8” I said, throwing 8 cards to the ground. They started to glow, then they exploded. I walked away, passing my cards back and forth between my hands. My brown hair writhed around me. As I walked down another alley and a man dressed in a black cape and capota, capuz swooshed down in front of me.
“Bonjour, Batman” I nodded
“Gambette. I have a proposition for you” he said
“And how can I be of service to you?” I asked
“You get a shelter, comida protection and be able to travel the world for free-“
“Wait for it” I muttered
“If you cadastrar-se a team” he continued