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posted by AislingYJ
This is based on a roleplay we had on the mural yesterday, where Rowan challenged Fin, Mel, and Aisling to a video game. Even though the game broke, this is what would’ve happened if it hadn’t! xD
The two figures walked down the shadowed alley, not saying a word. Her dark curls were pulled into a messy ponytail, as they always were, and she kept on shaking the stray strands out of her turquoise eyes. His now-brown eyes---he was wearing colored contacts, so that their purple coloring didn’t evoke suspicion, kept on reverting to her, as much as he wanted them not to, and he absentmindedly...
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
I’m bringing Nudge back in the place of Sift ^.^
Name: McKenzie Douglas
Alias: Nudge
Occupation: Hero.
-Flight (wings),
-can attract metal to herself
-hand to hand combat,
-field tactics
Past: Raised in the “School”. Escaped with other kids around the age of ten, she dividido, dividir from the flock, and went on her own, finding her way onto the team around the age of 14. Nudge became Evil and dividido, dividir the scene, never to be seen again. On her way to freedom, she captured once again. They wiped her memory, having some bits and pieces, she remembers every one. Just not what she did to everyone.
Other: -When Nudge is in stealth mode, her eyes are red, hair is curly, and she has black bat wings.
-Has a older brother, you've seen him before, figure it out.
posted by ShadowYJ
A few days atrás I posted a fórum saying that I'll be composição literária a fanfic.
It will be published in a few days time and to not spoil anything it will be titled 'A Truth A-fold, A Spark Untold' (Just so you know)

Since Only like few people have posted their OC's to be in this fanfic, if theres anyone that DOES want to be in this fanfic and is interested, scam my mural or post your bio on this (Very quick):


Thanks and thats all from me.
posted by Mclovin_69
Name: Sophia Morrows ( Sophie)

Hero Name: none ( not really part of team yet )

Age: 17

Appearance: she has light pale blonde long hair and sky blue eyes with pale skin. ( she has it becuase of her drug addiction)

Personality: she is very shy and quiet around people and very sensitive about her past

Powers: they really arent much of powers but she can see the dead and communicate with others loved ones that have passed. ( for example she could talk to Lukes mom if she wanted to)

Relationship: none

Past: she has been a prostitue and drug addict since she was 13 years old, she was always never good...
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posted by ShadowYJ
If people are wondering why I’m making so many OC’s, its for an upcoming project...

Name: Spectrum

Secret ID: Jillian DeRocco

Age: 15

Occupation: Heroin

Appearance: An attractive girl with a pale complexion. Whitish blonde hair waist length, bluish-grayish coloured eyes, skinny and tall.

Personality: A bright and bubbly personality. Is also shy when meeting new persons.

Powers: The Spark that keeps her coração beating and alive, gives her the powers of throwing very blindly coloured light beams of energy from her hands, eyes, and fingertips. It can act has a laser, light, force field, explosives...
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posted by SilverWings13
"Where's Fang?"
Twan startled as Devin slammed her hands in front of him on the table.
"What?" He looked up from his unassembled gun.
"He said you guys were coming início after football practice together," the angel explained.
"Fang wasn't at football practice," Twan said. He watched her expression fall. "You didn't know?"
"No, I didn't know!" she said, agitation and growing panic in her voice.
"What's with the yelling?" Willow asked, entering the room with Aisling behind her. They had been sparring and wore there full hero uniforms.
"Fang didn't come início with Twan like he told me he would," Devin...
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
Still taking spots of anyone wants to join.

Lexi ignored the pain in her left wrist as she struck the punching bag. Mel sat in the middle of the floor, flipping through the channels
"Boring...boring...boring." Mel said with each flip of the channel. 
"And here's the main general of sector 56 who is still on has been reported that he did not travel with his sector this afternoon." Mel stared at the screen, and Lexi stopped what she was doing to stare at the screen.
"What sector was dad in?" Lexi pulled off her gloves.
"No idea..." 
"Wasn't it-?" Mel cut Lexi off.
"SHH. Listen!"
"The general...
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
Fang snapped upright, resulting in slamming his head on the metal dog engradado, caixa he was sitting in. 
"Ow...Where the.." Fang eyes became wide when he figured out where he was. He turned when he felt eyes staring him down. He glanced to the side, and came face to face with Angel, the youngest of the flock he was in. 
"Hi..Fang?" angel stared slightly past him.
"Angel...." Fang waved his hand, "I'm right here..." angel looked directly at him. 
"I-I can't see. They done what they done me to Iggy....Only everything is muggy and gray." She pulled her knees up to her chest. "And Fang." 
"Yes Angel?" 
"They took your wings" angel scooted back and a strong arm jerked Fang out from his crate. 

Yes. I purposely made this short. >:D
posted by SilverWings13
 Improv Civvies
Improv Civvies
Biking across Gotham certainly took much longer than driving. But it was also faster than walking. And Aryess wasn't in the mood to break the law por driving her motociclismo while underage, even if she did have a (false) license.
Ary didn't mind the long ride. It was a nice way to clear her head in the simple task. She could have gone without the heat, though. The beating sun had forced her to exchange her hero uniform for not her usual civvies: blue-and-gray striped shirt, hooded jean jacket, and jeans, but instead a spaghetti-strap topo, início and black shorts. The fingerless gray gloves stayed in...
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posted by SilverWings13
It was only in the darkest hours of the night that I feel the safest in the city. There are dozens of things that hide among the shadows, where the tendrils of the lights can't reach.
And, much to my advantage, one man's hiding place, is another girl's haven.
Sitting atop the roof of a high-rise, I stare out at the city lights that dot the sky, accompening the moon.
A mere sliver tonight, I note, glancing up at the curved line that glows above the lights. It seems alone, the stars hidden behind clouds. Empty clouds that don't hold any rain, I hope. I don't mind the sprinkle of clear water that...
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posted by SilverWingsYJ
Was going to do this way back when, but I put it aside for a while. Here it is: a few ways to stay unharmed when hanging around SilverWings. I recommend NOT doing them ;)

1) Threaten Bentley.

2) Ruffle her hair.

3) Sneak up on her and jump out and yell "BOO!". She may reflexively pull out a faca and... You get the picture.

4) Ask why she doesn't have wings despite her hero name.

5) Touch her knives, hidden blade, or any other weapon.

6) Call her "Angel", "kiddo", "Cub", or any other name Blaze calls her.

7) Spray her with Silly String.

8) Dump a bucket of ice water on her while she's sleeping (yes...
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posted by InfinityYJ
A visualização to what's coming! The sign-up is still open, closes tomorrow. I need some guys, please, so if you could, it'd be nice. ;D
Here we goo!!

Fin rushed to her room, zipping past the people in the front to avoid communicating with them. She slammed her door open, giving the same amount of force to close it, and went straight to her dresser in the closet where she started throwing the clothing out of it. “C’mon, where is it, where is it...”
Blaire, who was sitting on the dog cama in the corner, perked up, curled tail wagging. Fin noticed this and turned, crouching down. The pup jumped...
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posted by CoaxochYJ
I just felt like writing....So comment and enjoy!

I ran through the streets of NewYork, thick with people and vendors. I took a sharp turn, skidding on the rain water, my windbreaker keeping my wings dry. My wings were sore, and I couldnt move them. Horrible when your trying to escape things about three times stronger than you. And jumped up and kicked off of a building nearby. Throwing my hands out infront of me, I saw the clouds. It was like slow motion, untill I hit the chest of a furry Eraser. Adrenaline pumped into my system. He stummbled back and made a wheezing noise. He grabbed...
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posted by The_Writer
Young Justice Invasion Episode 8: "Satisfaction"
Air Date: September 29th, 2012
Description: Upon awakening in estrela City Hospital, Roy Harper plans his revenge on the man who ruined his life: Lex Luthor.

Also, if everything goes straight, Young Justice Invasion will air all 13 episodes in a regular order without taking another break, hiatus, or stop for the Holidays.

Yes, I have confirming links for all of these. This is the real deal people. First 45 segundo sneak visualização Saturday after DC Nation. Two mais 30-45 sec previews and 6 visualização pics this Thursday. Thank you!
posted by Robin_Love
She banged her fists against the door. This demon is dead. She turned her head to look around at the war still raging behind her. It seemed to be calming down some, but not with enough time to get to Devin. Unless....
He nodded in reply to her urgent shout. Finally. This will be fun. He watched Becca turn her head, eyes closed. He smirked evilly as black smoke came from his mouth. His eyes turned black and his body morphed. fogo ignited on him, covering everywhere but his face and feet. His hands turned into giant, fur-less paws. His body shifted and he was on all fours. But he...
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posted by BloodyMascara_
Heh, since I didnt put her "past" into her bio, due to extreem migranes, I decided to do this!

Mel was tired. Her wings just barely keeping her in the midnight air. Her eyes lit up when she saw the small, shaded place. She angeled her wings and glided into the small cave. She sat on the floor and pet her wings. She crawled over to the ledge and looked at the water. She smiled and tucked in her wings. She crawled back into the cave and looked at the falcons. She curled up and scootched back into the wall. She closed her eyes and quickly fell asleep, exhasted from the flight.

Mel woke up, curled...
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posted by BloodyMascara_
I had to! I know there are alot... It was eating away at my subconsious mind!!! So please forgive me *Bambi eyes*

Name: Alyssa Mathers *Unknown*

Alias: Veton

Age: 15

Appearance: 5'9. Long electric blue hair that reaches just above her shoulders. Stunning yellow eyes.

Civies: laranja t-shirt and blue shorts, with white stripes running down the seams of them.

'Stume: PICTURE.

Power(s): Can conduct, and shape electricity. Can retreat into a form of electricity and mover through metal, water, anything that will conduct electricity.

Skill(s): Lockpicking. Stealth. Flexibility.

Past: Was a relatively small...
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posted by InfinityYJ
Fin shifted, not opening her eyes quite yet, but instead feeling the fabrics she was resting on. It was standard cotton, nothing fancy, but it was welcoming and soft. She smiled sweetly and moved her head on the thin pillow, allowing herself to relish in the fact that there even was a pillow. Then she began to listen.
There was the beeping of a coração monitor, the occasional blip in sync with a heartbeat, her heartbeat, she realized. There was a bustling a ways off, not too loud, but it sounded like someone was moving things around. Sighing, she opened her eyes, and was hit with bright lights,...
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Okay, I'm gonna come right out and say it:

Young Justice Invasion Episodes 8-18 are ready to air.

BOOM! Good news!

Comic books are right on schedule.

Video Game something or other, didn't really look:


Now, I also wanna say that the Robin we knew in Season 1 would never do this to a girl. But....

Dick Grayson has dated Zatanna

Dick Grayson is dating Batgirl

And Dick's surprising girlfriend is....


So...... Yeah..... Link below.

Adios! *runs and hides*


Wait, did he just blow off Tim? And Babs is strangely okay with two girls beijar her BF....
I have seen what man can do

I ran from The Labs the earth that touched my feet sent chills down my back. I felt so close to it, like a connection.

I look at myself in the mirror, i was not born. I wasn't made por god...i was made por man. A selfish human, who wanted, everything.

When the evil lives inside of you

I saw the pain and fright of the people i attacked. I hurt them to no end, and i felt nothing. No mourning, no sadness. Until now. I couldn't care, i felt no pain, i would ignore the fear...and i killed them all. All of helpless.

I look down at the things i have...
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