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Fan fiction by TerrorYJ posted over a year ago
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Becca approached him from behind, never making a sound. She wasn't too keen on talking to him, much less being anywhere near him. He was a fool, someone she would ignore. But he had crossed the line. He had hit a nerve inside her and she needed to be heard, loud and clear.
He turned his head slightly. He turned back to looking at the bank when he saw who it was. She knew he was upset. He had been hurt in battle, but Becca had wanted him out of the mountain. There were very few she turned away from. But this guy she did. In front of everyone.
“I get that you don't like me. I understand.”
Becca came to stand por him, despite how much she hated it.
“Good. Glad you understand,” she said.
“I'll just disappear. I'll leave again. I do it all the time...”
“Shut up. I came to make one thing clear to you. I don't hate you. But I don't like you either. You flirted despite Blade being in a relationship. She hurt my friend. You killed Terror's heart. Normally, I'd be furious and killing you right now. But Terror doesn't hate you. So neither do I. But Terror doesn't want anything to do with you.”
Opinion by Mclovin_69 posted over a year ago
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1. Willow no making out with Wally in public it offends Artemis

2. doing the salt and ice challenge will not be put online or being allowed done in the cave. ( Wally, Lucas, Ben)

3. spray painting Lucas's sail barco that says Phoebe is the best is not nice ( Phoebe)

4. Lucas no annoying Becca

5. Wally you need manners on eating learn to use cutlury sneaking in Andrews lab playing with inventions some of them can be potentialy dangerous. ( Lucas, Willow, Artemis, Wally, basically anyone)

7.making fu nof Willow liking Wally is not allowed ( Artemis, Phoebe)

8. noone is allowed calling Lucas "Luke" or " Mr.Mcmuffins" or " Lukey" only Artemis is allowed.

9. boys no running around in your boxers ( Wally, Lucas )

10. no eating Artemis's pickles ( Wally)

11. if Flynn poops a diaper or pukes when your holding him you have to clean it up

12. calling Fang " Fangy is not allowed only Devin is allowed to call him that.
List by AislingYJ posted over a year ago
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Updated 6/3/14
I'm bored, so I thought I'd share with you a few websites online that you can design your characters! There are tons of websites out there, these are just a few.
This website is por far the best superhero generator I've found. Basically you use it to make your character in costume. They have endless options of costume parts for both male and female characters, and they even allow you to mover parts around, resize them, and color them. You can save the character to the game, and then load it later, but if you want to save an image to the computer, you have to take a screenshot.

There are lots and lots of animê maker games on Deviantart, but this one is por far the best, and one of the cutest, in my opinion. It has an almost overwhelming amount of hair choices, and other face options. Since the avatar is from the shoulders up, you only see the topo, início part of the clothes, but they still offer a wide range of...
Fan fiction by robinluv14 posted over a year ago
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AUTHORS NOTE: rachele_x is rx, robinluv14 is r14, ash is ash, fin is fin, kenzie is kk, jessica is sc, chelsea is ci, caitlyn is cg. ENJOY the third installment.
r14: hi
i'm about to leave, this is awk
rx: heyy!!!
i wanna talk to kenzie!!
on fanpop! the wall!
r14: say hi kenzie
rx: go on da wall!
r14: look at my awkward photoshopped pic
rx: where?
r14: i just emailed it to you
rx: oh
r14: it's so awk..
it's kinda hilarious how i managed to do that..
rx: thats legit
rx: why???
it's so amazing!
r14: cuz i've been here since 10;00!!!!!!!
rx: ohh
wait where?
r14: *angry face
rx: oh
rx: i had to do hw
r14: fail
rx: srry
r14: >:(
rx: my moms a poo
thats why
Fan fiction by BladeYJ posted over a year ago
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-Ooc: I have recently fell in amor with Harley Quinn (not like that butcha know) Ok so this is a part of Broken Traitor but its mais of an idea.. if no one likes it ill trash it and right a different part in its place so be honest about it ;) P.s. I do not own HQ And don't hate me cos this article-

She awoke..not knowing where she was.. just that she was in different clothing. Her voice echoed,"Where am I?"
Gage's voice replied cheerly,"Oh.. we had to mover positions your friends
were.. On to us."
She glared,"Gage! Why am I dressed like this!?"
"Oh.. 'cos.. now can i ask you something"
"What's your name?"
"Blade Howard?"
"Nope wrong.. your not Blade, anymore"
"You're not Blade anymore.. you are Harley.. Harley Quinn." Gage smirked as he ran his fingers across her cheek."I need you to REALLY kill your team this time."
"What! No!"
"If you don't.. he'll die." Gage gestured towards Terror who was hanging there bleeding.
Fan fiction by NekoTheif posted over a year ago
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"Detention!" the teacher yelled. dia shrugged her shoulders staring at the teacher. "Is for students who misbehave in class and are hooligans to this school! This is your punishment!" Mrs.Hills yelled. Several students sat among the empty desks. A popular who was late for class because she was doing her make-up. A idiot and his little gang of friends who set cereja bomb fireworks off in the bathrooms. A few other punks who got into fights, and Day. Who talked back to a teacher, slept in class, and drew out their on timely deaths. She was on a roll.

"Because your here your all going to fail in life" she sneered again. dia raised her hand. "yes?" Mrs. Hills snapped. "Does that mean you got detention too Mrs. Hills?" she asked. Mrs. Hills went red and the kids burst into laughter. "Day that's rude!" Mrs. Hills tried to contain herself. "But Mrs. Hills I'm just fallowing your example after all everyone wants to be just like you!" dia mocked in a high pitched voice hands clamped together seguinte to her head. "Detention!" she yelled. "I'm already in detention" dia blinked. Mrs. Hills was flustered and stormed out of the room. "Nice" one of the cereja bombers gave her a thumbs...
Fan fiction by SilverWings13 posted over a year ago
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Never Alone part II- Stakeout

SilverWings kept her eyes trained on the warehouse. It was blazing hot, and she had long abandoned her leather jacket, hiding it in the tall grasses. Her eyes flickered to her partner, who squatted patiently in the weeds, keeping eyes on their target.
Silver sighed, frustrated por the empty silence, "Looks abandoned."
"Another dead-end?" Thirteen wondered.
"Gordon Tin, third name on the list," Silver said. "This is the address from the data-base." She felt her spirit dampen. The first two names on the list had led to empty apartments. She was certain she had memorized the names on the Key's list correctly, and Thirteen swore he had looked thoroughly into each one, giving Silver it in a beige envelope for her to look over. It was hidden beneath her cama at the cave.
"No harm in taking a look," Thirteen said in attempt to reawaken his partner's enthusiasm. The list of names was their only lead to Daemian, Silver's older brother. If they proved useless, there was no obvious evidence to point them in the right direction.
Fan fiction by BladeYJ posted over a year ago
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He pushed her against the wall.. grabbing her hand.. stopping it from hitting him. Her breath hastened, her coração pounded, her wounds bled, and her eyes were shut trying so hard to hold back tears.
"What's wrong Blade?" He chuckled.
"You promised it would stop, the pain!" She whimpered with clenched teeth.
"Ha.. I never keep my promises just like you, Blade"
She struggled to kick him but couldn't.
"Johnny.. that was years ago! Why!"
"Revenge!.. Something you deserve."
"Joh..Johnny..." Her breath started fading "Johnny.. don't dwell on the past.. don't kill me.. let me go.. i need to help my team!"
He pushed harder on her causing cracking noises. He eyes glew blue.
"Help your team? The team you oh-so loved! The team you betrayed! Your no one Blade... without you alive.. my, Terror, Bloodmist, Phoebe, Luke, Artemis, Delta, Devin, everyone's life would be easier!"
"Oh, you're begging? Fine.. i won't kill you..I'll get someone else to."
Fan fiction by AislingYJ posted over a year ago
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I flopped down on the sofá in the lounge. I had been pacing across the room for the past forty-eight minutes, waiting for the Team to get back. I stretched my legs out, propping them up on the table, bored out of my mind. How much longer would they be? It was almost midnight, 11:52 to be exact, and they had been gone since 7:30. Sometimes I wish I didn’t have the power to gauge time, it only made everything seem longer.

This happened a lot. Ever since the Team had so grudgingly accepted me as a new member, I was deemed too weak and inexperienced to cadastrar-se them on important missions. I resented them for it, hated it with all my heart, but there was nothing I could do. Only train, and hope that things would take a better turn. I didn’t even know where they had gone; batman hadn’t let me into the Main Room while he was giving the others their mission. Hopefully they would be back soon. Then it struck me. What if they weren’t coming back?
As I was pondering this, a blaze of white light came from behind me. Recognized. Infinity. B08 said the computerized woman’s voice, as Infinity stepped out of the zeta tube over in the main room. I...
Fan fiction by EstyYJ posted over a year ago
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The harsh winter wind whipped through the dusky air as she walked down the forest path, blonde hair billowing behind her. She pulled her heavy casaco tighter to her body as she trudged through the snow. She looked up at the frost-lined trees, and cupped her hands to her mouth.
    “Zig!” she called, her voice reverberating through the forest until it was lost among the trees. “Zi-ig!” Looking down, she noticed a trail of small footprints in the snow, and followed them.
    She reached a thinning in the trees, and now a hill, covered in the thick white blanket of snow, loomed before her. It wasn’t a steep hill, and the line of footprints continued up to the topo, início Walking seguinte to the trail, she climbed. She was about halfway up when she noticed the tiny figure at the top, huddled seguinte to a rock. Her coração leapt and she quickened her pace.
    Reaching the top, she paused to survey her surroundings. A bare tree, its bark dark against the white landscape, stood seguinte to the rock on which the ten-year-old sat. She slowly approached, and he lifted his head, his melancholy dark eyes surveying...
Fan fiction by AislingYJ posted over a year ago
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OOC: This is a re-pub of my very first story, Expectations. So basically, this happens before Fin is dead (that’s why Fin is in this. duh.) and it takes place right when Aisling joins the Team. So yeah. God, it was so long atrás that I wrote this! Well anyway, here it is..
I don't remember the dia I found the Team. Those memories--all memories of my past--are gone, corrupted and removed; but mais on that later. I only know now what they told me, but from what I've heard, I picture myself as a kitten. A lost, scrawny, water-sodden kitten, that somehow dragged itself--myself--onto the doorstep and lay there, pitifully, reeking of disease and decay, almost ready to give up, when they opened the door and found me. I'm pretty sure it was only out of pity that they decided to take me in; I had very few powers and skills, and the ones I did have were weak. Like the kitten, the poor stray kitten, who has no use or merit and is only another mouth to feed, another set of bills to pay, a most likely temporary investment, the one that could very well perish of the diseases that got it in that state a mere months after. You don't want it, you don't need it, but the poor, sad,...
Fan fiction by XxKFforeverXx posted over a year ago
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5 years later
"Soldiers! You are not in combat training anymore! Welcome to the real war, the real thing. We have some returning veterans to the battlefield." The commander turned and held out his hand to point at Derek. "Soldier Adams, thank you for returning to battle. Your assistance is much needed" Derek nodded once and shifted his sniper rifle. Soldiers starting running and grabbing armas and ammo as the threat of a bomb filled the air from the radios. "ADAMS! Get to higher ground, use that sniper to take enemy targets down." Derek nodded and grabbed ammo and running out of the tent, motioning the soldiers to get into their positions. Scaling a building Derek looked around for any danger, as a enemy helicopter flew over head firing at soldiers. "Shoot," he leaped up on the building and took aim at the gunman who was looking in other direction. "fire at this bastard." Derek said as he pulled the trigger releasing a bullet only to hit to pierce straight through the soldiers head and hit the helicopter driver making the helicopter spiral out of control. He stood up and leaped of the building. "MOVE mover MOVE!" Derek motioned for them to follow, "What why?" A...
Fan fiction by NekoTheif posted over a year ago
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"I don't know who you are"

It shook Charm's foundation. "You...what?" he blinked. "Where am I?" she blinked at him. Charm noticed something different. The anger, the hurt, the love, the understanding it was all gone. She wasn't his Amara. "your not her. You can't be" he shook his head. "Who was I suppose to be?" she blinked. "Your suppose to be Amara! Your suppose to be Tundra!" he yelled shaking her.

She looked hurt. "I don't know who she is but she must mean a lot to you" she slid onto her knees. "She does. She means everything to me." he let Abel embrulho, envoltório her arm around his shoulders. "Is she lost? What does she look like?" she blinked. "Like you. What is your name?" he blinked. "I don't know, I can't remember a thing" she shrugged. Charm narrowed his eyes. She sounded like Amara, talked like Amara, moved like her and yet she didn't remember anything.

Someone hurt her.

"Who did this to you?" he growled. "Excuse me?" she raised and eyebrow. "Who took your memories away!" he yelled. "i don't know what your talking about!" she yelled back. "You have to remember" he pleaded. Abel wrapped her arm around the boy's shoulder. "I...
Fan fiction by Kenzie_KarmaYJ posted over a year ago
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After the large round of laughter and ironic applause, not to mention Robin nearly fearing for his life, the team looked over to Delta for an explanation, although someone had an inclination on what it might be about.
Batman, who had since dried himself off and calmed down, picked up Kenzie, looking very innocent, making batman himself look innocent in a very scary way. Delta sighed and picked up the wilted rose, twirling its stem between her fingers.
“I’m not sure exactly how to explain this,” she began. “But I know this is Fin, I can feel it. I used to...” She gave a half-hearted chuckle. “I used to call Fin a pyromaniac. And it was kind of true. She loved testing her limits and seeing what she could do with fire. Kenzie does that too. And I know that doesn’t prove anything. But... it’s like... you know that ‘twin sense’ crap you tease Robin about? That shit’s real. I felt it with Fin, even though we weren’t twins. And I-I feel it with Kenzie too.” She blushed slightly, realizing she’d just ranted big time. “Not to mention...” She leaned into Robin’s ear and whispered harshly. He twitched and looked at the sleeping Kenzie, who...
List by XxKFforeverXx posted over a year ago
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Sorry it's so short!

Name: McKenzie Styles

Alias: Nudge

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Appearance: Long blonde hair with bangs, and dark blue eyes, 5’10, muscular (for a girl),

Civvies: White manga curta camisa with a black jacket, dark wash jeans, converse, and earphones,

Personality: Serious, outgoing, majorly willing to play jokes on Fang she finds it hilarious. Stubborn at times but caring.

Powers: Flight (wings), telekinesis, ability to inflict a mental illusion of burning pain, expert hacker,.

Past: Created as a experiment just like Fang, Nudge escaped at the age of 9 along with Max, Izzy, The Gasman, Angel, and Kylie.

Notes: Nudge isn't related to Fang.
-Her weakness is Responsibility, because she desires to be Normal and just another girl.
-She has dark secrets that no one knows about.
-She keeps a hidden blade in her combat boots.
Fan fiction by SilverWings13 posted over a year ago
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Another OC Poem

A team is a puzzle of armor,
Many of a single piece.
Fitting together with perfect precision,
Securing every chink.

(1)Fighting the shadows,
(2)Controlling the hidden,
(3)Creating a flame,
To do your bidding.

(4)Flying high as a sparrow,
(5)Wise as a leaf,
(6)Traveling in shadows,
Quick as a thief.

(7)A Phoenix fallen from grace,
(8)Plummet from the heaven,
(9)A dark winged angel,
To catch the fallen.

(10)Measure our distances speed,
(11)Put a speedster to sleep.
(12)Manipulate a natural law,
(13)Dive a hundred miles deep.

Every chink of armor,
Protected from harm.
A total set, invincibility,
No cause for alarm.

I was feeling really guilty for taking soooo long to post this. I'll do another with any remaining OCs I've missed because I know I missed many.

Fan fiction by NekoTheif posted over a year ago
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Name- Day

Alter Ego- Night

Age- 14

Grade- Freshmen

Allies- Target/Caleb

Personality- flashy, competitive, little sister, cocky, arrogant, proud, loud, loving, a little violent, spirted


dia unlike her brother is not a meta. She works with blades and hand to hand combat. She often uses her mouth to get what she wants and feeds lies to the enemy. She can set traps and is a great pickpocket.


She's to loud. To arrogant, She likes being flash and competitive about her surroundings. She is also a little sister which means she pushed her brother to the limit. Since he is a meta she sometimes feels that she has to beat him at stuff.

Her father ran off shortly after she was born. Her mother committed suicide when she was 8. She doesn't remember her mother much because the woman was not a constant in her young life. She mostly remembers Caleb raising her.
Fan fiction by NekoTheif posted over a year ago
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He has a partner and her perfil will be up shortly-

Name- Caleb

Alter ego- Target

Age- 17

Grade- Junior

Allies- Night/Day

Personality- sometimes cocky, proud, protective, older brother, teasing, doubtful, sometimes thoughtful, careful, loving.

His ability-

He is the only meta in his family though he doesn't use his powers often mostly just to disgruntle his younger sister. He can great gusts of win and small tornado like things for a few minutos but never a full out one. He is also intelligent. he knows how to rile his opponent up enough to make them make a mistake. His name it self makes some people want to hit him. He also does well the small knives or daggers he has.


He doesn't practice his ability a lot so it isn't his main defense or offense. He does well with blades and hand to hand combat but is not the most flexible. Also his concern for his sister over rides most things and will often go into fits in rages if hurt.
Fan fiction by NekoTheif posted over a year ago
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There was a large group standing down wind. Their cavalos pacing nervously. "I want that girl!" The leader shouted. The men nodded "Come back with out her and your good as dead to me" he hissed. This girl had eluded him for far to long. He had hunted Lycans for as long as he could remember (Lycans are a hybrid werewolf. They can change from their human to lobo form at any given time) His grandfather he remembered had one as a slave. The golden lycan had refused however to shift forms.

It was set loose then hunted. But as the Lycans went into hiding rarely entering their human form or their lobo form it was impossible to easily capture and find them. And then it became a game hunting the Lycan packs and then slaying them keeping them for their pele, peles coats. His uncle 12 years (she was 3 when it happened she's 15 right now) atrás had found a Lycan living with a human. He had come back said she refused to shift to fight even for her life. She was killed and brought back as a prize. She was the last Lycan in America it was said.
Fan fiction by NekoTheif posted over a year ago
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A is for Anger

Because Amara has so much of it

B is for Bonnie

Because she is their child blood or otherwise

C is for careful

Because Charm never is

D is for Danger

Because it's their life

E is for Ending

Because every bad dream must end

F is for Failure

Because tundra can never reach Charm even when he's right in front of her

G is for Genuine

Because Bonnie knows her parents amor is just that

H is for Hell

Because it's hell with out him there

I is for in amor

Because Red Rose is in amor with Bonnie as much as tundra is with Charm

J is for jealous

tundra is jealous that Becca has Robin when she doesn't have Charm

K is for Kind

Because Amara is always kind to Bonnie

l is for love

Guide by Red_HoodYJ posted over a year ago
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My name is Red Hood. And here's a little information on me:

Gender: female

Alter Ego: Aeronwen Todd

Nickname(s): Red, Aeron, Aero (prefers Aeronwen)


Known Locations: Gotham City, Blüdhaven

Personality: smart-ass, sarcastic, sly, intelligent, hot-tempered

Appearance: Black hair, green eyes, 5'10, 127 lbs

Civvies: black elbow sleeve barco neck shirt, black loose jeans, belt

Powers: trained por Red capuz, capa to use firearms, knives and multiple other weapons, higher resistance to injury then the average human, perfect aim/never misses unless purposely

Weakness: mais untrusting then Batman, proud,

Story: Aeronwen was adopted at a very early age por Jason Todd, who sought to train and protect the girl. He became a father figure, despite his violent nature. He taught the girl everything he knew, even made gadgets and a capacete like his for her. When he died for the segundo time in his life, Aeronwen was devastated, falling into a deep depression for about two months. She refused to eat, sleep, do anything but train and drink (water, that is)....
Fan fiction by GambetteYJ posted over a year ago
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“Super Boy, Wonder Girl, Robin, Bumble Bee, denunciar to the mission room” Nightwing said. I got up from the sofá and walked to the mission room, followed por Robin. The two girls met us there.
“I want you four on a stealth mission. You four are Beta Squad. I’ll send another squad in behind you incase you need reinforcements” Nightwing said
“What, exactly, are we doing?” Wonder Girl asked
“Infiltrating a genetics lab in Gotham; one that Pamela Isling used to work at”
“Who?” I asked
“Poison Ivy” Nightwing said. We nodded and ran off to sphere, who flew us to the lab. When we landed, it was obvious a battle had commenced. The windows were shattered and there were unconscious bodies everywhere.
“Who did this?” Wonder Girl murmured
“Kroletean’s?” I suggested
“No. There wouldn’t be this many in disguise, nor would they attack a genetics lab. Tech labs are mais their style” Robin said. I saw a dark cape on the ground, attached to a dark cowl.
Review by GambetteYJ posted over a year ago
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Kioshi Knight
Alter Ego: Kioshi Knight

Age: 14

Eye Colour: red

Hair Colour: dark brown

Height: 5’2

Weight: 110 lbs

Personality: quiet (duh), laid back almost to the point of emotionless, defensive, loyal, suspicious/untrusting, proud

Powers: flight, teleportation, super stealth, intangibility and an expert in hand-to-hand combat. She can use the edges of her high density polymerized titanium cape as a blade to slice through things.

Weakness: Because of her lack of trust towards others, she is naturally hesitant and resigned when it comes to team work or bonding activities. She is also proud, so if she needs help, she won’t admit it.

Story: When Kioshi was born, her father, Kyd Wykkyd, and her mother, Angel, instantly knew she was going to be a hero. Kioshi was not born a mute, but when she was kidnapped at age seven, a man named Slade sliced her vocal chords, permanently damaging them. She was saved por a boy, who found her and brought her to a hospital. They became close friends, then fell in amor at age 10. I know that seems unrealistic, but both were wise beyond their...
Fan fiction by Skittles98 posted over a year ago
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I woke up in a small room, a large cabinet holding an assortment of hair products, from brushes and combs to ribbons and clips. I was in a long red dress and my hair felt heavy, which was a shock.
“Rypunzel, Rypunzel, let down your hair” someone called
“YO GAMBETTE! LOOK OUT YOUR WINDOW!” a different voice yelled. I looked out my window to see Aqualad and Kid Flash standing there.
“Hey boys! You know what’s up with this craziness?” I asked
“Nope! All I know is that we’re in a fairy tale and Rob, Fang and the girls are gone” Kid Flash replied
“So, we’re here to rescue you” Aqualad added. My door to my tower room slammed open and I spun around. Mystique was standing there.
“Rypunzel, why were you yelling?” she asked
“Oh, I was just telling some boys to go away” I smiled
“Good girl. Mom’s proud of you” she winked, pinched my cheek, then left. Two girls came in. There were wearing tattered clothes. One had black hair, and the other had brown.
Fan fiction by Skittles98 posted over a year ago
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A/N there's a better authors note at the end
I woke up and dragged myself out of bed. I slipped my slippers on and opened my door. Wolverine, Jean Grey, Cyclops and Beast were standing there. I slammed the door closed and moved against it. Shit! How on Earth did they find me?! Wolverine’s claws stuck through the door on either side of my head. I ran from the door and pulled out a tranquillizer gun, arming it. Wolverine burst through the door and I shot him ten times in the chest. He blacked out.
“Sorry, old friend” I said. The gun was taken telekinetically from my grip. I stood ready. I pulled out a playing card and activated my powers, looking into Cyclops’ eyes. He was frozen. Jean telekinetically grabbed me.
“Jean, don’t do this!” I pleaded. She started squeezing. I woke up from my dream with a scream. And a head ache.
“Damn dreams. One of these days, I’m going to go insane” I grumbled, walking to the kitchen. I started putting together some breakfast. There was a knock on my door. I walked over and looked through the peep hole. Eight people were standing there, five of which I recognized.