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posted by InfinityYJ
Five years. Mini-Mel and grown up Kenz. :3

Fin walked into the cave, defeated, the black and yellow of her cape ruffling out from behind her. Two. Two team members in one night. And that wasn’t even the worst of it. She ignored Nightwing’s pleading calls, Longshot’s silent mutters of “It wasn’t possible.” Not even Conner’s blind rage or M’gann’s soft sobs could deter her. Not until she got to her room.
When she did manage to get there, the mask was off in an instant and Kenzie fell to her bed, silent tears beginning to stream down her face. She curled up, throwing off the glove...
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posted by Hot_ShotYJ
 Image credit: Adonihs
Image credit: Adonihs
Name: Sebastienne Bellerose Moran

Alias: Hot Shot

Occupation: Assassin, professional sniper, black cinto, correia martial artist.

Appearance: Long and light brown hair but sometimes dyes it black for disguises, icy blue eyes, tall.

Personality: Loud, out going, kind, serious, can be aggressive very easily, caring, loyal.

Power: She heals but not rapidly, it is possible for her to die (obviously), and she age like normal people (also obviously) . She can also heal others as well but can’t bring them back to life.

Weapons: Rifle, two hand guns, knives, explosives.

Hero outfit: Black T shirt, black or...
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posted by FangYJ
               That's all Fang felt when he opened his eyes to blinding lights. He shifted around, noticing the cuts that were across his face, including the one that stretched from his left eye and the way down past his lips. His hair was stuck together in the back from all the blood. Fang coughed and wincing from feeling his newly cracked ribs, he looked to the right staring at a IV drip that was in his arm.
"Nyah, wha?" Fang managed to croak out.
"Don't strain yourself." A woman in a labcoat re-adjusted the restraint around Fangs wrist. 
"No no dearie. You're in Dr....
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posted by MidnightYJ
((Too involved in RP to change accounts))

She adjusted the small mesa, tabela mirror, watching her reflected fingers braid her hair. She wasn't really paying attention to anything, just relaxed.
“Stop worrying, will ya? You're gorgeous.”
She jumped at the voice and turned to see the fifteen-year-old soldier sitting on her window sill.
“You scared me! I didn't know you were here.”
The young warrior shrugged.
“I have that affect on people.”
“Not all people.”
She shrugged again, her foot hanging out the window, swinging against the sheer cliff drop the little house was located by.
“What are...
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New York City
April 24, 04:09 EST


Sam yawned and slouched down even mais in his seat.

“Sam!” azevinho, holly exclaimed.

Sam groaned and hauled himself up-right in his chair. “How much longer?” he asked, yawning again.

“Thirty minutos ago.” azevinho, holly said, glancing at her watch. “They had a storm over Hong Kong when she took off, but I don’t see—“

“She’s fine.” Sam said, placing a hand on his girlfriend’s shoulder. “Except she’s late.”

Holly sat in silence for herself. Had Sam been awake, he would’ve noticed his girlfriend fighting an inner-battle...
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posted by SilverWings13
Declan stood in place, panting from the exertion. Feeling the adrenaline drain from his vein. The men remained unconscious and unmoving.
Though it had left him with a black eye and several bruises, Declan knew the fight had been too easy.
The floor beneath his feet shuddered slightly and shifted as the train made a turn, pulling Declan from his collective trance.
Every passenger was solemnly silent, even the baby. They gave him fearful looks. But another emotion glinted there. Accusation. He had beat these men. Declan realized it did not matter to them that the thugs had come after him with every...
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posted by The_Writer
Name: Eronica Val Huchezon
Identity: Spectre
Age: Immortal. Somewhere around 400. (Appears 12)
Hair: Midnight black (halfway down waist) except for flamboyant blue streak over right eye.
Eyes: Left Black, Right blue
Outfit: Close-cropped shorts, bikini, trench coat, knee-high boots.
Weapons: Sword and heavy phantom chains
Attitude: Sad, dismal.
Powers: Immortality, See the future, touch-fate (sees your fate por touching you), retractable angel wings.

History: Eronica's parents were murdered por KGB officials in the 17th Century. She was raped and abused por her parents killers before being killed as well. She was sent to Earth to warn Red Revenge of his final battle. She occasionally fights with him and he feels a brotherly protection over her.
posted by CoaxochYJ
Cuz Mel needs to......"dissappear", for a (long)while.....

I stepped out of the shower, my hair dripping wet, it looked.....different..... I narrowed my eyes, and shook my head.
Its just from staring at the sun... I reasured myself. I reached for a brush, and looked down at the ground, a shiny object making me mais irritated por the second. It was my earing. I crouched down and grabbed it, it was cold.
What's up with me and finding spare change? I asked myself, I smiled and stood back up. I grabbed the brush, looking down at my earing. I looked back up, and into the mirror. I cleaned a círculo of...
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Sneak Peek Red Revenge Book 1: To Deny a Hero
Copyright 66DragonAnimations 2014/2015.


Sam was right were Rose thought he'd be: at his father's grave. She walked up as silently as possible and stayed half a dozen feet away, umbrella shielding her from the rain.

The dia was gloomy. Dark clouds once again covered New York. Sam jerked the weeds out from around his dad's grave. He could've paid someone to. He didn't have to get his suit dirty replacing the flores on the grave, but he did. No one was allowed to touch his father's grave.

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posted by Robin_Love
She walked down the street, head down and shades on. It had been at least a mês since the catastrophe, since she'd been in Happy Harbor. Erin had taken off for who knows where. She had learned that the explosion that had caused their cave in had been located under Project Justice's house. The house of the clones she had helped create. All but one had ended up destroyed; Billy West. He'd been at the mountain for a few weeks, at Batman's insistence.
She knew; she'd hacked the mainframe from her laptop. She had run into a few of the team members, but hadn't said much to any of them. Not even...
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posted by CoaxochYJ
 ITS HIM!!(Too lazy to photoshop the eyes.)
ITS HIM!!(Too lazy to photoshop the eyes.)
I killed Raptor, AND QUOTED AQUALAD.

Name: Jordan Hemran *UNKNOWN*

Alias: Fearfactor

Race: Full blood Vampire.

Powers: Superspeed. Superstrength(When is provided with blood).

Weaknesses: The Sun, garlic, crosses, Holy water, wooden steaks.

Appearance: 6'5 (Damn, tall, pale and handsome!) (Really, Really dark)Dark purple hair, thats in his eyes all the time. Retractable fangs. Black eyes, and the whites are black also. Muscular build. Pale skin.

Weapons: Dagger, made of material stronger than steel.

Civies: 'Stume

'Stume: Leather jacket, skinny jeans, black combat boots.

Past: Jordan lead a normal life,...
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New OC Below

................ (_)
.______°_¤ ---- ¤_°_/____/
............. __°__ /
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posted by InfinityYJ
“Maldita sea! Confío en que los gilipollas con los hechos que Slade Wilson, el hombre que ha arruinado mi vida, está en la cárcel, y lo sabes, no lo está! Y noooo, ese tipo exacto el mismo se niega a sacarme de la misión sólo porque tengo un problema personal con el culo, y ahora me tengo que quedar siendo pequeño ayudante de Slade otra vez! Odio a la vida! Odio, odio, odio, odio ODIO LA VIDA!”
Fin nearly screamed in anger, clutching her head and making hand motions to Aisling, who was watching her worriedly. “Um.. what language.. is that?”
“Spanish!” Fin snapped, clearly pissed...
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
Name: Jonas Barton (unknown)
Alias: Nighthawk
Occupation:Hero (And a "pedophile" according to my friend.)
Powers/skills: Archer, specialized in Gamma Radation, and advanced technology.
Costume Black sunglasse with red lenses in them, black sleevless camisa with a red hawk in the center of that stretches from shoulder to shoulder, black pants and black combat boots with red shoelaces in them.
Past:. Besides re-uniting with his father at the age of 12, no other origins are known
-Arrows are black with red tips
-His sunglasses make Jonas aware to any imcoming threats, causing his arrows to load with the right equipment.
-Son of Hawkeye, A.K.A. Clint Barton
-No one knows who he is.

My friend triple dog dared me to say this, so, you want him? Come get him.
Nighthawk:Oh lord.
 Without his sunglasses.
Without his sunglasses.
 Sunglasses! ^.^
Sunglasses! ^.^
posted by XxKFforeverXx
Some kids stood in front of the Memorial 
"Whoa! Scott Clancy! He was White Lightning!" The kids looked down at their Justice League camisa then back up! 
"He was my hero!" The kids stood in awe 
"Why did he go into the Military? He was a super hero!"
"They needed someone to go undercover with powers like his!"
"But that blast killed him!"
"Which is why he done it! It would would've destroyed the Earth!" The kids argued back an forth, and Brendan stood and watched, a smile came to his face when kids would recognize Scotts name. He walked down the street, and slipped his hat back on.
"Dad! C'mon...
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posted by Robin_Love
He looked her over, examining her scars and scrapes. There wasn't too much, except the wound in her back. He put a salve on it and wrapped it up.
“Not too tight!” Cat hissed.
He lowered her camisa and came around to face her. She had several scrapes and would end up with a scar across her cheek. Other than that, there was little other damage.
“Way to go warrior. Zero would be proud.”
Cat smiled a little and looked down at her hands.
“I heard Alex again.”
“Really? What'd he say?”
“He told me to prepare. But I don't know what.”
“Sounds like you'll be on an adventure soon.”...
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posted by Punk__Heart
Please don't shoot me

Name: Kaleb Anton

Alias: Arkana

Age: 17

Alliance: Hero

Appearance: shaggy brown hair, blue eyes, 5'10", pale skin

Personality: kind, caring, withdrawn, doesn't trust people easily, stubborn, brave

Powers: He has transformation powers that allow him to alter his appearance, martial arts, fights with a bow staff with a hidden blade

Bio: His life as a kid was normal, he went to school, he helped at his dad's shop. When he was sixteen he left his family after discovering his powers. He trained for a ano abroad before joining the team
 aleatório pic (thanks R_L)
random pic (thanks R_L)
 hidden blade bow staff
hidden blade bow staff
posted by The_Writer
"Why did you not tell us?" Nightwing asked. "Why was it so important to hide the fact you and Artemis were related?"

"You didn't need to know." Revenge said. "I give out my information on a need-to-know basis."

The Black Hero grabbed the former Boy Wonder por the collar. "And my identity was NOT need to know."

Nightwing shoved Red Revenge off and started walking towards the bioship.

"You'll regret it one day, Dick!" Revenge called. Nightwing stopped. "You'll regret walking away right here and now."

Nightwing clenched his fists and walked slowly towards the bio-ship.

Out Now
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My OC’s (Just so you know just to not create confusion):

Shadow-Dana Kylie Gracias
Glimmer-Phoebe Cahill
Nightingale-Lara Nightingale *Getting Updated*
Devastator - Sabrina Elizabeth rápido, swift *Getting Updated*
Spectrum - Jillian DeRocco
Swift- April Francine Styles
Aqueous- Cecil Gordon Styles
Wire- marreco, drake Dean Gray
Steel - charlotte Valerie Hale *Getting Updated*
Aura - Daniela Kristella Romanova *Coming Soon*
The Clan of Elements (Five people) *Coming Soon*
(There will be mais on the way)

These are my current OC’s just so you know. I was thinking of also RP-ing Glimmer, Wire, rápido, swift and Aqueous but I’m...
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posted by ShadowYJ
Name: Wire

Secret ID: marreco, drake Dean Gray

Age: 16

Occupation: Hero

Appearance: Brown untidy hair, green eyes

Personality: Funny, outgoing, people person

Powers: He has the power of controlling lighting, energy and electrical things. He could also give of electric pulses (more like shocking someone), and also throw beams of lighting energy. He also can heal very fast.

Abilities/Skills: He is very agile and fast for a regular human being. He even could dodge arrows and bullets. He is also very good in languages, knowing about 58.

Civvies: Red Nike shirt, cargo shorts and blue patim, skate shoes.

Hero Costume:...
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