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posted by XxKFforeverXx
Brendan shifted his backpack awkwardly and stepped onto the docks. That's a good idea, put a guy with anger issues with a submarine that's ten thousand feet underwater. 
"Welcome Lieutenant." 
"Thanks." Brendan dropped down into submarine and dropped his backpack down, adjusting his cap. 
"Huh?" He turned, "Oh, oi Mercy." Brendan sat in a chair as the sub sunk down into the water, he relaxed and watched the screen in front of him. 
"Watching this screen is like watching paint dry." He lasted his down on the desk, hitting it several times. Mercy sat across from him, spinning around...
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
"Stop!" Jonas sprinted after a boy about sixteen with dark hair and piercing blue eyes. Agents closely followed and started climbing a small colina after him. 
"Jaime! Stop running! No ones pointing a gun at you. It's pointless." Jaime turned to look at four agents who where closely behind him. 
"You've been running for what? 22 hours? You're probably starving" Jamie climbed down and walked past Jonas. 

Jonas watched patiently while Jaime ate. 
"Who taught you to fight like that?" the boy ignored his question. 
"What do you want from me?" Jaime pushed his plate away and stared at Jonas.
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posted by InfinityYJ
This chapter is called "Irresponsible Eric." For reasons later explained... No, not all chapters will have a title. :3

Delta giggled in delight, tugging at Fang’s hair more. “Kitchen!”
He groaned. “We just came from the kitchen!”
“Now!” the three ano old screamed, and he winced. “Go!”
“I can’t believe I’m admitting this, but I liked you better when you were twelve.”
“Don’t care,” she exclaimed. “Now go, pony!”
“I’m a bird.”
“Don’t care!” she repeated once more, and he sighed, running back into the kitchen. “That’s it,” he sighed, and dropped her...
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The men on the fallen one's left and right both collapsed as well. Declan caught a glimpse if silver as a throwing faca embedded in one's chest. He followed the arch up to one of the upper balconies.
There stood a feminine figure completely clad in solid black. A capota, capuz was pulled up to hide the lower half of her face; her fair hair was pulled back in a long braid. She had one boot up on the railing, taking aim as she launched her blades at the intruders.
The doors of the ballroom were suddenly opened and guests starting rushing out in a desperate wave toward freedom and safety.
"Nic," Declan...
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posted by InfinityYJ
Oh, god, what have I done?! I've created monsters!! I promise I'll be working on Gotham's Royals, and my promised one-shots, but I just.. I had to do this. I really, really had to~~

Fang strode into the cave, drenched wet from the storm outside, just as the computer shut down, along with the zetas. “Great,” he groaned. “Anyone else here?”
“We are,” Hayden and Eric seemed to chorus. Then they glared daggers at each other, but instantly Eric started laughing. Hayden rolled his eyes, annoyed.
“Just us, then?” Fang questioned, shrugging off his jacket. “I swear, mais people would...
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posted by CoaxochYJ
Cuz I thought it would be fun! 35 stinkin ways!

1. Poke her in between her wings, then run away cackling maniacily.

2. Hug her, then say "Oops, I thought you were someone else." then walk away.

3. Take away her teddy.

4. Take away her over-sized sweashirt.

5. Say she looks an awful lot like Brittany Spears with her blonde hair.

6. Rub her stomach, then say "Ooooooh!"

7. Dye her hair. She will kill you. Period.

8. When she is sleeping, write tomorrow's encontro, data on the back of her neck with sharpie, then point it out later.

9. Poke Devin, then Fang, then her, then say "Looks like Darth Vader had kids..."...
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posted by Obscurity98
((random thing. it just came to me in Spanish class so here it is...has nothing to do with anything soooo...its kinda just thrown out there...hope u like anyway))

Harley hands pumped Ciel's chest. She couldn't see his face through the tears, and whispering out, "Ciel..some one baby dont die! Wake up..please..please wake up Ciel.." His chest did not rise nor fall. Harley cried and put her head to his. Face to face, she whispered in a shakely, "oh Ciel i'm so sorry, this is all my fault..and you dead..." She pressed her lips to his his quickly and mouthed, "I'm so sorry."

She cried in...
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
Well, everybody's got a story to tell

Nudge walked towards the edge of the building, staring at the colar that hung around her neck.

And everybody's got a wound to be healed

"Some brother you are......." Nudge pulled the colar off and stood on the edge of the building. The wind blew her hair around the front of her face. Nudge stared over the streets of Gotham.
I want to believe there's beauty here

"Gotham isn't bad, just misunderstood....Exactly like me...." Nudge looked down at the civilians who had gathered around under the building. She could her the screams and yelling of the girl was...
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posted by ArtemisYJ
I have a VERY trustworthy fonte and gathered up as much information about what is going on.

~Rumor: The reason they cancelled Young Justice on Saturday was due to the fact Stephanie Brown made an apperence and they didn't have legal copyright stuff.
THIS RUMOR IS FALSE^ It's not true.

~: iTunes has removed both new episodes of Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series.

~There has been rumor that Young Justice and GLTAS will be done after this season but new information is arising that when the new batman and Teen Titans series is coming a full out DC night will come out including the...
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posted by CoaxochYJ
Step one you say we need to talk
He walks you say sit down it's just a talk
He smiles politely back at you
You stare politely right on through
Some sort of window to your right
As he goes left and you stay right
Between the lines of fear and blame
And you begin to wonder why you came

"Sit down. We need to talk." I demanded. Ciel started to walk the other way. I stood up.
"Ciel!" I yelled. He turned and smiled. He sat on the chair across from me. I sat down at stared at him. I didnt know him anymore....

Where did I go wrong, I lost a friend
Somewhere along in the bitterness
And I would have stayed up with...
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*Giggle* Sorry Writer, I had too!

"Okay! Places everyone, chop chop!" The Director said(this time, its a real director, not the creepy lady.) clapping her hands, holding a script in between her torso and arm.
"And in 5...4...3...2..." Lights flashed on, I was in the middle of a small kitchen, standing over a small counter, with a blender, fogo extinguisher, a bag of nails, and a stack of balonga. I had a motorcycle helmet, and on avental on.
"Herro people!" I said, waving, inside of the cycle capacete I was smiling, the glass wasnt tinted, so you could see my face.
"Okay, so you see here, a stack...
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Screams filled the air as the glass rained down. Declan doubled-over and held the boy in his arms tightly, shielding him with his body. He heard the ZIP! of friction and glanced up under the bill of his fedora.
Figures dressed in all black were sliding down on ropes through the shattered sky lights. They kept coming and coming. The scariest part was the ghoulish clown masks they wore.
Declan looked toward the doors, the windows, the balconies. All were now guarded por masked men. The party guests stood Frozen - Uma Aventura Congelante in shock, in terror as these new arrivals pushed through the crowd to line the walls....
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posted by AislingYJ
Here’s part 2 of Silver’s challenge! Read? Comment maybe? Please????? Mini-Ash begs you! Oh, and if you haven’t read Part 1 yet (it’s fairly short..erm por my standards that is) you can read it link! Have fun!!!!!!!
Aisling’s eyes shot open in terror. She sat bolt upright, the sweat pouring down her forehead, sticking to her hair and nightshirt. The sheets were smothering her, her head was pounding, as she tried to wrench herself out of the nightmare. It was like nothing she’d ever had before, but already, the details were slipping from her, like water through cupped hands, no matter...
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posted by Mclovin_69
She smiled leaning in the doorway " ready to go? ", " in just a minuto " he muttered standing in the bathroom mirror playing with his hair, she smiled still letting out a giggle and walked in and stepped infront of him brushing the hair out of his face, he flicked his hair back and it fell back in his face. " Bentley! " she whined out pouting playfully, he let out a giggle as she reached for his hair again as he tried blocking her with his arms. She sighed droppping her arms and put a hand at her hip and gave him a playful look " i cant quite understand you Thompson " she said. Bentley smiled...
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Following the news of the abrupt cancellation of this weekend’s DC Nation Block with Young Justice Invasion and Green Lantern The Animated Series, and Cartoon Network’s subsequent announcement that no new DC Nation episodes are in store for 2012, a petition has surfaced.

The purpose of the petition is to bring back DC Nation before January 2013 has surfaced over the last few hours. Its goal is 10,000 e-signatures and as of this composição literária is at over 2,700. If you are interested, the petition can be found here.


SIGN IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by The_Writer

Barbara sighed and pulled her capota, capuz off. The cold, hard piece of rubber sat on her escrivaninha, mesa and she sighed. The night had bee rough. batman and Robin always seemed to have everything under control when she got there. She wasn't needed.

Barbara sighed again and buried her head in her hands. She woke to a sharp rapping on her door.

"Babs?" her father called. "Barbara get up!"

Barbara moaned and sat up sleepily. It was ten o' clock.

"Shit." she muttered. She was about to answer the door when she saw her cowl, which reminded her she still had her costume on.

"Barbara, for the last time--"...
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I feel the rush of the wind, my panting breath, the cold stone of the tall glass fortress underneath my boots. I see the grand city as I stand in my red armor. In a sudden mover I launch a rope from a small metal device and I’m flying through the air, like my name sake a robin. I’m a bird flying through the air, my duty to protect the city is strong in my heart. I-
“Prince Richard! Prince Richard!” I sigh as I tear my eyes away from the skyline from the castelo windows.
“Yes, Wallace?” I ask, as I look at the fastest messenger in the kingdom, his face was rosa, -de-rosa from the cold winds and...
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(Has some slightly Sexual Material and may not be suited for some, you have been warned, and now are leitura to your own consent)

J’onn walked out of the infirmary and sighed, “I worked with her and all may be well now.”
“May be?” asked Skylar. Taking a bold step forward. Silver and South grabbed his arms incase he tried anything. J’onn calmly continued, “There could be side affects, but it is in high doubt that she has or will suffer any.” Suddenly Cat waved franticly, “She’s waking up I can hear her!” Everyone rushed into infirmary. The team followed por the JLA. Skylar...
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posted by The_Writer
Alright, let's calm down! Greg is not responsible for this. In fact, he hasn't been informed. He's on vacation.

At 11:00 October 12th, Cartoon Network abruptly changed their programming for the seguinte two weeks. Due to the two week celebration of Cartoon Network's 20th Anniversary, DC Nation (Young Justice, GL:TAS, and DC Shorts) have been cancelled. The one hora gap has been filled with Dreamwork's "How to Train a Dragon" animated series.

The producers, creators, and crew for all series (shorts included) found out about this exactly when we did: at 9:30 EST.

While some rumors have been flooding...
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 aleatório pic!
Random pic!
This artigo has been in my Drafts section for TOOOO long.
To keep note this is what I originally wanted Shadow to be when I first got introduced to this "OC club thingy". But since I thought about the character I thought it was just "Not modern".
I don't know if this should be made into a different person or what, your choice. (write in comments please!)
I just wanted you to see it 'cause from memory, it took me AGES to make her.
Note: ^ I just added that now. Down is the bio.

Name: Maria Kyle

Code Name: Black Phantom

Other Aliases: Sakura, Cheery (Only in civilian life)

Age: 13

Occupation: Ninja/Hero/Orphan...
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