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Fan fiction by The_Writer posted over a year ago
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The USB stick was worth Artemis’ life if she was caught. Kaldur’s too, if they made the connection. But if the information on it was accurate, and not some sort of ruse to root out any spies, then it was could save hundreds of other lives.

Artemis only contemplated that for a moment before secreting the flash drive into a hidden pocket. A sense of predatory anticipation filled her.

“Don’t worry Kaldur, I know just the way to get this to Nightwing.”

- - -

Nightwing and Artemis had sparred countless times in the past, but they’d never gone all out. He’d always assumed she held back for the same reason as him; it would be counterproductive to really beat the tar out of each other when they had to stay fit for duty. After receiving another devastating blow to the solar plexus, Nightwing decided that wasn’t the case.

Tigress’ fighting style had echoes of the one he’d seen his teammate use, but he was reminded most strongly of her older sister. Artemis had avoided using the nastier tricks she’d picked up through her family’s...
Fan fiction by AislingYJ posted over a year ago
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24 hours later
Her bare feet pressed down into the trampoline floor, sending her flying into the air. She bounced in place, then dropped to the floor in a sitting position. “Seat...” she muttered to herself as she sprung back up. On the seguinte bounce, she dropped to her knees. “Drop.” When she hit the ground again, she was flat on her stomach. “Belly...” She popped back up to her feet. “Flop!” She grinned triumphantly, and began circling the outside edge of the trampoline, occasionally doing a roundhouse kick or an elaborate dodge against her invisible enemy. After circling a few times, she stopped, jumping in place. Then, without warning, she flung herself to the floor. Just before landing, she twisted herself around so she hit the floor on her back. She didn’t stop there, though; in a single, fluid motion, she kicked her legs into the air, which popped her up, and, doing a double flip, landed on her feet.
“Nice move, Annabelle.”
She stopped short, staring at where the voice came from. She bent down and picked up her glasses from the edge of the trampoline, and put them on. “What?” she asked, and slowly, the blurry...
Fan fiction by Robin_Love posted over a year ago
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Her back hit the mural with a quiet thump. Her hands were pinned on either side, and she closed her eyes. His lips fell on hers and she smiled, beijar back. The gentle kiss soon became mais passionate. Phoebe wrapped her arms around his neck tightly. They broke apart at a low, but deadly growl. Both turned to look at the very grumpy Fang that had entered the room. Dylan smirked as Fang sat on the couch, arms crossed. Dylan winked at Phoebe and walked over to the raven-haired hero.
“Hey Fang.”
He got a grunt in reply. Dylan's smirk only widened.
“I see you're having issues. Maybe I can help.”
No response. Dylan looked back to Phoebe, who was biting her lip to keep from laughing.
“Going through Devin with-drawls are we?”
“Shut up!”
Dylan laughed spitefully, jumping away at the fist aimed for him.
“You're very amusing, Fang.”
“How so, jester?”
“Devin's been gone maybe...four days and you're snappy.”
Fang growled again and stood up. He muttered something the other two couldn't hear.
Fan fiction by Obscurity98 posted over a year ago
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Harley was laid in Skylar’s room after the operation, where Martian Man Hunter had managed to get the chip out of her system. Without her dying. They had all waited holding their breath, waiting for Harley to make any signs that she was still alive. Just days ago, Harley had done the same for them when they blew up CADMUS.
Moments later Harley’s eyes fluttered open. Gaining her a loud round of sighs of relief. Harley tried to get up, but Silver pushed her down again, “No you don’t…you need to recover.” Harley tried again, ignoring her friends. This time Silver didn’t try to stop her, not Skylar, not Korran who could have easily grabbed her. Twan, who could have shot her with a Kryptonite bullet.
Harley made it to the door, before she was stopped. It was Nightwing. Harley smiled up at her young, but old friend. “Hey Nightwing.” she smiled. Nightwing blocked her path, and smiled back, “Where do you think you’re going?” Harley smiled, “Uh to kick some bad guy butt. What else?” Nightwing shook his head leading back a whining and protesting Harley. “No you’re not, besides I have some one you may want to see.” Harley smirked as she laid in...
Review by The_Writer posted over a year ago
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Tigress (Artemis Crock) will be the latest villain the Team will face.
Young Justice Invasion released it's brand new comic-con trailer this week. Several (very excitable) things were seen within the trailer and announcements made por the Young Justice group. Greg Weissman has confirmed over 100 new characters will be appearing in Part II of the Season. He also stated "The tables are turned on them. There's a new dynamic where our team becomes the hunted." But before we get too sidetracked, lets start with the basics:

Within the trailer, several new characters, including Apache Chief, Despero, El Dorado, and Samurai have been confirmed. Also, Milestone's Static Shock will be making an appearance on the show (and will NOT be paired with Wondergirl, so DROP IT!!!).

Other characters appearing or returning are Arsenal (Speedy/Roy Harper/Red Arrow) Lex Luthor, Tula (Aquagirl), Black Beetle, Trigon (Raven's father from Teen Titans), Impulse, Lagoon Boy, Deathstroke (Or Ravager, neither confirmed), Beast Boy, Miss Martian, The Reach (a.k.a. the Light's "Partner") Robin (Tim Drake), and several others.'
Fan fiction by SilverWings13 posted over a year ago
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Even as the sun began to set, shadows beginning to grow and claim the day, the two continued. Back and forth, using the roof-top as a sparring-deck. Every advantage he could find over her, he took. And vice-versa. The flash of a blade, the sparks of a flame, both weapons that barely touched the opposer.
The elder had height, strength, and years of experience on his side. He didn't, however, have the stubborn upholding of the Fox.
The Mutt tossed a soco her way. She ducked, taking the bait, and he thrust a fist into her side.
raposa stumbled back, losing her balance and falling onto the gravel that lay like ash across the roof.
The Mutt smirked as his opponent rolled onto her side, looking down.
"What about now, kid?" he said, kneeling over her. "You give up?"
"No," she growled. She thrust her hand up, tossing gravel at him. Instinctively, Mutt blocked his face and rocked back slightly on his heels. The diversion latest a full second, and raposa was back on her feet.
Fan fiction by Robin_Love posted over a year ago
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She threw herself against the mural with no results. Her breathing was labored and her body ached.
“Give it a rest. You'll damage yourself more.”
She turned to the voice. The red head leaned against the far wall, playing with a deck of cards.
“We have to get out. I can't stay here. WE can't stay here!”
“Eh. Just relax. Come play with me.”
“What?! No! We HAVE to get out! We have to warn them! Have to save them!”
“Becca calm down.”
She looked to the only other occupant. The dark haired angel was floating, meditating.
“Devin, we need to get out! Think about Dick! The team! Think about Fang!”
“I never stopped thinking about him Becca. But we aren't getting out the way you want to. Every fortress has their weak point. We just need to find it.”
“Well we aren't going to the way you're doing nothing but meditating and the way Erin is just sitting there playing with her stupid cards!”
The heard a soft click noise and turned to the red head. She was looking at Becca. In her hand was a card. It had burst into a light blue flame, but it wasn't burning.
Fan fiction by SilverWings13 posted over a year ago
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This is long onver due, but since he's part of te team now...

Hero ID: Thirteen

Alter ego: Aleksander Felis

Age: 14

Appearance: 5'8", golden-blonde hair, esmeralda green eyes, a scar on the under-side of his jaw

Hero Uniform: similar to Rocket's, but green primary and black secondary instead of purple primary and brown secondary.

Personality: very easy going, sensitive toward others, a bit protective over SilverWings (his partner and "sister"), relaxed, quick thinker.

Skills: speaks English and Russian, martial arts, gun handling, staff handling (I'm sure there's proper terminology for it. Don't know what it is), mild hacking skills.

Powers: (similar to the canon Rocket) can manipulate energy into protective a shield and small balls of energy that he can project toward enemies. The sheilds and balls appear with a greenish hue. The ability to use this power draws on his own energy, so he must be very careful when using it. He also uses an extendable staff as a weapon.
Opinion by FeverYJ posted over a year ago
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Name:Dee Fy


Age: Looks 16, has been living for 506

Status: Villain (demon of death)

relationship to team: None

Appearance: tall, auburn hair reaching her back. red eyes. Lustful

Personality: angry, seductive,reclusive, backstabber, witty, Valente

She can willingly kill the person she is touching, sucking their energy. por staring at any living thing,for a long period of time, it will eventually die. Her bite can turn people to dust. No immortality but has lived a long 500 yrs. Experts in Toxins, poisons, and has an arsenal of a whip, two daggers, and a pistol concealed in her boot. She can also disappear in a nuvem of dust and make things disappear to the advantage of her prey..

Background: As a 14 yrs old girl in the early 1500's she caught a disease that no one could cure. No one ever heard of the disease, but she kept getting sicker and weaker everyday. For 2 years the girl lived in such conditions, and died. But two weeks past, and a witch found her grave, wanting to see if her resurrection potion worked. She poured it onto the dead girl's body,...
Fan fiction by SilverWingsYJ posted over a year ago
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I was gonna make this 3rd POV, but it looked upside down so..(SilverWings's POV)

I rummaged through my dresser drawer, searching for the switch blade hidden among the socks. Call me paranoid, but there were half-a-dozen small knives hidden in my bedroom in my apartment.
Since I had moved to Gotham with my brother, and began spending all my free-time playing rebel with the gangs and rouges who ruled the streets, I had kept an arsenal of blades close at hand at all times. But now that I wouldn't be at my apartment as often, I had decided to collect my knives and store them in my bedroom at Mount Justice.
My had brushed against cool metal, and I pulled out the laser-blue switchblade and bent over my camo-pack that lay open on my bed. I inserted the blade seguinte to it's red twin. And froze.
"Hey," I said, feeling eyes on me.
"I think you should carry a proper weapon."
I sighed. "Nic, you know I hate-" I stopped when I looked up to see not my mentor, but my partner. He was staring at the full-length mirror that hung on my wall.
Fan fiction by Robin_Love posted over a year ago
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“Ouch. That hurt, Dylan.”
“It was meant to.”
He took his shades off, looked t them, and tucked them into the front of his shirt.
“Now. What's the real reason you came here?”
“Call it a shopping spree.”
“Find what you wanted?”
“Still looking, but I saw something I like.”
“Terribly sorry princess.”
Dylan stood and walked out the door. Rylan followed him.
“No need to leave, Spade.”
“It's hilarious.”
Rylan caught up to him.
“What is so hilarious?”
“The fact that you think we belong together because my last name coordinates with your hero name. That is what's hilarious.”
“It's funny how you would be the one to point that out.”
“Captain Obvious at your service princess.”
“Well bring Dylan back. He's mais fun.”
“Sorry princess. Dylan's off.”
“Doing what, Captain?”
“Getting away from an annoying vulture.”
“I hope he gets rid of her and looks for the cisne next.”
“Oh he owns the swan. The abutre just doesn't know how truly ugly it is.”
Fan fiction by Obscurity98 posted over a year ago
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Real name: Alana Venture
Agility:95% Intelligence:88% Speed:76%

Powers:Anything she sees or touches can be brought into flames of explode at her will. She owns a dragon that can transform into a large dog, and when needed Alana's very large dragon-Twilight. Alana has enhacned speed and strngth compared to human physique. Long lived.Good close quarter combat.

Note:Alana has red hair and cannot speak english fluetnly. She has a thing for art, and loves her Blade of fire. One of things the king gave her as a trophy of trust.

Relationship to team:Wally found her forzen and when they defrosted her he befriended her.

Background:Alana was a slave for the king of atleast 2000 yrs ago. One dia they had a freeze over. And Alana was Frozen - Uma Aventura Congelante into a iceberg. Along with her pet dog-dragon. When Wally found her she tried to attack them, she onyl stopped when Miss Martian hacked into her brain to explain. And once she gained their trust she showed them the full extent of her power.
Fan fiction by Robin_Love posted over a year ago
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I'm not responsible for hostile reactions coming from Eclipse-YJ. Thank you! XD

She looked around, her eyes covered. Shouldn't be hard to find him. I know he's back. She sighed and moved into the room more. She spotted him. Ah. Found you. She headed over to him and pulled the sunglasses off, revealing her magenta eyes.
“Hello Dylan.”
He looked up at her, annoyed.
“What do you want Rylan?”
She slid in across from him.
“How were the shadowlands?”
“Dark. Dismal. Just like the last minuto of my life has been.”
She smirked.
“I don't like your tone. Change it. Or I will.”
Dylan looked at her through his shades.
“What can I do for you, princess?”
“You can start por taking off the shades. Then we'll talk mais about pleasure.”
“You're a disturbed creature.”
“Better a creature than a shadow, Dylan.”
“Ouch. That hurt. I'll be scarred forever.”
“Loose the sarcasm Spade. Or you might loose mais than your mind.”
Opinion by XxKFforeverXx posted over a year ago
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Since I kind of deleted Nudge.....

Name: Jessica “Jess” Crane
Age: 15
Alias: Sift
Occupation: Hero
Powers: Escape artist
Able to generate force fields
Sift is skilled in hand-to-hand combat. In addition to being a master of guindaste style Kung-Fu, which she utilizes in a self-created style of combat known as "violent dancing" which also uses drunken boxing and makes use of her long arms and legs.
Sift greatly understands the power and uses of fear. With this knowledge, she knows how to use words to affect a person's actions, once managing to drive two men to suicide with nothing but words. She also can use this insight to find people's mental weaknesses and exploit them. (rarely uses it)
Past: Jess always knew her father was Scarecrow, growing up in a villainous environment, Jess followed the footsteps of her father. Instead of being with her father, she became the sidekick of Riddler, she later found her way the hero side after a one-on-one conformation with Batman.
Opinion by Obscurity98 posted over a year ago
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Dr. Varhiez yanked his head into his hands., "I cant believe we lost her! Twice! She was our first successful creation!" His assistant, Dr. Foriam pulled out a chart, "Dr. Varhiez, why don't you just make another one of her? I mean, you created her, you have all the information. and," Dr. Varhiez cut him off, snapping his head up. His large blue eyes and messy brown hair made the 45 yr old man look crazier than ever. "that right there Foriam, is where you are wrong! When H-K4escaped from here, I had not finished my diagnostics, i did not finish recording all her information. I have no records for that now, we have no leads! All our DNA samples ended with her..."
Dr. Foriam held up the chart he got, “But Doctor, what about making the offspring like you once suggested? I mean, we have some, of her DNA. The one we took the ano before, we can still you that cant we? And then, she cant burn us down like CADMUS. We re founded out labs, and she doesn’t know where we’re at, she wont attack us.”
Opinion by BloodyMascara_ posted over a year ago
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Hair: White

Eyes: Red((Im facinated with Red eyes ok!?))

Skin: Covered in white scales

Height: 6'5

Weight: 115

Race: Dragon/humaniod

Powers/Skills: Can morph into a dragon, but only when is very needed. Breaths fire((Yeah, yeah I know there are many firecasters, but this is a basic dragon atribute)). Skilled with bows and melle wepons.

Weapons: Fond of a sword but makes weapons out of anything she can.

History: Xiuhcoatl has grown up with dragons. She has never seen another human. She has fended off enemies of her homeland, she speaks a forign launguage not known to humans. She has been very isolated her whole life, and now she is traveling to find a início for the Dragons. Their início was invaded and taken over por enemies.

Personality: Curious. Many things fasinate her because she has grown up in a valley without technology.
Fan fiction by Robin_Love posted over a year ago
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“She's changed.”
“The shadows will do that.”
He got up and crouched down beside her. She opened her eyes, looking at him. A smile lit her face.
“Hey Liz. How you feel?”
“Tired. Where are we?”
“In the shadows. At my place.”
“Your place?”
He smiled at her, moving hair from her face.
“I wasn't kidding when I said I live in shadows.”
“I didn't think you meant it both literally and not.”
“Liz, something happened.”
“What's wrong?”
“Your mother tried taking you from the orphanage.”
“Why did you stop her?!”
“Because she's....Lizzie, come with me.”
She sat up and looked at him.
“Where are we going?”
“Just in the back room.”
She nodded and got up, following him. Terror looked back at his guest, still sitting in the shadows. He was waved on and lead Lizzie into a room.
“There's a mirror in that corner,” he said.
She gave him an odd look and stepped forward. Terror opened a closet and pulled a chest out. He unlocked it.
Guide by SilverWingsYJ posted over a year ago
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Don't kill me! I just got bored of making OCs that I have to kill off soon (non that I've presented to the club yet).

Name: Crystal Adams

Hero ID: Can't think of a good one, so Crystal.

Age: 12

Physical Appearance: 5'2", dark hair, dark eyes, fair skin, black wings (14' wing span)

Race: Avian-hybrid

Relation to YJL: Fang's little sis. Surprise!

Abilities: mild martial arts, flight (wings), ability to change her appearance

Bio: Escaped from the School when she was 8. She hung around other mutants. A group of mutants, calling themselves the X- Genes, manipulated Crystal into helping them conn the rich and powerful. On one account, she used her ability to change her appearance to look like a bank manager. Easily gettin past the security, Crystal robbed the bank but on her way out of the bank she was caught por Hal Jordan (we don't hear enough about him!). Out of fear, Crystal turned back to her normal self. Hal decided not to turn her into the cops, but made her cadastrar-se the Young Yustice League.
Fan fiction by XxKFforeverXx posted over a year ago
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I guess you could say it all started about a week ago, after my dad's company  transferred to Manhattan. So why my parents were house hunting, I was dumped at my creepy great aunt Catherine's place.

12:24 EST time

Scott's father was the first to get out of the car first followed por Scott, his mother got out of the other side. 
"C'mon Scott it's only for a few days" His father looked down at Scott.
"But aunt Cathy's creepy."
"She's not creepy Scott." Said his mother,
"She's exetorant." Scott's mom giggled as his father said this.
"But she always creeps and stalks around like she's hiding something. And always bakes nasty sugar cookies"
"I thought you liked those cookies." Scotts mother gave him a weird look.
"They taste like cat litter." Scott looked back at her. 
"It's not that bad." His father knocked on the door,
"But she's creepy!" 
"Stop saying that! She's a very nice lady, an she's very excited to see you." Scott's mother said,
Fan fiction by Robin_Love posted over a year ago
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He stumbled, falling to the ground. Dark energy pulsed all around. He pushed himself back up, ignoring the pain flowing through him. He'd been gone less than a dia and already was having issues. He fell again, this time staying down.
“Would you like some company?”
He rolled onto his back.
His scythe flashed white and then transformed. Her long blonde hair fell down past her knees, her cat like ears placed on the side of her head. She looked at him with her large red eyes. She was dressed all in black, the red accents drawing your eyes everywhere. She smiled at him.
“Hello master.”
“Hey Freya.”
“We've been traveling. Where are we?”
“For the shield?”
“Then why have we stopped?”
“I need a rest.”
She nodded and came close to him. He smiled at her.
“Is there anything I can do for you, Master?”
“Not unless you can make the pain go away.”
“Where does it hurt?”
“All over. Mostly my back and wings.”
Guide by SilverWings13 posted over a year ago
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These are the bios for Aisling's 20 years later fanfic. It's static, meaning it'll probably change, but as far as Broken Wings goes...

Name: Riley Conners (named after his grand-father)

Hero ID: Dusk

Age: 21

Personality: easy-going, humorous, protective of his sister,
brotherly to the younger kids of the team

Race: human, cocasian

Physical description: 6'1", brown hair with blonde highlights, grey eyes, tattoo of a crescent moon on his left shoulder

Abilities: knife-handling, mild hacking, tech-handling,

Hero oufit: black and red striped-shirt, black leather jacket, black jeans, faca belt, hidden blade, black boots, red and black gloves, black mask.

Civvies: red t-shirt, baggy jeans, ray-bands (sunglasses), Yankees boné, cap (usually turned backwards)

Relatives: mother: Ginaveve Candor, father: Daemian Conners/ Weston, half-sister: Fiona Conners a.k.a. Star, aunt: Aryess Weston a.k.a. AngelWings
Article by Obscurity98 posted over a year ago
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Trying to explain to Skylar why and what she wont say, and why the past may not matter, and why life sucks

Life Is a Sin : por Dox Eternal (ask me who that is okay, if u dont know)

Why is it a sin?
Does it really matter where i've been?
Life can take us on journeys
that no one else would understand.

If life is a sin,
Why don't we just stop livin'?
For us life may not be true,
life throws us fogo and we wont know what to do.

amor is part of life,
But living is sin,
It makes no sense anymore,
we will never win.

amor is lie, that we just keep on livin'
becasue life is a sin,
i will never understand,
Even though i aint perfect,

I am emotional,
But you wouldn't understand
i am some one else,
B/c i'm not really who u tihnk i am,
iam, iam.

Because life is a sin,
i will never fit in,
Fan fiction by AislingYJ posted over a year ago
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So this is part 1 of Broken Wings. Just to recap, this takes place 20 years after Season 1. Aisling and Jackson, in addition to most of the former team, are on the Justice League. They have 3 kids: Lily aka Midnight Streak who's 12, Chandler aka Coda who's 11, and Annabelle aka Firefly who's 9.
Five Hours Earlier:
“What is it?” Lily asked, a faint yawn in her voice. The three kids were gathered in the living room, in their pajamas, slumped over the couch. Their parents were standing in front of them, blocking the TV, much to Chandler’s displeasure. He was laying on his back, his feet propped up against the arm of the couch, and leaning to the side, trying to see around them. Annabelle was absorbed in a book, their white-and-tan German shepherd Helena curled up seguinte to her head, and Lily was seated in between them, sitting straight up eagerly.
Their mother stepped forward. “Guys, we’re leaving again.”
The kids let out a collective groan, Annabelle slammed her book closed and dropped it on the table, making Helena jump, Chandler rolled over onto his stomach, annoyed, and Lily’s shoulders slumped a little.
Article by -BelovedRobin posted over a year ago
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Pixiv Id 767532
Name: Aria Leonhart
Alter Ego: None
Age: 24 (For Baker’s story)
Gender: Female
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Light Brown, looks auburn in certain sunlight.
Distinct Markings: she has a small toupeira close to corner of lip.
Height: 5’6” with heels 5’9”
Martial Status: Single
Birthplace: Hamburg, Germany
Current Residents: Wherever the hell “The Triangler
Relationship with: Likes London, however it’s up to Bakes whether or not they actually become a couple XD
Foes: 96/Alacurd

artigos she WILL appear in: “The Triangle” por Bakes2389

Powers: Ability of which she can control someone, or a group of people, the speed of their thought process and/or movements. Such as accelerating a person running to the point of Flash or making someone surveys his or her current environment at a caracol pace. She can apply this to her as well. The drawback is that she cannot control mais than 5 people and if she is controlling a group they all have to be traveling or processing the same. It’s impossible, for her, to have 2 people moving/thinking slow whereas another 3 is processing fast....
Fan fiction by The_Writer posted over a year ago
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A Few Notes (And a Rant) About Me

I know most of you are thinking: "The conceited little brat! He's making an artigo about himself! How selfish!"

But before you assume and make an bunda out of you and me (look at the word assume), lemme have my say. This rant is so that people can get to know what I believe in and what type of person I am before they decide to be my "friend". This isn't a "everyone is my friend cause I like everyone" list. This, in fact, could be used to push people away, but it's all in your viewpoint.

Now, without further ado:

 I am an American. A proud one too. I believe in Truth, Justice and the American Way. Don't try to counter that with me. I am a Christian. A proud one of these as well. I believe one God in Heaven created the Earth And everything in six days. I believe he sent his son to die for us so that we may have everlasting life. 

I do not support gays/lesbians/transgender/bisexual/or any other sexuality unless it is one man and one woman.