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Guide by SilverWings13 posted over a year ago
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First off, this has absolutely nothing to do with murdering people. That's just what it's called.

The assassination challenge came from a game kids play in school (usually high-school) that is complicated to explain, so I won't try. But, I will explain this version- the "writer's version".

One person starts off as the "assassin". That person chooses a picture and 2-5 OCs. Then she chooses another person to "assassinate"- meaning they send the pic and chosen OCs for their target to write a one-shot on. When the target finishes, they post the one-shot and become the assassin por choosing a pic, a new set of OCs, and a new target. The game goes on and on until everyone has been assassinated.

Rules of the game:

1) If you are assassinated, you HAVE to accept the challenge, no complaints unless you declare immunity before you are chosen. To do that just post a comment below saying so.

2) I don't think we have anyone that would even think about going against this rule, but just in case: No inappropriate pics (like, a pic of a stripper or something).
Fan fiction by Robin_Love posted over a year ago
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Hello friends/readers. What you are about to read may shock some of you. All rights for Sam aka Red Revenge belong to The_Writer and always will. This is a collab interview.

Alright. Just so you know, Becca's answers/statements/objections will be in italics and Sam's will be in bold. Anything in astrics (* *) will be actions. Now for the interview. First pergunta is for Sam. Why are you so persistent?
Persistent? Who ever said-
Too big a word for Sammy's brain.
Shut up Becky!
seguinte question! Sam, how do you think people would describe your mild-mannered alter ego? do you think people describe Samuel Grant?
I don't think. I know.
Well then how would they describe Samuel Grant?
Handsome, sensitive, brave-
*Both look at Becca who is laughing hysterically*
That's NOT what I've heard at all!
So Becca, how do people describe Sam Grant?
Fan fiction by Robin_Love posted over a year ago
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The sound of a loud crash brought her from her sleep. She looked around, her senses on the alert. Nothing else sounded. She slipped out of her cama and crept to the door. She opened it and rolled her eyes.
“Were you guys playing football in the base AGAIN?” she asked Zeth and Trevor.
The two boys looked at her and smiled.
“Zero will have your heads.”
“Watch out Kitty Cat. Glass on the floor.”
“I saw it Zeth! I'm not stupid!”
Cat walked closer but Trevor stopped her.
“You aren't wearing shoes. I don't want you getting hurt.”
She rolled her eyes.
“Please. I've been buried under rock before. Glass is nothing.”
“Sorry Cat.”
“But I just-”
Cat screeched as Trevor picked her up and carried her to the other side of the hallway. When he put her down, she slapped him.
“Don't try that again! That goes double for you Zeth!”
She stormed off and the two friends looked at each other.
“Alright! So Cat will be out of the house all day. Now what?” Zeth asked.
Fan fiction by Robin_Love posted over a year ago
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Oh yeah! My creativity strikes again!!!!

The sound of a gun and breaking glass pierced through the night. The sounds of a struggle were clear for anyone close by. Meaning only two. He stumbled backwards, taken back por the blow. It didn't last long. He kicked, punched, dodged, did all in his power to keep the other one down. His cape shadowed his every move. He was a figure in black, manipulating every thing with his tactical brain. He threw the other one against a wall, watching as he fell and knocked over a few trashcans. He was breathing heavily but prepared for an attack. Nothing. He laughed manically and tied up his victim.
“Too bad. I was looking for a better fight.”
He threw the unconcious criminal into the light of a rua lamp and headed on his way. As he passed por a side alley, he heard a small noise. He looked around, listening. Someone was crying. He started towards the sound with caution, realizing the possibility of a trap. His eyes adjusted mais and he saw it.
Fan fiction by rachele_X posted over a year ago
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Okay so I know what you're all thinking: Oh great. mais OCs. Just what we need. But these guys aren't gonna roleplay or anything. I'm just posting their bios for an artigo series that I'm gonna write after Broken Wings. You know that story Coming Out I wrote, that I only got to the prologue? Well I'm transforming that into something else, and making Caitlyn, Reese, and Constance have a whole mini-team called Outcasts. Here are the bios for the new members (I'm not posting the others aka Caitlyn, Reese, and Constance because you already know them).

Name: Dawn Baker
Alias: Obsidian
Age: 16
Occupation: Hero
Affiliations: Outcasts
Appearance: About 5’4”, average build, long dark hair that partly covers her face, dark eyes, she is half Asian.
Clothes: leather jacket, dark clothes (but not goth), dark jeans, boots or flats
Costume: Navy blue ninja-type outfit, domino mask
Personality: Dawn is extremely quiet, and she rarely talks. When she does talk, she is often sarcastic, although she is not rude, and can be sensitive and caring. She is determined and doesn’t like attention to be focused on herself....
Fan fiction by InfinityYJ posted over a year ago
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So what if I'm late?! SCREW YOU!!!
I'm sorry, I didn't mean that...
Tell me in the comments who you would rather have roleplaying on here. Because I will roleplay as one of these three.
I'd prefer one of the girls... :3
but it's you choice!

Name: Carrie Hudnall
Alias: Endgame
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Occupation: Meta-Human Hero
Appearance: tan skin, dark brown eyes, short, pixie-cut black hair, thin, average height
Abilities/Powers: can see how someone dies and when they die, sees through hearing (which is superhuman), hand-to-hand and katanas
Personality: a little clueless and dumb, not to mention shy, but has the hyperactivity that most firecasters have.
Costume: black bodysuit, gloves and combat boots, black ribbon that covers her eyes completely (no eye holes, nothing) and trails behind her
Civvies: yellow/white espaguete strap summer dress that reaches her knees, white sandals, and tinted white sunglasses
Guide by SilverWings13 posted over a year ago
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Saber Tooth
These three are all members of the Pack (Dunno what that is? I'm getting to it...). They are the only three (at the moment) that I'll be doing for this artigo (I say this cuz I do know there are three not on here that are in the articles. First person to guess why, gets a shiny prop!) They for Before the After purposes only! No accounts, no using in other artigos for you peeps. I'll stop being bossy and make the bios now.

Hero name: Saber Tooth

Alter Ego: Marquez Alto

Gender: Female

Age (BtA time line): 12 years

Physical Description: 5', long brown hair, brown eyes

Race: Human/ Meta, cocasian

Family: Samuel Alto- father

Personality: sarcastic, a total daddy's girl, sassy, has a quick temper, a bit bossy, stubborn

Mutation: super senses (hearing, sight, taste, smell, & feel)

Weapon of Choice: handgun

History: lived in south Georgia (speaks with a slight southern accent) until her parents divorced. Moved to Gotham with her father. Was recruited into the Pack as an initiate and Sam became head superior (basically the big boss man...
Guide by The_Writer posted over a year ago
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The fanpop Emmys!!!

Okay, here's how this is going to work. This will be a public contest open to anyone. You enviar a piece of your work (depending on which category) and the public will read and vote on it. All the votes will be sent to two moderators (The_Writer and _______). They will tally the votes and announce the winners of each category at a pre-determined release date.


As of right now, we need:

1 mais moderator (If you agree to this, you will be unable to enter any category. All you do is tally votes and publicar works (anonymously) enviado por the contestants)

People willing to enter, read ALL entries, and vote HONESTLY. Don't pick your friends. Don't not pick your friends if you honestly think their work is the best on fear we'll reject you. We need solid proof to reject you from the competition.


Fan fiction by Obscurity98 posted over a year ago
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Name: James Rush

Alias: Rush

Status: Ally

Relationship to team: Wolf's brother

Powers: Shift into human and lobo form. Hand to hand combat, superspeed in lobo form, faster than an average human in human form but not superspeed. Stronger than an average lobo and human.

After lobo left with YJ, he left behind a twin brother, Who was captured por the gorilla Mallah. Mallah hooked him up to a machine that would read his thoughts. While being hooked to that, a power surge occurred, and the lobo used this time to escape. But due to the power surge, Rush got the ability to switch from lobo form to a human body. And gained super speed in his lobo form. As a human he learned English, and hand to hand combat. He traveled until he finally reunited with lobo at YJ.
Article by Gunfire posted over a year ago
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name: Red Hammer
Alias: Joey Haren
age: 17
Waponds: an hole arsanal of armas explosifes and rokets
powers: his cyborg body gives him super human strengt, eys implats thad can scan anything and see trouw wals, his body gives him a hy resistance to gunshots, expolsives, and other wapons
personalaty: agresive, always defends his friends, lolay, only takes oreds frome gunfire and folwos them to the letter.

hitory: Joes was just a normal streed tug who one dia was stupid anof to robe, veste, roupão gunfire, who saw his potantal, after thad they became close friend and works togeter as partners in crime, one robery went wrong and the explosifs hurt joey badly and rederd his body usesle, so gunfire construkded a mecanical body fore his friend, afer thad they kept in contakt and gunfire intrudused him to the team.

ralation to team: Friend and comrade of gunfire.
Note: Red hammers arms transform in his wapons, exept frome the rokets thad come out of his back.
Fan fiction by BloodyMascara_ posted over a year ago
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At the Cave....

"Ima beat you!" The scarlet speedster himself chalenged
"Over my dead body..." Robin replied.
They moved their fingers ever so fast. The TV screen seemed to suck them into a diffrent world. M'ggan stepped infront of the TV, hands on her hips.
"MOVESIES!" Wally shouted.
"This TV is going to suck out your brain." M'ggan replied.
"IM ABOUT TO WIN M'GGAN!" Robin shouted at her. She stepped out of the way, only to unplug the TV. Their jaw dropped. Wally even dropped the gamer remote.
"Y-you just.....W-we were so close." Wally whined.
"See. I stopped it before it could spread to Robin." M'ggan teased.
"Whats that supposed to mean?!" Wally asked.
"It means it already got to your brain. Sorry." M'ggan answered.
"Im not infected!" Robin said, doing a small awkward dance. M'ggan smiled watching Robin's awkward behaviour.

In the forest.....

Skylar was training some pups. They surounded him. Yet he jummped up into a tree. The tried to jump after him. Yet they were not yet strong enough. He smiled.
Guide by BloodyMascara_ posted over a year ago
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Name: Melissa Wellings

Hero name: Coaxoch

Hair: Black.

Eyes: Hypnotic green.

Relation to the Team: ((*Snikers* R_L and KFF are going to kill me...)) Devin and Fangs child from the future. ((SHHH!!!! They dont know it yet....))

Powers: When hugged por the opposite sex or under to much stress, transforms into a small dragon(Willingly or unwillingly. SO I EXPECT ONE OF YOU GUYS TO TRIP ONTO HER!), (When dragon) Flight, (Human) levitation(Self and other objects/people).

Skills: Black cinto, correia in martial arts, Cooking, pick pocket.

Personality: Never gives up, (OVERLY)protective of friends, never backs down from a chalenge(sometimes gets her hurt), always tries to keep a smile on her face, puts others in first priority, is very generous and hates to take from friends.

(Funny/Weird/Gross)Quirks: IF hugged por the opposite sex often morphs back into human form naked. Time of morph varies from what type/length of hug.
Fan fiction by SilverWings13 posted over a year ago
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Time line- some point in the past. I'll let you figure out exactly when ;)

How could you still be yourself when you look nothing like... You?
If the person looking at you in the mirror doesn't look like anyone you could put a name to, then who is it?
What if you don't know what you're supposed to look like?
I'm too young for an identity crisis, Mutt thought to himself as he stared at his reflection in the mirror.
His blue eyes were the same deep sapphires he had been born with, but they didn't seem.. young enough to belong on the face of an eleven ano old. The dark, shaggy hair that hung in his face, still wet from the hot spray of the shower, was the same as it had always been, but it just.. wasn't right.
The only new addition to his appearance from the night before, when last he caught a glimpse of his reflection, was the white bandage that wrapped around his forearm, covering the stitched wound that he had received.
Mutt rotated his arm, inspecting the tight bandage. He clenched his hand into a fist, flexing his arm. He winced as the stitches pulled on the cut.
Fan fiction by -BelovedRobin posted over a year ago
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A/N: This is the only chapter I’m composição literária in 1st P.O.V. also this is the first time composição literária in this P.O.V. so ‘cuse me while I cry in the corner. Also in this chapter, there are slash (male/male) themes and loads of profanity. Lies, but he does curse every now and then. por the way, please let me know how well or badly I did on my first attempt! Thank you and enjoy Kol’s worst (?) night ever, Sugarcube~

It was a quarter passed 6 and like time, this situation was seriously ticking itself right into the this-is-fucking-awkward-and-I-just-want-this-to-end box. Naturally, it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I’m sitting in on some velvet red Grecian sofá in a dusty Victorian rip-off office alone with this guy, who’s nearly naked por the way, passed out and sleeping on topo, início of me like we’re spooning or some crap. Have I mentioned that he was in his black (oh god, I can’t believe I know this) boxer-briefs? Certainty, none of that has anything to do with it. Okay, I’m a lying this has everything to do with this and I am freaking the fuck out. Please forgive me. Also, pardon...
Fan fiction by Obscurity98 posted over a year ago
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At LexCorp.: Batgirl sat silently in the vent, no movement was heard, and found it seguro to come down. She slipped out of the vent, onto her feet, and then closed the vent back up. She stood up walking backward, facing the corner turn in the wall, to make sure no one was following her. Batgirl turned around, and her face went right into a well created bosom. Batgirl stepped back with a gasp. There stood Lex Luthor’s Amazonian, literally mechanically armed assistant, Mercy.
“looks what we have here…” she started and then attacked Batgirl. Swinging her leg out to whack Batgirl in the head, Batgirl back flipped away, as Mercy came closer. Clapping Mercy in the head, Batgirl used to make the diversion. Stumbling back, Mercy locked in her Mechanical Arm, and shot, at Batgirl. Batgirl dodged both shots and threw a boomerang in her direction. It caught Mercy on the arm. Mercy laughed, “That was supposed to hurt me?” Batgirl smiled, “Who said anything about hurt?” And slipped on a customized gas mask. Mercy only gasped, as suddenly gas began to surround her. Coughing and tearing up, Mercy slunk to the floor in a defeated position.
Fan fiction by Robin_Love posted over a year ago
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She walked out of the room, locking the door behind her. She headed into the large room and looked around. She waved Anton over.
“How close are we?”
“Just a few mais hours.”
“Make it sooner. Anything can happen.”
“Of course.”
Anton left and she was approached por Teague and Serepta.
“Enough of this! We have played your game long enough! You promised them to us! We've done our part. Where are they?!”
“Patience Serepta. You'll have your warrior soon enough. As for the angel, she will return to us soon. I needed her. I want to fuel the fogo a little mais before they figure it out. Now leave before I make you their seguinte target!”
The two glanced at each other before leaving. She smirked.
“Oh Salva! Might I speak with you?”

She walked around in the park. Despite the sunny day, there was no cheer inside her. Terror was no where to be found, the team was starting to fall apart, and things were just messy. She had hopped the dia would have cheered her up. But it did little to her turmoiled heart. She sat on a bench, tucking a lock of hair behind her.
Fan fiction by Robin_Love posted over a year ago
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Thought you should know this about Cat. She's a hopeless romantic, she is sensitive about cheating, she hates cheater, and here's why. ;)

The sounds of the park filled her ears. Laughing, crying, talking, singing, playing, chirping, screaming, arguing. All these things filled her senses and sent her into overdrive. The past week had been emotionally draining on her. She hadn't done a single thing right! So she'd taken the dia off. She sat at a bench and watched as a young couple kissed. Her eyes became distant and she spotted a broken hearted girl come up to the couple. The tears and shouting began. Her eyes became distant and her thoughts trailed off...

[i]She skipped along the road, ignoring the strange looks. She was happy and didn't care. She headed down towards the park and walked. She walked down towards the lake and the willow tree; her willow tree. She suddenly froze and her body went cold. Tears sprang to her eyes and a hole formed in her chest.
Fan fiction by SilverWings13 posted over a year ago
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The dreamy melody filled the room. She could have continued playing forever, tapping each key to sing a specific note. But like all great things, the seemingly endless Claire de Lune was nearing its end. She played out the last measure, holding the last note. She waited for it's last breath to fade before lifting her hands from the keys. "How was that?" she asked, nervous of the response she would receive.
"Excellent, Emily." Emily Weston, formerly known as Project Immunity, turned on the piano's bench to face her teacher.
Jasper sat progressivo, para a frente on the couch, his head resting in his hands; his eyes shut.
"Sleepy?" Emily asked.
Jasper shook his head slowly. "Got a headache," he said without opening his eyes. He sat up and laid his head back against the velvety cushions.
"Maybe you should rest," she suggested.
Jasper shook his head. "Comes with the telepathy. I'll be fine in a moment.
Emily hesitated a moment, but stood and walked behind the couch.
Opinion by GageYJ posted over a year ago
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Name: Johnny (classified)

Alias: Gage..


Powers: Black/Dark Magic, Teleport, Shape Shift, and That's it..

Looks: Brown Hair, Dark Eyes, 6'1, tan skin..

Past: He has a normal past.. he dated Blade through high school... until she "broke" his heart.
He became angry and wanted vengence.. he got into some dark magic and got his powers. His family thinks he ran away.. He still thinks Blade loves him.. and has a passionate hate for Terror.

((I know its not long and descriptive sorry and I really don't think he should have a dark past :) ))
Article by -BelovedRobin posted over a year ago
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Pixiv Id 403191
Name: Alucard Fair
Alter Ego: 96
Age: 26 (For Baker’s story)
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: Platinum Blonde, sometimes mistaken for silver.
Distinct Markings: The tip of his left ear is bitten off.
Height: 5’10”
Martial Status: Single
Birthplace: He forgot b/c his family moved a lot
Current Residents: He moves about.
Relationship with: No one, but he is obsess with Aria Leonhart
Foes: Whoever is his target and whoever is “keeping him and Aria apart.”

Meaning behind “96”:

Well I’m using 96 as a representation of characters from the Japanese language. Im Japanese reads as 9 (ku/kyu) and 6 ("ro" short for "roku") so that combines to be "kuro." Kuro means black. Alacurd left his father on 96th job to start his new career as well. Plus his kitty is black.

Powers: He is immune to all forms of telekinesis and whoever is within 20 mile radius of him, their telekinesis is block or “suppressed”
Fan fiction by The_Writer posted over a year ago
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(I'll have pictures later)

"No results in police database, google--"

The large computer chimed. 

"One result..." Sam muttered, opening it. A chill ran down his spine as he read the two words. "Turn around"

He spun, grabbing his sword and pointing it at the figure in the shadows.

"Come out." he said.

The woman walked out. Now that she was standing still in front of him, he could get a better look at her. 

She was tall, that was for sure. She wasn't bad looking either, but the tatuagens ruined it all. They covered her left shoulder and arm as well as her right hip and leg. Blackness swirled around the upper half of her torso as if it were from Hell itself. Her white, spiky hair blew in the dry, harsh wind that had entered with her. She was wearing pants that barely started above her thighs and a tube top. A scarf covered the lower half of her face and an eyepatch hung over her left eye. She had a dog colarinho, colar tight around her throat and two black leather gloves that went almost all the way to her shoulders.
Fan fiction by rachele_X posted over a year ago
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oi guys! It's rachele_X here, Aisling's creator. I finally decided to sign back in to this account! Anyway, these are the bios for 2 OCs that I've had for quite a while, but never introduced to the club. They'll never RP here, for a number of reasons, one main one being that I have WAYYY too many OCs already and the whole place is super crowded. The reason I'm posting their bios is that I want you guys to know them, because I'm probably going to write an artigo series about them when I finish Broken Wings, as a little break from Aisling..
Anyway here they are!
Name: Tristan Blake Ross
Alias: Simba
Age: 17
Occupation: Hero
Affiliations: Young Justice team
Appearance: Tristan has deeply tanned skin and is very muscular, and about 6’. He has green eyes and red-brown hair, and reddish brown cat ears and tail. He wears a brown plaid shirt, ripped baggy pants, and black sneakers.
Powers: Tristan is part lion, and has adept catlike senses. He is extremely strong and agile, and he also has a “lion roar” that will temporarily paralyze enemies. He also wears gloves with long, sharp claws that retract when necessary, and...
Fan fiction by Robin_Love posted over a year ago
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She opened her eyes, lifting her head. Everything was cloudy and dust misted over the ground. She coughed and managed to get on her hands and knees.
“Devin!” She coughed again. “Becca!”
She crawled progressivo, para a frente and found someone. Pale skin, flowing hair. Dressed in black, silver. She scurried back and coughed again.
“No way.”
She heard a moan and headed over towards it.
“Erin? We get out?”
“Yeah. You okay?!”
“Just woozy.”
“I hear ya. Bec, we got a problem.”
“Wait! Where's Devin?!”
“Over here!”
The two crawled to where Devin's voice came from.
“Thank goodness you're alright! I need help. My wing is stuck!”
“Where?” Erin asked.
“Under this beam. Hurry! It hurts!”
Becca slid her feet under the beams and pushed while Erin pulled it up. Devin quickly drew her wing back before it slipped and landed with a loud crash.
“Let me see your wing Devin,” Becca said.
Devin spread out her wing, wincing. It was torn and bleeding, shards of wood harpooning the feathers. Becca touched it lightly and Devin pulled it...
Fan fiction by Robin_Love posted over a year ago
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Her footsteps pounded on the ground. She heard him behind her and kept going. Don't look back. He'll take you. She's close by. Keep going. Don't look back! The voice echoed in her head, spurring her on. She wouldn't loose to him. Not now. She had come far in a few hours. Her powers were stable. Her abilities were strong.
The shadows had taught her. This host is perfect. Everything I need. The voice spoke again, eyes shinning bright red. She panted, running still. His steps started to fade behind her. She slowed a little and tripped. She got up and pulled out her weapon.
“Come out monster! You don't scare me.”
His voice echoed all around her.
“Maybe not. But I know what does. Release the child!”
She turned and found nothing. She turned back to find him standing before her. She screamed and scratched him with her bladed shirken. He seemed to ignore the pain and stepped back, blocking his face as she came in for another attack.
She came again and again, each time causing deeper wounds. He kicked her in the stomach and upper cut her in the jaw. She stumbled backwards, crying out. She heard the lock of a gun and looked at him...
Fan fiction by AislingYJ posted over a year ago
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I decided to make a few minor atualizações to Aisling's bio.
Name: Aisling Carter
Alias: Dimension
Age: 15
Occupation: Hero
Affiliations: Kaos (former), Young Justice Team
Appearance:Aisling has a solid build, and she’s about 5’8’’ and still growing. She has short, wavy dark brown hair that she wears in a messy ponytail, blue-green eyes, and freckles.
Civvies: Aisling wears a purple or gray hoodie sweatshirt, baggy black sweat pants, and black vans.
Costume: Aisling wears a purple domino mask (like Robin’s but it shows her eyes), a purple sequined shirt, green pants, combat boots, and elbow-length fingerless fishnet gloves.
Powers: flight, strength, gauges measurements (speed, time, etc.)
Weapons: hand-to-hand combat, sometimes knives
Personality: Aisling is quiet, tomboyish, and kind of shy. She has a tough exterior but inside is sensitive and caring, and doesn’t like to show extreme emotion, especially sadness.
Bio (kind of spoilers for Wings of Kaos, although it doesn’t matter since I’m not actually going to write it): Aisling is the adopted daughter of Braxton Carter (Axxis), one of the...