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Fan fiction by The_Writer posted over a year ago
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Damian's Introduction

From The Arrowette Series Book II:

"That," Stephanie said, running a towel over her damp forehead. "Was a workout."

"So when are you coming to the Manor?" Helena asked.

"Whoah, Whoah, Whoah, Whoah." A new voice said. "Who said--"

"Bruce." Helena responded as Red Robin walked in.

"Bats gave you the clear?" Tim asked. "And here I thought he LIKED me."

"Ah, cheer up Tim." Helena said, patting the Bird on his shoulder. "He let you be Robin with no training. I'm his daughter and I had to wait six months."

Tim smiled, but turned his attention to the zeta-tubes as they warmed up.

"Recognized: Batgirl, 39."

"STEPH!!!" Bart exclaimed, speeding in at super-speed and crushing the female with a hug.

"Get off! Get off!" Batgirl exclaimed, pushing the speedster off and trying to run from the room. Tim caught her hand.
Fan fiction by Robin_Love posted over a year ago
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Yes. I'm evil.

She stared at him, speechless. He came close to her and took her hands.
“It's okay Kitten. Relax.”
“H-how can this be? I killed you.”
She shook her head and stepped backwards, reclaiming her hands.
“No. This...this isn't right!”
“No! You aren't Alex!”
“Don't be so sure little Kitten.”
“Alex died!”
He stepped closer and she scratched him. He screamed and glared at her.
“You mess with a force you can't handle, Kitten!”
“Stop! You aren't Alex! Only Alex can call me that!”
The form flickered and Teague stood before her. Cat tried to run, but he grabbed hold of her wrists.
“I warned you!”
“Let me go!”
“Can't. Bella Morta calls you.”
“Don't make me scream!”
He smirked.
“That sounds like fun actually.”
Cat struggled to pull away, but he held tight to her. He used one hand to pin her arms against the mural and placed his other hand on her back. He slowly retracted his demonic claws. He smiled evily when she gasped and tears came to her eyes.
Fan fiction by Robin_Love posted over a year ago
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*sighs* Here goes nothing. *crosses fingers*

Name: Tara (pronounced Terra) Lopez
Alias: Midnight
Occupation: Minor, hero
Powers: acrobatics, agility, speed, flexibility, force fields, weapons, handcuffs
History: Tara grew up in an ordinary family, always dreaming of greater things. Her dreams became reality when she was recruited for the team por Green Lantern. She moved into the HQ, leaving her family behind. Tara was a fast learner and a talented pupil. But she knew her dreams were not going to last for ever. When Tara was 15, she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, a condition that causes her joints, muscles, and bones to become sore. The condition slowed her down, but Tara was determined to fight for her dreams. She has adapted to training less frequently and not as intensely as her teammates. She trains in a way that benefits her most, even if it means she can't do as much. Her dedication keeps her going at all times.
Opinion by XxKFforeverXx posted over a year ago
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I was sitting around bored today…and I came up with these! xD Bold is myself talking and regular font is Fang. Astrics are movement, etc. W/e you want to call it.

Does not having a special sort of power make you angry?
I have special powers! Sort of!

If some aleatório person off the rua hugged you, would you kill them?
They’d probably get kicked.

Do you secretly want to be hugged?
Don’t we all?

Do you like Devin?
Duh, obviously.

What about me?
No. You’re annoying me.

GOOD. Now, do you prefer blondes or brunettes?

Do you like eating things?
I amor eating, I list it as a hobby.

Do you secretly think you’re the sexiest person in the world?
Do you think I’m the sexiest person in the whole

Do you like to cook?
I like to eat.
Fan fiction by Obscurity98 posted over a year ago
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Name: Sy

Gender: female

Species: Tiger

Relationship to team: Harleys pet

Super strength, change color from white to orange, Sonic roar, can grow to extreme sizes. agile, all the Tiger like abilities.mental link with Harley within a 5 mile radius.

Note: Doesn't like men. likes other cat girls,and will like guys with Cat DNA , doesn't like Skylar, or any other canine/meta human

Harley found the large cat while on a mission in India, where she found it being tortured por men, and receiving experimental drugs to enhance its molecular structure's. Harley saved her, and por accidently touching her while unhooking her, they gained a mental/ telepathic link.
Fan fiction by XxKFforeverXx posted over a year ago
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Name: Brendan Adams.
Alias: Fang
Occupation: Hero
Age: 15
Relationship: Uhmm….I think I’ll explain later xD
Powers: Flight (wings) if he stays still A doesn't make sudden movements he can blend into his surroundings, can draw metal to his body, mimicking peoples voices, super strength (not super-homem strength but its above average mans strength), super senses (RAPTOR VISION FTW!)
Past: Created as an experiment in a place called “School” Fang grew up dark, and drawn back, escaping from pure hell at the age of 10, the flock traveled the world, determined to end all experiments. At age 12, Fang dividido, dividir from the group and went off on his own, (personal reasons...only Devin knows) Fang adapted the life of crime and murder until he was 13, then was found por batman and brought onto the team.
Other: -hates needles and electricity.
-has a younger sister.
-keeps most things to himself
-shy and nervous when he’s around Devin (for those that didn’t know, and thought he’s cool, calm, and relaxed.)
Fan fiction by AislingYJ posted over a year ago
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“Of course we’re alone!” Chandler said, slightly irritable at Nathan’s sudden detachment. “It’s the middle of the freaking night!”
Nathan ignored the boy’s irritation, resuming his brisk manner. “They had to make sure.”
Lily crossed her arms. “They? So there’s more. It’s not just you two, is it?”
Nix nodded, smiling slightly. “No, it’s not just us.” She turned away from the children, calling over her shoulder to someone they couldn’t see.
“It’s safe!”
The three children looked at each other, perplexed, but they didn’t have long to wonder, because at that moment, a flood of people came swarming through their front door. Helena began another round of barking at the onslaught of newcomers, and Lily quickly grabbed onto her colarinho, colar and dragged her over to the living room, the other children following.
As they sat down on the couch, they were greeted with many familiar faces. They saw AngelWings, who their parents sometimes called SilverWings por mistake, and Mercy, the redhead whose silliness never ceased to make them laugh. There was Harley, who they knew must be extremely important, since she...
Fan fiction by Robin_Love posted over a year ago
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I swear, I JUST wrote this!!!

She awoke to an odd sound. Not the usual sound of the others waking up. Something else. Something....haunting. The others had taken a trip for the weekend and she thought she was the only one there. The mais it sounded, the mais she felt like she was in a trance. It was like the first time she'd watched Phantom of the Opera.
The way the girl had been so entranced with his voice....Chills crept along her skin. She got out of her cama and slowly went closer to the noise. It sounded almost paranormal. And it freaked her out. She came closer and peeked around the corner. And flipped out.
It wasn't something she'd ever seen before. But the mysterious noise turned out to be an organ. And Terror was at the bench. The música that had made her feel so entranced was only getting louder. She walked closer. She watched his fingers fly over every key, hitting every note.
His humming matched the notes perfectly. She wanted to get closer and listen. But was afraid to move. He might sense her and stop. But he seemed to never see nor sense her.
Fan fiction by EndgameYJ posted over a year ago
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((I was to lazy to switch accounts))
Here. I made a Fin/Bruce bonding fic one-shot thing, so.... >.<
Just read and tell me what you think.

Tears flooded down her eyes, crystal blue and wide in shock. She looked down at her chest and felt the world slow to a near stop as a gold flash entered her back and came out as a bullet. It trailed red and that soon became the only color Fin could see-- red. The red of her own blood seeping down the the front of her dress. The red that stained the snow below her feet, that coated the ground, that she was laying in a puddle of. The rest was black and white, pure Himalayan snow, dark figures thudding onto the ground. One figure was mais prominent than the rest. Tall, a deep black, except for the spots of him that weren’t. He threw a single soco towards the last figure, who had a deep red smile painted, then rushed over to the girl, whose blood was spilling quicker than possible.
Fan fiction by PhantomYJ posted over a year ago
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I finally got around to doing this, it completely slipped my mind to actually upload it. You get a songfic at the end, but for t to make sense just read the info.

Name: Cleo
Alias: Phantom
Status: Not a hero or villain. mais like a freelancer
Age: 15
Hair Color: Very light brown almost blonde
Eye Color: Green
Body Type: Fit
Race: Ghost
Powers: She’s a ghost -.-. Ability to become intangible, energy blasts, flight/levitation, invisibility, ability to give anyone else ghost abilities for a few minutes.
Costume: Whatever civi clothes she is wearing plus a black hood.

Cleo: Her parents were both criminals, they trained her how to be a thief(pick locks, hack, fight, steal, pickpocket, stealth ect.). One night her parents were doing a large hist but got killed in the process. Cleo eventually joined a mercenary group and lived with them for 4 years. Then there was an ‘incident’ and she was killed.
Opinion by BloodyMascara_ posted over a year ago
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The Face.

Everyday I wake up
and put on a face
that hides all of the tears, fears, thoughts, and feelings
that I deal with everyday.

Not many people even know the real me.

They know me as the happy, always smiling self.

They don't see the crying, upset, depressed me.

My friends have no clue how hard it is to appear so happy,
when, on the inside,

I'm ready to scream or cry.

It's hard.

Only one person, including me, knows my real self.

If anyone else saw it,
they wouldn't be able to take it.

They don't know what it's like to live a lie
everytime I wake up.

Sick. Twisted. Not One Of You.
Fan fiction by XxKFforeverXx posted over a year ago
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Set in 5 years from now.. In case you were wondering, Fang does cadastrar-se the military..Not sure that will settle well with Devin...

Brendan sat on a couch, staring at a wall. He looked over his shoulder as his phone started to ring and vibrate. 
"What now?" Getting up, he picked up the car keys hesitating to answer the call. Brendan shoved the phone in his pocket and swung open the door to exit the house to find a general standing there.
"Glad your início Adams. Your needed at this address." The General shoved a piece of paper in Brendan's hand and left. Brendan sighed and closed the door behind him leaving.

Brendan pulled up to the house surrounded por cop cars and a SWAT truck. Brendan turned the car off and got out. 
"Why, in God's name am I at this place?" A cop walked up to him, 
"Soldier, your needed as a SWAT member."
"Why? Don't you have enough as it is?
"No, we're spread out a little thin at this time Soldier" 
Opinion by BloodyMascara_ posted over a year ago
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The Broken Butterfly

Dark. Sick. Twsted. Name it whatever. I just had it on my mind.

Let’s go to sleep; Close our eyes,
And dream of broken butterflies
That tore their wings against a thorn.
We know the pain that theyve indured.

Silver metal, shine so bright.
Scarlet blood bath feels so right. .
Dream of blood tickling down,
And wake up just before we drown.

The moonlight’s shining off our tears,
As we bleed out our own worst fears.
So tonight we start to cry,
And sing the Cutter’s lullaby…

Hushabye, baby, you’re almost dead.
You have no pulse and your travesseiro is red.
You’re family hates you and your friends let you bleed,
Sleep tight with a faca because that’s all you need.

Rockabye baby, broken and scarred,
You didn’t know life would be this hard.
Time to end the pain that you hid so well,
And down will come baby, straight back to hell.
Fan fiction by SilverWings13 posted over a year ago
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The clang of forks and knives was the only sound to fill the silence. The four of them sat together, eating a normal dinner. Like a family.
The hot-head, blind telepath, winged girl, and energy manipulator. All under the age of 18. The most normal family you could think of.
None of them pretended the fifth place was supposed to be empty. Their knife-wielder, ex-thief and ex-conn. Youngest. Smartest. The first to grow out of the squad. Of the Double Helex.
Each teenager glanced at the empty assento multiple times. But neither had the insensibility to say anything, to call each other out. Not until the coldest, the one containing the most heat, spoke up.
"How come you never asked Aryess out?" Nic asked, looking directly at the youngest of the present four.
Emily and Jasper exchanged glances as Alek choked on his soda. Nic kept a straight face, even as the choking subsided to a cough.
"Why would you ask that?" Alek asked. He took another sip of ginger-ale to clear his throat.
Fan fiction by The_Writer posted over a year ago
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Static Shock Test


"Sharon! For the last time, I am not eating yo' egg smoothies!"

"Son, eat your breakfast."

"Breakfast?! You call this breakfast?" the teen asked, indicating his plate. "I call it a smoothie! And Sharon should've added strawberries! And a glass."

"You know that is exactly how momma used to cook them!"

"Strange. I don't remember having to eat her's with a spoon!"

"Son, just eat. The school bus'll be here any minute."

"Yes, pops." the boy said dejectedly.

The strife over breakfast between Sharon and Virgil Hawkins was not uncommon in the Hawkins household. The fifteen ano old African-American constantly rejected his seventeen ano old sister's food. His complaint was it wasn't "how momma cooked it".

After eating his eggs, and making a point to slurp loudly as he did, the teen stumbled up the stairs to grab his backpack and finish cleaning up. Virgil walked into the bathroom and ran a hand through his dreadlocks. He tried shaking them up, but that made it look like he slept on them funny, so he gave it...
Fan fiction by Robin_Love posted over a year ago
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She moved her wrists around, concentrating. Her head hung, but her mind was focused. Her companion was staring at the crystallized figure.
“I can't believe that happened.”
She said nothing.
“Devin...she's gone, Bec.”
She shut her eyes.
“How could we not help her?”
“We did, Erin.”
“How? We LET her get turned to crystal!!! Fang's going to kill us if we get out of here!”
“Not necessarily. While her body is stuck, her astrial form is free.”
Becca laughed a little.
“Let's just say the calvary is coming.”
It was silent before Erin let out a laugh.
“Oh jeez! Them? Seriously? Bec, we're so screwed.”
The two laughed.
“They are definitely...eccentric. But we need them.”
“As long as we live, I'll amor them.”
Becca felt metal with her hands and her eyes glowed white.
“Shut your eyes.”
Erin did as told and Becca released the energy. The chains fell off, hot to the touch.
“Damn Bec. You're awesome!”
Fan fiction by Robin_Love posted over a year ago
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Leah-human form
Sorry but these two are important.

Name: Leah and Rachel
Alias: None
Occupation: Angels, guardians, saviors, warriors,
Powers: Flight, skilled fighters, swords, enhanced sense of smell, hearing, and vision. Leah controls earth and air while Rachel controls fogo and water. Leah can also tell when someone is lying; Rachel can control minds and read them. They can also slip into “stealth mode” which makes them completely invisible to all senses. Only someone of higher rank than them can see them.
History: Leah and Rachel are sisters. They died when they were babies, becoming angels. They were trained in their newly-given powers and to be strong warriors. They have been training since an early age and are loyal to their master/mistress. Not much else is known about them.
Notes: Leah is the mais serious of the two. She prefers to keep to her sister, her sharp mind always ready for another task. Leah is also the quieter one. She tends to observe mais than interact. Rachel is mais talkative than her sister and mais animated. Her mind is always working even if her mouth isn't. Leah is more...
Opinion by Obscurity98 posted over a year ago
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Skylar leaned on the mesa, tabela in the kitchen, “why don’t we just go over there and finish them off? I mean, if we know we’re close, we just take mais people with us.” Twan nodded, “I agree, besides,” he formed his arm into his gun, “It’d be pretty fun, revenge.”
Nightwing glared at him, “Its not about revenge.” Harley sat on the counter, “He’s right, its not a bout revenge. Its about vengeance, and making sure they stay the hell out my life…”
Nightwing openly stared at her in surprise, “ooookay, then.”
Harley scoffs, and jumps of the table, her leg crumbled under her, but she kept her balance. Silver narrowed her eyes at her, in a stance of warning. Harley returned the look with her own attitude and instead of walking, flew to Skylar’s room.
3 Days Later:
Harley swung on the rings in the first corner of the training room, using one hand she swung from one ring to another. Flipped in the air holding the ring. Her feet straight in the air. And then went down, swinging up again and jumping off, landing some how, in a quiet crouch. Skylar clapped from the door way, “Proving your all better now?”...
Fan fiction by InfinityYJ posted over a year ago
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A/N: I AM SO SORRY! I've just been lazy. Sorry if this chapter sucks, I didn't really feel like composição literária the fight scene, which could be a problem because this whole freakin' fiction is a giant battle. *bangs head on desk* ARGH! Well, tell me what you think.

”Because now you get to die again.”
Fin growled furiously as Blade charged her again with her combat knife. This battle wasn’t getting any better, considering it’d been an hora and no one had made any progress. They’d started with hand-to-hand, Fin dodging her every move. She’d been forced into a defensive, considering how it was two against one, and it only got worse with Cain being called in. Now it was three against her, and she was slowly losing.
At the very last second, Fin launched herself into a backflip, grabbing onto a nearby window ledge to steady herself on the wall. She smirked at Blade who ran into the mural por accident, surprised at the younger girl’s quickness. She realized with a sudden jolt that Cain was about to throw, receiving a quick leitura from the older girl. She leapt from the windowsill onto the ground as a large amount of knives suddenly implanted...
Opinion by MercyYJ posted over a year ago
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**Anything like (this) means it is a translation of what was just said, and anything in italics is a letter, and anything that isunderlined and italicized is the lyrics because THIS IS MY FIRST EVER SONG FIC!! Just a quickie one-shot of how Mercy feels! :) Enjoy! ** You also might want to scroll to the bottom of the artigo to get the link to the background music, if you want!

There's a faraway land so the stories all tell.Somewhere beyond the horizon,

"Ek weet nie meer nie, Nala!Ek het regtig nie ..." (I don't know anymore,Nala! I really don't...) She sighed and fumbled around again with her memory box, still carefully trying to balance my cell phone between her shoulder and her ear. "Dinge het so afdraande gegaan sedert jy laas hier was!Die mantel het byna doodgemaak Jake!Ons het jou nodig!" (Things have gone so downhill since you were last here! The capa almost killed Jake! We need you!) Mercy groaned and ran her hand through her recently combed hair. "Ek bel jou terug môre, Nala. Totsiens vir nou." (I'll call you back tomorrow, Nala. Goodbye for now.) She sighed and hung up the phone,...
Guide by SilverWings13 posted over a year ago
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First off, this has absolutely nothing to do with murdering people. That's just what it's called.

The assassination challenge came from a game kids play in school (usually high-school) that is complicated to explain, so I won't try. But, I will explain this version- the "writer's version".

One person starts off as the "assassin". That person chooses a picture and 2-5 OCs. Then she chooses another person to "assassinate"- meaning they send the pic and chosen OCs for their target to write a one-shot on. When the target finishes, they post the one-shot and become the assassin por choosing a pic, a new set of OCs, and a new target. The game goes on and on until everyone has been assassinated.

Rules of the game:

1) If you are assassinated, you HAVE to accept the challenge, no complaints unless you declare immunity before you are chosen. To do that just post a comment below saying so.

2) I don't think we have anyone that would even think about going against this rule, but just in case: No inappropriate pics (like, a pic of a stripper or something).
Fan fiction by Robin_Love posted over a year ago
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Hello friends/readers. What you are about to read may shock some of you. All rights for Sam aka Red Revenge belong to The_Writer and always will. This is a collab interview.

Alright. Just so you know, Becca's answers/statements/objections will be in italics and Sam's will be in bold. Anything in astrics (* *) will be actions. Now for the interview. First pergunta is for Sam. Why are you so persistent?
Persistent? Who ever said-
Too big a word for Sammy's brain.
Shut up Becky!
seguinte question! Sam, how do you think people would describe your mild-mannered alter ego? do you think people describe Samuel Grant?
I don't think. I know.
Well then how would they describe Samuel Grant?
Handsome, sensitive, brave-
*Both look at Becca who is laughing hysterically*
That's NOT what I've heard at all!
So Becca, how do people describe Sam Grant?
Fan fiction by Robin_Love posted over a year ago
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The sound of a loud crash brought her from her sleep. She looked around, her senses on the alert. Nothing else sounded. She slipped out of her cama and crept to the door. She opened it and rolled her eyes.
“Were you guys playing football in the base AGAIN?” she asked Zeth and Trevor.
The two boys looked at her and smiled.
“Zero will have your heads.”
“Watch out Kitty Cat. Glass on the floor.”
“I saw it Zeth! I'm not stupid!”
Cat walked closer but Trevor stopped her.
“You aren't wearing shoes. I don't want you getting hurt.”
She rolled her eyes.
“Please. I've been buried under rock before. Glass is nothing.”
“Sorry Cat.”
“But I just-”
Cat screeched as Trevor picked her up and carried her to the other side of the hallway. When he put her down, she slapped him.
“Don't try that again! That goes double for you Zeth!”
She stormed off and the two friends looked at each other.
“Alright! So Cat will be out of the house all day. Now what?” Zeth asked.
Fan fiction by Robin_Love posted over a year ago
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Oh yeah! My creativity strikes again!!!!

The sound of a gun and breaking glass pierced through the night. The sounds of a struggle were clear for anyone close by. Meaning only two. He stumbled backwards, taken back por the blow. It didn't last long. He kicked, punched, dodged, did all in his power to keep the other one down. His cape shadowed his every move. He was a figure in black, manipulating every thing with his tactical brain. He threw the other one against a wall, watching as he fell and knocked over a few trashcans. He was breathing heavily but prepared for an attack. Nothing. He laughed manically and tied up his victim.
“Too bad. I was looking for a better fight.”
He threw the unconcious criminal into the light of a rua lamp and headed on his way. As he passed por a side alley, he heard a small noise. He looked around, listening. Someone was crying. He started towards the sound with caution, realizing the possibility of a trap. His eyes adjusted mais and he saw it.
Fan fiction by rachele_X posted over a year ago
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Okay so I know what you're all thinking: Oh great. mais OCs. Just what we need. But these guys aren't gonna roleplay or anything. I'm just posting their bios for an artigo series that I'm gonna write after Broken Wings. You know that story Coming Out I wrote, that I only got to the prologue? Well I'm transforming that into something else, and making Caitlyn, Reese, and Constance have a whole mini-team called Outcasts. Here are the bios for the new members (I'm not posting the others aka Caitlyn, Reese, and Constance because you already know them).

Name: Dawn Baker
Alias: Obsidian
Age: 16
Occupation: Hero
Affiliations: Outcasts
Appearance: About 5’4”, average build, long dark hair that partly covers her face, dark eyes, she is half Asian.
Clothes: leather jacket, dark clothes (but not goth), dark jeans, boots or flats
Costume: Navy blue ninja-type outfit, domino mask
Personality: Dawn is extremely quiet, and she rarely talks. When she does talk, she is often sarcastic, although she is not rude, and can be sensitive and caring. She is determined and doesn’t like attention to be focused on herself....