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posted by AugmentBoyYJ
Name: Felicity Hunter

Hero Name: Kindle

Age: 15

Appearance: she has long straight blackish brown hair with deep maroon brownish eyes. Hair is usually up in a ponytail or bun.

Powers/Skills: she has the ability to work with any sort of metal, she often can create many inventions or gadgets and start gears or open metal or electronic doors with the point of her finger, she can crush metal por touch or from afar etc. She has the ability to fly a helicopter to get others to places they need to be. She can tap into radio communication.

Relations: she was one of Willows best friends growing up until she...
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posted by SilverWings13
I never made her one, never saw the point, but this looked fun, so ...

Name: Emily Weston
Eye Color: dark brunette
Hair Style/Color: ice-blue eyes, pale skin
Height: 5' 8"
Clothing Style: lots of frills and flowers
Best Physical Feature: strong dazzling white wings

Your Fears: being locked in a cage
Your Guilty Pleasure: Godiva >:)
Your Biggest Pet Peeve: when Blaze stares at me through binoculars and tells me how relaxing bird watching is
Your Ambition for the Future: one dia becoming a successful lawyer, like a normal person

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posted by Robin_Love
Name: Aroan Akiyama (A-ro-ah-n)
Alias: Shard
Occupation:Hero; orphan
Powers:speed, strength, invisibility, street-fighting, weapons, tactic mind, demon claws, fangs, dark magic, possessive energy, swords
History: Aroan doesn't know much of his past. He just knows he was abandoned on the streets and has been beaten for the way he looks. He hid amongst the shadows and darkness, becoming a master of hiding. He watched and learned how to fight. He was taken in when he was 7. But the couple who took him in were drug dealers. When he found out, they beat him and threw him on the streets. Aroan was then...
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posted by Robin_Love
Listen. Read. Enjoy X3


A dark figure shadowed the light from her window. A hand clamped over her throat and warmed neck. The hand tightened on her neck, strangling her. The shadow’s eyes shinned gold in the darkness. The shadow had four horns and giant wings. Silver fangs dripped drool down on her. Red smoke breathed from its nostrils, framing everything in her view. A cold clutched at her coração and the shadow’s fogo illuminated its ugly, scaly face.
Scales were peeling off of its skin, some with a darkening black poison. Its tail swung around, creating mais smoke. The creatures giant...
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Reporter: welcome to the Mclovins interview show, I like to welcome all of her OCs and tonight were here to see how we'll they know their creator.
Willow: ( looks around) I thought you promised free candy?
Reporter: I was lying now first pergunta who is Devans favoirite oc?????
Rowan: id say me
Lucas: Rowan no its obviously me
Bentley: guys again why would you want to be her favourite?
Willow: ( blinks) true dat.
Myers: meow!!!!
Chance: does this kid always make animal noises?
Willow: dude he's deaf
Chance: oh O_o
Reporter: anyone have an answer?
All OCs: ......( blinks)
reporter: ( sighs) the answer is...
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posted by Robin_Love
 Sleeping Devin ^-^
Sleeping Devin ^-^
Hello everyone! This is your daily dose of crazy via artigo from you leader, R_L!!!! I hope you all enjoy this! Today, I'm interviewing everyone's favorito Angel; Devin Grayson-Addams. Say hello Devin~!

Greetings fellow heroes.

Take me to your leader!


Oh dear.

Anyway, Devin you are here to answer perguntas some of your fãs asked! Are you ready?

I will be as honest as I can.

Good! This first pergunta is from SilverWings13. Silver asks, “If you could dye your wings ANY color, what color would it be?”

Hmmm....good question. Most people assume my favorite...
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posted by SilverWings13
Czarina, still on four legs, sped ahead of the others. She reached the edge of the zone of destruction and halted in her tracks. 
A semi-concious Scotch had her arms loosely around Richi’s neck, who stood in the center of the ruins. Everything surrounding them was blown back, demolished, as if there had been a vicious tornado, and the two teens had been in the eye of it.

“Remind me not to piss Scotch off,” Blaze muttered, who had reached the lobo along with the others. 

“Richi! Scotch!” Val raced progressivo, para a frente to her friends. As she neared, she was able to better see the red beginning...
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posted by InfinityYJ
Don't even ask me what this is because I don't know myself it's just kind of lyrics and I wanted people to see it.
I took a song and parodied it to kind of fit the theme of the whole "Losing You" trilogy i wrote and this is what happened
;_; I think I need help guiz.
Comment if you want. link the link to the orignial.

It is returning through the dark
Kyra, you have met your mark
Your song is ending, but, don't cry
When you hear her knock four times

You're going to regenerate
A young girl saunters away
No time for games, tonight we fight
For the fate of all mankind

I could do so much more

The phoenix returning,...
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DragonAnimations, the owner of the Red Revenge character and series, announced today that the series would be reaching it's finale in the series' sixth book: The Legend Falls.
Red Revenge, who has only been around for a single year, has published a total seven and a half books (after the full release of What Matters?), completed a four-episode stand-alone season of Becca vs Revenge* (the series was voted to cancelar por readers) and several one-shots (some involving characters belonging to different owners).

In July of 2012, Dragon Animations issued a re-boot of the Red Revenge series due to the...
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posted by Robin_Love
Her eyes roamed around the room, taking in the familiar sight. Her stomach felt sick at the smell that had haunted her memory for months. The boxing trophies, the pictures, everything was the same. But cleaner. She sat up and tried to steady her heartbeat.
“Careful. You'll open the wound.”
She looked to the door then glared.
“You had no right to bring me here.”
“You were hurt. I wasn't going to leave you there.”
Cat looked away.
“I know you don't want to be here-”
“Do you?”
“But,” Tommy continued, ignoring her sarcasm, “there's no where else you can go.”
“I have friends...
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posted by Blitz359
The escape plan didn't work out as planned.

As the gang began to make their exit, two gunshots rang out, and someone cried out in pain. "Scotch!" Valeriya exclaimed. She crumpled, and behind her, the thug that Aryess had left alive was standing with a pistol raised and a smirk on his face. "One down..." he muttered to himself. In an instant, where his head used to be was but a spray of blood. Throwing his sword on the ground, Richi knelt beside Scotch as she lay bleeding. The others ran over too, concerned for their injured teammate. "Two gunshot wounds," Richi noted, "one to the stomach, the...
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posted by Robin_Love
He stepped quietly but quickly up the steps. He hoped they were here, or at least Tara. As he walked down the hallway, his thoughts turned to his brown-eyed girl. Her soft lips, her willing determination, her splendid brown hair. He could see her soft smile, the playful fogo in her eyes.
His coração ached just thinking about her. But if everything went as he hoped, she would be in his arms in a few minutes. His arms started to hurt from not having her close. He shook his head and looked around. Two mais doors to go. He knocked on the door, practically vibrating with energy.
He was a...
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Name: Amethyst

Actual Name: Rocky Spirit

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Date of Birth: October 31

Appearance: Pale skin, purple hair that goes down her back and bangs that cover her right eye, purple eyes, about 5 foot 4 inches, slim body build, very skinny (can see a lot of her bones)

Personality: Serious, a bit anti-social((I am not anit-social *nods*)), paranoid (when people try to touch her), sweet hearted, kind, stressed

Civies: black ski mask, sky blue infinity scarf, black long sleeved shirt, light brown parka, sky blue gloves with grips, regular colored skinny jeans, black high heel boots

Hero Outfit:...
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1)    If you had to choose between riding on a arco iris, arco-íris or delivering rainbows, and why?

Both! And I already deliver them anyways…

2)    When is someone going to go elefante riding with me?

*in robot voice* Unable to answer due to the fact it is directed to others…

((What the-))

3)    Would you rather live in a giant pumpkin, or eat a giant pumpkin?

Live in one! Then I can be like that bunny that lived in one!

4)    Unicorns or o espaço Unicorns? Please explain!

SPCAE UNICORNS! It would be offensive to...
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((Rene has some perguntas that she would like you all to answer...))


((Calm down girl...))

NO!!! NOW ONTO THE perguntas DAMMIT!!!

1)    If you had to choose between riding on a arco iris, arco-íris or delivering rainbows, and why?

2)    When is someone going to go elefante riding with me?

3)    Would you rather live in a giant pumpkin, or eat a giant pumpkin?...
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posted by HarmonianYJ
Mel laid in her bed, unable to sleep, because of the angel statue on the window sill. It gave her an eerie feeling, almost as if a demon was lurking in the angel's eyes. She pulled the travesseiro over her head, hoping it would go away. The phone beside her cama began to rang. Only greeted por a dropped stomach, she curled up, gripping the pillow. She blocked out the noise, able to fall asleep.


The covers were pulled over the small body, and the travesseiro rested beneath her head. She couldn't sleep. She could only hope nothing would...
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posted by WingsOfDeath
*Shrugs* Something to read.

Ciel sat in the small cave, leitura the small words engraved in the wall.

Amongst the flesh of the sacred gem, mais scars and wounds she ever needed... She wore them with pride, claiming the blood on her enemies hands.
Swords she holds cut her deeply, but have also healed her wounds, gliding through the air, wounding everything that would lay a claw on her.
A courageous young soul, her mind corrupted at a young age.
Ebony hair grew long, vines entangling with one likes spirits, whispering to each other.
Emerald eyes that could unlock your secrets through any barrier...
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posted by Robin_Love
Just a little mini-series. This first part is based on the return. Read and you'll understand. ((Assuming he doesn't die)) Ignore her. Becca has no clue what she's talking about.

He knocked softly on her door, coração beating quickly. It had been a little over an hora since he and his partner had returned to the base. She hadn't come out during that time, and he really wanted to see her. But he had forced himself to politely answer perguntas and talk to those that greeted the two when they had returned. Now he had finally managed to slip away and anticipated her reaction. He knocked a little louder...
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posted by Robin_Love
He paced back and forth in his room. He couldn't sleep, couldn't eat, knowing that Tara was in the hands of a relentless murderer. He racked his brain for any kind of solution, any plan. But he didn't even know where she had been taken.
He had to figure that out first. Alek moved to his desk, scanning every piece of weaponry and equipment. His eyes fell on a small box. It could fit in his palm, round with a latched top. It was only about two inches tall, an inch deep. It wasn't very heavy despite the authentic silver rim and latches.
The box itself was a navy blue velvet. It looked like it...
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Drumroll’s my brand-new series, CHASING SHADOWS!!!! Hopefully this one won’t get abandoned.. Ahahahaha you’re gonna hate me for this! *runs and hides*

She was in the third bed, sitting up propped on her good elbow, the other arm in a funda, estilingue resting on her chest. She gave a faint smile as he approached the only occupied infirmary bed, her soft turquoise eyes meeting his icy gray ones. “How are you feeling?” he asked, perching himself on the edge of the bed.
    “Better,” she said. She slid closer to him, her face serious. She sighed, resting her head...
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