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Fan fiction by SilverWings13 posted over a year ago
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Gotham City
July 15, 12:15 EST
Three Years Ago

The breeze was a welcome accomplice on the hot-as-Hades day. It blew past, pulling at her hair, her clothes, the yelps of joy that escaped her and her companion.
The leader of the pair glanced back over his shoulder. She was right on his wheels, so close she could make out his deep sapphire irises. He grinned and looked forward.
"You okay back there, kid?" he called.
"Right behind you, Nic!" Aryess assured him, panting slightly. She peddaled a bit harder, finally matching handle bars with him. They slowed to a stop as the tracks neared and the gaurd rail lowered.
Aryess and Nic glanced at each other as a train raced by. They were both panting, but also grinning. His was mais of a smirk, hers a gitty beam. There wasn't a single word passed between them, but the challenge was made.
The train's final car roared past and the rail pulled up. Before it was even fully lifted, both kids had taken off, over the tracks, and down the road. Racing to the finish.
Fan fiction by Obscurity98 posted over a year ago
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3 months after Pregnancy:
House in Gotham
August 23: 8:36 pm
Harley sat in her room, she was banned from going on the teams’ mission today. In fact she banned from them all now, or at least for the seguinte seven months.
She sighed and played with her hair. Suddenly the com link buzzed to life, “Harley, we need you! Klarion was mais of a problem than we thought. Part of the team is captured, Superboy is gone, and we cant contact the League. I know you’re not..” Harley cut him off, “Don’t worry Nightwing…I’m on my way.”

Harley ran out of her house. The door to her room open, and on the night stand was the com link.

August 23: 8:35 pm
Nightwing lay unconscious, as Batgirl watched from the rafters above. She could only gasp as she realized someone was staring at her. WHAM! And Batgirl hit the floor with a thud. Klarion smiled at the fallen Bat.
“As long as these brats are taken care of, I can finally get rid of the other unborn one with out any interference. Like I need the problems of another Super Brat…especially with that girl as her mom. She so, so, not fair…” Teekle meowed, and...
Fan fiction by InfinityYJ posted over a year ago
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“Judy? Joyce? Louise?”
“No. No. No.”
Fin squinted. “Wait.. you don’t have a middle name! Goddamn it!”
Aisling laughed at her stupidity, and after a moment Fin joined in. The two were sitting on an extra cot in the area above the shop, where Aisling had been living the past few months. They had caught up on everything a few hours back, and were now talking randomly at each other.
Just like old times... The thought flashed through Fin’s mind, making her smile waver a little, but she dismissed it. I will fix this. It’s not over yet.
“How about your middle name?”
“You’ve gotta guess!”
“Ugh.. Diane?”
“Shonnel? Kirius?”
“I don’t know, just tell me!”
Fin giggled, then sighed. “Marion.”
Silence. “Oh. I’m...”
“‘S alright, you didn’t know...” She smiled at Aisling, who pushed at her. Her smile grew to a full grin, and she pushed back, and they got into a shove fight, which turned into a little wrestling...
Opinion by Robin_Love posted over a year ago
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Started out sad and somehow got this so....enjoy!

He woke up in a cold sweat. He panted for breath, unaware that he had screamed. No one was there to hear him. He heard a flutter of wings and the snow white hawk landed on his leg. The full moon shimmered on the feathers and he pet the large bird. After a few minutes, he calmed down entirely. The hawk let out a small squawk.
“Same nightmares.”
He listened to the squawks and clicks of the hawk's graceful tongue, knowing the words and emotions behind each one.
“Been over five years now, Bella.”
He listened to the beautiful chattering in his ear.
“You know well enough. The sacrifice for my control.”
He closed his eyes and leaned against the headboard.
“No Bella. I never regret.”
Chirping sounded this time and a smile lit on his face.
“Says the bird on a leash.”
He let out a light chuckle at the indignant sounds that came from his companion.
“Hey! Don't mock my sand bed! It's comfortable! And warm!”
Fan fiction by NekoTheif posted over a year ago
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Bonnie frowned into her cereal angry with life it's self. "Whats the matter?" Matthew asked as he bit into his torrada, brinde "Momma's gonna have a baby they got back from the doctor yesterday said I was gonna have a little brother" Bonnie sighed "I don't see the problem" Matthew shrugged "Your a boy I wouldn't expect you to" she rolled her eyes.

"umm what's that suppose to mean?" he blinked confused at her azedar, azedo mood "I don't want a little brother they have me they don't need another kid" she snapped "I sense worry in your voice" Matthew answered plainly "My first parents had a baby 3 months before they found me. They dumped me in the forest because they heard rumors about a lobo spirit that kills and eats anything that steps into the woods so they dumped me in the middle of it and high tailed it out" she shrugged her shoulders.

"turns out ma is the lobo spirit and she don't eat nor kill everyone" Bonnie shook her head "your worried that since your not their blood child they wont want you anymore" Matthew realized "I doubt they would do that" he tried to put her at ease. "Could still happen, happened once" she shuddered.
Fan fiction by Robin_Love posted over a year ago
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Made this for fun and I don't care about time lines so just enjoy. :)

His hand moved back and forth the paper with ease. The colored pencil in his hand lightly touched the paper. His ears twitched and he sighed. He looked out the corner of his eye at the shadow looming over him. Spiked hair, messy, on the smaller side. He looked back to his paper deciding it was now or never. He took hold of his notebook and smacked the person in the face with it. A familiar screech sound.
“What the heck was that for?!” Wally asked, holding his bleeding nose.
Aroan looked at his drawing.
“You got blood on my paper.”
“WHAT?! Your paper MADE me bleed!”
An excilerating laugh followed and the infamous Boy Wonder landed on the sofá beside Aroan.
“You deserved that for stalking Wally.”
“Shut up Robin!”
The laugh sounded again. Aroan ignored it all and turned to the seguinte clean page.
“Hey can you draw me, bunny boy?” Wally asked, coming around to pose.
Guide by Robin_Love posted over a year ago
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Name: Mera
Alias: Frost
Occupation: Unknown to the JLA and all authority
Powers: Ice, water, able to breathe underwater, can control anything under the water, excelles at any type of combat, unfazed por weapons, seems to have no weaknesses nor fears, Siren's Call, wings, unlimited endurance, “Infinity” touch
History: Nothing is known about Mera's past. (But for you guys, I'll leak out info!) Mera is a Nephilim. In other words, she is a demonic entity that looks angelic. Her words are like a siren's; she can force you to do anything she wants without ever touching you. Her looks are deceiving but you would never know. Her goal is to infiltrate and control everything. With that in mind, it is no wonder no one has ever found out about her. Her Infinities touch just means that she can control you when she first touches you and will forever keep a piece of your mind to control. She can make you into stone or crystal, or simply make use of you for entertainment. No one can escape once she's spoken to you, once she's touched you. You may be able to fight for a time, but she will never let you go.
Fan fiction by The_Writer posted over a year ago
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Return of the Menace
Sneak Peek

Grant Tower
New York City, New York
Independent States of America
21:04 EST, June 17, 2047

Sam looked down at the papers beneath him and sighed. Finances through the roof, lawyer fees, police reports, dates for criminal hearings, accusations, weapon shipments. He glanced it all over before crumpling it with one, large hand and throwing it across the room where it hit the female he hadn't noticed.

Rose Walker had been his original partner. For two years they had fought together, then she had left. Gone to Minnesota and joined the Freedom Fighters. Her red-pink hair blew in front of her face as the wind from the stormy night blew through the open windows. Her costume was much the same: purple body suit, rosa, -de-rosa camisa covering her chest, black pants went to her ankles, black combat boots, purple mask, and her newest edition: a dark trench casaco which hung from her shoulders.
Guide by VictoreYJ posted over a year ago
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Name: Victore

ID: Confidental

Age: 25

Occupation: Assassin and villian

Physical Appearance: light brunett, bronze colored eyes, 5'6"

Clothing: varies, but always wears a scarf that she can bring up to hide her identity.

Powers: por looking into her victims eyes, she can command them to do as she pleases.

Weapons: Doesn't always carry one, but she is skilled with a sword.

Personality: vengeful, focused, feisty

History: Unknown.

Relation to Team: actual relation is a secret, but she seems to have a hate for fire-casters...
Fan fiction by Robin_Love posted over a year ago
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Her heels clicked loudly on the floor. All eyes turned to her as she walked in and she waved one of her minions over.
“How far away are we?”
“We await the last arrival and all will be finished. My lady.”
“Good. Start it up. She'll be here within the hora and I want them here when she is. I don't care what you must do to break them, just keep them alive and get them in here.”
“As requested.”

“You going to tell me what this does? Or what the heck it is you're doing?”
“Shut up. You'll find out soon.”
Lizzie sighed.
“What about Terror?”
“He's fine. The bleeding has stopped and he's stablizied. Don't worry about him.”
“Why am I hooked up to this machine of yours?”
“Shut up! You'll find out!”
She sighed again.
“Okay. You might feel a slight pinch in your head, but you shouldn't feel anything else.”
“Are you qualified to be IN the Batcave? And why won't you explain anything?”
“Why won't you shut up?!”
List by AislingYJ posted over a year ago
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I was bored.
1. Point to aleatório people and announce that they are “definitely not whelmed”.
2. In the middle of a conversation, run away screaming “I hate monkeys!!!!”
3. Whenever they ask to make plans with you, tell them that you’re too busy moping about the hiatus.
4. Take the prefixes off of words they say in conversation.
5. Then, if they ask what you’re doing, say you’re improving the English language.
6. Whenever you realize something, slap your forehead and say “Hello _____(your name)!”
7. If your “friend” is of the opposite gender, tell them that their biceps/abs/whatever don’t compare to Nightwing’s (or whatever hottie from the show that you like).
8. When they are upset or just plain annoyed with you, scream “GET TRAUGHT OR GET DEAD!!”
9. Whenever they say they’re about to do something (whether it be go to bed, eat lunch, or go to the bathroom), reply with “Just don’t die, okay?”
10. When they come back, say, “Way to get your feet wet.”
Fan fiction by Obscurity98 posted over a year ago
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Harley growled as she walked through the Zeta. Silver looked up at her, "Hey Har. Everything, okay?” Harley only scowled at her, “Does it look like everything is okay? Does it!?” Silver stared at her, unsure in whether she should answer or not.
Harley walked past crumpling a paper in her hands. And an unlucky Burke waved as she pasted the couch, “Hey...” Harley cut him off with a death glare. Burke stopped speaking. Silver watched her friend walk to Skylar’s room. Harley created a large thorn and then stuck the paper onto the door like a tack. Silver and Burke flinched as Harley hammered it down with her fist.
Harley then turned around and both of them swiveled around like they hadn’t noticed. She gave them a practiced Bat-glare, and walked out of the Cave muttering. Silver and Burke glanced at each other and then raced to read what Harley pinned to the door. Silver and burke read as quickly as possible, and then they gasped. Silver pulled out her phone and called Tyler, “get as many of the team as you can to the Cave. And find Skylar if you can.” She hung up without allowing him to ask any questions. Burke however called Nightwing, “Uh, dude, we...
Fan fiction by SilverWings13 posted over a year ago
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"What's that smell?" Bullet asked, walking through the zeta into the cave.
Infinity, who sat cruz legged on the couch, pointed to Skylar without looking up from her computer.
"I don't smell bad!" Skylar objected. "I'm perfectly clean."
"So you're not the fonte of all the fleas, pervvy mutt?" Mercy said, frying a flea as it crawled up her arm. Or was it climbing down her arm? It was hard to tell with her hanging upside down.
"No," Skylar said, involuntarily scratching behind his ear.
SilverWings rolled her eyes and looked back down at the magazine that lay open on the floor in front of her. She lay on her stomach between the couches where the others sat, lay, and hung.
Alek, who sat seguinte to Fin searching his playlist on his iPod, sniffed the air. "I don't think that's the dog. It smells mais like," he sniffed again, "Cupcakes?"
The 6 gathered teammates looked at each other a moment before springing up from their various positions. They tripped over each other as they scrambled to the kitchen.
Fan fiction by BloodyMascara_ posted over a year ago
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Was up in the middle of the night. I needed to get the reasons I hate the color red. NO OFFENCE TO THE RED LIKERS!


The color of blood. The color of fire. The color of hatred. The color of pain.

Her favorito color was red. Untill the night....

She came início from school like any other day. She had gotten good grades. She was happy. Her hair was the scarlet color. She had loved it. When she got up to her front door.......something....wasnt right.... Her mother usually waited por the door to await her. This time....they didnt rush to the door. It seemed odd to her at first. But she entered. She was horrified at the sight. Everything was covered in red. The carpet stained. The walls were red. The only thing not covered in the scarlet subtance was a picture of her family. Her mother laid in the middle of the floor. Her blood stained camisa scarred the girl.....forever.....
She screamed and dropped to her knees. She cied at her mothers dead body. She didnt belive the horrific sight. She didnt even notice she was getting herself covered in it. She just cried. For...
Fan fiction by BladeYJ posted over a year ago
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THIS GOES FOR TYLER AND SILVERWINGS!! Please comment if it sucks or not!

He went out for awhile.. it was getting late and he needed to get back to the cave to see her.
Tyler walked down he dark streets, looking at the glistening pavement.
Rain started falling from the sky like little bullets of water.
He heard a russle and looked down a nearby alley. He saw a couple talking. He focused, trying to lsiten to the murmurs.
Her voice sounded oddly familiar. He only made out parts of what she said.
"No.. I..boyfriend.."
His voice chimed in.
"I.. first.. please?"
Tyler looked up, and noticed the couple kissing. He focused and made out the blonde hair.


She pulled away from the boy.. and noiced Tyler.
"Tyler!" Tyler ignored her and started running. He ran for The Cave. He entered The Cave, soaked. Only Coax was awake.. but she quickly reaized the boy was enraged and left.
Fan fiction by -BelovedRobin posted over a year ago
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It wasn’t as bad as you thought it would be. Pulling up your rag tag body while your fingers looped into the steel holes. Huffing and puffing, your hand swiping the corners of your torn lip as you look bat the tormentors, you couldn’t help but to wonder: Why the fuck were they still here? With all that leather of a Letterman and the grace of a tool, standing and grinning at your dismay, clearly they could have been doing something else with their afternoon. Yet, they choose to do the same routine over and over again: slam the nerd while his protector was MIA because of futebol practice.

Your knees were starting to buckle underneath the dead weight at the same time your eyes began to blur and mix every thing together like a psychedelic high. Gulping down a fist full of the salty red liquid filling your mouth, you started to wonder once more: who was that guy? Fuzzy at first but you started to squint your eyes to get a better look. In the far back who was couldn’t act any mais obvious. He stood awkwardly with his hands digging in his pockets glancing through the bleachers trying to distract his mind (most of all eyes) from the situation at hand. No doubt he was new...
Opinion by Blaze_YJ posted over a year ago
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Name: Blaze Burnett

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Appearance: blonde hair and dark blue eyes ( eyes can change colour depending on mood)

Personality: she is very strong willed and powerful, she often enjoys sparing but seems to be very stubborn when she needs help or is in danger.

Powers/ Abilities: she can teleport ( but usually fails) she is very handy with her sword and has many skills in combat .

Past: when she was young, her mother died being stabbed por her father and she was abused por her father for many years, she ran away and was set off on her own until she was found por flash and was recommeneded to jooin the team.

( hope you like it i worked really hard and think i did a good job)
Fan fiction by Robin_Love posted over a year ago
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“Becca, I think we got company!”
“Hurry and get the cuffs back on!”
The two girls rushed over to their placements and Erin magnetized the cuffs back around their wrists. Both girls looked up as the door pulled open with a screech. Someone was thrown inside and the door was shut again. A locking noise sounded and then a voice spoke to them.
“I've got four of you. I only need one mais to complete my task. Let's hope you all live that long.”
They waited a few minutos before Becca ran over. She looked at the girl, seeing blood and dirt. Scrapes and other wounds covered her body. Her hair covered her face and Becca put the girl's head in her lap. She moved hair away from the face.
“Cat! What happened to you?!”
Said girl looked at Becca and spoke in a strangled voice.
“That demon did this?!”
Erin , who had come over, grabbed hold of a metal object and blew it into a million shards of sharp blades.
Guide by Robin_Love posted over a year ago
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Name: Aroan Akiyama (A-ro-ah-n)
Alias: Thumper
Occupation:Hero; orphan
Powers:speed, strength, invisibility, street-fighting, weapons, tactic mind
History: Aroan doesn't know much of his past. He just knows he was abandoned on the streets and has been beaten for the way he looks. He hid amongst the shadows and darkness, becoming a master of hiding. He watched and learned how to fight. He was taken in when he was 7. But the couple who took him in were drug dealers. When he found out, they beat him and threw him on the streets. Aroan was then back to running for his life and getting into fights. He hid himself and knew his powers were not to be used against people. He was found por Bruce Wayne, who felt bad for the now 14 ano old. He took him in and Aroan soon gained Bruce's trust and learned the family secret. He was taught how to fight and how to use special weapons. His brain is powerful and he uses it to calculate moves, precision, and more. He can predict his opponents mover before it happens.
Fan fiction by Obscurity98 posted over a year ago
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At LexCorp.:
Lex stared at the girl that stood before him…. “Marvelous! Wonderful!” and then with a grin, “Super…” Mercy scowled at the straight backed, 5’2, black haired beauty in front of her. It was the exact replica of Harley. Except with a pixie cut, instead of long waist length hair. And this Harley had red eyes, not black.
Lex nodded examining her, “And you say she does everything like the original?” His topo, início scientist, “of course. And she does exactly what you tell her. Once I put the chip in for both your and my voices, she will listen to either command.” Lex smiled, “Perfect.”

Luthor sat in his office, when in barged Dr. Varhiez. “YOU REPLICATED HER! WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME!?” Luthor kept a straight face, “Come in Doctor. Take a seat. Lets talk.”
Dr. Varhiez sat but almost shouted, “Why didn’t you tell me you were cloning her, I didn’t have enough DNA to clone her! And you did?” Luthor smiled putting his fingertips together, “Dr. Varhiez, I took what I needed, I took what I wanted, juts like you informed me I could. I did nothing wrong.”
Fan fiction by BloodyMascara_ posted over a year ago
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First Song-Fic! Enjoy!
This is based on Mel. She dances ballet.

You would not believe your eyes
If ten million fireflies
Lit up the world as I fell asleep
'Cause they fill the open air,
And leave teardrops everywhere
You'd think me rude, but I would just stand and... stare

She danced around the ballroom. Ever so gracefully.... she let the fireflies guide her movements.....they surrounded her....they wowed her. She spun around. The fireflies made her feel....warm inside...

I'd like to make myself believe
That planet Earth turns slowly
It's hard to say that I'd rather stay awake when I'm asleep
'Cause everything is never as it seems....

She spun slowly around. One leg sticking out, keeping her blance. Then, a partner made of fireflies appeared. He glowed. He danced with her. Mel, unknowing of what to do....danced along.....

Fan fiction by InfinityYJ posted over a year ago
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A fun little one shot that occurred in my mind leitura a long time ago.
I decided to write it out today, because I was bored to all hell. Have fun reading...

Kyra was curled up in a little ball on her bed, sniffling and shivering. Her nose and eyes were red, and her forehead was covered in drops of sweat. She'd locked herself in her room and had wrapped herself up in covers, coughing violently into her elbow every once in a while. She was a mess...
And she had a mission with the team.
No one knew she was sick-- she refused to tell anyone, even her sisters or brother. She'd distanced herself from Adrian, simply locking herself in her room. But now, batman had called the team and said that Redstream and Mindwipe had attacked a factory, and that they'd taken Jessica-- Jessica, who they all thought had reformed-- with them. Naturally, they had to take the person who knows their opponent the most.
So Aisling had come to her door, and warned her that she had five minutos and they were leaving.
Fan fiction by InfinityYJ posted over a year ago
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Sorry that's it shorter than most of the other chapters, it's kind of a filler... Enjoy anyways, though.

Blade walked in, Korran and Cain following quietly. Their footsteps echoed in perfect unison on the floors of the now nearly abandoned Hall of Justice, the League’s headquarters after losing the Watchtower. A dark, cowled figure sat at the computer, watching every screen carefully. mais smaller figures wandered aimlessly, waiting for orders. They stayed away from Blade’s path, because she was the head of the younger League’s division at the moment. Roy and Katerrina watched at a distance, relying on the wolf-girl’s keen hearing to know what was going on.
Blade cleared her throat, and the chair turned.
“Sir, we’ve found the girl’s whereabouts. Do you want me to--”
“No. You shall not apprehend. Not after your recent failure.”
Blade visibly winced in shame, and the two girls behind her suddenly found the floor a very interesting thing to watch. The man only continued.
Fan fiction by SouthYJ posted over a year ago
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Boooop This is for Fin and Adrian! This the first one I am doing.. and I need to know if it's good So please leave a comment

It was a cold night, the snow tumbled into the fire-caster's jet-black hair.
She sat in the snow, relaxing. Tears streamed down her rosey cheeks as memories haunted her. She kept her eyes shut as the snow around her melted into a puddle of water. She let out muffled cries.
"Fin?" His voice was soft and quiet. She cried harder.
"Fin!!" His tone raised a bit as he ran up seguinte to her in the white, blanket setting. He set his hand on her shoulder. She cried more. Her body igniting in flames. He ignored the fogo and pulled her close.
"It's okay, Fin, I'm here." He whispered in a gentle tone.
Her body estinguished and she opened her eyes, gold meeting blue.
"Adrian?" She whispered.
He smirked."That's my name"
"I'm sorry. I ju-" She was caught off gaurd por Adrian's lips meeting hers.
Fan fiction by ReneYJ posted over a year ago
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"Damn it!" I said, "Stupid computer, it so slow." I shut the purple laptop closed, harshly, and put my head in my hands. I was sitting in my shabby apartment in Gotham, trying to locate that one insane villain I’ve been chasing for years, the Joker. I looked for reports and sightings, but he hasn't been seen in days ever since his last crime.
"Rene, calm down," my boyfriend Kent said,” he'll show up eventually."
"Whatever," I said as I shot him a dirty look and ran into my room. I laid on the bed, head facing the ceiling. What if I can't find him, I thought, what if this is just a waste of my time? I went back out to the living room and grabbed my computer and cell phone; and as I walked back in my room, my justice league watch went off.
“Hello, Rene?” said Nightwing, “We need you hear for a special mission.”
“I’m on my way, give me 1 minute.” I ran into my closet and pulled out my hero outfit. It was a blue tank top, ripped jeggings, and blue combat boots. I decided to wear the mask Robin had given to me a couple years back. Then I ran over to Kent, who wished me luck, kissed him, and teleported...