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Opinion by Gunfire posted over a year ago
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Twan walk's trouw the thrence, buths lieling evrywer around them, the hair of a RA soildir got cut of por an passing bullet.Keeps your heads down comrades, they we cant fith tham this way. Twan said. The RA soldire within hearing rangce took cover. fogo the Katyusha, blow them to hig havean. Twan said in his earpice to his aralarie camander. Yes sir, the officer said. evrywan heard the schreaming sound of the Katyusha's launsing ther devastating missels, the merc's her terifid in ther trence por the scheaming sound. Gunfire and the Ra saw howe the misels rain down on the merc's, devestayding ther defences.

Sudenly a figterjet apaird on the horison, weh it came closer, evry wan was stund, it had the merc's banner painted on it wings, it fired 2 misels at the RA's line, but missed, Twan laugft and said, even ther pilots cant aim, joey pleaze lpuk this bird's win's, joey used his roket boods and flew up to the figter landing on iths wing, her riped of its wing and the figter stardet spining, joey fliew back int the trence, the pilot try to regain controle but faild, the figter crased behind the RA lines. The misels kep raining down on the Merc's. Lyla sniped one of the...
Fan fiction by Lyla_YJ posted over a year ago
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First RA artigo for me! But I have you kinda have to consult Twan first.... ENJOY!


Lyla supervised the RA sniper training. She pointed out mistakes and corrected them, hard. She watched each soldier carefully.
"Get down there! Dont cheat yourself soldiers!" Lyla shouted, as they where doing warm-up push-ups. Lyla clapped once, indicating warm up was over. They stood up.
"Snipers hot!" Lyla barked. Then all of the soldiers-to-be took their armas off safe.
"On the ground!" Lyla barked. They dropped to the ground. Lyla gave a signal and they positioned their snipers.
"Fire!" Lyla signaled. The aimed and hit moving targets. Lyla nodded in amusement.
"Up! Now!" She barked. They stood up. Lyla walked down an aisle of the soldiers-to-be, she corrected loose stance, corrected loose sniper's and ammunition, she barked mais orders, for hours and hours. After hours of training, they were allowed to go to the bunkers. She stayed in a bunker, since she was away from home, she had to. Twan and Joey were back in gotham preparing other soldiers-to-be.
Opinion by Mclovin_69 posted over a year ago
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1. boys no running around the cave in your boxers ( Lucas, Wally)

2. No boys in the girls rooms after 9:00

3. no giving doces to Willow and Becca

4. dont call Willow crazy for liking and being Wallys girlfriend

5. Lucas and Artemis no PDA please

6. no playing pin the tail on Wally ( Becca, Phoebe, Fang, Blade)

7. there will be no playing of "gotcha" around the cave (( mcl: if you dont know what gotcha is just ask me))

8. No playing Prom encontro, data (( mcl: again just ask me what these games are and i will explain))

9. no playing spin the bottle

10.Artemis if someone says then i took an Arqueiro to the knee it doesnt actually mean you put an Arqueiro in their knee.

11. Willow and Wally keep it PG

12. Kaldur no cheating at marco polo

13. no listening to Willow sing in her room or in the shower

14. Wally when Willow is in the chuveiro no waiting por the door for her to come out
Guide by The_Writer posted over a year ago
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Daily Episode

dia Fifty:

Static Shock Episode Three: "The Breed"
Link: link

Summary: Derek Barnett, one of the most popular jocks at school, asks Virgil for help for tutoring. After one of their sessions, he begins to head home, when it is revealed that he is a Bang Baby, and turns into a mass of ionic energy. He is picked up off the streets after accidentally blowing up things and running, terrified and confused, from citizens and the police.
Opinion by BloodyMascara_ posted over a year ago
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Been a month. Time for an update!


Height: 6'7

Weight: 120 pounds

Eyes: Blue or Green, depends on how the light falls on her eyes.

Hair: Blonde. And short(picture above).

Weapons: Pistol, hidden dagger.

History: Raised por the joker and abandoned por
parents. Joker taught her evil, but she realized it was wrong and refused to continue. She still keeps close with him and visits him in jail. She joined the team and loved it. She had a demon haunting her and everyone got fed up. She walked away from it all before it went any futher. She had taken the path of evil. Her hair turned black and her eyes turned red from the demon that consumed her. She is still amazed no body hates her for the Demon.....

Powers: Teleportation, Flight(Wings), levetation, transformaition(Humans and animals.)

Skills: Good with guns. Sniper training.

Civies: Whatever she wants baby!
Fan fiction by Robin_Love posted over a year ago
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RECAP: Lizzie told Sam Becca was her mother and the two had a "friendly" spat. XD

Sam stared at her in surprise. Lizzie looked back at him, no nonsense. Sam cracked a smile, chuckling. The chuckle turned into a full on fit of laughter. Lizzie stared at him confused and unimpressed. After several minutos of intense laughter, Sam managed to compose himself. He gasped for breath before looking over at Lizzie.
“No seriously. Who is your mother?”
“I already told you.”
“Except there's no way that's true. Becca has never had a child. batman would have killed her.”
She rolled her eyes.
“Think harder moron. I'm adopted por her. The orphanage just held me till she was old enough to adopt. I'm still her daughter.”
“No. Seriously.”
She scoffed and marched away.
“Where do you think you're going?”
“I'm going to Terror.”
“You don't even know where he is!”
“Follow the shadows. They always lead me to him.”
“What are you? A fortune cookie?”
Fan fiction by -BelovedRobin posted over a year ago
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Behind the curtains production was under wraps. The café expresso, espresso was sapping out the filter like árvore sap whereas the silver canister spieled fluffiest of whip cream on topo, início of the freshest coffee in the city of Emerald. Spit-shine shoes tapped to the beat of the crowds bustling mummers. Hips clad in well-fitted calças, calças compridas swayed along with the smooth dissonance of the plucking bass. Upon entry it was the embodiment of chaos surely to run a slicking stun upwards of any spin the gatos dragged in. Yet just as the cloying essences tease their taste buds until they were begging for me like a porn estrela or when the clear, bone-rattling brass buzz with passion leaping off their tongue, licking the hidden Jazz estrela to life in the newcomer soul.

“Please give a hand to Miss. Aria!” The MC clapped her hands while she made way across the stage. Heels clopping against the ebony stage but scrap as she twisted her hips to face the thirsty crowd, she face gleamed with joy when she announces the seguinte line-up of entertainment.
Fan fiction by Robin_Love posted over a year ago
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Something to....IDK. Enjoy it....please

Footsteps sounded behind her. Not a surprise. They always did. Things always happened to her. She pulled the gun from it's coldre and cocked it. She was ready for the attack. The turmoil inside.
Do you know what it's like
When you're scared to see yourself
Do you know what it's like
When you wish you were someone else
Who didn't need your help to get by
Do you know what it's like
To wanna surrender
She looked around, waiting. Flashes of imagens passed through her mind. Her sister, her family, people she had seen on the street. People better than her in every way. They had no evil.
Do you know what it's like
When you're not who you wanna be
Do you know what it feels like
To be your own worst enemy
Who sees the things in me I can't hide
Do you know what it's like to wanna surrender
She opened her eyes, drawing out of her meditation. She saw someone close by. A friend. The angel was sleeping after a late night. She smiled slightly and curled up beside her friend, lulled into a much needed sleep por the rain pounding...
Opinion by Gunfire posted over a year ago
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It is ealy in the morning and the the entyre Red army, is gater on in the center of there back.
Comrade's today we will showe those merec's wat hapen's if they atack are city, some of you may not come back, but you sall al be rememberd as heroes, who in this dark time the coureds had to stand up and figt,Twan said. Twan rais his fist an the other folowd his exempel, and they shoudet as one voice there batelcry: Fore gotham, Fore the Pepol!!! Als of the troop walkd to there transpord of viekels. Twan with and the other oficers, and heroes drove in the fronde of the convoy in the comadviekel.

The convoi come under fogo frome the merc's atalarie, the trandspots stop and the infantry chardes the merc's defences, a lot of soldies ger moawd down bu mashiengunfire, but this only seems to ecoures the RA soldiers. When the trooms are half acrof nomans land, a atalie shel hits the frond of ther troops, bodys get reped trouw sred, and body pared flie evry wer, one shel hit rith in the midel of the 7 heros infrond of the army, ths shel hits Joey dyraktli, he gets nok backd but his armof catses the blased, the powe of the explotion separets Lyla, and her troops frome the rest...
Fan fiction by CoaxochYJ posted over a year ago
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Cold as steel...

Silver needle oh so sharp...
It hurt so bad when it broke my heart...

as cores of pain all around....
Yet it hurt....I couldnt make a sound....

She stroked my cheek, and told me it was alright....
But I grasped hope instead, for dear life...

When all hope was gone away....
I thought I was there to stay....

Then the miracle of the day....
Someone came.....and snatched me away....

Unsure of what to do...
I just cried like a fool....

A wolf, a cyborg, and a savior tried to comfort...
But I trusted no one....ever since the export...

Now I still feel a little queasy....
So they force me to take it easy....

But now inside I hear the voice...
And she is giving me no choice.

Hehehe......Guess whats its based on!!!
Fan fiction by SilverWings13 posted over a year ago
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Two knives pinned the robber to the wall. He struggled to pull the blades from his jaqueta sleeves, from the mortar. Silver backed up and ducked as another thug through a soco from behind. She rolled to the side and leapt to her feet, then launched a side kick at the thug. He stumbled as her boot made contact with his kidneys. She spun to face another thug. The faca in her hand sliced a clean cut along his cheek.
He growled in anger and grabbed for her collar.
Silver leapt back, her feet hitting the steardy brick wall. She bent her knees and pushed off the wall. She made it over men three attacking men and landed in a crouch at their back.
All three turned around, their teeth barred like hungry dogs. Silver backed up to make o espaço to defend her self. Her back hit the wall.
"Game's up," one thug said. Blood ran from the cut on his cheek down his chin, his neck, and onto the colarinho, colar of his shirt.
"For you, maybe," Silver answered. She pulled a faca from her cinto, correia and thrust it behind her into one of the many rusted pipes that overed the walls like ivy.
Guide by The_Writer posted over a year ago
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Daily Episode

dia Fifty-One:

Static Shock Episode Two: "Aftershock"
Link: link

Summary: As a result of last episode's explosion, metahumans are everywhere and most of them are committing crimes. Virgil begins to fight crime as Static, and when F-Stop returns, now possessing the metahuman ability to control fogo and renaming himself "Hotstreak", Virgil is ready to beat him once and for all.

IMPORTANT: Once again, please ignore what YouTube says, this and the first episode's título were reversed. After today, no more! Enjoy!!!! Comment if you're following along!
Opinion by BladeYJ posted over a year ago
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((This is a poem about, Gage taking over Blade's body and killing everyone on the team.. it's kinad a tragic story of Blade and terror and the whole team. Also it's best to read this in the tune to "Hush Little Baby" But it sounds okay with out it :) .))


Run away
Don't stay and fight
For you can't beat evil's might
Blood so red
And soul so black
He prowls in shadows waiting to attack
She tries so hard to get it out
But he consumes her coração with hate and doubt
She warns the others don't come near
As he fills her with pain and fear.
No one knew it was him,
Planning to get revenge.

She brings to their throat a single knife,
And watches them fall in one clean strife.

The phoniex shall not rise again
The fate is shared for her angel friend.

The birdie's wings have been clipped
Silver was not well equip.
Fan fiction by AislingYJ posted over a year ago
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“Really? Again?”
Blade smirked at the black-haired firecaster, whose cheeks had begun to turn pink.
“I thought you liked our game last night, Fin,” she said, raising an eyebrow.
Fin blushed even harder. “Well, we don’t need to play it again!”
“Why not?” Alek asked. “It’ll be fun!”
Fin sighed. “All right.” She took the bottle off of the cozinha counter, and everyone arranged themselves in a circle, with the bottle in the middle. They all sat there, staring at it, until Aisling spoke.
“So...who wants to go first?”
Everyone looked at each other, willing the others to volunteer. A smirk spread on Fin’s face.
“How about Blade? Since she wanted to play soooo bad...”
Blade scoffed. “What? No I didn’t!”
Her voice was drowned por the others’ chanting. Spin it, spin it, spin it!
“Fiiiine,” Blade said, and spun the bottle. Everyone watched with bated breath as the bottle took its sweet time to lazily skid across the floor. Finally, after what felt like hours, it stopped. Blade looked over at where the opening was pointing at, and nearly fainted. But...
Fan fiction by Gunfire posted over a year ago
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Gunfire woke up at midnigt, after trying to fall asleep with no resuld fore houwers. He looks to his side and sees Lyla laing seguinte to him, normaly seeing her like thad would callm his nerves, but tonigt it didn't work. He stood up, out on his shird,pands,boods,jaked and walkt out onto the silend base.

He was sunken deep into his thouds, tomorow he would have to lead his army to atack gothem, 1 week atrás the miljonares and powerfull of Gotham hired an army of merceneries beceas the Red army roubou there mony and handet it out to the pepol, the mercs closed the city, nobody was alwowed in ore out. Those who tryd where shof the poliece was fired por the major, and the merc's ruled with an iron fist.

Sudanly he heard a loud howling. He lookt where the sound came frome and saw skylar sitting on the rooftop frome an barack howling to the full moon. oi wolfboy don't try to fall of the roof. Twan said wel smilinf, Skylar growed at Twan but didn't say a thing.

Opinion by Obscurity98 posted over a year ago
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- Ft. Mercy, Harley, Skylar, Silverwings, Tyler.

Harley sat in the cave’s couch, visiting. She was waiting for Skylar to stop chasing his tail. She wanted to talk to him, but he found his tail mais interesting. Silver walked into the room polishing a weapon, she looked up, “Hey Har. You here to see Skylar?” Harley smiled her way, “Oh I see him alright.” Silver looked to where Harley was now pointing. In the entrance of the training room, Skylar was chasing his tail. Silver made a face, “Harley?” Harley only stared at Skylar but answered, “Yeah?” Silver asked hesitantly, “He’s chasing his tail. Do you know how sad it is to watch a superhero do that?” Harley sighed, “Yes, yes I do. I’m feeling it right now.”
Silver laughed, and turned to the cozinha and her jaw dropped, “Uh Har…I was about to ask if you want to help me make some food, but I suggest you don’t turn around.” Harley turned around arm on the back of the sofá for support, “Wh………..y?” Harley watched too. Mercy was rocking out on the counter, red hair flying and arms in the air. Mouthing lyrics to the songs coming from her ipod to her earphones.
Guide by The_Writer posted over a year ago
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Daily Episode

dia Fifty-Two:

Static Shock Episode One: "Shock to the System"*
Link: link

Summary: Virgil Hawkins is a smart, funny teen who gets beaten up por gang leader Francis, who calls himself "F-Stop." The leader of another gang, Wade, protects Virgil sometimes, but says he can't be there all the time for Virgil. Wade asks Virgil to cadastrar-se his gang, but Virgil doesn't want to be part of a gang because a gang's gunfire killed his mother. Wade tells Virgil to show up at the docks. Virgil is afraid to say "no", so he shows up. When Virgil arrives at the docks, Wade's gang gives him a gun as F-Stop's gang shows up. A gang fight ensues. Virgil throws the gun in the river and hides as the police arrive. As soon as the police get there, they start shooting - hitting some gas canisters and causing gas to spread all over the docks. Virgil runs início and, the seguinte day, discovers he can control electricity and anything metallic. He goes over to Richie's, his best friend's, house, and they...
Guide by -BelovedRobin posted over a year ago
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Just doing this for the hell of it because well, it's pawsome! Derp.

Name: Braeburn
(Pronounce: BARE-burn)
Nickname: Brae for everybody, for Thane,"fucking Cat."
Age: Too Old For This Shit.
Gender: Female
casaco Color: black
Collar: A ribbon that's the German flag. Alucard gave him that colarinho, colar so Braeburn never forgets where he came from.
Partner: 96/Alucard Fair
Enemies: Thane.
Hobbies: Clawing Thane's face out, cockblocking Alucard, popping up at the most aleatório of places, sleeping and doing whatever the hell gatos does.
favorito food: maçã, apple Slices, fish, and whatevers on Alucard's plate.

Personality: Feisty and picky as fuck it when comes meeting people.

How did her and Alucard meet:
During one of trips in Germany. The snow was knee deep, but a blizzard was supposedly coming. Alucard was searching for shelter before the storms came. While walking down a street, he spotted a box labelled,"Free" in German. Opening the box, he found a single kitty. Feeling sorry for the kitty, Alucard shoved her...
Fan fiction by AislingYJ posted over a year ago
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Okay this is part 1 of the crackships that I posted on the forum. The other ones will probably be funnier...this turned out waaay mais lovey-dovey than I was planning.
It lasted longer than either of them had expected. For those moments, she wasn’t aware of the others, cheering and laughing, or the heat rushing to her cheeks. All she felt was his lips, pressed against hers. Finally, she let go, unable to take it any longer. She knew she was blushing, as she looked around, shaking a dark strand of hair out of her face, at the círculo of smiling faces. But she couldn’t look back at him. She couldn’t face the boy she’d just kissed.
    So her head swiveled around, staring defiantly at Aisling, who was pointing and giggling, glaring at Blade, who was smirking; laughing at SilverWings, who had fallen over backwards, until she reached Adrian. Her cheeks went from rosa, -de-rosa to a deep magenta. The hurt look on her boyfriend’s face made her want to soco something. Those eyes, one blue, one brown, both wide and round, stopped her dead in her tracks. Their message was as clear as if he had screamed it: [i]Was it just a game, Fin? Or...
Fan fiction by Obscurity98 posted over a year ago
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Name: Delilah Oceaniana Warner

Alias: Nymph

Age: 17

Human Height: 5'7
Siren height/length: 7'6

Appearance: blue hair, green eyes, purple and blue tail, fair skin

Status:she's not a good friend of the team..if they have something thats useful to her, she'll pair with them , if not she's against them. Kinda like batman and Catwoman

Abilities/Powers: Has the siren song, that lures men and any other being to her. Breathes underwater. Beautiful voice. can jump to great heights out of water. Speaks to marine animals. Can mover the water she's touching. Swims at speeds at alarming rate. Fangs.
Magic spells and curses

Can change form Mermaid form on land to human, but always in mermaid form in water.

Bio:died as a child at sea, and is born again a Siren. Using her powers of Song she uses to attract men such a sailors, Surfers, men lost at sea, or on islands.
She is immortal unless killed por the Sword of Siren's Gold.
Fan fiction by InfinityYJ posted over a year ago
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Demon (scythe)
This isn't a new OC, rather, it's an old one you all know, but don't know, so it's new to you, but not really cuz you know her, as someone else... Imma shut up now.

Name: Kyra Grayson ((see, told you!!))
Alias: Demon
Age: 18 ((YJI Timeline, she’ll make an appearance in LHS))
Personality: cocky, headstrong, over-confident, protective of aleatório people in the past
Appearance: maroon/red hair, red eyes, lithe figure and pale skin
Costume: black ninja outfit with red highlights and red boots, full face mask with red highlights surrounding eyes
Civvies: black skirt, shirt, and knee highs, red ballet apartamentos and gloves
Abilities: hand-to-hand, does a disappearing act when she feels threatened, has a katana/sword that turns into a scythe at certain points in time
History: Nothing is really known about Demon, except she’s really protective of certain people in the past. These people include Fin, Delta, Robin and Aisling. She acts like a villain, but there is a point where Fin confronts her about the aleatório times when she’s being a hero, and she confesses she’s putting on an act to help save the near future....
Guide by Robin_Love posted over a year ago
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I HAD TO!!! NO ONE DID IT SO I HAD TO!!!!! I'M SORRY!!!!!!!!!! But I amor this on already!!!!! XD

Name: Todd (pronounced Tod)
Alias: Phaser
Occupation: Hero
Powers: Paranormal, souls, “dying” breath, katana expert, levitation, sees pasts, passes through solid objects when needed
History: Todd doesn't remember his past. Though he has tried to remember images, he can't. Things he seems to remember are from other people's pasts. Todd doesn't have to see things to know people. He sees souls, telling him who is truly good and evil. Todd is blind. He can not see. Except on a full moon. He gains his sight for one night every month. Todd enjoys his life, despite being blind. He has no clue if he was born blind or not, but he doesn't care. Since Todd can't see, he has a “sixth sense”. He is able to see imagens in his mind of how things really are. Despite being around sixteen, Todd has an almost child-like innocence. He has trained with a pair of katanas that always hit their target. He is an expert in fighting, but prefers for people to not know it.
Fan fiction by The_Writer posted over a year ago
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The White House
1:45 EST, March 1

"Mr. President. You realize this is abandoning our most populous city!"

"I understand that! But the American People have to know we're doing something!"

"But planting a nuclear warhead in the middle of eight million people?!"

The President sighed and leaned back in his chair. "We've discussed much in this half hour. I've come to a decision."

Everyone waited anxiously as the President spoke his seguinte words: "Trapper takes one step out of New York, we'll flatten the whole city, with him in it."


"You almost died!" azevinho, holly exclaimed.

"That was two months ago!" Sam replied, tugging on his armor. "The wounds--"

"Have half healed! If you get shot again, when you die this time, you'll stay dead!"

Sam paused and looked at her. "I died?"

"Yes!" azevinho, holly exclaimed again, tears welling in her eyes. "I don't want it to happen again!"
Fan fiction by BloodyMascara_ posted over a year ago
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Name: Ciel Norrian.

Alias: Harmonian.

Appearance: 6'0 tall, purple eyes, white hair.

Gender: Male.

Civies: Usually a white t-shirt and jeans will due, an occational jaqueta aswell.

Hero-Suit: Blue tailcoat, a top-hat and black jeans.

Weapons: He carries around a spoon. And a pocket faca he carries around in civies. And a (A spoon XP) And with his power, (see powers) can make a weapon.

Skills: Fair cantar voice, extreemly agile.

Powers: When he sings a special chorus, he can create or repair items such as..... a colar made of pearls, he sings "Build it up with silver and pearl, silver and pearl, silver and pearl. Build it up with silver and pearl, my fair lady...." and then the colar will be created, or repaired. Also capable of making weapons, but takes a large amount of concentration that is very rarely acheived. (To make it fair of course.)
Opinion by WallyXArtemis posted over a year ago
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I couldn't get enough of this one! :)
Name: Avery Silver

Alias: Meta

Powers: Manipulating metal (hence his Alias), sensing emotions, and he can take take other people's pain away.
(Sorry if people already can do these I tried not steal any.. PLEASE do NOT be OFFENDED!)

Relationship Status: Single.. :)

Eye Color: Green


Height: 6ft exactly

Weight: 185lbs (PURE SEXINESS)

Hair Color: Brown Hair with (barely noticeable) traces of green in it!

Personality: He's really shy and quiet, quite aggressive, he is very nice, also he doesn't talk (SHY) so when he doesn't talk to you much don't be offended!

Costume: Dark green jaqueta with either a pale green or white camisa underneath! :)

Civies:Blue sweater, with white camisa underneath! xD

Bio: He got his powers because his parents are scientists. One dia he found a chemical and drank it.