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posted by SilverWings13

The stars were visible through the skylight above the hammock. There was rarely any rain in the South American city, and while the weather was warm, it was comforting and made one drowsy, bringing sleep easier. The maps of constellations twinkled as she watched, a dazzling light show. In Gotham, the stars hadn’t been able to shine past the bright city lights, and those lights became her stars. Almost as if they were tyrants, stealing the roles of the natural illuminators of the night skies.
    Aryess unconsciously fingered the angel charm around her neck and shifted...
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posted by YJTTFAN
“Wow...” I breath out. This place was amazing, so many hallways and rooms hidden inside a freaking mountain! I have to jog to keep up with Nightwing, the handsome leader of Young Justice, the first Robin. This man was a living legend, who really lives up the the legend. I could see the walls turned from shiny silver metal to a dull grey metal, there was literally fuse marks in a shard-like shape, as if someone had took two pieces and welded them together. My eyes grow wide and a crazed grin comes over my face.
“Are we in the wing that wasn't blow up por Black Manta?!” I said giddily....
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posted by BloodyMascara_
I needed Ciel and Mel fluff. ._.

Mel had her arms wrapped around Ciel's neck, and her legs around his waist. Her head against the soft pele, peles capuz, capa that rested on his back.
"Almost there." Ciel patted her legs.
"Okay, Buh buh." Clearly, she was half asleep and agreed with anything he said. He flashed a smile, and looked off at the train station less than half a mile away. Continuing through the snow, his boots crushed snow, leaving prints. He was taking her to the place they first met, she's always wanted to go there again, they just never got around to it. But he had cleared his schedule, just for...
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posted by Robin_Love

The system announced him. She froze, still in debate. She could feel her coração beating in her chest. She hadn't expected him back so soon. She grabbed her bag and headed out of the room. She set the bag down when she saw him. He looked at her and she could feel her coração breaking again. She ran over and kissed him. He kissed her back, pulling her closer. After a few minutos of continuous kissing, they pulled away. He looked into her eyes and moved the hair out of her face.
“Don't go,” he whispered.
“I have to,” she whispered back.
“Becca told us what happened...
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“You never let Wally have a choice, Bruce!” Artemis exclaimed. “He’s a grown man! Not some child for you to boss around!”

“No,” Wally said quietly, still looking at the suit. “Barry and Bruce are right. The world will always need a speedster. I have to take up the mantle.”

Batman touched his comm. He sighed. “I think some other people need some debriefing. Back in an hour.”

“So, you’re going back?” Artemis asked as the Dark Knight’s footsteps faded away.

In the distance, the zeta hummed to life. “Yes,” Wally said. “I have to. But I want to ask you a favor too.”...
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posted by SilverWings13

The clock tower tolled 3, startling the birds from their roosts and sending them off in a flurry of feathers up into the clear blue sky. They flapped their wings furiously, swooping through the air. The pigeons soared over the squat buildings until settling on the roof of a wine shop. Inside the particular shop, the store-hand slid the last of the bottles onto the shelf and untied his avental from his waist.
"Señor Romeno, I'm leaving. See you tomorrow!" he called in Spanish to the old store keeper. The teenager trotted out of the comprar and down the busy streets of Rio de Janeiro.
As he neared...
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Greetings my fellow writers! It is I, 66Dragons aka The_Writer! I'm here to set a few things straight. I'm going to do this in a calm and mature way to prevent any fights, but I will mention names because I personally have no respect for anyone except Robin_Love anymore.

First off. Did you know that stealing someone's idea is a crime? A very serious crime in fact. It can result in you ending up in the unemployment line, or expelled. It can even result in a hefty law-suit...
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posted by Blitz359
What's this?! An artigo from Blitz?! Does this mean what I think it means?

Yes, generic voice! I decided to return, whether you like it or not, since my grades are now a lot better, and, to be honest, I missed all of you. From here on, I'm gonna try to do a lot mais in the club, and try to get along better with this awesome family.

Here is part one of a new series I am starting.

With heavy steps, the blonde teen staggered down the corridor, slid his hotel key card into the slot, and stumbled into his room. The two other teens in the room looked at him, their eyes full of questions,...
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posted by KineticYJ
Hero Name: Kinetic

Name: tolet, violet Summers Age: 15 Height:5'5

Appearance: Purple hair, pale skin, green - blue eyes, killer smile. Rose tattoo on left hip.

Personality: Loyal, brave, protective, bubbly, spontaneous, loves people and animals.

Powers: kinetic absorption, Energy blasts, Force Fields, Flight, Energy Conversion, can use human, object, and animal energy to wield as she deems fit. Can remove energy from once body.Can seperate into 3, each one weilding all powers, one who's only human, and the other that can only reroute and absorb energy.
( Rarely ever splits )

Bio: (lazy style)
-Mother abandoned...
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posted by InfinityYJ
Era’s P.O.V.
Two hundred years. That’s how long I’ve lived. I’ve seen things that most people have never, will never seen in their lifetime. Back when I was still young, back when this all began for me, it wasn’t like this. Metas were accepted. If you had powers, you were hero material. But now that’s all over.
It took us years to fully stop the Kroloteans, and then there was literally almost nothing. Just the usual villains. And soon there wasn’t anything. 100 years passed, and all the original heroes and villains passed. Soon the newer ones did too. After another 100 years of...
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 what the codes look like
what the codes look like
“ Mommy!? Mommy is that you!? “ Amara cried out with excitement and relief, Aryess let out a gasp falling to her knees hugging her tightly “ yeah its alright…..its alright mommy’s here…..” she breathed out running her fingers through Amaras long black hair. “ Mommy…..mommy….! “ she cried out wrapping her arms tightly around her neck, Aryess breathed out soothingly into her ear “ shh….shhh baby its okay…mommy’s here…”. Amara cried in Aryess’s arms still “ mommy….” she whimpered out, “ shh…..shhh…” Aryess murmured standing up holding Amara in...
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posted by ValacYJ
 Civvies :3
Civvies :3
I'M SORRY IT'S SO SHORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: Shane Parker
Alias: Psio
Powers: -Ability to locate someone mentally
-“Psychometry”–the ability to learn things about the past or future of an object por touching it
-Flight (WINGSSSSSS!!!!)
Past: Shane grew up being experimented on. But not por the School. His own parents. His parents worked under CADMUS, until one night the Schools "Erasers" Found Shane's parents and killed them. Since then, Shane traveled back to the past to try and take down CADMUS along with the School.
posted by The_Writer

It has been confirmed at last! Cartoon Network has confirmed the return of the DC Nation Block on January 5, 2013. This means new episodes of Young Justice: Invasion and Green Lantern: The Animated Series.

As we recently discovered, Young Justice Invasion went on it's fourth hiatus after only airing two episodes, not because of Cartoon Network, but because DC Comics and DC Nation lost the rights to some of the character's on the show at the last minute. (Static Shock, Wonder Twins, Rocket, etc.)

The cancellation was so sudden that the episode that was supposed to air (Before the Dawn) was...
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"Damn, it's dark." Nightingale noted to her comm as she walked into the sub-basement.

Lights flicked on one por one with a deep, echoing sound. Standing in the middle of the clean, white, utterly empty basement was Red Revenge. Nightingale's dual pistols were aimed at the Black Hero in the blink of an eye.

"You're on my property." Revenge stated in a 'Im the boss' tone. "Stand down."

Nightingale hesitated a segundo mais before dropping the pistols into the low riding holsters on her hips. She'd changed her costume. Black body-armor with yellow highlights and markings. Her same weapons were in place...
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{Reader's Discretion Advised} The following selectiion contains a scene of suggestive material. Do not read if you are underage or this type of material makes you uncomfortable.

Nightwing simply stood, in full uniform, right in front of the window, arms folded over his chest, eyes glaring through his domino mask at Barbara's arm holding onto Sam's bare chest tightly. The two looked peaceful. That wasn't why Nightwing hadn't woken them up. It was because he was entirely too pissed to move.

"Come on! Rise and shine! Let's--" Robin's words caught in his mouth as he finished climbing in Barbara's...
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posted by MercyYJ
((Okay, this time I PROMISE that I will keep this one instead of dropping her off the edge of the Earth!

Name: Arabelle "A" Cunningham

Hero Name: Portal

Age: 16

Powers: Able to create and enter portals made my touching any fotografia or cartoon/drawing; only she and one other can enter

Personality: Girly-girl, tough, does't take "no" for an answer most of the time, caring, sarcastic, a bit sassy

Appearance: Blonde hair, blue eyes, tan skin, strong build, slight english accent

Relationship: None

Civvies: Skinny black long sleeve, laranja and yellow scarf, skinny jeans, grey moccasins, fishtail braid

Hero Outfit: *See picture*

Past: She doesn't talk about it- only to people who she really cares about and trusts. But she was recommended por Phantom Stranger (Yes, that is an actual JLI member!!)). She encountered him por sheer accident while moonlighting.

I promise this time!!

Love, Doughnuts, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,
 Just pretend the eyes are blue :P
Just pretend the eyes are blue :P
posted by Mclovin_69
Name: Cylus Stevens

Hero Name: Cylus ( si- less )

Age: 17

Appearance: dark brown hair( almost black), dark blue eyes and fairly tanned skin.

Relations: unknown older brother to Becca and Willow. He is also single ( wink wink ladiesssssss)

Civvies: he wears a snapback hat and a dark blue or grey camisa with an eagle logo on it, with either beige or blue jeans and purple skater shoes.

Personality: unlike Willow hes not the shyest but also not the loudest like Becca, he can be funny, even a sweet coração at times, he is protective over his sisters and like any older brother teases his sisters mais than...
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posted by InfinityYJ
So, this is my new story... Yeah... link Enjoy~

Hiding in an alleyway, the small neko girl’s ears twitched as the sound of soft footsteps approached. Her green eyes went wide and she grabbed her backpack, slinging it over her shoulder and dashing further into the passage. Her light brown hair fluttered out behind her and her tail curled up. She ran into a dead end, a small sob escaping her. She looked behind her as the footsteps became louder and began to climb the gutter pole to get to the roof.
When she was about halfway up, the footsteps slowed, and from the shadows another teen came out....
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Warnings for fluff and crappy endings.

One week later.
Kyra smiled as she entered the cave. “Happy holidays!” Tanner shouted as she entered, startling her and lighting her hair on fire. “Dude!” she laughed. “Don’t do that!”
She walked into the hall to go down to her room, and walked back out into the living room after having caught Aisling and Rowan under the mistletoe. Not without having taken a picture, first.
She smiled at Delta and quickly ducked when a snowball was suddenly flung her way. “Sis! Seriously!” She only laughed when mais snowballs came flying at her, and she created...
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Aryess searched in her perfil is he wasn’t here he would have to be on the highest floor beaten, but which floor was it….? That man kept her in that small town on that same floor for a very long time that she had no idea what floor was new. She scrolled down and saw the floor number she was on and the highest floor number beside it, floor seventy five…., her grey eyes scanned the floor number “ im coming Bent….” She muttered out quietly. She ran out the door locking it behind her and turned around, she let out a gasp when she bumped into someone and looked down “ Mommy…? “...
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