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posted by Willow_Cyrus
Name: Amara Thompson 

Age: 6

Appearance: long straight black hair with grey eyes and fair tan skin.

Powers/Skills: she has the ability to feel others pain and hurt feelings, usually stronger with the ones she loves. ( will not have powers when born)

Relations: biological parents are Bentley and Aryess, niece to Rene, granddaughter to Declan. segundo cousin to Jet.

Personality: very bubbly and cute to be around, she's a sweetheart and usually always giggles or smiles unlike Bentley.

Civvies: a black or grey saia with leggings and a long sleeved topo, início with little brown boots.

Past: DNA was collected...
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posted by GlitterPuff
Bentley ran down the rua to the infirmary as quickly as possible before Rene bled out. He heard a ding from her back pocket. It was her phone ringing. While he was running, he took it out and answered it.
“Hello?” He said quietly into the phone.
“Um, who is this?” The voice on the other line said.
“Bentley, this is Rene’s phone.”
“Where is Rene?” The man said worried. Bentley soon realized that it was Twan on the other line.
“Um… she’s currently...
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posted by GlitterPuff
She awoke from her sleep hearing a scream from a room. Quickly, the red head jumped out of cama and went into the living room, seeing Amara curled up in a ball on the couch. Rene walked over to her, sat down, and pet her head.
    “Amara sweetie, what’s wrong,” she said, her voice sounding half asleep. The black haired girl answered quietly.
    “Daddy… he was gonna…” her voice trailed off, not finishing her sentence; but Rene knew what she was going to say.
    “He wouldn’t jump off honey,” the red head said with kindness...
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posted by Blitz359
The 4 teens waited patiently outside of Sasha's house the seguinte day. "The note said 2 P.M. Where the hell is he?" muttered Nic. A hawk had flown into the house with a note attached to its leg, to which it flew back out as soon as the note as untied. 2 P.M. is all it said, and so the four waited outside for their late companion. Finally, thirty minutos later, they could spot him walking towards them from the end of the street. "About time!" Vika shouted towards Richi. "Why the heck-" She was cut short por a telepathic message from Scotch, who spoke to all 4 of them simultaneously.

We're being...
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"Amara.....sweetie how exactly did you get here? " Aryess asked as Bentley carried Amara in his arms, " ummmm" Amara put a finger to her bottom lip deep in thought, " can you remember? " Bentley asked as he and Aryess continued walking down the street. " Where were you all this time...where did you come from sweetie? " Aryess said looking at her. Amara burried her cheek in Bentleys chest blinking back tears " a dark place mommy.....a scary place..." Amara breathed out, " baby don't worry you're seguro now..." Aryess muttered. Amara suddenly gasped out a cry clinging to Bentley tightly " no im...
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posted by BloodyMascara_
I know, I know, I amor you too.

The esmeralda eyes opened, eyelashes coated with ashes. Skin cold to touch, and scars that she had claimed from her confidence and fear alike. Her wings were shed, ripped away, burnt off her sacred body. Her innocent mind was not innocent, and it filled with memories that scarred her. Slowly, and painfully, the hero arose from the ash. esmeralda eyes widened as memories flashed through her mind.

I screamed in my head. I screamed in pain, and I grew weak, falling to my knees. It hurts so much, God I just want it to stop! Stop! Please! Stop! I gave up, snapping out my...
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I was never a innocent child.

The young boy slapped the magazine into the 45.

Always having to kill to survive...

The boy looked down at his blood covered hands. The concrete room filled with blood only housed casualties.

It affects you.

The girl sat in his lap, ebony hair glistening in the snow.

Who you trust... Who you love...

The girl giggled, smearing rosa, -de-rosa frosting onto the boy's nose.

How you'll live your life.

The boy pressed his finger against the scanner. A panel slid from it's place, revealing a safe.

It plans your demise.

"It's the way life is." The boy muttered.

Well, the time to change...
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posted by Robin_Love
Don't ask please

You're going to let her go?
Then you know what you must do.
“I do.”
She placed the cup to her lips, drinking down the warm liquid. It tasted foul, like warm leite with onions. But she made no face to indicate so. She tossed a light blue powder around in a circular motion. She muttered a short chant, eyes taking on the appearance of a blazing fire. She could hear the slow beating of a drum, the cry of a viscous bird, the howl of a wolf. She moved, as if she were dancing. The beat got faster and her feet responded. She moved until the powder was gone. And all at once,...
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posted by SilverWings13
The screen door creaked open as Alek stepped out onto the porch. It only took a moment to spot Nic leaning against the railing. He was staring out at the clearing that they used for a training floor. The teen approached him slowly, his bare feet silent on the wood planks. He stood beside his leader for a time, arms crossed over his chest. Finally the older boy spoke.
"Marquez is dead. She couldn't have done this."
"Suppose she is alive."
"She isn't."
The Brit pressed his lips in a thin line, not answering.
"She may not have died in that fire. Perhaps she escaped as you, Jasper, and Ary did."...
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posted by FangYJ
This will appear after Last Resort :3 

I'm not sure if I loved my parents 

  One night Malcom and Teddy Parker are murdered, their son, Shane, is one of the last people to see his powerful parents alive. 

And I'm not sure that they loved me

  Shane and his brothers are to suspects to the murder. And as Shane begins to remember of disturbing past events, he's force to ask this question: What is the Parker family truly capable of?  

But I'm going to find out who killed them, even if it was me. 

Shane Parker had the life at his school. The looks, the friends, and the money. But one thing...
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 <3 *fangirls*
<3 *fangirls*
Tyler walked down the hall and passed Blade's room. Her door was still closed, unlike the others, and locked. Confusion rossed hi face but he continued into the main room, of The Cave, where the natal árvore was standing. He observed the scene. Phoebe and Dylan where cudding on the couch, Lexi was tearing through the presents, Aisling was waiting for Fin to get her a drink, and Fang and Devin where sitting, and laughing, listening to Mel's story about Santa.

The fire-caster made his way towards Mel,"Santa, eh?" He laughed. Mel glared at him,"I saw her! She was giving out pesents!"
"Right, Mel,...
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posted by Blitz359
The entire room went quiet for several moments, as if a single sound would blow the room to oblivion. Finally, Nic spoke up, with a look of complete disbelief on his face. "I'm afraid you're wrong. It can't be Marquez. It can't be...." Richi looked at him, his eyes dull. In a quiet voice, he said, "I saw the article. But isn't is possible-" Nic interrupted Richi, his voice almost barely audible. "No.... You're wrong... She's dead. Marquez is dead." Richi's face showed....pity? sympathy?, but he persisted. "But are you-" He was interrupted once mais por Nic, who shouted back "I TOLD YOU. MARQUEZ...
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posted by SilverWings13
The following is a response to link por McLovin. Enjoy~

"-and I don't even know how long we're going to be here. I mean, we're already spending natal and probably New Year's as fugitives in a foreign country with two unfamiliar Russians- I mean don't get me wrong, I amor Sasha and Vika's a great roommate and I'm totally grateful that they were willing to take us in. But I just wanted to be home in time to spend the holidays with the team and my boyfriend."
Aryess ceased her pacing and fell onto the sole sofá of the living room. Declan, who had listened to his sister's ranting for an impressive...
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posted by InfinityYJ
Name: Andrea “Andy” Lynn
Light Name: Beacon
Shadow Name: Penumbra
Age: 14
Powers: She’s got sort of a bi-personality. One half of her is a light spirit, the other is a shadow spirit. Her light spirit can fly and camouflage as well as create light projectiles, while her shadow spirit is mostly human but it can walk through walls.
Light: white hair and crystal-like clear eyes, tall-ish
Shadow: black hair and dark navy eyes, shorter
Light: loud, Valente and strongheaded
Shadow: quiet, shy, quick thinker
When she was younger Andy developed MPD, one side of her annoying and...
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"This city is only as strong as it's hero."

Revenge landed with a crunch on the capuz, capa of the taxi.

"And what happens when that hero fails? What happens when he falls?"


Sam sat on the guindaste in absolute silence. Grant Tower was being rebuilt, the giant "G" was resting behind him on stilts. He gazed in silence as choppy flashbacks hit him repeatedly. It was the same image over and over again: azevinho, holly screaming at him, then walking out.

Draxx walked into the small office and shut the door. The younger, African officer looked up. "Sir?"

"I need a favor from you, Lieutenant. I want everything...
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posted by SilverWings13
Name: Vika Vernadskaya

Alias: Czarina -after her mother- (meaning Female Ruler in Russian)

Age: 15

Hair: White, fine, waist length

Skin: Pale

Eyes: Gold

Personality: perceptive; out-spoken; sassy, but polite; sensitive toward others

Civvies: Rose-blouse; light-blue mini skirt; small satchel; white high tops; white knee socks; rosa, -de-rosa headband with single sky-blue rose

Costume: (human form -rarely used in battle-) black manga curta half-shirt; black yoga pants; bare foot; black plain gauntlets- fingerless gloves stretching to mid-bicep; black headband and hair up; black choker
(wolf form) simple black...
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White walls surround us
No light will touch your face again
Rain taps the window
As we sleep among the dead

Days go on forever
But I have not left your side
We can chase the dark together
If you go then so will I

There is nothing left of you
I can see it in your eyes
Sing the anthem of the anjos
And say the last goodbye

Cold light above us
Hope fills the coração
And fades away
Skin white as winter
As the sky returns to grey

Days go on forever
But I have not left your side
We can chase the dark together
If you go then so will I

There is nothing left of you
I can see it in your eyes
Sing the anthem...
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posted by BladeYJ
((each part is a different ship/couple I love))

Blade snuck into The Cave. Her steps were silent as she adjusted the bag over her shoulder. The clock that read 3:23 A.M on the wall, even seemed to sleepily drag on.
Slowly she she tip-toed to the stockings and dropped a small present in each one labeled with her teammates names.

A smile painted her lips as she turned to the hallway. Quietly she walked towards her destination, but stopped as a small figure stood in her path.
"S-santa?" The black-haired girl muttered still trying to rid the sleep from her eyes.
Blade stood shocked, her eyes wide,...
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posted by Robin_Love
“It's not a big deal! You're being so demanding!”
“You promised me you would be início before hand!”
“I got caught up!”
“You should have called us!”
“You're not my parents!”
“But you are in this family! You need to listen when we tell you things!”
“Why do you care?! You're NOT my mom and you never will be!”
“Room! Now!” Fang interrupted.
Irra shot him a glare but marched off, mumbling about anjos and mischief. She slammed the door to her room closed and sat in the topo, início corner of her bed.
“Stupid foster parents!”
She took the hat off her head and ran a hand through her...
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
What? I needed some brotherly and sisterly love!

Jaime woke up to a warm body seguinte to him, and a purring furry mess at his head. He frowned and Lexi shifted, sitting up and rubbing her eyes. 
"Bubby?" Lexis small innocent voice echoed in the darkness. 
"What is it?" Jaime reached up and picked up Lexis cat, Snow, who had made a cama on Jaimes head. 
"What time is it?" Jaime looked over at his clock and petted Lexis head. 
"6:30, go back to sleep." Jaime laid on his side and Lexi snuggled up against him. 

  When Jaime opened his eyes again, the small body that had been curled up against him...
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