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Guide by The_Writer posted over a year ago
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Red Revenge, The Arrowette Series, Static Shock the Series, Ravager: Agent of Righteousness, Knights of Temptation (WIP), Daily (Countdown) Episodes, and Soviet: The Series

Overview: Alright. Finally moving outta this hell-hole and into a much nicer house. That's right, I'm moving. Not saying how far or when or what. Okay, maybe when. Anyways the main point is until the beginning of September, I will have almost NO time to do anything. So, I know you're dying to know what is going to happen to your favorito series. Well, here you are:

Okay, these will still be published on their daily schedule. No need to worry. You will still be able to suffer in your painful wait for the segundo half of Young Justice Invasion por watching Static and YJ/YJI.

RED REVENGE (Fanfiction Exclusive):
Sadly, Samuel Grant will have to wait a few mais weeks until he can kick some mais ass. While I have most of the week long marathon done, there's a few (okay, a lot) of things left to do. Hopefully, Divided We Fall can be...
Guide by The_Writer posted over a year ago
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Daily Episode

dia Forty-Two:

Static Shock Episode Ten: "Junior"
Link: link

Edwin Alva Jr., does whatever he can to earn his father's respect, even going so far as to discover a method to control the effects of the Big Bang fluid. However, Alva completely dismisses his son, causing him to become angry and become Omnifarius, destroying everything his father holds dear with catastrophic results.  

SOOOOOOOOO SORRY IT TOOK ME SO LONG!!!!!!!! My baby(iest) bro had a pizza party for four hours this morning, then my baby(middle) bro had swimming for three hours immediately afterward and a four hora birthday party (still going on), but I found some time to get this out!


Link: link
Fan fiction by XxKFforeverXx posted over a year ago
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Once again, they all tie in Sifts past.

Name: TaLaura Groff
Alias Arella
Occupation: Hero
age: 16
•Sensing danger
•Pocket space–the ability to hold and remove objects so that only the user can retrieve them
• Luck manipulation
Past: TaLuara grew up in a community of crime, though she never was involved in it, her parents thrived to be villains. She ignored the fact she was alone and pushed on.
Other: –shy, but sweet
-If you push her, she’ll use your luck against you.

Fan fiction by SilverWings13 posted over a year ago
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The pesquisa was just for the heck of it, but then the idea was stuck in my head! And I got approval from McL for this.

"Give it your best shot," Bloodmist replied with a cocky tone. Even if she couldn't see it, SilverWings was aware of the smirk beneath his mask. She threw three punches, which he easily blocked. Then she launched a sidekick at him.
Bloodmist caught her ankle and tossed it up and away from him, unharmed. Silver lost her balance and landed with her hands planted beneath her. Quickly, she pushed herself up, back onto her feet.
"Is that all you got?" Bloodmist asked.
"Well, I don't want to hurt you," Silver replied, crossing her arms. Her opponent laughed.
"You think I would hold back if I really fought you?"
"You wouldn't hit a girl."
The ninja shrugged. "I would if I was defending myself."
Silver nodded slowly. "Then... Defend yourself!" She leapt at him with lightning speed.
Four punches, all of which he blocked. Silver kicked his shin and he stumbled back a step. She quickly spun a high kick. This time, Bloodmist didn't stop it before her boot collided with his jaw.
Fan fiction by BladeYJ posted over a year ago
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Costume! :D
Name: Candice Light.

Alias: None/Her name. :)

Nickname: Candy.. :D

Appearance: Candice has long blonde hair, usually up in a ponytail or pig-tails((OMG!! SHE'S BLONDE!! OMG I might change it.. :/)) Her eyes are blueish green.

Age: 15 and a-quarter.

Civies:: Usually a green camisa and a light rosa, -de-rosa skirt. She wears her hair down with a clip in it!

Costume: A cheer-leading outfit! :D

Personality: She's a really preppy girl, she's super girly and used to attention! She is a man stealer, she hits on every guy no matter what, even if he's not single! She freaks out over bugs, spiders, stupid things. She laughs a lot! And she is mean to people she doesn't like!

Power: She doesn't have any besides the power of super bitchiness! xD

Skills: Candice is very flexible, from her past cheer-leading training. She is a ginasta and can run, jump, and do flips with ease. She can sing very well; she can play the drums! Also the only other...
Fan fiction by XxKFforeverXx posted over a year ago
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The winds off of Fangs wings blew the sand around, erasing the remainders of where he once stood.
“Stay here. I’m going after him” Max unfolded her wings and followed Fang, she could see the black speck in front of her, Max picked up speed, following close on Fang’s trail.
“Fang, slow down!” Max screamed to the topo, início of her lungs, while Fang ignored her distant screams, he spaced himself out of reality, ignoring the fact he was flying at a topo, início speed of 800 MPH, and Max was struggling to keep up with his pace,
“Fang!” Max let out a ear piercing scream. Fang suddenly came back to reality just in time to barely slide under the income passenger jet.
“What? What could you possibly want Max?” Fang stopped and hovered, letting Max catch up to him,
“Why won’t you help us?” Max panted, putting her hands on her hips.
“Gee, I don’t know, maybe it’s the fact you haven’t seen me in what? Three years! You know where to look. I told you, find him yourself.”
“Fang, you’re the only one who can get in and out of the School without getting caught. We seriously need your help.” Max stared at Fang, as he glared back.
Opinion by XxKFforeverXx posted over a year ago
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Fang sat on the beach, throwing rocks and watching them skip over the murky green water. He turned his head to sound of five pairs of fluttering wings behind him.
"We need your help."
"With what, Max?"
"To find him, Fang."
"Why? You except me to help after you haven't come in contact with me in three years? I don't think so."
"I wouldn't help if you were the last person on earth." Fang chuckled and stood up, turning to face Max. Her dirty blonde blew in the wind and her soft brown eyes studied Fang. angel the youngest of the flock, knew what was about to happen, she quickly stood betwen them.
"Stop it!" angel knew the violent and angry thoughts going through his head, and she wasn't about to let him say them. Not after they'd just met after three years of being apart.
"Fang, please?" angel pulled softly on his hand, Fang looked down at her.
"No." He jerked his arm away and stepped back. .
"You can't be serious Fang! This is stupid!"
Opinion by Eclipse-YJ posted over a year ago
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"Thats for scareing for a week and 3 days" She said as if she
wanted to cry.

He pouted with a red cheek.

"I'm sorry! They Woundn't let me contact you!"
"Well, Me and you're..." She put a hand on he stomach "Have been
worried almost to death!" She hugged Dylan tightly, as if she never
wanted to let go.

"I'm sorry, you know I would have told you if I could"
"I know I'm just paranoied, you know me"
"Yes. Now can I kiss you without being hit?"
She laughed "Yes"

He lifted up her chin and smiled, once again his lips pressed against
hers and she kissed him back, his hands moved and wrapped around her
tightly, she tilted her head still kissing.

"Care to show me how missed I was?" Dylan muttered between kisses.

Phoebe wrapped her hands around his neck, deepening the apaixonados kiss.
He smirked with delious delight and kissed her lips more.
Her hand trembled through his sofe blue hair, Phoebes breath hitched
Fan fiction by Eclipse-YJ posted over a year ago
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Phoebe sat there in her room, she dimmed the lights and just sat there
stareing at her phone. She was scared, paranoied and to many hurtful
thoughts ran through her mind. Where was he? She placed a hand on her
soft and pail cheek, phoebe leaned on it and touched down her elbow
the dark wooded desk.

Foot steps echoed outside. Phoebe perked up, that familliar sweet
scent filled her nose, could it really be?

The metal door slid open and closed again. A tall, dark and beautiful
blue haired boy with a shiney and slightly dirty face leaned on the
cool metal. Phoebs Stood up trembling slightly.

"Sorry I was gone for so long, I had an urgent mission in one of the
Shadow realems for a peace treaty" Dylan said and then moaned getting
back on his feet and stepping a little closer to his beloved "I missed

He came over and tackled her playfuly. Phoebe only looked at him.
Classicly and as expected his lips touched phoebes and a deep rush of
Opinion by Mclovin_69 posted over a year ago
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Name: Bloodcrawler

Species: Unknown ( was created in lab por unnown resource)

Powers: Bloodcrawler is a goo material that can change and get into small places, he can make quick get aways if he goes through sewer drains or any other drains. He doesnt always take a host but when he does he becomes mais powerful and he wishes to make Bloodmist his host forever. He can also morph sticky goo and balanço from buildings and crawl on walls and buildings.

Past: the mystery employer or "big man" who was trying to create a new villian to destroy bloodmist it went completely wrong and exploded into this substance now known as Bloodcrawler, and now all Bloodcrawler wants is Bloodmist, the first words in the beggining of his life were "destroy Bloodmist " and Bloodcrawler took that into action

Other powers: Bloodcrawler can also absorb anything thrown at him or any human that he wants to be his host, so nothing can hurt him except his first amor host which is Bloodmist... but even Bloodmist doesnt know how to stop Bloodcrawler.
Guide by The_Writer posted over a year ago
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Daily Episode

dia Forty-Three:

Static Shock Episode Ten: "Bent Out of Shape"
Link: link

Rubberband Man escapes from jail and becomes "Stringer," a rapper who is dating Virgil's sister, Sharon. Once Static realizes Stringer is Rubberband Man, he runs away and blames Static for ruining his new life. He attacks Static and unmasks him, but before he can look, Puff and Onyx, meta-humans who decided to become bounty hunters for the cash, intervene. 

Rubberband Man returns! But is he truly leading a better life? And what's this connection to Static's family?
Opinion by BloodyMascara_ posted over a year ago
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Chapter One.
The Dissappeared.

Mel sat alone in her room, her knees pulled up to her chest, closely inspecting a knife.
"I wonder if this thing can realy kill d-" Before she could finish, her eyes widened as something grabbed her arms. She screamed, then Fang kicked the door open. Her fingernails dug into the floor, her hand and part of her arm as the only thing showing in the light. He grabbed her arms, digging his fingernails into her skin, and started to pull Mel out of the darkness. His hands slipped, due to blood, dispite the grip of his fingernails. Mel screamed and slip completely into the dark. Fang patted his pantsfor his gun.
"DANG IT!" He yelled......

Mount Justice.

Robin, worked on the holo computer, reviewing the footage of 'secret' camras in Mel's room. He bit his lip working, so hard blood slipped from his lip. He being the same age, somehow made his stomach turn. He narrowed his eyes when Wally walked up to him and put a gentle hand on Robin's shoulder.
Fan fiction by Robin_Love posted over a year ago
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“Dylan! Fancy seeing you here!”
“What NOW, princess?”
Dylan turned to face Rylan.
“I just said hi. You're not going to be nice?”
Dylan glared under his shades and replied in a cold, sarcastic tone.
“Hello Rylan. Just the person I wanted to see even though I'm married.”
“Don't say what you don't feel.”
“Okay. Go away.”
He turned on his heels and walked away. He could hear her following him.
“Hey Rylan? Should I buy my wife something or save my money to get a restraining order against you? You're stalking.”
“Restraining orders don't cost money.”
“Maybe they don't, but taking you to court will.”
Rylan finally caught up to him.
“Oh you're so funny.”
“Go bug Terror! Why me?”
“I don't know where Terror is.”
“YAY!! I'm segundo best! Seriously, go away. You're cramping my swag.”
“You have no swag.”
“Don't be hating princess. I've got tons of swag.”
“You can't have swag; you're with-”
Fan fiction by The_Writer posted over a year ago
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Daily Episode

dia Forty-Four:

Static Shock Episode Seven: "Winds of Change"
Link: link

Summary:  Richie's tendency to live vicariously through Static - such as por inventing ZapCaps, devices designed to be electric bombs and/or batteries - starts to get on Virgil's nerves. Virgil starts trying avoiding him por spending mais time with Daisy. This causes Richie to get slightly jealous. Meanwhile, a heavyset Dakota bully begins exhibiting wind-based powers. He creates a costume and becomes a villain known as Slipstream. When Static and Slipstream are fighting at a waterpark, Richie tries to help bring down Slipstream, but ends up causing a waterslide to collapse onto Static. After this, Virgil and Richie get into a fight and part ways.

Fan fiction by The_Writer posted over a year ago
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Virgil sighed and dropped his backpack on the ground beside the couch. He couldn't believe his history teacher.

"Hello Mr. Hawkins. You're two minutos late because you were saving the city this morning. Double homework for you!" Virgil imitated his teacher as he spilled the contents of his bag on the floor.

One of the notebooks spilled on the blonde teen sitting on the floor with a book in her lap, a pencil in her mouth, and her thoughts skyward. She looked at Virgil. "Do you mind?"

"Sorry." Virgil said, pulling the notebook off. However, it wasn't his.

"Hey!" Cassie exclaimed, jumping up and trying to snatch it back.

"Dear Diary," Virgil read aloud, dodging Wondergirl's attempts to get her notebook back. "I went on a mission with Robin today. It was an easy win over Bane. And Robin did most of it! He didn't take any credit though. Humble. I also think he looks better without his cape. Dear Diary---"

Virgil was cut off as Cassie knocked him across the room. Virgil tossed his flying disk on the ground and flew towards Cassie, electricity arcing from his fingers.
Fan fiction by Robin_Love posted over a year ago
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Rules for the club:
1. ANY artigo or picture over PG13 rating MUST be checked with me.
2. NO mural SPAMMING (if you have mais than one pic of your character, fine)
3. You MUST respect others despite things that have happened! If you HAVE a problem, bring it up with me.

Due to a few occurrences, I've realized that my Ocs need to be taken care of. There are too many and too much trouble to take care of. So here goes nothing!

Okay so here's a list of all my main Ocs.
Erin-Red X

There are, obviously, too many. HERE'S the list of the Ocs who will no longer be with us. NO ONE HURT ME!!!! It was had to decide and needed to be done.
Guide by The_Writer posted over a year ago
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Daily Episode

dia Forty-Five:

WARNING: Today's Daily Episode contains racism. Not much, just a man being mean and talking about African Americans in a hateful way. Just thought I should warn you. :)

Static Shock Episode Seven: "Sons of the Fathers"
Link: link

Summary:  Richie invites Virgil to stay the night at his house. Unfortunately his father arrives início early, and it is revealed that Mr. Foley is a racist who dislikes African-Americans. After Virgil leaves, Richie yells at his father and runs away, resulting in his capture por Ebon. 
Opinion by BloodyMascara_ posted over a year ago
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What he looks like in shadows....
Ok.... just something new and temporary.....I need to teach myself to let a character be what I write, and not twist them up in come crazy conspiracy and totally destroy the main idea.....

Hero Name: The Reaper.....

Real Name: Eli Crippler....

Occupation: Hero.

Appearance: Usually in the shadows. So all you can see are, dark, deep, red eyes. If he ever does come out though.... Tall, 6'2, black hair that falls in place perfectly, scrawny build, and deep, glowing red eyes.....

Personality: No emotion what-so-ever. Untill someone brings out the light in him. Or puts him on valium XP. So if he falls in love..... hehehehe.....I'll leave that alone till he does...

History: After being abandoned por everyone, Satan took Eli under his wing, Eli promising a favor. He never expects to find love, so he excepted it. If he ever does find love.....he is doomed to destroy the lover.... He excepts his beastly form, and when it comes out....
Opinion by BloodyMascara_ posted over a year ago
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Mel shot up from her bed, panting, tired. She hadnt slept peacefully since she came from the future. She swung her legs over the cama side, and stood up. She got dressed, and looked in the mirror, and stared at her once happy, and warm eyes. That were now filled with sorrow, and sleepiness. She sighed, and walked out of her room, breaking cerfew por walking out zeta, but a firm hand grabbed her arm, she almost screamed, but her mouth was covered por a hand. Batman's....
"Where do you think your going?" He asked quietly. She looked up at him, fearfully.
"I-I cant sleep...." She stuttered. Fang watched from the shadows, not wanting to interfere, afraid of destroying his chance of acceptance. batman gave Mel a bat-glare. And she swallowed hard. He turned around in disgust.
"Go ahead." He muttered. Fang grabbed Mel's hand and walked out zeta.

She screamed in fear, seeing unconsious Fang on the ground, and Raptor towering over her.
"Now my little lamb... your all mine...." Me said evily. Then, when he touched her arm she had a flachback, (Or flashforward....shes from the future soooo.....)
Fan fiction by Obscurity98 posted over a year ago
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I cant take it anymore,
you gotta stop this now,
Dont do it for me do it for her,
Stop or i'll knock down ur door.

We both know its wrong,
I'll be por your side the whole way,
Save your self,
Dont end your life today.

I know what Death is like,
And i know it dont feel good,
So just stop the hiding,
take off your hood.

Life is somthing i took for granted,
Dont make my same mistake,
Live the life you want,
Dont live it like its fake.

I dont want to see you walk down that path,
into the darkness you must not follow me,
Stop and make your change
Dont suffer more, and go ,
be free.

Some of us know what this is for! RPing thingy..
Guide by The_Writer posted over a year ago
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Daily Episode

dia Forty-Six:

Static Shock Episode Seven: "Child's Play"
Link: link

Summary:  A young boy, Dwayne, discovers he was affected por the Big Bang, and has the power to alter reality. His older step-brother, Aaron, exploits Dwayne's power for his own benefit.  

Haven't we all had this done to us por someone at sometime? Comment below if you have. So yesterday was Episode 6 but dia 47. Today is Episode 7 and dia 46. Cool, huh?

Oh yeah! Closing the gap to YJI mais every day! (Imagine I said it like Rocket)
Opinion by ShadowYJ posted over a year ago
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Name: Shadow

Secret Identity: Dana Kylie Gracias (Unknown to the team)

Other Aliases: Phantom Ninja, Wild Cat, Ninja-Girl

Age: 13

Appearance: Thick black wavy hair chest length, chocolate brown eyes, tanned skin, slender but muscular for a girl. In-spite of the built she is petite and looks small for her years in both looks and maturity.

Personality: Since her birthday is on April 30th, she is a Taurus, which de-fore makes her stubborn, honest, and a natural born leader. She is also immature, funny, mischievous, cheeky, intelligent, creative, and very child-like. She can be aleatório at some times and loves pulling pranks to her team-mates. But at times she can be serious and always insists on being the leader-though she couldn’t be sure on wether or not bringing the topic up, she even wonders if she IS even worthy of being part of the duo.

Civvies: Dana has her own style. It is usually from the genre’s of funky, sassy, futuristic, or just plain rua slick (in other words: tom boyish), or just all mixed together.
Fan fiction by SilverWingsYJ posted over a year ago
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It wasn't difficult for Silver to shimmy her way the rest of the way across the beam. Once she reached the other wall, she gripped the beam and lowered herself. For a moment, she hung from the beam por her fingertips before releasing her hold.
Silver landed in a crouch behind a stacked engradado, caixa and froze for a moment. Her coração thudded in her ears, making it difficult to listen for the shouts and alarms she was dreading. The calm murmurs of the gamblers continued.
She crept down the line of crates, careful to keep in the shadows, until the murmurs grew to talk.
"I swear, they never even saw us coming," one of the men said.
"The Ponzi scheme... Oldest trick in the book."
Silver smiled. This mission was easier than she had imagined. She knew good and well what the Ponzi Scheme was. It was an old conn that any good swindler could get away with.
Except these guys, she thought as she took one of the devices Blaze had given her from her pocket and stuck one to the side of the engradado, caixa seguinte to her.
Opinion by KatRox1 posted over a year ago
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Com'on... We all gotta have that one OC that hits kinda close to home! And I honestly now don't give a crap about over-crowding... Cuz at no time have I ever seen ALL of the OC's on at the same time! Luv ya guys!

Name: Ana Montoya

Hero Name: Spirit

Power(s): Able to sense paranormal activity and see auras on certain people

Age: 14

Appearance: curly blonde hair with bangs, blueish eyes, 5’6”, thin build

Personality: Sometimes drawn-back, but can be very friendly and energetic around the people she knows best, feels like no one really understands her and that’s she’s a freak, tries not to show THAT much emotion, hates when people underestimate her

Hero Outfit: Grey bodysuit, black combat boots, black gloves, black utility belt, domino mask,

Civies: some kind of skinny jeans and a baggy sweatshirt, slippers or flip-flops, her hair up with a small braid going into a messy bun or just down
News by Obscurity98 posted over a year ago
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1) Harley is now the Demon Princess in Hell for her actions

2) Harley died por plunging a kryptonite needle into her heart, though she was to use it for blood samples.

3) Skylar was there when it happened, now he keeps her necklace

4) Harley has new found powers you can find it in either -Harley Anew or MY BIO

5) I whill come back onto this account for Posting only, RPing will be on HarleyYJ account.

6) I will Post artciles on her Death and what happens in between.

7) Perfect Creation will not have to much of an effect on Harley, as the Death and Demon thing will.

8) Soming back to this account and Deleting HarleyYJ means something has happened to her that no longer qaulifes her as a Demon.

9) I will post about a new OC that will never be used and soon deleted, only to help me with something in my FanFiction artigo Concerning Harley's Death.

10) I controll the Accounts: