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Fan fiction by khanna266 posted over a year ago
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Ari stood behind the limber dark árvore *snap* a deer
just fell into her trap she turned to it a baby deer
right in front of her...she let it free."No luck today."
she whispered to herself and then out of the bloom
right behind her was Nightwing."Dick!I hate it when you do that is it really neccessary?!"she asked in anger,"Actually yes it is."he answered sarcastically,
"What do you want Nightwing?"she asked in a sigh.
"to wish you a happy 16th birthday sis."he said,
"Oh,thanks."she said surprisingly,"I still remember this place Bruce would take us here all the time when we were kids."Dick said,
flashback of Ari's
"Look dad,i shot a bullseye!"Ari said,"I see your doing great ari."Bruce said,"Where's mommy?"she
asked,"She's at início with your new baby sister."
back to the present tense
"yeah those were the good days,though why can't anyone know that we're siblings or that Batmans my dad.Though most of all when will mom ever treat me like an adult or at least like a teenager?"she asks,"You know what i'm really not all that sure about the part of you and me being siblings but the other part is Batman's orders."he...
Fan fiction by XxKFforeverXx posted over a year ago
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Since my friend left Fanpop....She gave two of her OC's. Metaform. (Because she knows how unhealthy obsessed I am with Kid Flash, and Augury. So..UPADATED BIO'S!

Name: Evelyn West

Alias: Metaform.

Occupation: Hero

Age: 16

Relationship to team: Kid Flash’s twin sister.

Powers: Shape shifting, speedster

Weakness: if she’s in that form for mais than 2 hours, she is permanently stuck in that shape.

Past: Being Wally West’s sister isn’t easy, especially when you find a Kyrptonian clone in your closet. While following her brother on a mission, Evelyn had dumped toxic waste on herself, causing new powers to form.

Name: Braxton Jordan

Age: 16

Alias: Augury

Occupation: Hero

Powers/Skills: Telekinesis, telepathy, expert martial artist and hand-to-hand combat. All terrain acrobatics, master tactician and field commander.
Opinion by BloodyMascara_ posted over a year ago
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So uh....yeah! I dont think Im alone on this never ending road of horror! Its like, Lady Gaga's song "Bad Romance" isnt even about a guy! Its about the abusive relationship with- with- with delicious things that you wanna eat, but you dont wanna eat, then you eat it then you beat yourself up and ugh! You cant win! READ IT OR I WILL EAT MEL!

Mel stood on the scale, she hissed at the scale when the number '120' came up. She sat on her cama and poked her stomach.
"Gyah!" She said and poked it again.
"Diet starts today....." She said.

10 minutos later

Mel sat on the counter, a plate on her lap.
"Promised myself I would start the diet today, so for today we are going to eat a salad....." She whispered to herself. She took a bite of salad, then one minuto later the plate was clean. She growled at the plate and set it down beside her.
"I mean, I can eat a little snack.....right?" She asked herself. She grabed a bag of nuts.
Fan fiction by The_Writer posted over a year ago
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Revenge stood on the corner of a skyscraper. The night had been uneventful so far. esmeralda was at the base trying to track down Dealer. Surprisingly, Reaper had not escaped prison yet. It surprised Red Revenge. Although Reaper had murdered his father, the man didn't know Red Revenge was Samuel Grant. His arrival always complicated things.

Revenge sighed. The last time he had faced Reaper was two years ago. It had been a small battle, hadn't even made the news. Reaper had escaped and Revenge had caught him and thrown him back. It was Page 3 in the Local section if memory served.

Red Revenge's attention was caught por a teenage girl running down the silent street. A police officer rounded the corner, chasing her. The girl ducked in an alleyway, breathing heavily. She hid behind a deposito de lixo, lixeira and watched as the police drove right past her.

Revenge dropped down, but remained in the shadows. The police were still close and the girl remained in her hiding place. Revenge couldn't see much of her. She was wearing dark jeans and a hoodie. A bright yellow and green backpack was on her back.
Opinion by BloodyMascara_ posted over a year ago
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Middle of nowhere
Finally you can breathe
Nobody knows your name
It's easier

[b]Mel heard the school sino ring, her stomach turned as she stood up, grabbig her backpack and speed walking toward the door. She rushed, trying to get to the exit, or a closet, or anything to escape.
"Hey! You!" She heard. Her coração dropped to the rock bottom. She stopped in her tracks.
"Yeah you!" She heard from behind her. She knew what would happen.
"Hey shorty!" She heard as her nose was flicked. She wrenched for eyes shut as a fist was planted in her stomach. Her arms were grabbed and feld in place. She didnt fight back, her cover couldve been blown, even worse, they could take her. The school gathered around, Amanda watching, horror in her eyes.
"AMANDA GO!" She screamed. Amanda reached for Mellisa, but pulled away and ran before they could grab her. Melissa screamed and her flesh burned, a lighter placed under her chin.
"Scream shorty!" He said amused. Finally, She was thrown into the lockers, denting the door.
Fan fiction by The_Writer posted over a year ago
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"What the hell took so long?" Draxx asked.
"I said ten minutes."
"No! You said five!"
"No, five!"
"Hey!" another officer interrupted. "We've got forty hostages inside?"
"Right." Revenge said, stepping towards the bank. As soon as he got to the door, the building exploded. Completely. The windows shattered and melted in the air. The supports gave out and the building fell in on itself, fogo engulfing the area, scorching the police vehicles black. Those in front of the cars were burned alive. The smell of charred flesh was clear in the air as Revenge was thrown a block and a half away from the site and lay unmoving, his suit burnt and his armor smoking.
Sirens wailed as ambulances, police cars and helicopters arrived at the scene.
"--the worst mass murder in United States history. Police have yet to confirm that there were forty-two hostages within the bank at the time of the explosion, but it is highly unlikely the suspect, who remains unnamed, moved the victims from the bank before detonating it. Also, at least twenty...
Fan fiction by The_Writer posted over a year ago
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"Girl problems?" Batgirl asked.

Revenge glared at her. She raised an eyebrow.

"You're forgetting, I work with Batman."

Revenge sighed and nodded.

"So where are we going?"

Revenge grinned. "Somewhere special."

Barbara raised an eyebrow as Revenge walked down a ramp and into a bar. The segundo they entered, the noisy room went silent. Barbara heard whispers which inlcuded "Bat" "Make a run for it" and "Shit".

"Firefly. Where is he and who hired him?" Revenge asked.

Whispers went around the room. Finally, one guy stood up. "He ain't here."

"I gathered that." Revenge replied.

The man spoke in a strong voice. His brown beard and hair were buzz-cut. His figure was masculine and he stood a foot above Red Revenge. "We don't have nothing to do with Gotham trash."

Batgirl rolled her eyes.

"Then why did Firefly flee here?"

The men around the room got nervous.
Fan fiction by Robin_Love posted over a year ago
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This is mais character atualizações than atualizações on who's leaving.

So all those minor characters you guys read about in my articles. They're gone. Like Talia or Salva. Not dead necessarily. Just gone. As if I never had used them. The Outsiders will stay. You'll figure out what happens to my clones. So here's the list of my main characters:
Billy Lest-Speed
So here's the seguinte few updates. Dylan's wings are now pure white from a transformation and new Shadow weapon. He has both cat and bird DNA which makes him an experiment. I will add Trey and DJ to the above list a little later. Todd takes Rylan's place in the Outsiders. Becca is a little mais complicated so I'll put her situation in Memory. If you have questions, just let me know. DJ and Trey will be used later.
Fan fiction by Robin_Love posted over a year ago
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She twirled the escrim sticks in her hands, ready for a strike. She knew Serepta to be quick. Her sister always had a mover planned out. Becca knew better than to make the first move. She was smart enough to know never to make the segundo move. To make either mover would claim the victory to her opponent. She heard the noise of battle behind her. But she dared not look. It would give Serepta the advantage. She kept her body ready, her eyes set, and her mind focused on the training she had endured.
“This isn't Chess, sister.”
Becca didn't reply. She was focused. She wouldn't let herself be fooled into games. Serepta moved, striking with her sword. Becca allowed it to cut her arm, waiting for the segundo move. It came quick and straight for her. She blocked the sword with her escrim sticks and this time moved. She kicked Serepta back, waiting. A familiar chill went up her spine. She smirked. Serepta's eyes filled with fear and she swiped every which way. In two strong hits, she was out. Becca turned towards the shadows.
Fan fiction by Robin_Love posted over a year ago
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The next...few are kinda....they made me cry composição literária them. A heads up.

He ducked away as the weapon came at him. He stood and blast the creature with a strong force. It let out a screech before turning to him.
“You will pay!” it hissed.
“Oh yeah?”
The creature snickered and pushed it's weight on the scythe. It started to crack, letting a few sparks of light out.
The wood snapped and the creature let go of the scythe. Dylan rushed over and held the weapon now girl in his arms.
“ sorry.”
“Freya! It's not your fault. None of this is.”
The weapon seemed to nod before she closed her eyes. He shut his eyes tightly, briefly, to keep the tears away. He breathed heavily and looked up. When he opened his eyes, they were blazing with blue fire. He snarled and let the dead weapon go. Dylan stood and tilted his head either way as ears appeared and then a tail. His costume changed and metallic claws appeared on his hands.
Fan fiction by YJTTFAN posted over a year ago
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Come little children, I’ll take thee away.
Into a land of enchantment
Come little children, the times come to play
Here in my garden of shadows.

It’s cold. I shiver in my small bunk. My muscles ach, and that faca wound is really bothering me. I shift in my cama staring at the wall, where I scratched in small lines. Every line for a person’s life I’ve taken. Shadowa says I’m doing well, but I have to stop hesitating….like Delta. But I don’t want to, I see the way she looks when she completes a kill, her eyes turn silted and she gets a wide smirk. That look scares me; I don’t want to end up like that. Shut it, Brant! You need to do this! If you can’t kill, you GET killed. I sigh and try to get some sleep, the open window isn’t helping, but I really don’t want to wake up Angelica or Shadowa, they’ll probably make me do triple night ops as punishment for being up after lights out. I sigh again and throw my face into my pillow.
Fan fiction by Obscurity98 posted over a year ago
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Skylar, Nightwing, Twan, Superboy, M’gann, and Silverwings stepped into the white corridor . They looked around, poised for an ambush or any kind of assault awaiting them. “Whoa. Guys come ‘ere. Look at this!’ Nightwing said as he noticed the picture frames. “They look so lifelike.” said Superboy. “Its says H25 under this one,” Silver replied, “is that the name of the painting or what?” Nightwing shrugged, “I don’t know. But whoever this guy is has some weird stuff in here.” Megan flinched suddenly, “Nightwing, I don’t think that these are…”
“SKYLAR! Nightwing!” Cried out Twan, interrupting M’gann, and already a few pictures away. Everyone raced over, then they paused, and stared. No one moved. What they saw would have made the JLA freeze too.
Skylar stepped progressivo, para a frente and put a hand on the frame, and whispered, “Harley?”
Megan screamed, “SKYLAR NO! THEY AREN’T PICTURES!” Suddenly the pictures eyes flashed open, pulsing black.
But it was too late.
Fan fiction by SilverWings13 posted over a year ago
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Bandit slid down the ladder and stepped back to allow Ruse to follow him. 
"Keep the link open," their leader ordered before running out of the alley.
Yes, sir, Ruse promised. He turned and sprinted out the alley in the other direction. por the time he reached the back of Wayne Tower, Saber Tooth, fogo Mutt, and Jaguar were already waiting.
"Done!" Jaguar exclaimed as the service door clicked open. 
"Shhh!" the others hissed. 
He ducke his head apologetically and moved from the mangled lock pad and held the door opened. 
Lady's first, he said, motioning inward like a doorman. Saber rolled her eyes and entered the building. The others followed closly behind with Ruse pulling the door shut behind him.
Their surroundings were pitch black- the back halls that they had entered through weren't lit after hours.
I can't see anything! Jaguar informed. 
Thank you, Captain Obvious, Saber snapped. She reached into her back pocket and pulling out a flashlight.
Fan fiction by The_Writer posted over a year ago
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Symbol of the Knight-


"Recognized, Robin. B-02."

"How did Joker get out of Arkham?! I want to know, now!"

A few younger members of the Team stumbled back in fear as the seventeen ano old Boy-Wonder stormed into the Cave. A look of murder on his face.

"Robin, whoah! What is it?"

"Out of my way M'gann! Where's Batman?!"

"Right here." the grizzly voice came. Robin rounded on the Dark Knight. "How did he get out?!"

"That's a good question. Another good pergunta would be why are you so upset?" batman replied calmly.

"Because he almost killed Batgirl!"

Stunned silence.

"Is she--"

"She's fine, Cassie." Robin sighed. "But what I want to know is why you didn't finish him once and for all! Especially after--"

Robin froze. Saying "Jason" risked their identities. Saying "Robin" confused the younger ones, and saying "Red Hood" gave away too much.
Review by EpsilonP-YJ posted over a year ago
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NAME: Epsilon
Alias: Eric
Team: Project Justice
Gender: Male
Abilities: Shape shifting
Personality: Flirt, arrogant, he hides his ‘weaker’ side (fear, sadness, empathy)
Bio: He was created in Cadmus like the other members of Project Justice. He escaped but got sprated from the others when they finally got out of the building, he cannot remember what happened to himself after he escaped. He was found in an old warehouse, knocked out. He was cold and covered in dust and dirt, like he hadn’t in moved in a long time.
Alter Egos:
He’ll often reuse old people he made up, he has several for different scenarios.
Len: Young boy, blonde blue eyes, innocent, usually used for kidnapping bait or school recons (copied from a fotografia of a dead kid in a newspaper 13 years ago)
Rin: Len in female form
Erik: older Epsilon
Victor: An 18 ano old who has ink black hair and dark brown eyes. (No one really knows who Epsilon copied him from.)
Fan fiction by ZeroYJ posted over a year ago
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Name: Jason Henry Loveton

Hero Name: (Sub) Zero

Power: He can do anything with Ice :)

Story: He was part of a group of heros called the Elemental 5 who lived in heaven and where the only people in heaven that weren't immortal. But there was an attack on heaven and the heros fought bravely trying to protect the gods but Jason died and fell down into the anjos da noite after his guarden angel when missing and fell to earth. He escaped the anjos da noite and when looking for his angel, on the way he looked for a human life and got adopted but suffers from stuttering. He is still looking fot his lost angel and has never been able to find her... :'(

Personality: Sweet and charming, a guy you can really get along with and a very Valente person, he will warm you're heart. He's the type of guy that likes music, art and storys.

Apprence: blone hair and Icey blue eyes, medium height and fit :D

Costume: Look at the pic XP

Fan fiction by ReneYJ posted over a year ago
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“Rene, wake up,” Rosie said, “wake up.”
    “Mm, do I have to?”
    “Yes, it’s 7am, and you’ve been sleeping in the infirmary for a week!” I was so tired; I didn’t want to leave Kent. Kent had been in a coma for 3 weeks, and I couldn’t leave him, not yet.
    “I brought you a suco, suco de box,” Rosie said, “and its frutas punch.” I took the suco, suco de box and put it on the side table. I went to the bathroom and changed out of my nyan cat pajamas. I put on a green long-sleeved shirt, jeans, and my black-gray combat boots. I also put on the colar Kent gave me for my birthday a couple years back. It was a gold chain with a diamond pendant. When I came back to Rosie, I grabbed my suco, suco de box, and went into the kitchen.
    “What do you want to eat?” she said, “I can make waffles, or pancakes, or French toast,” I shook my head and got an apple.
    “I’m fine, thanks,” I bit into my apple. Rosie frowned.
Fan fiction by AislingYJ posted over a year ago
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This was originally going to be a collab between me, InfinityYJ, and DeltaYJ, but we decided to go with a different idea instead. I still wanted to write this one though,! Warning: This will probably be written pretty slowly, since it’s a side project from Broken Wings, but you never know.

The scarlet flames licked at the cobblestones, soaked with blood and murky water from the recent rain. They stood, at either end of the courtyard, staring each other down, the phoenix-girl with the flames erupting from her hands at one end, the two others, terrified beyond measure, at the other. Delta gritted her teeth, preparing to attack, but Aisling held her back, and locked eyes with the girl who they once knew as Fin. Her turquoise eyes met Fin’s venemous ones, flickering between cold blue and glinting gold. Fin’s, or was it Nix’s?, long, dark hair was rippling in the wind, the streaks of gold making it seem like she herself was on fogo as the strands swirled around her form. Fin clenched her fists, and the towering flames grew even higher, forming a column that spread out and encircled Aisling and Delta. She smirked at her captives’ fear, at...
Guide by The_Writer posted over a year ago
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oi guys, The_Writer here.

Just wanted to let you know I can't publicar daily episodes anymore. (Brother fussed, I got grounded. Loving the logic).

Anyway, here is a list of what to watch from here on out (Static is on YouTube, YJ is on the internet.

Aug. 28:
Static 21
YJ 3

Aug. 29:
Static 23
YJ 4

Aug. 30:
Static 24
YJ 5

Aug. 31:
Static 25
YJ 6

Sept. 1:
Static 26
YJ 7

Sept. 2:
Static 27
YJ 8

Sept. 3:
Static 28
YJ 8

Sept. 4:
Static 29
YJ 9

Sept 5:
Static 30
YJ 10

Sept 6:
Static 31
YJ 11

Sept 7:
Static 32
YJ 12

Figure it out from there. :)

Sept 28:
Static 52

Sept 29:
Guide by The_Writer posted over a year ago
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Daily Episode

dia Thirty-Two:

Static Shock Episode 22: "Attack of the Living Brain Puppets"*
Link: link

In an effort to win the class president election, a high-school Bang Baby named Madelyn Spaulding turns almost everyone in Dakota into zombies that cannot resist her will.  

Young Justice Episode 2: "Fireworks"
Link: link

July 5: Robin, Aqualad, and Kid Flash free Superboy from Cadmus's control. When getting close to the surface, Dubbilex and the Genomorphs arrive stating that they wanted their freedom from Mark Desmond. Mark Desmond arrives and drinks the Blockbuster Formula which transforms him into Blockbuster who knocks away Guardian. When Blockbuster is defeated por Robin, Aqualad, Kid Flash, and Superboy, the Justice League arrive. When Superboy shows...
Opinion by Mclovin_69 posted over a year ago
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Name: Ryan Verbeck

Hero name: Red Clock

Age: 17

Personality: Ryan is very nice and hates to see people upset and always needs to help and make them feel better, he often gets along mais with the female side.

Powers: he has the power to show others things that happened the days back until he was born, he can also open portals ( but that involves a lot of his power so he cant usually do it often) to other times or show others pasts in mental links.

Gender: Male

Skills: he has some skills in hand to hand combat but hates using armas or swords.

Appearance: for Ryan his hair is dyed black and usually has highlights in his hair that are usually red or green, he likes to change up his hair every once in a while, his natural haircolor is blonde but he likes having black hair and he has blue eyes.

Past: Ryans past is sort of normal but he is usually known as a freak at his school because of the things he wears, and becuase of his sexuality, he is intrested in the males. He doesnt look at girls the same way other guys would because he rather gets along with females more.
Fan fiction by InfinityYJ posted over a year ago
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3 fans
She’d taken the hoverboard that Mercy had left behind in their fight. She’d disabled the trackers already, but there was a lingering feeling in her gut that they’d know she was coming anyway.
The board had an autopilot feature, so she used it, latching her feet onto the bottom. The wind whipped at her face as she passed por houses and other buildings. I’m not ready, it suddenly dawned on her why she was so queasy and unsure. She wasn’t ready to face off against the people she’d been with for months. She already thought of Dinah as an aunt, and Clark, even when he was being an ass, was like an uncle. And Bruce was a segundo father.
Even if they were clones, there was no way she would be able to do this without regrets.
My god... she thought, and closed her eyes, feeling the cool, moist air. How did this all happen? Fin lapsed into memories as she shot off and the sun set, covering the sky in laranja darkness.

Flashback: The dia Savage took over...
Fan fiction by StrayYJ posted over a year ago
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Distances are man-made. Rather she wanted it or not, she created it. Solemnly, the woman clad in black stalked  the scene: sirens blaring, whips cracking, booms echoing and a howl to set the hairs on her arms straight. Nerves began shaking uncomfortably underneath her long inhale. Exhaling uneasiness out her system, she no longer had the coração to watch the show. Sliding her goggles into places, the cat took her leap.

Heels scoffed as they beijoca, smack pavement, she tumbled progressivo, para a frente just to land back onto her feet but before she was able to execute her escape any further, this cat was caught. Picking her rather tense body up, her esmeralda irises flickered to the man before her.

"Selina." He groan as he kept his stern composure.

"Bruce," she returned simple hostility in her tone. Hips swaying to her left while her fingers curl her goggles away from her mossy glare. "Where's the Boy Wonder?" Nudging her chin to the empty side of the vigilante.

"Chasing a stray cat." batman avowed with a turn of his cape towards the roofs edge.
Guide by The_Writer posted over a year ago
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Daily Episode

dia Thirty-Three: YOUNG JUSTICE!!!!

Static Shock Episode 20: "Pop's Girlfriend"
Link: link

Virgil ran away from an officer to prevent her from searching his backpack and finding his Static costume, only to find out the officer is his dad's new girlfriend. 

Young Justice Episode 1: "Independence Day"
Link: link

July 4: After helping Batman, Aquaman, Flash, and Green Arqueiro take down Mr. Freeze, Killer Frost, Captain Cold, and Icicle Jr., Robin, Aqualad, Kid Flash, and Speedy are brought to the Hall of Justice. Speedy is disappointed that they...
Guide by InfinityYJ posted over a year ago
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*runs to avoid bombs, pitchforks, torches and angry mobs* I'M SORRY. I'M SORRY. I HAVE TOO!! They've been in my head for so long... I just.. oh god don't hurt me please. Just tell me if I should RP as one.. or both.. I really like Maddy. She's cewl. AH! OH GOD! *continues running*

Name: Maddy Chive
Alias: Riot
Age: 15
Appearance: wavy brown hair, steely blue eyes, 5’7”, normal weight, pale-ish skin
Personality: upbeat, peppy, not at all quiet, has a little bit of a trust issue
Costume: white tank top, cropped biker jaqueta with short sleeves, ripped black leggings with red patches lining it, red converse, red sunglasses and biker gloves
Civvies: (picture below) Scarf is black, boots are black, meia things are red
Abilities/Skills: Maddy has an electric violão, guitarra with different settings that when used can help her fight. It’s also extremely durable, and can act like a bo staff or axe in certain situations. Not too good at hand-to-hand.