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Guide by Red-Revenge posted over a year ago
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New Orleans


Red Revenge and Silver Wings sat at a corner mesa, tabela in the bar. They didn't speak to anyone, and no one approached Ary on fear of the Black Hero. Revenge was definitely known, even as far south as New Orleans. He was definitely respected.

He and Ary weren't there for pleasure though. After a scuffle (if you could call it that) earlier that night, Revenge had taken Silver down to a meta-human bar in New Orleans.

"I'm flattered." Ary said, her eyes still narrowed at the Black Hero. "Two kidnappings, electrocution, a rescue mission, you knock out my team mates, then take me to a bar."

"Not like I made you drink anything." Sam half-muttered.

Silver slammed her fist on his hand. "This isn't funny. What's wrong with you? Why are you like this?"

"Confidential Mission." Red Revenge replied. "One I need your help with."
Fan fiction by Hot_ShotYJ posted over a year ago
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Michael (Scud) Franz
Name: Michael (Scud) Franz
Alias: tubarão
Occupation: weapon/gunsmith of Mount Justice.

Appearance: Scud has messy medium guy length brown hair, blue eyes, he usually wears dark coloured clothing, and he occasionally likes to wear headgears including caps, bandanas and headphones.

Power: he has no power

History: Michael Franz, or Scud as he likes to go by, was born in Atlanta and raised por his father after his mother who he can no longer remember died in a car accident. Instead of showing his brilliant mind from a young age, he dropped out of school finding educational system too boring and showed mais interest in traveling and learning out on the streets.

Fun Facts:
- He gets paid por Batsey (Batman) to once in a while come to the cave to fix any problems with the Justice League technology as well as fix or build weapons for the team if asked.
- Scud’s favourite comida is pizza
- He has a funny way of talking to people because of his weird sense of humour
Fan fiction by Robin_Love posted over a year ago
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Something I wrote proving just how human Tara really is. No one get mad please.

She sat against the mountain's chest, watching the hawks soar in the air. She heard the sound of feet on gravel and dirt. Becca sat beside her. For a few minutes, the two girls just sat in silence, watching the hawks. Then Becca turned to her.
“How'd you get way out here? The base is a good hundred miles from here.”
She shrugged.
“I have my ways.”
“I uh found out what happened. That Silver was taken. That you were there. And then you were off the radar for a solid week, even when Silver came back.”
She stayed silent, watching the hawks.
“Alek told me you were pretty harsh when you left. Something about never trusting someone who might have a plan or whatever. That didn't sound like you.”
She shrugged again, brushing it off. Silence came again.
“What made you change?”
The two turned to look at each other and Becca couldn't miss the almost hard vulnerability in Tara's brown eyes.
Fan fiction by khanna266 posted over a year ago
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He had just pulled away from her as she slowly blinked not knowing what to say."Well I guess i'll see you later,"Roy said and then left the room,just after that BeastBoy entered the room,"Ari! look I just finished my present for you"he said giving it to her she pulled the ribbon loose and the box opened as she smiled,she put the box down as she held an ornament with rabbits around it,"Thank you Beastboy it's beautiful," Ari then hugged him and he turned into a rabbit himself,"Aw how adorable!"she said and petted him,he then hopped away.she was the only one there.*Beep**Beep*the alarm went off she ran to the cave as fast as she could,"What's the problem?"she asked,"I don't know but it looks like someone was messing with the computer"Nightwing anwered,"there fixed"he said in relief clapping the dust off his hands."But since your down here ari meet are new member,Daniel."he said,"Hey there"Daniel greeted Ari waved back,"He used to work with joker,so don't show any sign of trust...Yet."Nightwing informed,Ari nodded in agreement.She then left and met Roy again."Oh,Hey Roy I didn't notice you out here."she said,"Well I am,So about earlier I'm..."roy tried to finish but Ari...
Opinion by Mclovin_69 posted over a year ago
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Name: AugmentBoy

Secret ID: Rowan Heyywood

Age: 16

Appearance: he has purple hair and purple eyes and often only wears purple.

Personality: he has ADHD so do not give him coffee but he is a caring guy who is very easy going and easy to talk to. He is very talkitive and often talks with himself when hes bored ( literally lol)

Civvies: he wears usually a purple striped t camisa with black or purple jeans.

Hero outfit: he has a purple body suit on with a black mask on ( and when he multiplies the clones have a certian colour body suit)
Powers/Skills: he has the power to multiply into as many different kinds of him as possible but each multiplication takes mais power so he has his limits.

Status: single looking for someone special

Past: he was a lab experiment in cadmus that went wrong. but he wont tell people how it happened and why he let it happen.

Others: when he multiplies each different clone of him has different colours other than purple.
Fan fiction by XxKFforeverXx posted over a year ago
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Name: Alexis "Lexi" Adams
Alias: far!
-Flight (wings!)
-abnormal strength like her father,
-gained Fang diseappearing act, only when Lexi moves she's still completely invisible.
-super senses
-Can only control one element, wind. And she only uses to push herself along when she's too lazy to fly.
Past: Alexis was kidnapped at the age of 3 por the School. Only this time, it was different. Instead of keeping her in the United States, they shipped her to Germany, holding her hostage in Itex. At the age of 6, Alexis gained enough strength to break free, and setting free the other experiments along with herself.
Other: -Lexi, is a MAJOR mommy's girl.
-May look like Fang, but she acts like Devin.
-Youngest of all the kids. por 7 or 8 years.
-Easy to set off temper, but she hides it extremly well.
-She's extremly happy and cheerful.
Opinion by Mclovin_69 posted over a year ago
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Silver always wants to know whats on his mind
1: he loves it when she runs her fingers through his hair

2: he loves the way she is and how she jokes around with him

3: he loves it when she smiles at him

4: he loves the way she brushes the hair out of his face

5: he loves it when she blushes

(( i didnt make that many cause lol i dunno just a couple cuz this is the first time this has been done lol hopefully silverwings13 will have a reply to this XD lol but yeah im making a couple one shots on these two beauties <3 iand now i have to talk cause this artigo isnt long enough WALLY WALLY WALLY WALLY WALLY WALLY WALLY WALLY WALLY!!! <3 okay so Mcl out peace))
Fan fiction by BladeYJ posted over a year ago
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Welcome Home.

"Attention Maggots! We have eight new recruits, they will be going through bootcamp with you! Blade! Show 'em around!" Sarge screamed and pushed the new kiddies forward.

Blade chuckled as she viewed the look of fear that painted their faces all of them except one, a blonde boy with icy blue eyes.
She muttered,"I like a challenge," as she dropped from her bunk and walked down the narrow path, between the cama de casal hard cotted sleep areas, right up to the eight rooks. "Hey kiddies!" She said in a snarky tone.

The eight gave her a long hard glare. Fin looked at Aisling and whispered annoyed "Who does she think she is?"
"I dunno.. I don't like her." Aisling muttered back a little too loud. Her back was slammed against the hard cement walls.
"You better learn to like me, or things will get real ugly real quick." Blade glared daggers into Aisling.
"Hey! You can't do-" Mercy was interrupted por Fin's hands clasped around her mouth.
Fan fiction by khanna266 posted over a year ago
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Heres another character i'm going to create

Name:Daniel Star'gei
cassies:baggy darkblue jeans,black tee,purple baggy short sleeve jacket,and black tennies
hero outfit:Dark purple outfit like super boys but with camoflauge hoodie and without super-homem logo.
Powers:Superspeed,turns into a human torch,forcefields,and super annoying(yeah he's so
annoying that it affects the way badguys think)
Family:stepdad(whom i don't really use)
crush:He always hits on bumblebee and likes her a
lot,but knows he can't be with her.
Story:He's just an average teenager who sometimes will use his powers for his own will,and used to help the joker till he first looked at bumble bee and switched sides.He also lives with only his Stepdad becuse his momwas sick and died,and his younger sister Mary was kidnapped and never found when she was six,so Daniel has been trying to find her ever since and his dad is just lazy and good for nothing so thats why Daniel would help the Joker to get money while being a Dogsitter.
Fan fiction by Obscurity98 posted over a year ago
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Name: Genesis

Alias: Eden

Age: 10 yrs

Nicknames: Gen, Genny, Genny-la

Powers: Flight, Invulnerability, controls but cant become fogo and water.

Skills: rua fighting experience

Weapons: Two armas hidden in her camisa and pocket knife.

Harley's not clone but sister, After Lex Found her DNA, it was given to CADMUS. where they tried to re clone her, after realizing their tries were in vain, they decided on simplicity, Give Harley a sister.
They successfully created the girl, calling her Genesis.
They released her and led her to Harley.

-This is part of her bio
- Who she is will soon be revealed.
- hates super-homem and batman and Superboy
- Doesn't like Skylar nor Wolf, or Sy.
- really smart
Opinion by YJTTFAN posted over a year ago
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In one rapid movement Robin deflected the bird-a-rang, his blue eyes focused on his sister’s. His face contorted in anger, Delta’s eyes widened in fear, she could picture the manic smile and blood smear as he gouged her arms. In a rapid flurry of movements, Delta and Robin were rolling around on the ground, punching and kicking every inch of skin on the other’s bodies.
“STOP!!!” A voice screeched but the other two paid no mind and continued their fist fight, before they were both flung into the walls, por an angry Superboy. Kaldur shakily got up.
“Team, report, any injuries?” Artemis had a few scrapes from her own fingernails, and of course Delta and Robin had several bruises and they both spat blood.
“Nothing major.” Miss Martian said softly, Delta rolled her eyes thinking. ‘Speak for yourself’ as she coughed up some mais blood. Delta scanned the team again, Fin was staring at the ground, Ash hadn't moved from her anterior position, and Robin was leaning on the wall, giving apologetic glances to his little sister.
Opinion by YJTTFAN posted over a year ago
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This is a multi-part collab with me, Robinluv14, and Rachele_x. Hope you enjoy!
Her bright blue eyes shone, unlike most kids the eyes were not filled with happiness, but with tears.
“S-s-stop!” her voice shook with pain and she was struck across the face with another sharp projectile. Three figures emerged through the smoke two of them were a lot smaller than the other.
“Pathetic! You call yourself my protégé?” One spat venomously the other gave an evil cackle, the other just smirked. And another projectile sliced through the air, she barely managed to roll across the cold concrete floor and the object exploded.
“Protégé? HA she isn’t fit to be alive much less a partner!” The small one said and kicked Delta in her stomach which already had a black projectile in it. The long haired girl’s face was illuminated as two balls of fogo danced in her palm, she only wished she could unsee the malice in the other’s eyes.
Fan fiction by khanna266 posted over a year ago
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Enough about Ari before I make anymore artigos with her you should know about her mom the woman who made her able to excist.

Name:Payton Niebanck(I named her after my fave karate instuctor)

age:29(soon to be 30)(way different from my instructors age)

family:Ari,Ari's sister,Dick and Bruce in a way

looks like:Pale white skin,silky black hair,Dark brown eyes,Sleek average sized body,and her hair is mostly up in a white ribbon.

cassies:Black long skirt,white buttondown shirt,and black heels

hero outfit:white long sleeve top,longred skirt,black mask,and brown sandals w/socks

alibies:Payton and The Red priestess

powers/abilities;levitating,sorcery,Sacred archery,telekenisis,and judo

story:She one dia was walking to work when she saw a priestess dying near a deposito de lixo, lixeira and went to try and save her,but it was to late though before the priestess died she gave Payton the magic touch which gave Payton her powers and then on called herself The Red Priestess.Then when she had Ari She raised her in a shrine until Ari was 5 and then gave her to Bruce for some reason and would visit...
Opinion by ShadowYJ posted over a year ago
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Name: rápido, swift
Secret ID: April Francine Styles
Age: 14
Occupation: Former Crimanal/Heroin
Appearance: Straight long auburn hair,cobalt blue eyes, willowy.
Personality: Serious, mysterious, ferocious, and a deadly assassin. Otherwise quiet and peaceful. You would usually see her training or playing her guitar.
Powers: April has a natural telepathy link with her twin brother Cecil. She is the only one out of the two to make telepathy calls with others other than her twin por either transmitting calls to ones head or por just touching them. She also has the elemental power of air, and can even turn her body into her element. (Since she's air, she can also fly)
Civvies: Green turtle-neck sweater, black jeans, black vans.
Hero costume: Grey t-shirt, light blue wrap-around skirt, black three-quarter skinny pants, grey and black fingerless gloves, grey domino mask, black keds, and a black quiver to hold her crossbow and arrows. Her hair is tied up in a pony-tail.
Fan fiction by Robin_Love posted over a year ago
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She counted several hundred demons. Against the seven of them...She sighed and pulled out her gun. Always a good time to bring this out. She shot several. A demon came at her, changing to a dragon shape.
“You shall not live,” it hissed.
She tossed a grenade in it's mouth and walked away calmly as it erupted from the inside.
“So many say the same.”
She ran over a kicked a few off Cat.
“Thanks Tara.”
“No problem.”
The two looked around. Leah and Rachel were dealing with Amber, Erin was making fast work of the thirty demons she'd claimed, Becca was holding her own. But where's... Tara ran over to Becca and stabbed a demon in the back.
“Becca! I can't find Devin!”
The warrior looked around with worry. Her browns were swift. And suddenly became hard.
“Oh I'm going to kick his demonic-”
Tara couldn't hear the rest of the sentence, but she didn't have to. She had already guessed at what was being said when she followed Becca's line of sight. She smirked to herself, using a force field to scatter the demons farther away. Go kick his demonic ass, Becca! She laughed almost evilly,...
News by The_Writer posted over a year ago
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With the World Premiere of Divided We Fall right around the corner, I thought I should give you guys an update as to WHA to expect in the most influential book in Red Revenge history.

Release Dates

September 29th: WORLD PREMIERE!!!
"Ominous Prophecy"
"Hell On Earth"
"Loss of Life"

September 30th:
"Trapper Part 1"

October 1st:
"Trapper Part 2"

October 2nd:
"Trapper Part 3"

October 3rd:
"Trapper Part 4"

October 4th:
"Trapper Part 5"

October 5th:

October 6th:
"Blind as a Bat"


That's the schedule for the week-long marathon. After that, I'll release two or three chapters every Friday/Saturday. Divided We Fall should be concluded with the ULTIMATE cliffhanger por Thanksgiving.
Fan fiction by Robin_Love posted over a year ago
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Selene-Human form
This is mais animê inspired, so I won't use her much. But I want to see if I can pull off using her. ^-^

Name: Selene
Occupation: Vampire
Powers: speed of light, sobrenatural strength, super endurance, tolerance to weapons and attacks, skilled fighter in combat, fangs
History: Selene is a young vampire from the sobrenatural realm. She entered the human world as a test of her abilities. But Selene saw mais than just skill. She saw that humans had the ability to create and use what sources they had. She stayed for a little bit, studying them. When she was summoned back, Selene's powers were locked por a Rosario cross. Only one person can open it, a human, and she must find him/her. If Selene does not find the one able to rescue her before she turns seventeen(human years), her powers will be locked up forever.
Notes:Selene's Rosario cruz is the key to unlocking her vampire form. She is desperate to unleash it, but does not want to make enemies. Since vampiros are said to be the strongest of all creatures, Selene pushes herself beyond her capabilities. She is sincere...
Fan fiction by InfinityYJ posted over a year ago
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Heh.. don't kill me?! *dodges angry fanfic readers* Hey! This is the segundo to last part and it's the main climax with the most fight scenes! It's the longest and I wrote it quickly because I knew I had to but at least it's done, right?!?!?!
Read and comment (if you want), a little bit of fluff near the end...
:D Thanks for sticking with me, even through the not-so-well written fight scenes!!

Stepping out onto the nearly empty square before the hall, Fin winced at the echoing beijoca, smack of her boots on the concrete. Anyone in the square looked towards her, some grinning and running towards the hall to report, others running and beginning to take cover. Her arms were at her sides, and her hands were curled into tight fists, but she was almost shaking with worry. Every step that she took seemed ten times louder than it actually was, and her legs felt wobbly, and she was somewhat queasy. Fear was beginning to plague her body, as the doors opened, no recognition sequence sounding, because they were expecting her. Fin imagined her jaqueta tightening around her body, beginning to constrict her, and she felt like all the weight of the world was in her...
Fan fiction by The_Writer posted over a year ago
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Welcome back to Symbol of the Knight!!!

Last time Robin was pissed (very pissed) over the apparently heavy injuries of who he believed to be Barbara. However, when Barbara walks in the Cave, the Bats were startled to discover it wasn't she who was the wounded Batgirl. Rushing back to the Cave, they found...Artemis! So how did this happen? Chapter 1, here we come!!!

Chapter One- "Breakout"
Gotham City
22:35 EST, June 17,
Four Years after "Auld Acquaintance"
48 Hours Earlier
The cool rain turned to steam on the hot Gotham roofs. The night was dark and the faint  sound of thunder only increased the sense of dreariness and despair in the Black City. batman was on the Watchtower, Robin was taking care of something in Crime Alley, and Batgirl was out of town.
So what was a cowled head doing on the roof of a Gotham apartment? Especially one with red hair?
Batgirl looked across the rain drenched city to the faint laranja and white blur that ducked into an alleyway. A short, silent laugh rang out against the hard rain. Batgirl fired a grappling...
Fan fiction by The_Writer posted over a year ago
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So I'm taking a...different approach to this...

Don't worry! I address Cassie's fangirliness later!


*NOTE: This book takes place between Episode 6 "Bloodlines" and throughout the end of Season 2.


Dallas, Texas
17:47 CDT, March 6,

"Target fleeing!" Beetle yelled, his armor melding around him before his eyes lit in the familiar laranja glow.

"On it!" Wondergirl yelled, flying ahead of Jaimie.

"¡Dios Mío!" Beetle exclaimed. "Can we go any faster?"

Why? The suit asked. Is it essential we catch this villain first? Do you wish to interrogate him with extreme measures?

"If I say yes, will you?"

Adjusting speed.

Jaimie was flying normally one second, the seguinte he was super-speeding ahead of Cassie and M'gann.

"Woooooooohhhhhh Hoooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!" Jaimie yelled. Firefly looked behind him to see a blue blur ram into him. The villain fell to the ground.
Fan fiction by SilverWingsYJ posted over a year ago
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About half of this will not make sense to some people (because I bring in a new minor/major detail), but i really wanted to write something and this is what I got. mais info soon to follow!

This high up -20 stories at least- the wind was a freezing tendral. But, as promised por its designer, the cold whisps didn't touch my skin through the skin-tight suit that covered almost every inch of my body. From my neck to my wrists to my ankles, the black fire-resistant, bullet-proof, millimeter-thick silky armor sheilded my skin from the natural elements. Fingerless gloves covered my hands, and, as always, my mask sat in place.
Another gust of wind pushed its way past, and I was glad that I had put my hair up into its usual braid. What I was attempting was dangerous enough without having the worry of my long hair blowing into my vision. I bounced on my heels, feeling the rubber soles contract with ease. My lightweight boots, as midnight black as the rest of my suit -minus the whisps of gray that wreaved around the torso- were as light as air, would allow me to double my speed. Which I would need for this.
Fan fiction by BladeYJ posted over a year ago
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((Sorry for the long wait ;) Also this whole story so far has taken place on their birthday! Also Candice makes an appearance in this.. :))

Just A Little Girl

Dante teleported in front of Blade and stopped her. "Wanna talk about something," he said with a low tone.
"No." Blade growled.
"Come on, Kiddo!"

You never cared to hear
The other side.

Blade narrowed her eyes and her nose crinkled.
"Want to know what's wrong?! You!"

So why would you care
To keep this thing alive?

"No! You had the opportunity to help me! TO HELP ME AND KELSEY! But you and Mom just left! Look what happened! They both died! All because of [I]you[I]! I tried to forget it! But the dreams wo- no nightmares wouldn't stop! Finally I learned to ignore it and you appear and it all comes rushing back!!"
Fan fiction by Robin_Love posted over a year ago
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It was going to happen sooner or later! XD

Name: Jonathan “Jon” Adams
Alias: Zanna
Occupation: Hero; identity unknown
Powers: Flight(wings), skilled fighter, all elements, telepathic links
History: Jon was not raised in a traditional home. He was taken when he was born. He was raised in a dog engradado, caixa at the School. When he was seven, he learned he was the descendant of another experiment from the School; Fang. The “legend” of his father inspired Jon to plan his own escape. In his escape, he managed to destroy a part of the lab and steal a vial of genes they use to make Erasers. While he had never used his wings before, he had control of the simple elements. This helped him to get away. He ended up finding out where his father lived when he collapsed at the feet of an angel; Devin Grayson-Adams. She took him início and it was then that they realized who he was. Once Jon had mastered all his abilities (and Fang taught him to fight), he went into the family “business”. He became Zanna.
Fan fiction by FangYJ posted over a year ago
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OOC: Never really explained Fang's mothers death...But I also wanted the post something about 9/ yeah..

World Trade Center, North tower
8:40 A.M. 

Brendan sat in the daycare room of the North tower in the World Trade Center. Crystal was across him, playing with some other girls around her age. The sky was blue, it was a beautiful, warm September day, until tragedy struck. All the kids screamed and looked up, as there was crash and a loud explosion. 
"Get the kids out!"
"I'm sure it was just!"
"Get them out! Now!" 
Crystal scurried up and clung to her mothers leg, 
"Let go sweetheart, mommy will be right back!" Crystal let go, and held on Brendan who was already walking out of the building. 
"Go stand over there with the nice policemen!" The kids walked over and stood, Brendan, the tallest, poked his head over the cop car, watching the segundo plane collide with the South tower. He covered Crystals eyes and ears, as dead bodies hit the ground in front of cop car. 
Article by robinluv14 posted over a year ago
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WARNING-- The following interviews contain minor cussing and poor attempts at humor. You have been warned.

r14: Hello, members of FPop and related community. Because of horrible writers block on Last Hero, I’ve resorted to composição literária one-shots and other fanfictions to help cure it. I have no idea where this idea came from, but for some reason I’m conducting an interview with most of my OC’s. This is including, but not limited to:
And more. Fin likes to ‘butt in’ so she’ll probably help me do most of the asking-- (damn right I will) WILL YOU PLEASE SHUT UP?! It can get pretty interesting around here... So, yeah! Here we go! **contains spoilers**

Q’s w/Fin:
r14: Well hullo, Fin!
F: Hullo, Kir.
r14: So, being my main OC, and my first one, how is it?
F: It’s really, really annoying, actually. I’m the one with the bad past and the one who gets hurt and killed-- do you know how many times you’ve killed me in one-shots and songfics? And those were all AU, and then you just go “Oh, lalalala, I...