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Opinion by YJTTFAN posted over a year ago
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This is a multi-part collab with me, Robinluv14, and Rachele_x. Hope you enjoy!
Her bright blue eyes shone, unlike most kids the eyes were not filled with happiness, but with tears.
“S-s-stop!” her voice shook with pain and she was struck across the face with another sharp projectile. Three figures emerged through the smoke two of them were a lot smaller than the other.
“Pathetic! You call yourself my protégé?” One spat venomously the other gave an evil cackle, the other just smirked. And another projectile sliced through the air, she barely managed to roll across the cold concrete floor and the object exploded.
“Protégé? HA she isn’t fit to be alive much less a partner!” The small one said and kicked Delta in her stomach which already had a black projectile in it. The long haired girl’s face was illuminated as two balls of fogo danced in her palm, she only wished she could unsee the malice in the other’s eyes.
Fan fiction by khanna266 posted over a year ago
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Enough about Ari before I make anymore artigos with her you should know about her mom the woman who made her able to excist.

Name:Payton Niebanck(I named her after my fave karate instuctor)

age:29(soon to be 30)(way different from my instructors age)

family:Ari,Ari's sister,Dick and Bruce in a way

looks like:Pale white skin,silky black hair,Dark brown eyes,Sleek average sized body,and her hair is mostly up in a white ribbon.

cassies:Black long skirt,white buttondown shirt,and black heels

hero outfit:white long sleeve top,longred skirt,black mask,and brown sandals w/socks

alibies:Payton and The Red priestess

powers/abilities;levitating,sorcery,Sacred archery,telekenisis,and judo

story:She one dia was walking to work when she saw a priestess dying near a deposito de lixo, lixeira and went to try and save her,but it was to late though before the priestess died she gave Payton the magic touch which gave Payton her powers and then on called herself The Red Priestess.Then when she had Ari She raised her in a shrine until Ari was 5 and then gave her to Bruce for some reason and would visit...
Opinion by ShadowYJ posted over a year ago
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Name: rápido, swift
Secret ID: April Francine Styles
Age: 14
Occupation: Former Crimanal/Heroin
Appearance: Straight long auburn hair,cobalt blue eyes, willowy.
Personality: Serious, mysterious, ferocious, and a deadly assassin. Otherwise quiet and peaceful. You would usually see her training or playing her guitar.
Powers: April has a natural telepathy link with her twin brother Cecil. She is the only one out of the two to make telepathy calls with others other than her twin por either transmitting calls to ones head or por just touching them. She also has the elemental power of air, and can even turn her body into her element. (Since she's air, she can also fly)
Civvies: Green turtle-neck sweater, black jeans, black vans.
Hero costume: Grey t-shirt, light blue wrap-around skirt, black three-quarter skinny pants, grey and black fingerless gloves, grey domino mask, black keds, and a black quiver to hold her crossbow and arrows. Her hair is tied up in a pony-tail.
Fan fiction by Robin_Love posted over a year ago
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She counted several hundred demons. Against the seven of them...She sighed and pulled out her gun. Always a good time to bring this out. She shot several. A demon came at her, changing to a dragon shape.
“You shall not live,” it hissed.
She tossed a grenade in it's mouth and walked away calmly as it erupted from the inside.
“So many say the same.”
She ran over a kicked a few off Cat.
“Thanks Tara.”
“No problem.”
The two looked around. Leah and Rachel were dealing with Amber, Erin was making fast work of the thirty demons she'd claimed, Becca was holding her own. But where's... Tara ran over to Becca and stabbed a demon in the back.
“Becca! I can't find Devin!”
The warrior looked around with worry. Her browns were swift. And suddenly became hard.
“Oh I'm going to kick his demonic-”
Tara couldn't hear the rest of the sentence, but she didn't have to. She had already guessed at what was being said when she followed Becca's line of sight. She smirked to herself, using a force field to scatter the demons farther away. Go kick his demonic ass, Becca! She laughed almost evilly,...
News by The_Writer posted over a year ago
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With the World Premiere of Divided We Fall right around the corner, I thought I should give you guys an update as to WHA to expect in the most influential book in Red Revenge history.

Release Dates

September 29th: WORLD PREMIERE!!!
"Ominous Prophecy"
"Hell On Earth"
"Loss of Life"

September 30th:
"Trapper Part 1"

October 1st:
"Trapper Part 2"

October 2nd:
"Trapper Part 3"

October 3rd:
"Trapper Part 4"

October 4th:
"Trapper Part 5"

October 5th:

October 6th:
"Blind as a Bat"


That's the schedule for the week-long marathon. After that, I'll release two or three chapters every Friday/Saturday. Divided We Fall should be concluded with the ULTIMATE cliffhanger por Thanksgiving.
Fan fiction by Robin_Love posted over a year ago
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Selene-Human form
This is mais animê inspired, so I won't use her much. But I want to see if I can pull off using her. ^-^

Name: Selene
Occupation: Vampire
Powers: speed of light, sobrenatural strength, super endurance, tolerance to weapons and attacks, skilled fighter in combat, fangs
History: Selene is a young vampire from the sobrenatural realm. She entered the human world as a test of her abilities. But Selene saw mais than just skill. She saw that humans had the ability to create and use what sources they had. She stayed for a little bit, studying them. When she was summoned back, Selene's powers were locked por a Rosario cross. Only one person can open it, a human, and she must find him/her. If Selene does not find the one able to rescue her before she turns seventeen(human years), her powers will be locked up forever.
Notes:Selene's Rosario cruz is the key to unlocking her vampire form. She is desperate to unleash it, but does not want to make enemies. Since vampiros are said to be the strongest of all creatures, Selene pushes herself beyond her capabilities. She is sincere...
Fan fiction by InfinityYJ posted over a year ago
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Heh.. don't kill me?! *dodges angry fanfic readers* Hey! This is the segundo to last part and it's the main climax with the most fight scenes! It's the longest and I wrote it quickly because I knew I had to but at least it's done, right?!?!?!
Read and comment (if you want), a little bit of fluff near the end...
:D Thanks for sticking with me, even through the not-so-well written fight scenes!!

Stepping out onto the nearly empty square before the hall, Fin winced at the echoing beijoca, smack of her boots on the concrete. Anyone in the square looked towards her, some grinning and running towards the hall to report, others running and beginning to take cover. Her arms were at her sides, and her hands were curled into tight fists, but she was almost shaking with worry. Every step that she took seemed ten times louder than it actually was, and her legs felt wobbly, and she was somewhat queasy. Fear was beginning to plague her body, as the doors opened, no recognition sequence sounding, because they were expecting her. Fin imagined her jaqueta tightening around her body, beginning to constrict her, and she felt like all the weight of the world was in her...
Fan fiction by The_Writer posted over a year ago
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Welcome back to Symbol of the Knight!!!

Last time Robin was pissed (very pissed) over the apparently heavy injuries of who he believed to be Barbara. However, when Barbara walks in the Cave, the Bats were startled to discover it wasn't she who was the wounded Batgirl. Rushing back to the Cave, they found...Artemis! So how did this happen? Chapter 1, here we come!!!

Chapter One- "Breakout"
Gotham City
22:35 EST, June 17,
Four Years after "Auld Acquaintance"
48 Hours Earlier
The cool rain turned to steam on the hot Gotham roofs. The night was dark and the faint  sound of thunder only increased the sense of dreariness and despair in the Black City. batman was on the Watchtower, Robin was taking care of something in Crime Alley, and Batgirl was out of town.
So what was a cowled head doing on the roof of a Gotham apartment? Especially one with red hair?
Batgirl looked across the rain drenched city to the faint laranja and white blur that ducked into an alleyway. A short, silent laugh rang out against the hard rain. Batgirl fired a grappling...
Fan fiction by The_Writer posted over a year ago
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So I'm taking a...different approach to this...

Don't worry! I address Cassie's fangirliness later!


*NOTE: This book takes place between Episode 6 "Bloodlines" and throughout the end of Season 2.


Dallas, Texas
17:47 CDT, March 6,

"Target fleeing!" Beetle yelled, his armor melding around him before his eyes lit in the familiar laranja glow.

"On it!" Wondergirl yelled, flying ahead of Jaimie.

"¡Dios Mío!" Beetle exclaimed. "Can we go any faster?"

Why? The suit asked. Is it essential we catch this villain first? Do you wish to interrogate him with extreme measures?

"If I say yes, will you?"

Adjusting speed.

Jaimie was flying normally one second, the seguinte he was super-speeding ahead of Cassie and M'gann.

"Woooooooohhhhhh Hoooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!" Jaimie yelled. Firefly looked behind him to see a blue blur ram into him. The villain fell to the ground.
Fan fiction by SilverWingsYJ posted over a year ago
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About half of this will not make sense to some people (because I bring in a new minor/major detail), but i really wanted to write something and this is what I got. mais info soon to follow!

This high up -20 stories at least- the wind was a freezing tendral. But, as promised por its designer, the cold whisps didn't touch my skin through the skin-tight suit that covered almost every inch of my body. From my neck to my wrists to my ankles, the black fire-resistant, bullet-proof, millimeter-thick silky armor sheilded my skin from the natural elements. Fingerless gloves covered my hands, and, as always, my mask sat in place.
Another gust of wind pushed its way past, and I was glad that I had put my hair up into its usual braid. What I was attempting was dangerous enough without having the worry of my long hair blowing into my vision. I bounced on my heels, feeling the rubber soles contract with ease. My lightweight boots, as midnight black as the rest of my suit -minus the whisps of gray that wreaved around the torso- were as light as air, would allow me to double my speed. Which I would need for this.
Fan fiction by BladeYJ posted over a year ago
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((Sorry for the long wait ;) Also this whole story so far has taken place on their birthday! Also Candice makes an appearance in this.. :))

Just A Little Girl

Dante teleported in front of Blade and stopped her. "Wanna talk about something," he said with a low tone.
"No." Blade growled.
"Come on, Kiddo!"

You never cared to hear
The other side.

Blade narrowed her eyes and her nose crinkled.
"Want to know what's wrong?! You!"

So why would you care
To keep this thing alive?

"No! You had the opportunity to help me! TO HELP ME AND KELSEY! But you and Mom just left! Look what happened! They both died! All because of [I]you[I]! I tried to forget it! But the dreams wo- no nightmares wouldn't stop! Finally I learned to ignore it and you appear and it all comes rushing back!!"
Fan fiction by Robin_Love posted over a year ago
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It was going to happen sooner or later! XD

Name: Jonathan “Jon” Adams
Alias: Zanna
Occupation: Hero; identity unknown
Powers: Flight(wings), skilled fighter, all elements, telepathic links
History: Jon was not raised in a traditional home. He was taken when he was born. He was raised in a dog engradado, caixa at the School. When he was seven, he learned he was the descendant of another experiment from the School; Fang. The “legend” of his father inspired Jon to plan his own escape. In his escape, he managed to destroy a part of the lab and steal a vial of genes they use to make Erasers. While he had never used his wings before, he had control of the simple elements. This helped him to get away. He ended up finding out where his father lived when he collapsed at the feet of an angel; Devin Grayson-Adams. She took him início and it was then that they realized who he was. Once Jon had mastered all his abilities (and Fang taught him to fight), he went into the family “business”. He became Zanna.
Fan fiction by FangYJ posted over a year ago
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OOC: Never really explained Fang's mothers death...But I also wanted the post something about 9/ yeah..

World Trade Center, North tower
8:40 A.M. 

Brendan sat in the daycare room of the North tower in the World Trade Center. Crystal was across him, playing with some other girls around her age. The sky was blue, it was a beautiful, warm September day, until tragedy struck. All the kids screamed and looked up, as there was crash and a loud explosion. 
"Get the kids out!"
"I'm sure it was just!"
"Get them out! Now!" 
Crystal scurried up and clung to her mothers leg, 
"Let go sweetheart, mommy will be right back!" Crystal let go, and held on Brendan who was already walking out of the building. 
"Go stand over there with the nice policemen!" The kids walked over and stood, Brendan, the tallest, poked his head over the cop car, watching the segundo plane collide with the South tower. He covered Crystals eyes and ears, as dead bodies hit the ground in front of cop car. 
Article by robinluv14 posted over a year ago
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WARNING-- The following interviews contain minor cussing and poor attempts at humor. You have been warned.

r14: Hello, members of FPop and related community. Because of horrible writers block on Last Hero, I’ve resorted to composição literária one-shots and other fanfictions to help cure it. I have no idea where this idea came from, but for some reason I’m conducting an interview with most of my OC’s. This is including, but not limited to:
And more. Fin likes to ‘butt in’ so she’ll probably help me do most of the asking-- (damn right I will) WILL YOU PLEASE SHUT UP?! It can get pretty interesting around here... So, yeah! Here we go! **contains spoilers**

Q’s w/Fin:
r14: Well hullo, Fin!
F: Hullo, Kir.
r14: So, being my main OC, and my first one, how is it?
F: It’s really, really annoying, actually. I’m the one with the bad past and the one who gets hurt and killed-- do you know how many times you’ve killed me in one-shots and songfics? And those were all AU, and then you just go “Oh, lalalala, I...
Fan fiction by BloodyMascara_ posted over a year ago
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Song Featured: "Get Out Alive" por Three Days Grace.

Don't put your life in someone's hands
They're bound to steal it away
Don't hide your mistakes
'Cause they'll find you, burn you

Mel was laid out on the floor. Surrounded por white walls, a white ceiling over her head. She eyes slowly opened. She gasped and shot to her feet. She was outfitted in a tight, white, short hospital gown. She growled and unfolded her wings, puffing them out to intimidate. She growled deeper and louder.
"Dont be frightened." said a woman. Mel whipped around, but all she saw were the white walls.
"I am Dr. Wick, head of The Final Exam." She said, her loctation was still unknown to Mel. Dr. Wick was in a control room above the arena. Mel tucked in her wings,
"Final Exam....." She thought. She paused as the white arena turned into a rainforest.

[i]If you want to get out alive
Hold on for your life
If you want to get out alive
Fan fiction by MeridianYJ posted over a year ago
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Where i was originally born, i was royalty. Chosen immediately because my hair was white. In my tribe white hair was a rarity. And that child would become the queen or king at the earliest time possible. I became queen at the age of eight. I was wiser than i sounded. I was terrifying, yet generous. I helped and protected when ever necessary. But When my indecent occurred, and i was banished i left. And i was replaced por a new queen. A seven ano old girl with short white hair. At that time i had long white hair.
It was to grow out for however long i was ruling. Now i had to cut. It was custom. Now i cut and left my hair grow out at what ever pace i choose. But as i look at my hair and see it flow, the pain flows too. The past i had. I loved it so. But it was part of my cursed color of hair that i became who i am. but then without it now...who would i be? Would i be here? Would i have the friends i do now?
Fan fiction by MeridianYJ posted over a year ago
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My eyes are cast as a clear Silver. It helps pull the information from my target. And when my eyes glow, it only glows brighter, no need to change color. At one point my eye color showed dominance. Nothing got passed me. I saw it all.
But after i was over throw i was looked down upon. Like i was nothing. I felt hurt. Then my eyes glowed. Like a cursed child, my body levitated from the ground and i gained many gasps. And curses. I destroyed my tribe. The nation i once protected, now needed protection. And worse, from me.
I can never look into a mirror now, those eyes that pierce themselves into my soul. That make me feel my own inflicted pain. I cannot look into someones eyes and hear them say i am beautiful. Because i wont believe it.
News by The_Writer posted over a year ago
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^^Yep! Categorized it as NEWS!!!! Cause it is!!!!!

Alright loyal Young Justice Fans!!! Your wait is almost over! Not seguinte weekend, but the one after, Young Justuce Invasion resumes!!!

Alright! Try to stay as whelmed as possible! That's right! Breathe deeply! Feel the aster. Feel the aster. Good. Ready to proceed? Alright then!

So the mid-season finale "Depths" was very traumatizing! Arty dies! (No wait! Shes alive!) Kaldur killed her! Then...why are Nightwing and Aqualad having a calm conversation with Wally? Did the scarlet speedster really just smile at his girlfriend's killer? And who is this blonde chick with the pele, peles hood? Is Wally over-- IT'S ARTEMIS!!!!!!

Meanwhile aback at the Cave

Everyone is crying! Quick! Tell them she isn't dead! Uh oh. Superboy looks mad. And the JL are down there crying too?!?! Bad news Kaldur!!!

Back at Nightiwng's início town

Ooh! Pretty crystal! *Gasp!!!* Arty is going undercover!!!!! Weeeeeeee!!!!!! So feeling the ast-- HIATUS?!?!? WHA?!?!?!?
Fan fiction by MeridianYJ posted over a year ago
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Name: Meridian RoCarren

ID: Meridian

Nicknames: Meri, Dee, Iya, Reeree

Age: 16 (immortal)

Appearance: Normal height, white skin and hair, feminine body structure, eyes are almost a clear silver, Hair grows quickly so her hair length depends on the situation or her mood

Powers: Telepathy (Rivals Megan's), telekinesis, invulnerable to everything except fire, Controls the darkness and shadows, Always carries a gun and a sword with her. Her telepathy can also be used to inflict illusions, pain, and other things..(she can crush a mortal from the inside out)

Bio: Once a princess of a hidden, yet very powerful tribe for the old days, Meridian grew up around the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. She was born with white hair that instantly meant Royalty. She overthrew the current Queen, and took her place at a young age. However, many years later, another child was born with white hair. She was removed from the throne, and replaced, and after that she grew angry with her tribe. Her powers once hidden, and undetectable burst into action. Destroying half of her tribe and Nation. After the elders learned of her and...
Guide by CrazyTridentSon posted over a year ago
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Training( Add the mask for his outfit)
Name: Doyle Nathanial


Age: 16 nearly 17

Height: 6'1in.

Weight: 140lbs.

Appearance: Thanatos has black hair, but nothing is known about his facial features, because of the mask he's always wearing. He doesn't take off that mask, and he has marks on arms, an a symbol of death. His eyes, are predicted to be glowing white, from the outside of the mask, that's what you see.

Hero/Villain: Thanatos is an hero, using his sychte to take down his enemies, and his lobo with glowing red eyes. He also kills people who have wronged, and he helps the people in the cave.

Personality: Thanatos is serious, nice, strong, smart, and not easily tricked. He has his ways of doing things, and he doesn't care if you like him or not, or don't respect him. He will fight his own battle, and to go along with that, you can't and won't earn his trust easily. He is quiet, super quiet, he could sneak up on you, and slice your neck, before you knew he was there, yep that quiet. Thanatos respects other people, even if he doesn't like them, he's closed off, and nothing you will find out about him. He's also calm...
Fan fiction by khanna266 posted over a year ago
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You all have read my artigos w/ Virgo right well i'd like to make an OC about her and here it is.

Name:Ari "Niebanck" Wayne
Age:15(but just turned 16)
Crush:Roy(i've noticed that someone has taken him but i don't know what to do)
Family:Batman,Dick,her mom,and little sis
Powers:Astralprojection,sorcery,Preminitions,levitating,empath,and shapeshifting into her wolfdemon half.
hero outfit:Sky blue spagghetti srap midrift,sky blue mini skirt,black fingertipless gloves,black mini boots,and a mask like Robins.
cassies:black tanktop,blue skinnyjeans,blue long sleeved jacket,black tennishoes,locket(given to her from her brother),and black lipstick
descrição of her:Pale white skin,long brown hair,greeneyes,5"7",skinny,long arms,really long legs,and average sized chest
abilities:Sacred archery,karate,gymnastics,and highly intelligent
BG story:When she was born she was actually three years old and was already on a Ninth grade leitura level and became smarter each day.Right now she's in college and has a job as a secretary.She got her powers and was already a master at archery at age 5.She is part...
Fan fiction by Robin_Love posted over a year ago
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Her claws retracted the instant she was released. As she landed killing blows, one thought crossed her mind. I know I swore never again to kill. I'm so sorry Alex. Forgive me. She pulled her claws back in and looked around. Talia had escaped, but Serepta, Anton, Salva, and tigresa were dead. She saw Terror and he gave her a small smile. She smiled back and ran over.
“When'd you get here?” she asked.
“A few minutos ago.”
“Where's Bec?”
Cat watched in surprise as Terror gave her a sad smile and tears came to his eyes. Terror had never cried. Except with Blade. But she still was shocked.
“Becca's taking a standstill., she...”
“Oh no!”
Terror nodded and shook his head as if trying to release a bad thought.
“C'mon. There's still a war. We should help.”
Cat nodded and followed him. But in the midst of all the fighting, she had another thought. Now Becca's lost everything she ever loved.

She leaned against the wall, coração heavy and broken. [i]What I wouldn't give to change fate's design! To finally succeed of killing the evil. But at a cost! A cost I never would have...
Fan fiction by The_Writer posted over a year ago
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Red Revenge slowly walked onto the windy roof. It was familiar. His father had died here. He had hunted down his killer and almost avenged his fathers death had the NYC Police not stopped him.

It was cold, even through his suit. Colder than it should have been for late March.

The mover was sudden. Guys swarmed the roof, pointing armas at Revenge while a single cloaked figure and two smaller, female ones walked out onto the roof.

"Been a while, hasn't it?" the cloaked figure asked as the two females stood at the edge of the building.

Revenge didn't move.

The lights flickered on and everything was illuminated. Revenge counted twenty guys. All in a círculo around him. One figure was dressed as the Grim Reaper. His two female companions were dressed the same.

"Reaper." Revenge growled after a silent moment.

The man laughed wickedly. "I suppose I don't need to introduce my companions?"

News by The_Writer posted over a year ago
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Alright, hope the título got your attention. I HAVE finalized my plan (pretty much) for the Red Revenge DC Universe story. That's right, I'm almost done! Two books to go!!! Schedule:

Book 1- "Revenge or Redemption"

Book 2- "Jericho"

Book 3- "Ravage"

Book 4- "Divided We Fall"

Book 5- "Infinite"
topo, início SECRET!!!

Book 6- "What Matters?"

Book 7 (Part 1)- "Return"

Book 7 (Part 2)- "Invasion"

Book 7 (Part 3)- "War"


Alright, I know! I know! I'm an idiot! 4 + 2 = 7 is WRONG!!!! I know! But remember I said "I've got two mais to go"??? Well, I'm not composição literária Infinite. Heh heh. Nothing else to say, but details will be released in an artigo on the week after Divided We Fall concludes.
Opinion by KatRox1 posted over a year ago
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Name: Sailor Castello

Hero Name: Imagine

Age: 15

Power: Able to animate anything she draws or sees on paper por touching it with the tip of her index finger. She is also able to enter others dreamlands, and has no choice to enter her own when she sleeps.

Apperance: 5'7", blue-y eyes, purple hair (or anything that she chooses to dye it), thin-yet-exercised build

Personality: Very animated, not afraid to be herself and speak her mind, like a toned down Mercy, pretty much always smiling, very curious, loves making others smile

Civvies: Lightwashed skinny jeans, cowboy boots, white blouse, dark leather belt


Past: She never knew her father, and when she was 6, he mother was diagnosed with cancer. por age 10, her mother had passed away and Steffi decided to run away. She "disappeared", only to meet Mercy on the way. The two became friends, and now serves as a replacement on the team when Mercy travels.