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Fan fiction by InfinityYJ posted over a year ago
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BAH. I'm working on Living Remains, I swear, but I was pressured into posting this.
Rated PG-13 for gore and over-description.
Kind of AU-ish, where Nathan Stone is real and not Ryan Zucco, but not dating Fin. At all. :D

The linoleum tiles were splattered with a crimson liquid, and Dick could've sworn it was taunting him. Some of it was just aleatório splashes of coppery scented color against the pale walls, most of it was in patterns and words. Widened grins of a crazed madman were prominent, Bruce noted dutifully, but some were crude letters scribbled with a finger. Among these were "help," "pain," and "Tati," the last one jabbing at Bruce's mind. M'gann was already tearing up, fearing the worst for her little sister.
As they progressed further into the labyrinth they'd lost her in, the scenes began changing rapidly from bad to worse. The seguinte room had tarp on the floor and concrete walls that had been white-washed, then coated with thick amounts of blood and ash. There was some gold droplets near the doorway, and Conner noticed with a certain queasy feeling that these, too, smelled of copper.
Fan fiction by SilverWings13 posted over a year ago
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Aryess trudged into her room, threw her heavy backpack on the floor, and flopped facedown onto her bed. School had sucked and nothing exciting had happened in the past 24 hours. Even if it was jinxing it, the teenager wished something would just HAPPEN.
Suddenly, the door to her room was flung open. Ary didn't have the coração to jump in surprise or even react when something soft hit her head.
"SilverWings!" Alek said in a sing-song voice from the doorway. She answered with a groan into her comforter.
"Fine, be that way," her partner said, "Guess I'll just tell Blaze you aren't up for tonight." He was silent for a second, before adding, "You forgot about tonight, didn't you?"
Before he had even finished the sentence, Aryess had jumped to her feet, snatched up the travesseiro Alek had thrown at her, and chucked it at him.
"Out!" she ordered, pulling her camisa off over her head.
"Gyah!" Alek exclaimed, stumbling back and pulling the door shut behind him.
Fan fiction by InfinityYJ posted over a year ago
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Five years. Mini-Mel and grown up Kenz. :3

Fin walked into the cave, defeated, the black and yellow of her cape ruffling out from behind her. Two. Two team members in one night. And that wasn’t even the worst of it. She ignored Nightwing’s pleading calls, Longshot’s silent mutters of “It wasn’t possible.” Not even Conner’s blind rage or M’gann’s soft sobs could deter her. Not until she got to her room.
When she did manage to get there, the mask was off in an instant and Kenzie fell to her bed, silent tears beginning to stream down her face. She curled up, throwing off the luva on her left hand and fingering the small bracelet on her wrist. “Dammit, Mom. Why’d you have to go?”
“Who are you talking to?”
Kenzie jumped up and found herself face-to-face with a small, black haired toddler. “Oh, Mel...”
She couldn’t understand, she was just so tiny. A four-year old would never get the meaning of death... would she? “Where’s Aunt Nix?” piped the small child, tilting her head innocently.
Article by Hot_ShotYJ posted over a year ago
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Image credit: Adonihs
Name: Sebastienne Bellerose Moran

Alias: Hot Shot

Occupation: Assassin, professional sniper, black cinto, correia martial artist.

Appearance: Long and light brown hair but sometimes dyes it black for disguises, icy blue eyes, tall.

Personality: Loud, out going, kind, serious, can be aggressive very easily, caring, loyal.

Power: She heals but not rapidly, it is possible for her to die (obviously), and she age like normal people (also obviously) . She can also heal others as well but can’t bring them back to life.

Weapons: Rifle, two hand guns, knives, explosives.

Hero outfit: Black T shirt, black or dark brown leather jacket, black cargo pants, hair usually tied up into a pónei, pônei tail, her father’s military dog chains, black combat boots, back shoulder coldre for her rifle and thigh coldre for her armas and knives, cinto, correia with bullets all around the sides, fingerless leather gloves with holes on the knuckles, .223 bullet necklace, silver rings.
Fan fiction by FangYJ posted over a year ago
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               That's all Fang felt when he opened his eyes to blinding lights. He shifted around, noticing the cuts that were across his face, including the one that stretched from his left eye and the way down past his lips. His hair was stuck together in the back from all the blood. Fang coughed and wincing from feeling his newly cracked ribs, he looked to the right staring at a IV drip that was in his arm.
"Nyah, wha?" Fang managed to croak out.
"Don't strain yourself." A woman in a labcoat re-adjusted the restraint around Fangs wrist. 
"No no dearie. You're in Dr. Hans início in Florida." She walked over and changed the bag to a one filled with a cloudy liquid. 
"Wha' happened?"
"Well, you came here, in a rage. You were hitting things, punching people, you even threw a chair out the window." She motioned towards the window with a large hole in it. Fang stared at the IV drip. 
" a new cure, it can cure human diseases, but maybe have a slighter different effect on you."
Opinion by MidnightYJ posted over a year ago
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((Too involved in RP to change accounts))

She adjusted the small mesa, tabela mirror, watching her reflected fingers braid her hair. She wasn't really paying attention to anything, just relaxed.
“Stop worrying, will ya? You're gorgeous.”
She jumped at the voice and turned to see the fifteen-year-old soldier sitting on her window sill.
“You scared me! I didn't know you were here.”
The young warrior shrugged.
“I have that affect on people.”
“Not all people.”
She shrugged again, her foot hanging out the window, swinging against the sheer cliff drop the little house was located by.
“What are you doing here, Becca?”
Another shrug.
“Just wanted to visit. Talk. You've been off lately.”
She turned back to the little mirror and finished off her braid.
“That obvious?”
A wind blew into the room, breaking the silence. The two looked at each other.
“ know I have doubts.”
Fan fiction by The_Writer posted over a year ago
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New York City
April 24, 04:09 EST


Sam yawned and slouched down even mais in his seat.

“Sam!” azevinho, holly exclaimed.

Sam groaned and hauled himself up-right in his chair. “How much longer?” he asked, yawning again.

“Thirty minutos ago.” azevinho, holly said, glancing at her watch. “They had a storm over Hong Kong when she took off, but I don’t see—“

“She’s fine.” Sam said, placing a hand on his girlfriend’s shoulder. “Except she’s late.”

azevinho, holly sat in silence for herself. Had Sam been awake, he would’ve noticed his girlfriend fighting an inner-battle with herself.

“Sam, while we’re sitting here with nothing to do, I wanna—“

“Flight 279 Now Arriving.”

“Finally.” Sam said, standing up and stretching his limbs. He fixed his jaqueta and made sure he hadn’t been pick-pocketed before walking off to the terminal. azevinho, holly hesitated before following, biting her lip.
Fan fiction by SilverWings13 posted over a year ago
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Declan stood in place, panting from the exertion. Feeling the adrenaline drain from his vein. The men remained unconscious and unmoving.
Though it had left him with a black eye and several bruises, Declan knew the fight had been too easy.
The floor beneath his feet shuddered slightly and shifted as the train made a turn, pulling Declan from his collective trance.
Every passenger was solemnly silent, even the baby. They gave him fearful looks. But another emotion glinted there. Accusation. He had beat these men. Declan realized it did not matter to them that the thugs had come after him with every intention of taking his life.
He looked out the window and saw that they were crossing under a bridge. A glittering baía splayed out beneath them and stretched out to the Atlantic. Gotham City was barreling toward them.
There were enough witnesses to stick this crime on him. The cops would arrest him, discover who he was, then lock him up for the rest of his life. Or execute him. Then he would never be able to find the girl that looked so much like someone he had lost so long ago.
Guide by The_Writer posted over a year ago
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Name: Eronica Val Huchezon
Identity: Spectre
Age: Immortal. Somewhere around 400. (Appears 12)
Hair: Midnight black (halfway down waist) except for flamboyant blue streak over right eye.
Eyes: Left Black, Right blue
Outfit: Close-cropped shorts, bikini, trench coat, knee-high boots.
Weapons: Sword and heavy phantom chains
Attitude: Sad, dismal.
Powers: Immortality, See the future, touch-fate (sees your fate por touching you), retractable angel wings.

History: Eronica's parents were murdered por KGB officials in the 17th Century. She was raped and abused por her parents killers before being killed as well. She was sent to Earth to warn Red Revenge of his final battle. She occasionally fights with him and he feels a brotherly protection over her.
Fan fiction by CoaxochYJ posted over a year ago
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Cuz Mel needs to......"dissappear", for a (long)while.....

I stepped out of the shower, my hair dripping wet, it looked.....different..... I narrowed my eyes, and shook my head.
Its just from staring at the sun... I reasured myself. I reached for a brush, and looked down at the ground, a shiny object making me mais irritated por the second. It was my earing. I crouched down and grabbed it, it was cold.
What's up with me and finding spare change? I asked myself, I smiled and stood back up. I grabbed the brush, looking down at my earing. I looked back up, and into the mirror. I cleaned a círculo of fog off of it, so I could see my face, and now blonde hair. My jaw dropped. My eyes widened. And my face turned red with anger. I screamed with frustration, somehow, I knew it was,

"WALLY!!!!!" I screamed, coming in zeta. He fell off the couch, sending fried chicken everywhere.
Fan fiction by The_Writer posted over a year ago
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Sneak Peek Red Revenge Book 1: To Deny a Hero
Copyright 66DragonAnimations 2014/2015.


Sam was right were Rose thought he'd be: at his father's grave. She walked up as silently as possible and stayed half a dozen feet away, umbrella shielding her from the rain.

The dia was gloomy. Dark clouds once again covered New York. Sam jerked the weeds out from around his dad's grave. He could've paid someone to. He didn't have to get his suit dirty replacing the flores on the grave, but he did. No one was allowed to touch his father's grave.

Sam sat there for another moment, head facing downwards. Rose stood in respectful silence. Sam looked up at the horizon.

"The last year's been one giant thunderstorm." he stated. Rose knew he was talking to her.

"Rain symbolizes change." the girl replied.

Sam stood up and looked at the sky before turning and walking to Rose. His suit was a mess. His camisa was undone the first three buttons, his jaqueta and pants were stained with mud and his face was a mess.
Fan fiction by Robin_Love posted over a year ago
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She walked down the street, head down and shades on. It had been at least a mês since the catastrophe, since she'd been in Happy Harbor. Erin had taken off for who knows where. She had learned that the explosion that had caused their cave in had been located under Project Justice's house. The house of the clones she had helped create. All but one had ended up destroyed; Billy West. He'd been at the mountain for a few weeks, at Batman's insistence.
She knew; she'd hacked the mainframe from her laptop. She had run into a few of the team members, but hadn't said much to any of them. Not even Willow. Things hurt too much. Not just her heart, but her entire body too. She had lost a lot during that battle. She wanted to be alone. Someone bumping into her broke through her thoughts. Her shades fell off and she looked over into shaded eyes. A male.
“Sorry,” he said. “Wasn't paying attention.”
She forced a smile.
“You and me both.”
He picked up her sunglasses and handed them to her. Their hands touched briefly and she pulled back.
Fan fiction by CoaxochYJ posted over a year ago
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ITS HIM!!(Too lazy to photoshop the eyes.)
I killed Raptor, AND QUOTED AQUALAD.

Name: Jordan Hemran *UNKNOWN*

Alias: Fearfactor

Race: Full blood Vampire.

Powers: Superspeed. Superstrength(When is provided with blood).

Weaknesses: The Sun, garlic, crosses, Holy water, wooden steaks.

Appearance: 6'5 (Damn, tall, pale and handsome!) (Really, Really dark)Dark purple hair, thats in his eyes all the time. Retractable fangs. Black eyes, and the whites are black also. Muscular build. Pale skin.

Weapons: Dagger, made of material stronger than steel.

Civies: 'Stume

'Stume: Leather jacket, skinny jeans, black combat boots.

Past: Jordan lead a normal life, untill he was bitten. Being bitten when he was sixteen, he was a fledgling for almost no time at all, he bit a young girl, and ran away from home, meeting a coven, and joining. He is now 18, and getting into the buisness of evil...
Opinion by BladeYJ posted over a year ago
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[b][u] New OC Below

................ (_)
.\_____\_°_¤ ---- ¤_°_/____/
.............\ __°__ /
Fan fiction by InfinityYJ posted over a year ago
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“Maldita sea! Confío en que los gilipollas con los hechos que Slade Wilson, el hombre que ha arruinado mi vida, está en la cárcel, y lo sabes, no lo está! Y noooo, ese tipo exacto el mismo se niega a sacarme de la misión sólo porque tengo un problema personal con el culo, y ahora me tengo que quedar siendo pequeño ayudante de Slade otra vez! Odio a la vida! Odio, odio, odio, odio ODIO LA VIDA!”
Fin nearly screamed in anger, clutching her head and making hand motions to Aisling, who was watching her worriedly. “Um.. what language.. is that?”
“Spanish!” Fin snapped, clearly pissed off. Aisling was scooting away subtly just in case she did happen to explode into flames for no reason. That was the exact moment that Rex decided to walk into the room he was sharing with the two girls. “What’s this about Spanish?”
“You can’t understand it, hermano mayor! So don’t worry!” she hummed in her fake accent, sweetfully painful and laced with poison. “We were born in Switzerland! We’re not supposed to know Spanish as well as Julius or Ramona!” she snapped again and threw herself onto her bed.
Fan fiction by XxKFforeverXx posted over a year ago
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Name: Jonas Barton (unknown)
Alias: Nighthawk
Occupation:Hero (And a "pedophile" according to my friend.)
Powers/skills: Archer, specialized in Gamma Radation, and advanced technology.
Costume Black sunglasse with red lenses in them, black sleevless camisa with a red hawk in the center of that stretches from shoulder to shoulder, black pants and black combat boots with red shoelaces in them.
Past:. Besides re-uniting with his father at the age of 12, no other origins are known
-Arrows are black with red tips
-His sunglasses make Jonas aware to any imcoming threats, causing his arrows to load with the right equipment.
-Son of Hawkeye, A.K.A. Clint Barton
-No one knows who he is.

My friend triple dog dared me to say this, so, you want him? Come get him.
Nighthawk:Oh lord.
Opinion by KatRox1 posted over a year ago
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"How in hell is it back?!"

"The mais important question- how did it find us?"

"Well, it doesn't seem like we have much of a choice... but we have to get the team back together."


"We were the only ones able to stop it the first time, and we're the only ones able to stop it now."

There was a sigh, and a turn of the head to the third person in the room.

"You sent out the birds, right?"

"Everyone should be here in at least 24 hours."

"Not enough time..."

"When is there ever?"

"Don't know, but I'm sure we're going to need the entire team to make this happen."

The segundo person finally chimed back in, "You do know that I told all my Leauger friends that Maura killed you guys, right?"

"You what?"

"I don't know! It was a 'spur-of-the-moment' kind of thing!"

((Yep! Thats all I wanna share! If you guys really do want mais just say so! But this is all I'm gonna give you for now, even though I have tons more! WHEEEEE! amor ya guys!))
Fan fiction by XxKFforeverXx posted over a year ago
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Some kids stood in front of the Memorial 
"Whoa! Scott Clancy! He was White Lightning!" The kids looked down at their Justice League camisa then back up! 
"He was my hero!" The kids stood in awe 
"Why did he go into the Military? He was a super hero!"
"They needed someone to go undercover with powers like his!"
"But that blast killed him!"
"Which is why he done it! It would would've destroyed the Earth!" The kids argued back an forth, and Brendan stood and watched, a smile came to his face when kids would recognize Scotts name. He walked down the street, and slipped his hat back on.
"Dad! C'mon wait up!" Lexi ran up beside him, "Just leave why don't you!"
"I did. You know your way home." 
"Buuut, if I'd gotten kidnapped, Mom would've killed youuuu!" 
"You obviously didn't Lexi." He kept walking and Lexi walked beside side, looking around. 
"I don't want you to leave for the Military again.." She looked down and Brendan looked at her. 
Fan fiction by XxKFforeverXx posted over a year ago
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Brendan stood in his Navy uniform in silence. 
"Why....why did you do it?" He pulled off his hat, and stared at the memorial, it was a tribute to the fallen soldiers. Brendan dipped his finger in black paint, and started composição literária his friends name on the wall. They begged you not to go into this. You knew it was suicide mission, escpically with your powers. She begged you gods sake. I don't get why you did it...but I guess you made your choice. Tears slid down Brendans face I guess, you felt it was your place, to take that spot. But you brought down a evil force, a force so strong, that only you could break it. The Government will pay. They'll pay for what they put you through. I swear I'll avenge your death. Brendan wiped his hands clean and walked away. He had thirty-hours until he boarded the submarine, that's when his plan went underway. 

Anyone got any idea who sacrificed themself?
Fan fiction by Robin_Love posted over a year ago
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He looked her over, examining her scars and scrapes. There wasn't too much, except the wound in her back. He put a salve on it and wrapped it up.
“Not too tight!” Cat hissed.
He lowered her camisa and came around to face her. She had several scrapes and would end up with a scar across her cheek. Other than that, there was little other damage.
“Way to go warrior. Zero would be proud.”
Cat smiled a little and looked down at her hands.
“I heard Alex again.”
“Really? What'd he say?”
“He told me to prepare. But I don't know what.”
“Sounds like you'll be on an adventure soon.”
An instant flash of blazing light stopped all conversations. It passed within seconds, and they looked to where Becca lay with her head in Devin's lap. Cat got up and ran over, Terror close behind.
“Is she okay?” Erin asked.
“She's fine. Just regaining her strength.”
They all released a sigh of relief.
“So it's over?”
Fan fiction by Punk__Heart posted over a year ago
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Please don't shoot me

Name: Kaleb Anton

Alias: Arkana

Age: 17

Alliance: Hero

Appearance: shaggy brown hair, blue eyes, 5'10", pale skin

Personality: kind, caring, withdrawn, doesn't trust people easily, stubborn, brave

Powers: He has transformation powers that allow him to alter his appearance, martial arts, fights with a bow staff with a hidden blade

Bio: His life as a kid was normal, he went to school, he helped at his dad's shop. When he was sixteen he left his family after discovering his powers. He trained for a ano abroad before joining the team
Fan fiction by The_Writer posted over a year ago
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"Why did you not tell us?" Nightwing asked. "Why was it so important to hide the fact you and Artemis were related?"

"You didn't need to know." Revenge said. "I give out my information on a need-to-know basis."

The Black Hero grabbed the former Boy Wonder por the collar. "And my identity was NOT need to know."

Nightwing shoved Red Revenge off and started walking towards the bioship.

"You'll regret it one day, Dick!" Revenge called. Nightwing stopped. "You'll regret walking away right here and now."

Nightwing clenched his fists and walked slowly towards the bio-ship.

Out Now
only on
Opinion by ShadowYJ posted over a year ago
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My OC’s (Just so you know just to not create confusion):

Shadow-Dana Kylie Gracias
Glimmer-Phoebe Cahill
Nightingale-Lara Nightingale *Getting Updated*
Devastator - Sabrina Elizabeth rápido, swift *Getting Updated*
Spectrum - Jillian DeRocco
Swift- April Francine Styles
Aqueous- Cecil Gordon Styles
Wire- marreco, drake Dean Gray
Steel - charlotte Valerie Hale *Getting Updated*
Aura - Daniela Kristella Romanova *Coming Soon*
The Clan of Elements (Five people) *Coming Soon*
(There will be mais on the way)

These are my current OC’s just so you know. I was thinking of also RP-ing Glimmer, Wire, rápido, swift and Aqueous but I’m not sure. I’m already RPing Shadow. All the new ones I just made like Swift, Aqueous, Spectrum, Wire, and Aura are made especially for an upcoming fanfic of mine. I will be updating Nightingale, Devastator, and Steel (Even though I posted these at the same time as when Shadow was introduced, they look like they have been neglected) Plus, no one seems to be leitura my character bios, which is a shame, as people only read the popular ones and neglect others. (I mean really,...
Opinion by ShadowYJ posted over a year ago
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Name: Wire

Secret ID: marreco, drake Dean Gray

Age: 16

Occupation: Hero

Appearance: Brown untidy hair, green eyes

Personality: Funny, outgoing, people person

Powers: He has the power of controlling lighting, energy and electrical things. He could also give of electric pulses (more like shocking someone), and also throw beams of lighting energy. He also can heal very fast.

Abilities/Skills: He is very agile and fast for a regular human being. He even could dodge arrows and bullets. He is also very good in languages, knowing about 58.

Civvies: Red Nike shirt, cargo shorts and blue patim, skate shoes.

Hero Costume: Green long-sleeved shirt, black leather gloves just under the elbow (Kind of like the Batman’s but minus the three spikes at the side), Nearly faded black jeans, black converse, and black domino mask exactly like Robins.

Past: Drake’s life was pretty normal till his mom disappeared. He later learned when his retched father was taken in prison that he was in fact responsible for his moms disappearance, for he had killed her with a knife, due for his mom...
Fan fiction by SilverWings13 posted over a year ago
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Two words: Train fight!!!

Declan concentrated for a moment before he felt the familiar tingle on his skin, like freezing water rushing over him. He looked at his hand on the railing. And saw nothing but the railing.
None of the other passengers had noticed his sudden transformation; they were too preoccupied in their own little worlds of technology and small children.
The men entered at the same time and gathered in the middle, passing the now invisible boy.
They wore the same baffled expressions when they did not see their target who they knew had been in this car. And he was. They just could not see him.
Declan hooked his hand into the last man in line's mouth, earning him a yelp. He spun the him around and punched him square in the chest. The man began to fall, but the invisible boy pulled him back up por his ears, got a good grip, and flipped the man into a row of seats.
The others turned in surprise. Declan, knowing the ruse was up, made himself visible, gripped the railing for extra support and kicked the segundo man right between the legs. Then in the head.