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posted by Eclipse-YJ
Name: Ariel Saskia Monroe

Occupation: Hero and Member of the X-Men

Hero name: Bubble Blast

Age: 16

Date of Birth: 6th April 1997

Type: Mutant, Human

Nationality: American

Hair: Platinum Blonde, straight, side parting but no side fringe, and it is also really really long (to the bottom of her spine)

Eyes: Cloudy, matt royal blue

Powers and/or ability’s:
Can create orbs/bubbles of energy or out of anything natural which includes:
-Lightning and other types of weather.
-Wood, metal and diamond.
-energy force field bubbles.
-basic combat skills
-Rather Flexible body.

-Too many blows to the body.
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posted by GlitterPuff
Sorry this is a short one.

He glanced at the clock. She's supposed to be here por now... His hand reached out to grab his cup. The warmth of the coffee released the tension in his body, letting his mind relax and not worry. As soon as the sino on the bar door rang, the tension raced back when he saw her. Her red hair hair swung back and forth on her back as she went to get a drink. She turned her head to Nye and smiled. His green eyes grew tense; but he managed a wave.As she came back with a nice cold cerveja in her hand, the boys body stiffened with fear. She grabbed the chair, pulled it out; and...
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posted by Kurls_Basd
Lelisa's bio is very short but as time goes now i'll keep updating it

Name: Lelisa
Alias: fogo Slayer
Powers: Controls fire
Appearance: Red hair and eyes.
Age:18 yrs
Abilities: combat fighter.
Relations: Daughter to Alanna and younger sister to the ultra guradian (Serenity)
Attitude: devious, sarcastic
History&Past: All of Lelisa's life she has been helping her mother, Alanna, find her sister the ultra guradian, Serenity. Lelisa has never met her father since Alanna killed him. From a young age she was taught to kill and fight por her mother. As she grew up she became jealous of a sister she never met since her mother puts everything in finding the girl. Despite this she still desperately searches for Serenity for her mother sake.
Notes: Lelisa has the ability to enrich herself with flame also turning her hair into fire.
 Lelisa in her mode
Lelisa in her mode
posted by godmor
Twan walkd in the park enjoying the peace surrounding him.
Suddenly he spotted Natacha walking towards him flankt por 2 soldiers, When she reaches him she and the soldiers salute him, in reaction he returns the salute.
Comrade I have some troubling news.
Twan look at her. Watt is it natacha?
The Russian mafia chapter here is planning to kill Cadmus.
Twan lets out a soft grows and he felt an anger and rages he had not felt fore years, a feeling he though long lost. Thad basterd, Dimitri will pay fore this.
We re going to show his pattatic little mob watt happens when they mess whit my loved one's....
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 Alex AKA Distraction
Alex AKA Distraction
(well part two enjoy)

They walk in to the back of the stage and whisper in hush tones
"you know the plan so get ready" stated Alex before walking to the door heading to the stage
"well lets go brain" Ajax said jokingly before climbing onto the ceiling his black cloths blending in with the shadows
"right then pinky" Kane laughs straighting his tie and walking to cadastrar-se the other people dancing.

Hearing the signal he headed to the door....on the far end of the room so sighing he moved through the crowd
Hearing Alex cantar was strange he never thought to think of it when he accepted the mission nor...
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posted by SilverWings13
When Nic dropped his arms, Bentley nearly tripped getting to the bed. Aryess blinked several times in the bright light and looked up to her boyfriend. She grinned meekly as their eyes met for the first time in months.

Alek's struggled for air as his coração kick-started. It took a moment for his breathing to return to normal, and por then, Tara had rushed over to him and thrown her arms around his neck. She sobbed with relief into his shoulder, and he shut his eyes , wrapping his arms around her torso. 

3 months later...

"Guess this is it."
"Not necessarily," she disagreed. 
"Italy's a long way from...
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"Ugh, that girl is still confusing. Even after five years." Nye got up, holding his untouched coffee, and walked towards the door. He went back to Jennifer's place and handed her his coffee. "Here, I didn't sip any of it."

"I wouldn't have minded if you did," she said, taking it and drinking a little. "So, who did you go to meet? David? James?"

"Charlotte." Her eyes grew wide, because she knew who he was talking about.

"Why would you go to her?" She whispered.

"Because she's the only who'd be able to figure it out."

"That's not true. You could have gone to-"

"No," he interrupted. "I couldn't."...
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posted by SilverWings13
This has taken me absolutely 5ever. School and shiz, sorry! But I only need to tweek the last part, so... Epilogue, coming soon (hopefully).

Tara was slow to wake up, for her mind was fuzzy and ached from crying. As she sat up rubbing her eyes, she looked about the room she lay in. 
An canopy of laranja mesh cascaded around the cama from the frame. When she pushed the curtain aside, she was introduced to a room schemed in pêssego walls, victorian styled furniture, and dim lighting emitting from the natal light strewn across the walls. 
Tara threw off the covers and looked down at her clothes,...
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When Nye awoke, he found himself in his cama with Jennifer sitting beside him, holding his hand. She looked at him relived.

"Oh thank God," she breathed out. Nye took his hand and pushed a piece of her long dark brown hair behind her ear. She smiled at him.

"Alright," he said, shifting his position in the bed, "I need to go find some answers."

A little later in the day, Nye was racking his brain, trying hard to remember what happened in his seen future. A man? No, a girl held the gun. Was her hair brown? Or maybe it was black. But there was definitely a gun in her hand, along with some blood....
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posted by Kurls_Basd
 Akash in his mode
Akash in his mode
Name: Akash
Powers: Controls fires.
Appearance: Red hair and eyes.
Civvies: T-shirt and blue jeans and blue contact lens.
Weapons: Carries you daggers and fuse them with fire.
Age: 25 yrs.

Status: Champion of this people. Guardian and Brother-in-law to Ashley. Husband to Kaya (Ashley's sister).
Atittube: kind, caring, acts mature, a leaders attitude.
History&Past: Akash is an Inferaion, people with the same ability to control fire. At the age of 15 he claimed the name champion of this people, after that he was assign a mission to protect the Aquanason princess Kaya (Ashley's sister). When they...
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posted by Robin_Love
I really like this character and the pics fit mais than they did with Becca. And I like using these pics ^-^ Enjoy her!!!

Name: Unknown
Alias: Amara
Occupation: supervillain
Powers: she has magic and invisibility
Skills/talents: Stealth, hacking, agility, combat, sword master, tracking
Appearance: Black hair, red eyes, pale skin, and
History: She was born to a poor family in Attalin. Her parents died in a recent battle of power. She was found por the royal guards and adopted into the royal family as Becca's sister. She is a few years older than Becca and only one ano older than Willow. She was trained...
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posted by Kurls_Basd
Ashley and the young beetle stood at the mural as they both waited for her to recover from what she had saw. "You ok?" He asked, looking at her. She shook her head yes gently letting go of his arms.
"Do you know where to look of my sister?" She asked, and the boy smirk.
"Come over here." he said, moving to the table. Ashley followed, the boy when on one side of the mesa, tabela and Ashley stayed on the other. He pointed to an area that was circled off in red mark.
"How do you she's here."
"I followed her there." He replied.
"So you have a plan on rescuing Kaya?" She asked.
"Of course I do." He replied, with...
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posted by GlitterPuff
Name: Terpsichore Morison

Sex: Female

Age: 15

Appearance: Long rosa, -de-rosa hair, blue eyes, fair skin, tall, skinny, wears leitura glasses when needed

Personality: Sweet as candy, very paranoid about people (cause she thinks they’ll kill her), a little spacey, and shy around new people

Civvies: A blue tank top, gray sweater, jeggings, sport sneakers, small backpack, and an assortment of bracelets and earrings

Weapons: A handheld gun (usually in bra or her bag)

Skills: None

Powers: None

Past: Terpsichore lived in a very harsh crime filled neighborhood in New York City. Everywhere she turned, there were guns,...
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(This takes place in a possible future where Alex, Ajax and Kane divided into three sepert people.. This is also a three POV mission so expect a part two and three, maybe a forth)

"C'mon guys it'll be fun!" Insisted Alex leaning on the back of the sofa in their house
"I've told you it's a waste of my time so no" replied Kane not looking up from his book on the sofa
"I just don't want to so no" boredly spoke Ajax while carelessly throwing daggers at a dart board
"What if I get you a ano supply of chocolate milk, and I'll let you tease anyone" reasoned Alex while smirking because he knew he had...
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posted by khanna266
2 months after they got together
Ari was trying to find a present for Jaime it was there 3 mês anniversary,"(sigh) what should I get him,I can't find anything special,"she thought aloud,then it hit her,she slapped herself to the side of her head,"Of course,I need to get tickets to the big futebol game,"so she went to buy the tickets,for Jaime.
Jaime was looking for a present for Ari,then he saw a jewelry store,"maybe i could buy her something from here,"he said as he walked inside,"hello may I help you with something?" the clerk asked,"Um,yeah do you know what your best items in...
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posted by khanna266
name:Cross Stone
civvies:nothing special
hero outfit:none
weapons:iced nunchucks
powers:preminitions,puts curses on people when she learns there names,super strong
BG story:When she was born she was given her powers por an evil monk.She is japanese,but she was born in Spain.She was told that on the dia of her 18th birthday she is supposed to destroy Mars and Venus ever since she was told that she has been trying to figure out a way to stop it from happeneing.

<3<3<3<3 Hope you liked it she may seem scary but she's actually veryfriendly

ps: she is best friends with Lily.
is't that awesome!
 cruz and her pet...uhh don't know what it is
Cross and her pet...uhh don't know what it is
posted by khanna266
name:Lily Star'gei
Alias:short stuff
civvies:nothing special
hero suit:none
powers:hypnosis,white magic,andsuperspeed
BG story:she is Daniel's little sister and she is hoping to follow in his footsteps.Plus she has been taking gymnastics since she was little.

<3<3<3>3hope you liked this OC I really wanted to add alittle kid to the group.And I thought this would be the perfect idea to use as a little kid.

PS:Lily was born from a different mother so she is half russian and half German,Isn't she just the cutest thing you have ever seen.
 Lily waking up
Lily waking up
posted by Kurls_Basd
The lobo charged at full speed to the trio. They all looked at each other not knowing whether it was headed for them or was it just pasting through, but there was no time to figure that out. They separated making room for the monster. The lobo pasted but suddenly turned around. It howled and stood ground. The lobo was all black with grey eyes and a much mais fuzzy tail than other wolfs. It howled once mais moving from side to side, it stopped, stared of a bit then suddenly charged at Aisling. Aisling pulled out an Arqueiro and drew her bow, running side ways she shot at the wolf. It dodged, jumping...
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posted by Robin_Love
Here you go Alex and GlitterPuff. The one-shot with a million ocs. I also didn't really know what to do so no one get mad at me.

The ground shook to the beat, música pounding loudly though the walls. Her usual scowl in place, she sat cross-legged in a corner. She caught glimpses of Rene and Erin and Alex through the crowd. Her eyes scanned past them to the bar where Twan and Mafia sat at the bar. She saw Fang leaning against a wall, Devin at his side. Silver walked around a bit, Bloodmist at her side, head covered and concealed por a dark hood. Scott sat at a table, Cat and Mel with him. She guessed...
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posted by GlitterPuff
This is taken place ten years ahead in Nye's time stream. He is now about 25 years old, turning 26 in a few months. At the moment, he has no idea what will happen because he cannot see this far into the future, not even his own. Please, make sure he is unaware of this future. Thank you.

"Jennifer, stop trying to get me drunk."

"Come on sweetie, live a little!"

"You know why I don't." She pouts.

"Come on, just for me. Please?" He sighed.

"Fine Jenny." He grabbed the cerveja bottle she gave him and took a gulp of it. She smiled widely and clapped a little.

"Yay! Oh thank you honey!" She gave him a kiss...
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