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Fan fiction by XxKFforeverXx posted over a year ago
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Name: Jaime Adams. Or…”princess”
Alias: Valac
Powers: -Flight (wings), telepathic
Skills Sword fighting, acrobatics, hacking…..ya know, the usual.
Past: Jaime, so far….hasn’t been captured por the school when he was born. Why? Because he was born with wings. At the age of 7, Jaime was captured and they took his wings. He despises the school and tries to burn it down every chance he gets. While, trying to burn it down, Jaime was knocked unconscious and regained his wings.
Other –Called princess because he’s lazy and won’t train.
-He whines. A lot.
-Keeps throwing cards, knives, etc. in his casaco sleeves.
-Looks like Devin, acts somewhat like Fang.
-Picks on Lexi and Mel the most.
-Age is 16, Jaime stays in the 5 ano timeline. Normally he would be 11. So, he's in the YJ Invasion crew...Just, yeah. It's confusing.

I might, RP with him……I dunno.

Fan fiction by BloodyMascara_ posted over a year ago
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NOT FOR ME. MY FRIIIIEEEEND. Im posting it for him for whatever reason X3

Name: Tina Fang

Alias: Nocturne

Appearance: Black hair that reaches her hips, ivory skin, black eyes.

Civvies: Leather dress, black tights.

'Stume: Picture!

Powers: Flight. Invisibilty.

Skills: Sword skills. Lockpicking.

Info: Tina is after her arch enemy, Ren. Who killed her sister, Ivy. And in order to get to Ren's hide-out, an angel must come with her to guide and help destroy Ren, because he is too powerful to defeat por herself.

So, there you go! Your welcome angel Warrior Heart! X3
Opinion by SouthYJ posted over a year ago
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And this is my last remaining filter on my last remaining words
It’s leaving the taste of something amargo, amarga on my tongue

Blood sputtered from her mouth. Lips quivering as she peered up to the girl's limp body in the man's arms. The girl she swore to protect. There was no way he was going take Melissa's life before her own.

I’m leaving a letter full of reasons along with a line that starts to blur
Into a page that says you faded way too young

"Me..Mel..." She strained to get the words out as maroon liquid continued falling. Mel opened her esmeralda eyes, and in them Blade could see the fear behind the strength she tried to cover it with. The winged girl fell to the floor as she began to be brutally beat por the men.
Screams echoed the building. Blade struggled to her feet and began sprinting at the men ignoring all messages her body sent to her brain telling her the pain was escrutiating. She could feel it, she was so close to Mel.
Opinion by Gunfire posted over a year ago
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OOC: Sorry it took this long but i got finly inpertion agien to make a newe part, warning migt contaoin stuff disturbing fore some pepol.

Afet the misels landet the merc's line was in ruiens, they retreadet back into the city. Gunfire called his oficcers together. The mercs are back in the ciry whe can't use are atilarie if we would inocends whoud die, so we have to take the city back hous fore hous, we will take back the city. He said. but howe are we going to fluss them out they had monds to prepere. a officer said. take out the smal petrol's and send the snipers out to hunt.

A group of merc's is ptroling the street, a big car is left abandont in the rua the mercs walk up to it to chek it out, a ra sniper presses the detonater, the car ecplotes riping the limps of 10 of the merc soldiers the ramaining merc's get taking out por the sniper.

On the other side of the city gunfire and his company wher figting trouw the streets, they turnd around a cornor and saw the rua cover whit death body's, civilans shot in the head por merc's, they stood ther fore a momend looking to the bodys in disbelief, we need to keep moving, gunfire said, and they...
Fan fiction by CoaxochYJ posted over a year ago
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"Wheeeeeeeee!" I exclaimed as Fang flew me above the clouds. He held onto my hips tightly, and I stretched my arms.
"Having fun?" He asked, looking down at me.
"Much!" I yelled over the wind.
"Lets make it mais fun!" He shouted over the wind.
"Wait wh-" I started, then my eyes as he released my hips. I smirked and tucked my arms por my side, diving down beneath the cloud. I closed my eyes, snapping out my wings. I let out an oof!, it felt like my wings were being torn off. Note to self: No sudden unfurling. I opened my eyes, and swooped up, joining Fang above the clouds. Our wings stroked in union, we were just far enough, that they only brushed tips. I looked over at him, smiling like an idiot. His large wings stroking powerfully, the sun making the purple tint even mais beautiful. Wow, Im starting to scare myself here... He looked over.
"We gonna try it? Or are you gonna chicken out again?" He shouted over the deafening wind, grinning. I rolled my eyes.
Fan fiction by Robin_Love posted over a year ago
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“Give me till afternoon.”
“Tara no!”
She ignored Alek's protests, fixing her eyes on the other party in the room. He dark red eyes looked her over once.
“I'll give you till three after. Then I'll be back to collect you.”
“Come alone Kuran.”
He gave her a smile.
“I will.”
She nodded, watching as they left. Then she swiftly turned, exciting the room. Alek, Silver, Ciel, and Fang followed her; Fang for respostas mais than anything.
“Tara what are you doing?! Who was that?”
Alek moved into her path and she avoided his eyes.
“Who is he?”
“His name is Satstruiku Kuran. He is an old....accomplice of mine.”
“What's that supposed to mean?”
“It means he is someone I know.”
“I need no sympathy nor protection, Alek. He can't hurt me.”
“How do you know?”
“He's a coward of brute strength an genius. He trusts his lackeys to handle threats.”
“Why does he want you?”
Tara paused. She didn't answer for a long time. She didn't know quite how to explain without exposing herself. Finally, she spoke up.
Fan fiction by InfinityYJ posted over a year ago
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Okay, sorry for the wait.
Warnings for extreme MLP: FIM references and partial bashing. I am a pegasister. I felt as if I needed to put the show in at some point.
Haters gonna hate. :3

Fang was ready to scream, but two things kept him from doing that. One, Fang didn’t scream. He yelped, or gasped, and on some occasions even spoke louder than normal, but he never screamed. The segundo reason was that he still had a piece of tape over his mouth, and he couldn’t rip it off due to the fact his hands were tied behind his back with a piece of titanium steel rope.
The reason he was prepared to scream was because he didn’t once understand why on earth someone had invented this stupid show. It made absolutely no sense. cavalos didn’t talk, unicórnios and pegasi weren’t real, and even if they were, why was a unicorn/pegasus mix called an alicorn? And the main characters had so many problems. The purple one, Twilight or something, was a total nerd, arco iris, arco-íris Dash was over-proud, and Pinkie was just insane.
Guide by The_Writer posted over a year ago
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Fan fiction by FangYJ posted over a year ago
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I got kinda bored tonight so....yeah. 

"First one around the track wins," Brendan stared at Jaime and Lexi. "GO!" Lexi took off running with Jaime on her heels. 
"And you called Conway slow!" Lexi laughed and ran backwards. 
"C'mon Princess!*" 
"Shut up Lexi!" Jaime growled and ran faster. 
"Slow poke, slow poke!" Lexi taunted him and crossed the mark still several feet in front of her brother. She pranced around her father then left the track. Brendan sighed. 
"Seriously? You just got beat por your sister who's four years younger than you."
"Shes had mais practice!"
"That's because you skip practice." Brendan crossed his arms, "go run the track. Now, you have a minuto to get around that track or you're walking home." 
"Fine." Jaime took off running again, this time running slower than before.  Brendan cupped his hands around his mouth. 
"Hey princess! You want on that team? You've got to run faster! Your sister has a better shot than you! And she's 12!" 
Fan fiction by Obscurity98 posted over a year ago
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One ano Later: (Many are now 22, 24, 25, 26)
Clark zoomed to the cave, and dropped the Daily Planet paper on the floor in the middle of a training. Black Canary glared at Superman, she didn't need to be there at the training anymore, but today she was doing a review on all they had learned on their own. And she didn't like being interrupted, especially por a newspaper. Nightwing blocked Lagoon Boy’s attack and then picked up the paper and read out loud, “ Ex Heroine Obscurity has Been Released from Belle Reve.” The room was quite for a moment when Superboy asked, “She was released? Why?” Megan snapped at him, “Why aren't you happy? She’s your sister after all.” Superboy was about to retort when Nightwing interjected, “We are all wondering the same thing Megan. You know it. Let me read.”
Nightwing started off from the article, “Harley Mei Kent, has been released Friday 24 from Belle Reve after being convicted of murdering the Villainess Fever. She was in Belle Reve for a ano until FBI and recent vídeos from across the globes, proved that Fever, who presumed dead, was actually alive. When asked about the murder Kent said, “I knew she wasn't...
Article by CoaxochYJ posted over a year ago
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Fang backed against the wall, then kicked a Whitecoat off of him. I stabbed another, then kicked an Eraser off of him.
"You need to get. Out!" I shouted over the chaos. He shook his head.
"I'm not leaving you alone to die!"
"Yes you are!" I grabbed Fang's neck, then stopped,
"Oh no. No!" Tears streamed down my face. The prophecy.
"You are leaving. Right. NOW!" Fang shouted at me.
"I can't!" I screamed back at him, pulling away from his neck, and kicking a Whitecoat off myself.
"Mel....I cant....loose you!" His voice was solid, made of steel. mais tears streamed down my face. This was harder than I thought it would be. Loosing everything, everyone who ever cared....

I screamed, snapping up.
"Mel?" Fang asked sitting up.
"I- I- I-" I stuttered. Devin sat up, wrapping her arms around me, then Fang's strong arms were around me. I relaxed the slightest bit.
Fan fiction by FangYJ posted over a year ago
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Brendan leapt out of the submarine and stepped on the dock, his sniper threw over his shoulder. He started at the baseball stadium in front of him, then glanced at parking garages directly across from it and took off running. 

"You've got to be kidding."
"I'm serious Lexi." Jaime stared at Conway who was around five-hundred feet from him. Jaime answered the phone that was vibrating in his pocket. 
"Take him out in to the street." Brendan's voice was quiet and rough, 
"But if I do, he'll kill me!"
"He'll definitely kill you, if you stay there. Now move!" 
"Fine." Jaime took off running. "Hey Conway! Catch me if you can! 
"Get back here brat!" Conway pulled out his gun and followed him. Jaime skidded to a stop and looked around. 
"Stay still." Brendan positioned his sniper and looked through the scope. 
"Give it up kid! You're corned, it's over. Give me the phone." 
"No way!" 
"Fine, you leave me-" Conway dropped as a bullet pierced through his skull. Jaime snapped the phone shut as Jonas put a hand of his shoulder and grabbed the phone from Jaime. 
Fan fiction by Obscurity98 posted over a year ago
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“Are you sure this will work?” asked super-homem and Skylar repeatedly. batman was getting annoyed, “I’m sure.” and turned his back on the men carregando Harley in a testing tube into S.T.A.R. Labs Van. They were lucky they had sedated her, or she would have gone into a rage. She hated test tubes as much as Superboy hated Pods and monkeys. Mr. Arleta came to super-homem and batman looking at a clipboard, “We have all the data, and she’s loaded in, Wayne Corps. has donated to the cause of bringing Harley back. Quite a generous donation too. Ten thousand dollars. And the Daily Planet, has gotten many to donate too. Five grand.” super-homem and batman glanced at each other. They wanted their baby girl back.

S.T.A.R Labs:
They had her unloaded and dosed her with another sedative in case she began to stir. They had used rare Kryptonite needles to get to her. Once they wheeled her in, they look her to the lab, were neurosurgeons came up with a plan on how to actually open her Kryptonian skull, and what to do when they got it open.
Fan fiction by Robin_Love posted over a year ago
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She woke to a strange murmur, like that of a buzzing crowd. She had expected them both the night before. She hadn't been disappointed. Now she dressed for the day, slipping on her sunglasses. Making sure her weapons were in place, she opened the door. She could hear talking, an occasional shout, and a hint of growled out threat. She walked closer, this time hearing her name.
“What's going on?”
Everything stopped. All eyes were on her as she stood in the doorway.
She walked further in, heading over to Alek. He was in front of the team, looking worried rather than his usual calm exposure. She noticed another group, one definitely smaller but not to be underestimated. The leader of the small group came over to her. He took her hand, beijar it.
“It's a pleasure to see you Tara.”
His voice had the same effect on her as it did last night. Except now, her expression softened and her gaze stuck on him.
She said the strange name with an almost adoring tone, uncommon for her. Both Alek and Ciel watched with jealous gazes.
Fan fiction by XxKFforeverXx posted over a year ago
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Despite Jaime's actions in Last Resort, this shows his wild side. >:D And no, it's not Blue Beetle.

Jaime pushed past the people in the crowded hallway of his school on his way to lunch. 
"Out of my way freaks!" the most popular girl in school, Lynsey, pushed through the students. Jaime stood his ground and stood in her way, 
"Excuse me, MOVE!" 
"I don't think I will." Jaime crossed him arms. Lynsey scoffed and shooed him away. 
"I think the freak mesa, tabela is over there." She pointed to a empty mesa, tabela on the other side of the room. 
"Okay, so while you're getting std's, I'll just be over here." Jaime smirked and walked away from her. 
"Hey, don't talk to my girl that like!" a teen put his hand on Jaime's shoulder. He spun around and punched the teens face sending him through the wall. 
"Don't. Touch. Me." 
"You! My office now!" the Principle shouted at Jaime from across the cafeteria.
"Great." Jaime trudged to the principles office and plopped down in a chair. 
Opinion by Mclovin_69 posted over a year ago
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Name: unknown

Hero Name: Bloodmist

Age: 16 turning 17 soon

Appearance: he wears a pull over mask so its unknown what he looks like other than him being a well built person and is tall.

Personality: he has the habbit of sneaking up on people and is very mysterious, he has a very cocky and sarcastic attitude which often ends up pissing of certian people ( cough cough Blade)

Powers/Skills: has no powers, but has skills in sword combat and hand to hand combat. His suit often helps him with his skills, he has grappling hook wrist compartments in his suit so he can balanço from building to building, he has smoke bombs to disappear and reappear or to make an easy get away. He also always thinks before he does most of the time but still his cocky attitude or actions end up getting him in a pickle.

Civvies: Unknown

Hero Outfit/ Villian Outfit: he has a black body suit with two sword shealths on his back where he keeps his swords and he wears a black pull over mask so noone knows who he is
Opinion by ShadowYJ posted over a year ago
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Finally! Done!
Anyways-These are my OC’s, some of them are my old ones that are have been redone (Those ones have a * on the side of them) and the others are some new ones.
P.S I know. Its a lot. But its not like I'm RPing them. Its overcrowding in this place. This is just for a fanfic. (Which will come out shortly-promise!)

*Name: Steel
Secret ID: charlotte Valerie Hale
Age: 15
Occupation: Hero
Appearance: Straight long blonde hair, blue eyes, slight build.
Powers: Superhuman strength, superhuman reflexes, longer stamina, mind reader, telekinesis, flight, superhuman eyesight and superhuman hearing.
Abilities: Is good in guiding people and can control her powers really well.
Civvies: Yellow shirt, gray jeans, black high heeled boots.
Costume: Blackish blueish bodysuit, dark blue cape, and bullet-proof bracelets.
Notes: Is the half-sister of Wondergirl (Cassie Sandsparks).

*Name: Nightingale
Fan fiction by XxKFforeverXx posted over a year ago
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“You want to get out of here. Do you not?” Jeb stepped from the shadows,
“Yes, I do.” The boys’ hands sparked with electricity, his eyes glowing white.
“You’re a do gooder, no? Never seen evil nor done it?” Jeb paced around him.
“Not true, I’ve done evil.”
“But as an accident, dear boy. You see Scott, you were brought back because, well we have reasons that shouldn’t be explained.”
“I was dead for two days.”
“But you’ve been here since.”
“I couldn’t mover for most of that.” Scott crossed his arms.
“Your point?” Jeb stared.
“You wanted to make a change. Keeping me locked up in a hospital basement isn’t exactly a change.” Scott reclined the folding up chair.
“You could be in a place much worse you know.”
“Mhm.” Scott got up.
“Where are you going?!”
“Away.” Scott opened the door and walked out.

Jaime stared at the pair of keys that was directly in front of his cage. “I swear they do this to tease me.”
Fan fiction by AislingYJ posted over a year ago
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Heh. Prepare for the rushed, horribly written battle scene that probably has tons of plot holes, as usual. Whatevs it was fun! I'll try to do these a little faster, which should be easier now that I don't have that battle scene hanging over me...:P BTWs if you need a refresher, all parts are in my favorites!
A loud thunk came from the back of the bioship, and three small shapes tumbled to the floor. Brushing themselves off, the kids got up, and walked to the front, legs wobbly from having been cramped in the same position for hours straight. Luckily, the Leaguers had left the cameras on, and they crowded around the screens, which projected the battlefield from different angles. Flames licked at the ground, smoke hung in the air, and a blonde woman with a variety of armas on her persona stood across from the League, Nix at the front. It took considerable zooming in before they saw her gun fire, the bullet stream through the air in the direction of Nix’s chest.
Opinion by Mclovin_69 posted over a year ago
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He layed asleep on the sofá his eyes closed lightly and his breathing shallow and gentle. She walked in in her tight blue jeans and a tolet, violet long sleeved camisa with her combat boots and her eyes fixed on him, her lips surpressed a smile watching him. She walked over and sat across from him on the coffee mesa, tabela and gentley brushed his hair out of his face and ran her hand down his cheek, he didnt awaken from his slumber. She watched him in intrest, he looked so relaxed and defenseless as he slept, she tilted her head to the side staring at him still. Never would she see him like this when he was awake, he always had the smallest content on awareness in the glint of his eye. She didnt know if it was because of how used to of being hit or beaten the crap out of he was that he was like that, or because he was hiding something, something that hurt him a long time ago. She could always detect the smallest amount of sadness in his eyes even when he was happy. She jumped as she heard his breathing un evening and started sifting and opened his eyes slowly, he fixed his gaze up at Aryess realizing she was there. " Hey...." his voiced cracked from just waking up, she smiled " hey... "...
Fan fiction by Robin_Love posted over a year ago
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He stood before her in the complete darkness. His eyes pierced hers as she looked at him. She had expected him. She knew he would come.
“You did not come when I asked.”
“You are correct.”
He watched her, but she showed no emotion where he was concerned.
“You disobeyed me. And after all I've done.”
“You couldn't save them yet you gave me no warning.”
“You are lucky. I admire your fiery spirit.”
“Luck is not the word.”
“Quite true. Be relieved I don't harm you.”
“That's a threat.”
They stared at each other for the o espaço of several minutes. He moved closer, tilting her her chin up.
“You are most....desirable.”
“Because of my boldness?”
“Because of your beauty and passion.”
“I'll remember that.”
Two strong arms wrapped around her, pulling her back. She recognized the voice.
“Don't take lightly what you have. This one is mine.”
His voice caressed her and her head tilted back, eyes closing. His grip around her tightened. The other glared.
Fan fiction by The_Writer posted over a year ago
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“Proceed with caution.” batman said, before jumping and crashing through the glass.

“Proceed with caution, he says.” Barbara smirked. Sam grinned and held out a hand.

“Ladies first?”

Barbara smirked again before leaping and making a segundo hole in the glass. Revenge was third.

Sure enough, Joker and his goons were standing por some brewing stands. Joker turned and grinned when he saw Batman.
“Either you don’t know how to use a door, or you just like pulling glass out of your shorts. GET ‘EM!”

The clown’s goons opened fire. The two bats ducked while Revenge ran, tossed daggers, and knocked out the guards as the smoke spread. He walked over and offered Barbara a hand up.

“Try bullet-proof costumes seguinte time.” Sam smirked.

Joker’s laughs came echoing. batman and Batgirl, accompanied por Red Revenge, ran into the segundo room of the warehouse and sure enough, the Clown Prince of Crime was waiting for the three on topo, início of a tank.
Guide by The_Writer posted over a year ago
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The seguinte few books of Red Revenge may confuse some people, so I (with my professional little self) am going to try and clarify things:

Sam's father was killed in (surprise!) 2012 when Sam was (surprise!) 12. After two years of not being able to legally have vengeance, Sam (you'd never guess) donned the mask of Red Revenge and went out to kill the man who murdered his father. He was stopped por a police ambush, but the man who killed his father (later known as Reaper) was arrested, escaping judgement por faking being insane.

During a battle with muggers, a girl from Sam's school witnessed him unmasked and used this knowledge to become his "Oracle".

Revenge was a "secret" from Law Enforcement until Gremlin (electrical themed villain) forced Revenge to an act of heroism in public. The public praised him and he became to New York what batman was to Gotham.

At age 15, Alexa Lynx (Nightress or Night Hunter at the time) was abducted por escaped felon Reaper. Revenge was held back por Alexa from killing the man and again Reaper was imprisoned. Alexa turned from theft and became a hero, moving (with Sam's help) to Manhattan. The cops...
Opinion by SilverWingsYJ posted over a year ago
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Probably should have posted this 'bout 5 or 6 months ago... *shrug* No regrets!

Name: Niccollo "Nic" l Canis

Alternate: Blaze

Age: 16

Physical description: 6'2", pale skine, dark blue eyes, brown-almost-black hair

Stats: Single.

Hometown: Liverpool, England.

Personality: acts cold and commanding toward most people, doesn't like to show any emotion or weakness, a bit egotistical and flirty sometimes.

Powers: can control flames and create them; if he flames up completely he can fly.

Civvies: jeans, leather jacket, Green dia t-shirt, (his biological father's) dog tags,

Hero uniform: not really a hero, so doesn't have one.


Brith- Age 7: Dad went MIA when he was 2. Mom died of lukymia when he was 4. Raised por an abusive stepfather. Runs away after nearly killing him out or rage and desperation.

Age 8: arrives at the grand U.S. of A por boat. Recruited por the Pack and taught how to control his powers.
Fan fiction by CoaxochYJ posted over a year ago
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Fang struggled against the ducktape that bound his hands behind his back. We were in the bathroom, Fang was propped up against the wall. He looked at eleven ano old me.
"Mel! Let me go!" He shouted. I only giggled.
"Not untill I get your eyebrows!" I said, smirking, holding up the strip of cloth. His eyes widened. I giggled evily. Fang struggled even more.
"No! Dont touch my eyebrows!" He yelled, struggling, growling. I pulled the stick, half covered in sticky, hot wax, out of the bowl. Then spread it on two strips of cloth.
"Mel! Dont you dare!" He said. I giggled more, then slapped the strips of cloth on his eyebrows.
"Agh! Mel!" He shouted, his eyes wrenched shut.
"Pay back time." I muttered, ripping of the cloths, along with his eyebrows. He let out grunt, while I tossed the strips of cloth into the trash. I looked at Fang, then fell over laughing.
"You will pay..." Fang said growling. I continued to laugh.