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Fan fiction by Red-Revenge posted over a year ago
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Ask the Question

(Part 2)

The Watchtower

June 5, 11:09 EST

"Recognized, Flash. 06." Flash sped from the zeta tubes to a holo computer, typing frantically. batman raised an eyebrow, looking up from his newspaper and coffee.

"Recognized, Question. Special Access 00."

batman sat up straight and glared at Flash. The man who had walked into the torre de vigia was wearing a suit, with a blue and yellow theme to it. His trench casaco swept the floor.

"Ah, the Justice League's secret base. Where they're free to discuss their dirty little secrets."

Flash blurred over to batman and grabbed his arm, dragging him over to Question. batman growled as the hot coffee spilled on his uniform.

"Batman, my detective the Question. Question, this-"

"We've met." pergunta said.

"Ah." Flash said. "So you know him Batman?"

"Too well." the Dark Knight growled.
Fan fiction by Red-Revenge posted over a year ago
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El Paso, Texas

June 3, 12:00 CDT

"Alpha Squad! Move!"

Nightwing leaped at the soldiers somehow dodging all of the lasers that came at him and hitting them. Blue Beetle leaped into the air and fired his plasma cannon, wide dispersal, and knocked almost all of the soldiers into bushes or the upstairs window of a house.

Wondergirl was on the front lines along with Liam, Batgirl, and Nightwing. The four were taking out bad guys left and right. Cassie could see frustration growing on Vandall Savage's face as he watched his troopers get destroyed.

"Cassie!" Beetle yelled. Cassie turned around and put her wrists in a defensive position over her face. The dart fell to the ground and Deathstroke frowned, sliding his mask back down over his face.

"Batgirl! With me!" Nightwing yelled, charging at Vandall Savage, completely ignoring any troopers who didn't get in his way. Nightwing leaped at the large villain who merely swatted him aside. Batgirl managed to get some batarangs in at Savage, but she too was thrown to the side.
Fan fiction by Red-Revenge posted over a year ago
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May 7, 09:08 EST

The figure clothed in black and silver landed gently on the rooftop in a squatting position. Her capuz, capa covered her face as she stood up and looked around.


"Good, but the police spotted you, they're closing in." the voice came over her comm.

"Alright, can you get me an accident?"

"Yeah, two minutes. Can you hold out that long?"


The line cut and Alexa grinned, bending down and starting to cut into the roof of a building. She was thankful Sam had sent the electricity user to Manhattan to assist her. With the police and the baddies chasing her, things were getting tight. Especially considering she was secretly dating the detective in charge of arresting her.

As soon as the hole was cut, Nightress dropped down into the building and crept silently down two flights of stairs. She picked the lock on a door and crept into the abandoned school's biology room.
Fan fiction by Red-Revenge posted over a year ago
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Baby Sisters

(Part 2)

New York City

April 29, 18:01 EST

Sam quickly shut down the computer and hopped out of his seat. "Artemis! What're you doing here?"

"I thought I'd stop por to visit my big brother." Artemis said. "Why? Is this a bad time or-?"

"No, no!" Sam said. "It's just Holly's sister is in town and I didn't expect you to show up now."

"Double sisters, huh?" Artemis asked, walking towards the computer. "Older or younger?"

"Younger!" Sam exclaimed, shutting the computer off before Artemis could open it.

"You could've just said 'don't touch it'." Artemis said.

Sam raised an eyebrow.

"True, true."

"Holly! Where is my duffel?"

azevinho, holly sighed. "I'm never gonna get ready if you keep losing stuff!"

"Sorry! I'll crawl around and find it myself!"

azevinho, holly sighed and stood up, still fidgeting with the strap on her dress before walking out into the living room. "Your duffel?" she asked.
Fan fiction by Red-Revenge posted over a year ago
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Baby Sisters

(Part 1)

New York City

April 24, 04:09 EST

Sam yawned and slouched down even mais in his seat.

"Sam!" azevinho, holly exclaimed.

Sam groaned and hauled himself up right in his chair. "How much longer?" he asked, yawning again.

"Thirty minutos ago." azevinho, holly said, glancing at her watch. "They had a storm over Hong Kong when she took off, but I don't see—"

"She's fine." Sam said, placing a hand on his girlfriend's shoulder. "Except she's late."

azevinho, holly sat in silence for herself. Had Sam been awake, he would've noticed his girlfriend fighting an inner-battle with herself.

"Sam, while we're sitting here with nothing to do, I wanna—"

"Flight 279 Now Arriving."

"Finally." Sam said, standing up and stretching his limbs. He fixed his jaqueta and made sure he hadn't been pick-pocketed before walking off to the terminal. azevinho, holly hesitated before following, biting her lip.
Fan fiction by Red-Revenge posted over a year ago
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"What's wrong with purple?" Liam demanded.

"Nothing." Cassie said quickly, snatching the camisa from Liam. "I still think blue looks better on you."

"As you've pointed out so blatantly."

"You've been on this Team for two years and you still don't have a civilian outfit."

"Why such a fret about civvies now?"

" cant go to the pizza place with me in a skin-tight suit." Cassie said nervously.

"Who said anything about a date?" Liam asked, a sly smile on his face.

"Cassie rubbed the back of her neck nervously. "I was operating under the fake confidence you would go with me."

"Of course I'll go with you!" Liam said, slapping her playfully on the shoulder. "Besides, it is getting boring at the Cave."

Cassie smiled and tossed him the shirt, turning around. She gasped in surprise as strong arms wrapped themselves around her waist. She turned around, placing her hands on Liam's bare chest.
Fan fiction by Red-Revenge posted over a year ago
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Revenge stood on the corner of a skyscraper. The night had been uneventful so far. esmeralda was at the base trying to track down Dealer. Surprisingly, Reaper had not escaped prison yet. It surprised Red Revenge. Although Reaper had murdered his father, the man didn't know Red Revenge was Samuel Grant. His arrival always complicated things.

Revenge sighed. The last time he had faced Reaper was two years ago. It had been a small battle, hadn't even made the news. Reaper had escaped and Revenge had caught him and thrown him back. It was Page 3 in the Local section if memory served.

Red Revenge's attention was caught por a teenage girl running down the silent street. A police officer rounded the corner, chasing her. The girl ducked in an alleyway, breathing heavily. She hid behind a deposito de lixo, lixeira and watched as the police drove right past her.

Revenge dropped down, but remained in the shadows. The police were still close and the girl remained in her hiding place. Revenge couldn't see much of her. She was wearing dark jeans and a hoodie. A bright yellow and green backpack was on her back.
Fan fiction by Red-Revenge posted over a year ago
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Blind as a Bat

"All Units respond to a robbery in progress at Gotham First."

The crackle voice came over Red Revenge's com-link. It was atuação Police Commissioner James Gordon's voice. Revenge knew who he was calling: batman and his friends.

"Batman, you pick that up?" Revenge asked, picking up his radio while turning the jet towards the crime scene.

"Yes. I've got Static and Batgirl with me." batman replied. "We'll meet you there."

Revenge cut the comm and groaned at the mention of the punk from Dakota City. The kid would've driven Red Revenge over the edge of sanity months atrás had he been around that long.

Revenge set his jet to autopilot and jumped, silent rocket boosters in his feet slowing his descent enough so he wouldn't get hurt.

Police cars screeched up and Revenge turned from the shattered mural to them.


"Where's Batman?" the reply came.

Fan fiction by Red-Revenge posted over a year ago
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Trapper Part 5

Dakota City

13:47 EST, March 3,

"Batman to Static!"

"Yo, Bats!" Virgil yelled, throwing a deposito de lixo, lixeira at a group of terrorists. "I could use some help!"

"So could New York. We need you to-"

"In case you didn't grasp the picture, I'm busy dealing with a detachment of Trapper's goons. I can't help."

"The entire Justice League is trapped on the Watchtower, super-homem is offworld, and the only one who can get to New York in time besides you is Impulse. He doesn't stand a chance!"

"What about the rest of your guys? Robin? Batgirl? Huntress?"

"At the Cave. And Helena is overseas!"

Static yelled an exclamation as he fell from his flying disk and landed in a dumpster.

"Why is it always a dumpster?" he muttered.

New York City

14:23 EST, March 3,

"Suit Activating."

Revenge sighed. "About damn time." he said. Lights, his HUD, oxygen, weapons systems all came back online. Trapper thought he had killed the Black Hero, but he had really only shut down his suit for a few hours.
Guide by YJTTFAN posted over a year ago
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Alias: Red
Name: N/A
Age: Seems to be 15
Occupation: Freelancer
Personality: Mocking and cold hearted, She’ll taunt and torture her enemies. Red seems to have an infatuation of hunting down the old members of Young Justice, but she never lays any hits. No further information is known about ‘Red’
Powers: None. But seems to be very agile and fast.
Weapons: Morphing Weapon. The strange device has been seen in a gun, scythe, and a strange mix of both.
Weaknesses: She has no powers and is entirely mortal.
Background: Brant Key has stated that she is a hunter and is widely known through out the ‘shadow realm’. He has given no mais information.

Physical Appearance:
Hair: Black with red highlights
Hair Style: Short cut bob
Eye Color: Silver
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A


Video Footage of “Red” has been found and documented:
Fan fiction by InfinityYJ posted over a year ago
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A/N: Okay! This is loosely based off some youtube vídeos "11 Drunk Guys Play Slender/Hospice/Sanatorium/Slender Mod."
Warnings for pure stupidity, some cussing, and mentions of alcohol.

You ever heard that joke, 4 drunk heroes go into the forest at night, with nothing but their stupidity and a flashlight? No? Well, here’s how it went.

The dampness of the forest sent shivers down her spine. Fin glanced behind her, then back progressivo, para a frente again. seguinte to her, Eric was waving the flashlight aimlessly, letting the light hit the dark green leaves of the treetops above and the muddy road below their feet. The fence in front of them was basically begging to be climbed, but she was hesitant.
Aisling and Rowan stumbled up behind them, giggling, but when they saw the fence, they stopped. Aisling edged closer. “Woah, man... woah...” she mumbled. “It’s the fence! Fin! The f-fence!”
“Wh-” Rowan paused to hiccup. “What fence?”
“We, uh, we should climb it... the uhm... the fence!” Eric shouted.
Fan fiction by CoaxochYJ posted over a year ago
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I got borrrrred! So I'm writing this! Not sure how long this shall continue...

Lexi, even though she was little, had a devious little mind. She had buttered the floor, making it slippery. She took a quarter out of her pocket, and slid it across the floor, it slid across perfectly. She smirked, this was a good prank, and maybe she would earn the title of, "Prank Master". This would be great...

Jaime rubbed his eyes groggily, and stepped--scratch that--slipped into the kitchen. He slid, and clumsily fell onto his rear. Lexi was giggling madly, sitting on the counter. Jaime winced, then looked up at the devious little seven-year-old.


Mel had a speaker system Robin had tweaked, making it louder than gunfire close ranged. She pushed the disk into the slot, restraining the giggling madness she had inside. They were set up in Fang and Devin's room. She would have to make she her mom wasn't in there at the same time as her father. She doesn't want to prank her MOM!
Opinion by ShadowYJ posted over a year ago
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Part 3:
“So, Dana, How did Mockingbird and you meet?”
Robin and Shadow were outside practicing throwing ring-dings and batarangs on a dart-board which was used for practicing archery. Even though Robin was mais experienced than Shadow, they were both of equal ability in most things and so far they were both tied.
“Well”, Shadow started, throwing a batarang which hit spot on in the middle. “You remember Barbara Gordon leitura out the schools news and announced there will be two students one in freshman ano and junior year?”
“Yah,” Robin said, recalling the image of the cute freshman red headed chick leitura out the schools headlines at the screen in homeroom. He threw a ring ding towards the dartboard, which just slightly missed the middle.
“Well one of them was Mockingbird, you know Felice. Which is funny since I just ran into her around the beginning of homeroom.”
Shadow slid three ring-dings between her fingers and aimed them at the board. Two went nicely though the third one missed and accidentally cut a branch of the árvore above them.
Fan fiction by CoaxochYJ posted over a year ago
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I know! I know! You're tired of one~shots about Mel. My little trooper. But I had to, so you'll live.

I peeled myself from the wall, which now had a Mel-shaped dent in it. I giggled and continued running around the cave. Katana giggled and joined me. We took turns rolling around on the floor, and atuação like crazy, Mercy-clones. What? Mercy is aleatório and I amor her for that! Fang entered the room. He looked at me, then Katana, then the Mel-shaped dent in the wall. I giggled, the thought of Katana thinking he was a she was hilarious. But, then again, she thought everyone was a girl. Fang stared at me. I decided to be annoying, I launched myself into Fang, jumping up, landing with my heels in his chest, sending him flying backwards. Fang's eyes widened, and he slammed against the wall, while I flipped backwards, Katana holding her hands above her head. I did a handstand for a dividido, dividir segundo on hers, and flipped onto the couch.
"MEL! I swear if I wouldn't get in trouble for it, I would beat you to death..." He grumbled, pushing himself off the wall. My eyes widened.
Opinion by ShadowYJ posted over a year ago
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Part 2:
Spectrum was in her room in Mount Justice. She had sheets of metal around her room and was testing her powers. Now she was trying to see if the Spark could actually cut through the metal than foca, selo it off back again. She didn’t know why she was doing this. Even Ms Martian when walking past asked her frequently but the only reason she was doing this was because it helped her stay focused, and she also did a neat job on topo, início of it.
She closed her eyes and raised her hand. She could feel the heat in her coração flowing through her left hand. Peeking under her lashes she saw a multi coloured glow just flickering from her fingertips. She pressed the metal and pushing with her mind the light cut through the metal, making a screeching noise.The piece fell back with a clatter.
Great. Neat cut. Another check on that list of “Well doings”. Now she just had to foca, selo it back.
Picking up the piece she placed it in the exact same spot where it used to be and outlined the cut around the metal, heating it in place with her burning fingers. She was just about to finish the last proportion at the end when a loud scream filled the mountain.
Guide by Blitz359 posted over a year ago
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[A/N] Um....hello. I'm new to the club. The reason I'm doing this mostly is because one of my good IRL friends, who you know as SilverWings13 / SilverWingsYJ, kind of....well....persuaded me to do this to RP. She can be very convincing at times. I mean, she's the reason I even got into Young Justice, which is one of my few favorito shows.

Anyway, here it is. Oh, if this is similar to someone else's OC, then I apologize. If you want, I'll take this down and we never have to speak of this again, 'cause I'm that type of person :P.

Name: Richi Devilin

Alias: Hell Apostle

Age: 16

Skin Color: Almost peach, but a little pale

Eye color: Left eye is bright gold, Right eye is a dark brown.

Hair: Blonde. Very messy, but occasionally straightens it.

Civvies (As SilverWings13 told me to say): White hoodie with a light grey camisa underneath. Black jeans. colar with a picture inside.

Fan fiction by AislingYJ posted over a year ago
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Okay, I was bored and didn’t feel like sleeping, so I wrote this. This is dedicated to all the couples out there, which is why I don’t actually use names, instead using a generic “he” and “she”. Warning: may have some slightly graphic content (by that I mean blood, death, et cetera) and extreme sob factor (if ya know what I mean). :P
This world will never be what I expected
And if I don't belong who would have guessed it...
The darkness weighed down on her shoulders, all in itself a tangible thing that pressed its massive self upon her. She strained her eyes, struggling to make out the subtle outlines in the gloom, as fear and panic made her coração leap out of her chest. She groped around, hoping something soft would touch her fingertips, even knowing that nothing would. She felt liquid, warm and sticky, casaco her hands, and she choked down the tears that were rising in her throat. Where was he?

[i]No one will ever see this side reflected
Guide by The_Writer posted over a year ago
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NEW OCs!!!!

Name: Alexa Veda
Code Name: N/E
Race: Caucasian
Age: 16
Hair/Eye Color: Black/Blue
Height/Weight: 5' 4"/121 lb.
Civilian Clothes: Black tank-top/ dark jeans, jaqueta OR black mini skirt, midnight blue top.
Hero Uniform: tatuagens on face glow white when willed or powers are in use to disguise Identity. Dark blue, form-fitting, sleeveless dress that reaches knees. Hair Band.
Superpowers: Control over mystical arts, specifically water and air. fogo if powers stretched. Scout of The Gang

Name: John Delegos
Code Name: Hammer
Race: African
Age: 18
Hair/Eye Color: Black/Black
Height/Weight: 6' 3"/257 lb.
Civilian Clothes: Brown shirt, jeans.
Hero Uniform: Black muscle shirt, black sweatpants. Black headband and war paint.
Superpowers: No meta powers, very masculine and can lift heavy weights. Mostly the brains and armas of The Gang.
Fan fiction by Robin_Love posted over a year ago
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“What do you mean I can't go?!”
“I mean you will not go.”
“But mom that's not-”
“It's final Mel.”
The young teen screamed in frustration.
“Why not?”
“Because I don't think you should. You're a young girl.”
“Ugh! You're ruining my life!”
Mel flew off angrily. Devin waited till she heard the door slam before rubbing the headache that was coming on. Her daughter was a handful but Devin was okay with it. She walked into the kitchen, grabbing a few herbs and warming some water. She closed her eyes and crushed a few herbs, chanting some weird language. She waited for just a minuto before she heard another frustrated scream. Mel came storming out as Devin finished putting the chá leaves in the now boiling water.
“You encantada my wings again?!”
“Yes. I told you. You're not going out with Ciel. Trouble will be had and I refuse to let you go.”
“Dad would let me go!”
Devin looked over to Mel. She knew she was right. Fang would have let her go. But because Mel would had tried to sneak away without telling them where she was going.
Opinion by Mclovin_69 posted over a year ago
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Name: Milton Khaners

Alias: Conscience

Age: 15

Appearance: he has kind of curly and wavy brown hair and crystal blue eyes.

Powers/Skills: he has the ability to read others problems and feelings and can talk to people in their minds helping them out, hes basically like your conscience and like a fortune cookie XD. Hes a very good conselhos giver.

Civvies: he wears beige cargo pants and a green sweater with a snapback hat.

Personality: he is a very quiet and shy person ( especially around girls ) he is mais on a bit of the nerdy side and smart side.

Past: unknown.

Opinion by DanteYJ posted over a year ago
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Dear Every-OC-And-RPer-Out-There-In-This-Club,


>;D did I have you going? Did the título trick you? No? -_-

LOL! Anyway!

I want to thank you, for all of the artigos and awesome memories you have made. All of you are awesome people and deserve to be awarded THE-AWESOME-AWARD! This goes FOR EVERYONE! ^-^ I amor the artigos you guys post! I want you peoplez of the world to know I READ EVERY ONE! Even if I'm too lazy to comment... :P
This is really aleatório and stupid but people do hate on us and I thought it's time for some appreciation. EVERYONE FROM.... *thinking* Robin_Love to TheWriter to Silver to Catz to Dogz to I'm just rambling at this moment and ectectect. (and all of your OC's of course) *squints eyes and smiles* You earthings.. ahh you people are so awesome!

I just realized also how this sounds like a toodle-loo (goodbye) letter or whatever BUT IT AINT HOMEBISQUIX! I AINT LEAVIN THAT E-Z! So thank Y'all! I admit too, that I'm not the nicest and there have been problemamoez with me and other people in this club! AND TO YOU I SSAY I LOVEEE YOU...
Fan fiction by The_Writer posted over a year ago
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Trapper Part 4

Trapper busted open the door to his warehouse and hauled esmeralda in.

"You have what I want?" he yelled into the darkness.

The lights in the warehouse ticked on, one-by-one until a dark, female silhouette could be seen on the balcony of the segundo story.

"Yes." she said, tossing him a bag and walking down he stairs. esmeralda sucked in her breath quietly as she saw Nightingale emerge from the shadows.

The villainess was clothed in a dark, baggy T-shirt and jeans. Even out of her form-fitting outfit, she was beautiful. esmeralda struggled against her guards, who had already handcuffed her hands and feet, then handcuffed the handcuffs together.

"Nice catch." Lexi said, walking over to Emerald. She grabbed her hair and yanked it up so esmeralda was forced to look at her. "Revenge's girl. How'd you get away?"

"It's war. I did what I had to do." Trapper said, walking over to an ammunitions table.
Fan fiction by The_Writer posted over a year ago
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Trapper Part 3

2 Months Later...

Explosions rocked through the city. People ran and screamed as cars flipped over themselves, spraying shrapnel into buildings, people, other vehicles.

esmeralda grappled through the city, crashing into a car with her feet and somehow prevented it from landing on a mother and her child, redirecting the object with her weight. The mother ran off without thanking the blonde heroine. esmeralda looked around. With all the explosions and guns, she had moved to a full body suit.

While it wasn't Revenge's, it was still Kevlar with sewn in bullet/stab resistant armor. Her costume design was slightly different. The topo, início was closed off, not revealing as much of her chest. Her legs were entirely covered with an intricate design of black weaving. Sleeves and gloves provided extra protection as well as firepower. Black and green were her primary colors, and for the ripening mês of March, she had taken to sporting a dark trench casaco that only added to the beauty of the outfit.
Fan fiction by The_Writer posted over a year ago
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Scene 2:
"You are a good man." Barbara said once more, firmly. 

"Thanks, Babs." Sam said softly, looking into the red-head's blue eyes. Barbara returned the gaze. Sam leaned progressivo, para a frente and brushed a strand of hair put of her face. "You are one of the best people I have eve met in my life." Sam said softly. "I'm glad we're friends Barbara."

The red-haired girl smiled and leaned forward, pressing her lips slightly to Sam's. Sam reached one hand into her fiery hair and pulled her closer, deepening the kiss before breaking off and standing up. "We tried this before. It didn't work out." 

"Yeah..." Barbara said, looking to the side. "Sorry."

"Me too." Sam said, slipping on his mask and jumping from the window.

Barbara took a deep breath and about a full sixty segundos before returning to her computer.
Fan fiction by The_Writer posted over a year ago
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This is the latest chapter in a story called The Speed and the Archer on This is NOT mine. Enjoy

One day

oi everyone! Here's another one =-] and it was requested por YJ-Lover. Please review, send prompts, and Enjoy!

"We made it out," Artemis laughed lightly as she kissed Kaldur on the cheek. He held Artemis' hand and gave it a squeeze. Kaldur looked tired and worn out as did Artemis.

"Yes," Kaldur smiled. "We did together. It has been a long four months. I am glad we are both home." Artemis smiled back.

Artemis pulled back and let Raquel hug Kaldur, tears of joy or surprise still streaming down her eyes. She then turned to Dick who was talking to Robin. She tapped his shoulder and smiled as he turned around.

Before he could say anything stupid or sexual, Artemis wrapped her arms around Dick's neck. She hugged him tightly as he wrapped his arms around her waist. "Thank you, Nightwing," She smiled as she pulled back. "For watching my back."