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Fan fiction by FangYJ posted over a year ago
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Look at dat.

Name: Unknown.
Alias:: Cadaver.
Occupation: VILLIAN!
Powers: None! But has sword skills, marksmen and all that good junk.
Past: Cadaver is a clone of Fang......that is all. Created to set and destroy the Adams family...Mr. Clone doesn't take no for an answer and won't let anyone get in his way. Even if it means taking his own life.
Other: Easy to set off temper.
-Really isn't afraid of anything...
-Looks EXACTLY like Fang, acts different.
-Has a thing for Ciel..this should be fun.

THAT, is all :3
Fan fiction by Blitz359 posted over a year ago
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They left as the sun set in the horizon. Careful not to wake the others, Richi, Aryess, Nic, and Alek quietly left the hotel to finish the long adventure. Traveling across half of the city, none of them spoke a word the whole way through. Finally reaching the Itexicon building, Nic led them into the building from the rooftop. "You'd think they'd have better security..." muttered Richi, obviously suspicious of how easy it was to enter. After finding the stairs down, the 4 carefully climbed down the steps, floor por floor, until they stopped at the 10th floor, where the stairs were barricaded. Seeing no other exit, they entered the room beyond the door and stopped for a moment to observe their surroundings.
"It's a nuclear power plant." noted Richi after a couple of segundos of silence. The other three looked at him, complete disbelief written on their faces. "How can you tell?" asked Alek. "It's because...." Richi stopped to think at how he came to that conclusion. " I.... I have no clue." At that moment, the lights went out, and a scuffle was heard. Before Alek could put on his night-vision goggles, he was slugged multiple times in the face, and could do nothing as he was...
Guide by InfinityYJ posted over a year ago
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Raven and I made this little precious I call him my precious because he is my precious and yayyyyy... hehe...

Name: Barrette James Andreevich
Alias: Mad Emotion
Age: 15
Appearance: wavy red hair, yellow-green eyes, bronze wings, pale, tall and thin
Powers: flight, can feel other peoples emotions por touching their hands
Personality: Cocky, lovable, tenderhearted, a little crazy and is totally up for fun
Civvies: Leather jacket, blue tee-shirt, jeans, sneakers.
Hero 'stume: Black body armor with red highlights, black combat boots.
Bio: feto, samambaia and Nikita's son from the future. After the death of his mother shortly after his first mês of life, he was kidnapped por the School. Once he escaped at age thirteen, he found his father again, and joined the hero industry. He came back in time to prevent the death of his mother.

RP? No RP? Merh don't care.
Fan fiction by HarmonianYJ posted over a year ago
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Chapter Two.
"A Feather is Plucked"

A few years in the future, a lead was picked up por the FBI. It was a topo, início secret file, until someone tapped into their database. New suspects arose, and the case was permanently stripped off of every tape, news report, cell phone camera. They even went to lengths so grand as to brainwash it from the officers on the case. The files, however, were taken from the database por a tick planted deep in the system. Investigation was canceled, due to the disappearance of young man -and survivor of an unknown mass murderer- Ciel Norrian.

"We've lost all communication."
"No, it's not, apparently." Elizabeth looked at Jaime.
"He wouldn't just leave like that."
"Yes. He would."

Ciel climbed down into the submarine, the smell of alcohol and pot filled the air. He was outfitted in a white tank-top, and green cargo pants. He shivered, then sat in the corner. He stuck out, considering the rest had high and tight haircuts. His hair was shaggy, and his eyes practically glowed. He watched the men cuss, take swigs of whiskey, and even start a mosh pit as Immortal...
Fan fiction by Robin_Love posted over a year ago
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Sleeping Devin ^-^
Hello everyone! This is your daily dose of crazy via artigo from you leader, R_L!!!! I hope you all enjoy this! Today, I'm interviewing everyone's favorito Angel; Devin Grayson-Addams. Say hello Devin~!

Greetings fellow heroes.

Take me to your leader!


Oh dear.

Anyway, Devin you are here to answer perguntas some of your fãs asked! Are you ready?

I will be as honest as I can.

Good! This first pergunta is from SilverWings13. Silver asks, “If you could dye your wings ANY color, what color would it be?”

Hmmm....good question. Most people assume my favorito as cores are rosa, -de-rosa or white because I'm Angelic. But I actually would prefer to how blue turquoise wings than the black ones.

Okay! No these seguinte two perguntas are from Mel, your daughter. First one is “Have you ever tried rubbing between daddy's wing?” Good pergunta Mel! >:) Devin?
Fan fiction by XxKFforeverXx posted over a year ago
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Could you, dear reader imagine the words you would use, to tell your family that your parents were dead, murdered? I hope you can, because I'm not able to share those wretched words with you right now. Can you be patient with me? I'll promise it'll be worth the wait. 
      After I had accomplished that horrible task -perhaps the worst task of my whole life- I tried to focus my fractured attention back to Sergeant Caputo. He was a rough looking man, like a bad cop in film from the forties. Caputo looked about to be around thirty years old. He had one continuing eyebrow, a furry ledge of his cold dark eyes. He had rolled up the sleeves of his shiny blue jacket. 
    He looked exactly like the kind of detective I wanted to have working on the murder case of my parents
    Gnarly and Mean. 
    Detective Hayes was entirely different. He had a pleasant face and wore a wedding ring, and GCPD Windbreaker, and steel-tipped boots. He looked sympathetic to us kids. But he wasn't in charge, or doing the talking. 
Opinion by BladeYJ posted over a year ago
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This is very gory.. not really scary.. but bloody.. SO PLEASE IF YOU DO NOT LIKE GORE.. do not mover on.. actually it isn't even that bad..

Blade waltzed her self around The Cave bored, her voice echoed as she called a hello only to be rewarded with a chilling silence. "Well.." she huffed as she sat on the sofá staring at the black screen of the television,"Nothing to be done here.. Why can't anything exciting happen?" her eyes blinked as she half expected something to pop out, but of course nothing did. She soon fell asleep, letting slumber devour her.

[i] Waking up in a sweat Blade gradually, and groggily slipped out of bed. Her feet failed her and she collapsed to the ground. Shaking she stood up, regaining her balance and cursed as she stepped progressivo, para a frente and headed for her door. Quickly she placed her hand on the knob but it wouldn't turn. A silent sigh of annoyance escaped her lips, drowsiness still consumed her so she turned back to her cama but stood shocked as fear gripped her. Her eyes stared as she stood still watching as blood painted the walls. She searched to room and crossed the limbs of a person.. no of people.. scattered, matted hair...
Fan fiction by SilverWings13 posted over a year ago
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Czarina, still on four legs, sped ahead of the others. She reached the edge of the zone of destruction and halted in her tracks. 
A semi-concious Scotch had her arms loosely around Richi’s neck, who stood in the center of the ruins. Everything surrounding them was blown back, demolished, as if there had been a vicious tornado, and the two teens had been in the eye of it.

“Remind me not to piss Scotch off,” Blaze muttered, who had reached the lobo along with the others. 

“Richi! Scotch!” Val raced progressivo, para a frente to her friends. As she neared, she was able to better see the red beginning to stain the blonde boy’s shirt. The tolet, violet hair girl in his arms was trembling as the blood seeped from her wounds.

“What happened?” Silver said in awe of the power it would have taken to create such a scene.

“I told you,” Valeriya said, “She’s prone to panicking.”

“We need to get her to a hospital. Now,” Richi said.

“I don’t think that would be the smartest idea,” Alek countered.
Article by InfinityYJ posted over a year ago
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Don't even ask me what this is because I don't know myself it's just kind of lyrics and I wanted people to see it.
I took a song and parodied it to kind of fit the theme of the whole "Losing You" trilogy i wrote and this is what happened
;_; I think I need help guiz.
Comment if you want. link the link to the orignial.

It is returning through the dark
Kyra, you have met your mark
Your song is ending, but, don't cry
When you hear her knock four times

You're going to regenerate
A young girl saunters away
No time for games, tonight we fight
For the fate of all mankind

I could do so much more

The phoenix returning, the earth will be burning
The last white point estrela is a trap for the others

Infinity’s dying
The phoenix is flying
Infinity’s dying
The phoenix is flying

I don't want to go
News by The_Writer posted over a year ago
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DragonAnimations, the owner of the Red Revenge character and series, announced today that the series would be reaching it's finale in the series' sixth book: The Legend Falls.
Red Revenge, who has only been around for a single year, has published a total seven and a half books (after the full release of What Matters?), completed a four-episode stand-alone season of Becca vs Revenge* (the series was voted to cancelar por readers) and several one-shots (some involving characters belonging to different owners).

In July of 2012, Dragon Animations issued a re-boot of the Red Revenge series due to the disposal of the original plot for a duo series. The Red Revenge/DC Crossover re-boot series has published a grand total of 83,253 words in it's first four books** with the fourth book in the series being the first Dragon Animations book to cruz 50,000 words, with a whopping 5,500 word Epilogue.

Along with the series finale of the Red Revenge/DC Universe crossover series, Dragon Animations has crushed the rumor of a Red Revenge/Marvel Comics crossover and actually stated there would be no mais Red Revenge books in any continuum for some...
Opinion by Gunfire posted over a year ago
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Zack's Hero/cyberspace costume
Name: Techno
ID: Zack
age: 17
Apearnce: black spiky hiar, whit dark bleaw hears truw it thad ligt up whne he uses his powers ( a side efect frome the experimend), a bit slender, bluuw eyes (same reson as hiar).
Civies: sneakers, jeans, balck whit dark bleuw shirt.
Hero/cyberspace costume: see pic (he mosly wears this)
Personalety: a bit shy, protective, loves technolagie and electronics, mosly calm.
Powers: can control al electronicks, can get into al electroninc, can bring electronincs to live, cane make litenting.
Skilles: can hack anyting, can repair, most electroniks, knowes hand to hand combat.

Zack was taken frome his parends por the milatry as a young child. they sheards fore children whit a talend fore electronics to create the perfect hacker soldiers. They expermend on zack fore years wat led to him develpoing his powers, one dia he was abel to get in the computer, the milatry saw it as a huges sucses, but he turnd the geard driods agiens the milatry personeel there, afther freeing the other children and leading them whit the aid of the driods to to nearest citty, he disepeard into cyberspace...
Opinion by Punk__Heart posted over a year ago
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Scarlet watched as the three villains circled her, waiting for one to make their move. They had captured her and brought her to a dark building. masquerade took a step progressivo, para a frente and Scarlet lit her hands on fire, suddenly feeling dizzy. masquerade smirked knowing that and his two partners had finally worn out the firecaster. Kitsune took advantage of her weakness and grabbed her hands pinning them behind her back. masquerade slowly aproached placing his hand on Scarlet's forehead while chanting a strange spell.

"Welcome to the world of illusions Ember"

She sank down to her knees, her eyes were hazed over from Masquerade's illusion. Nothing mattered now as memories of the past filled her mind, memories of guilt and pain. As Scarlet clutched her head tears began to fall from her eyes, she wanted this to stop, for these memories to fade away and disappear. masquerade and his two accomplises laughed circling Scarlet, enjoying the pain they were causing her.
Fan fiction by WingsOfDeath posted over a year ago
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"Here you go dear." Devin handed the ten ano old child a gremlin/Frankenstein looking creation. It had floppy cat ears, different sized button for eyes, and different scraps of fabric holding the body together. An evil grin spread across the bulbous head, almost enough to creep out Fang.
"Thank you mommy!" Mel squealed in delight.
"This will chase the monsters away." Devin kissed the child's head. Mel giggled, planting a kiss on her mother's cheek.
"Goodnight dear." Devin wrapped her arms around the small child, kneeling down. Mel wrapped her arms around her mother, giggling.
"His name is Jackson. Give him a kiss too, Mommy!"
"Alright dear, I'll give Jackson a kiss, then straight to cama with you." The small child nodded eagerly, and the angel kissed the doll. Mel giggled, sneaking another kiss onto the Angel's cheek, and ran up to her room. Devin only smiled, shaking her head.

Mel sat on the bed, looking at her new friend.
"So, you'll chase the monsters away when I'm sleeping, okay?" Mel sat the stuffed animal on the foot of the bed.
Guide by AislingYJ posted over a year ago
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Yeah, yeah. Sorry.
Name: Vincent Howell
Alias: Sear
Age: ageless but looks 17
Appearance: about 5’10, average build, pale skin, longish shaggy black/dark brown hair that hangs in his face, brown eyes, sometimes wears glasses
Personality: friendly, loyal, kind of hyper, talkative, a mild cusser, easily distracted, random, silly and immature, can be serious though when he needs to, joker, prankster, funny, slightly hotheaded, impulsive (especially in demon form)
Powers: Vincent is an angel with an inner demon that sometimes takes over. He has a demon form that he can control and one he can’t. The one he can control occurs at will; he is actually still in angel form, but he can channel his demon core. The other one is full demon form and he can’t control when it comes out; this one can consume him and if he doesn’t return to angel form he will be unable to become normal again. In angel form he has grayish sooty wings and can fly, and he also can “enchant” people with his cantar voice. In partial demon form he has black wings and his cantar voice will actually “sear” or consume people, giving him his hero name. In...
Guide by AislingYJ posted over a year ago
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I already introduced her, but since I'm pretty sure no one actually read her bio the first time, here we go again!!! I'm gonna start RPing with her now, for reasons.
Name: Carmen Vidal
Alias: Moanna
Occupation: Hero
Age: immortal but looks 16
Appearance: about 5’6”, slender, lightly tanned skin, short wavy brown hair about shoulder length, dark brown eyes, Hispanic
Personality: sassy, sarcastic, rebellious, headstrong, friendly, bitchy to anyone she doesn’t like, really nice inside even though she’s super sassy, outgoing, confident
Civvies: She usually wears old fashioned clothing; dresses, mary jane shoes, that sort of thing. Her clothing is reminiscent of the time period in which she originally lived (1944)
Powers: Carmen is immortal. She also has a connection with the anjos da noite and is able to see and communicate with spirits, fairies, and mythical creatures such as Fauns. She is good at hand-to-hand combat, is an expert faca fighter, and is very intelligent.
Fan fiction by The_Writer posted over a year ago
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The final sneak peek for the fifth book in the Red Revenge/ DC Comics crossover series.

“No.” Revenge breathed. He ran over to the two girl’s bodies, kneeling seguinte to them. Police sirens screamed around the corner and slid to a halt in the road. Several dozen officers filed out and all pointed their armas at Red Revenge.


Revenge didn’t move.


Revenge slowly raised his hands in surrender.


Revenge didn’t move.


“You should’ve left that last part off.” Red Revenge said, still not moving. Then in one quick blur, he shot a dagger into the road and it exploded, spraying smoke everywhere. Revenge grabbed one of the girls and ran, police firing into the smoke.

Red Revenge V: What Matters
Now Publishing
Fan fiction by WingsOfDeath posted over a year ago
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You guys are gonna hate me, but I need this for E'n'A to make any sense!

Name: Elizabeth Lilith Norrian.

Alias: Silent Fury

Appearance: White hair, amethyst eyes, pale skin. Slender build.

Civvies: Long, white trench coat, jeans, combat boots.

'Stume: White leotard, purple boots, purple cloak.

Powers: Blood bending. Super hearing.

Skills: Pocket-picking.

History: During her family's massacre, she hid her smaller brother, keeping him alive. She later fled, hoping he would survive on his own. Unlike her brother -who grew up in the wild- she grew up in an orphanage. She soon discovered her powers, and escaped at night to start saving lives, and stopping crimes. Soon, she joined the team, hoping to gain approval of her brother once again.

~Holds a colar dear to her.

*Is hiding behind Ciel*
Fan fiction by PsioYJ posted over a year ago
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She won't be on the team for a while, but I thought I would give you an idea of who she is.

Name: Kylie Norrian
Alias: In 10 years, Paradox
Age: As of now 4, when she joins in ten years, 14 
Powers: Speedster. WHOOP DE DOO.
-All the other necessaries of being a hero. (Acrobatics, hand to hand combat)  
Weakness: Not having enough energy, anti-gravity devices.
Past:Kylie was born...well created in a lab called the "School." Kylie was kept there until age 4, when Jaime has set the experiments free. Kylie, was one of the youngest, but didn't have a group, so she clung to the person who she thought could help her. Upon returning to the cave, Jaime realized he couldn't keep the small girl. Jaime had originally planned to give Kylie to his uncle, but on the way there, Ciel became attached and walked in the other direction.
Other:-Kylie is a MAJOR Daddy's girl.
-Calls Ciel "Daddy," even though she isn't related to him. 
Fan fiction by Robin_Love posted over a year ago
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Connors Taylor-Di Angelo
Name: Connors Taylors-Di Angelo
Alias: The “Con-man”
Occupation: Gang Member
Powers: Specializes in transformations and explosives, as well as cons and theivery
History: Connors father died when he was young. His mother remarried a rich man. But his new step-father hated him. When Connors found out his step-father, Mr. Taylors, planned to ship him to boarding school, Connors ran away. He became a gang member and was there when the others found Irra Weldon-Addams. They took her in and the two became good friends. When Irra took place as leader, Connors became her second-in-command. When Irra got taken into custody, Connors tried to free. When she was taken in por the Addams, Connors became the temporary gang leader. He and Irra are still friends and Connors respects her as leader. Connors is sixteen.
Notes: Connors is one of the few people who can make Irra laugh. He looks out for her, as do the other members. At one point, he and Irra did have a romance, but it didn't work. Connors returned to her friend and second-in-command. He enjoys seeing what he can take on and is very aware of his “problem”. While...
Opinion by BladeYJ posted over a year ago
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((I'm planning to make this 3 parts... depending on my mood))

He watched her. Small strands of her spunky, short blonde hair, waved gently at him as they peered from her red capuz, capa and dazzled in the sunlight peeking through the árvore tops.

She turned gazing into the trees and he sucked in his breath hoping he'd gone unnoticed. Red eyes blazed at him but the girl quickly turned to the small house and stood at the door.

The boy's blue eyes followed the waves and billows of the red capa that draped her shoulders and stature perfectly. He'd followed her her, not in por watching her, no, his coração lead him to her.

Fate was something he questioned, after all he was a demon, but all doubt about it was gone.. Fate had driven him to her, sending him walking aimlessly until he fell upon her.

He was a demon. Demon's were suppose to control fear, pain, evil, but never to fall in love.. he was didn't want go against his nature but approaching her was so tempting, to hear the soothing symphony her voice would bring to his ears, but she could never amor a monster, right?
Fan fiction by Robin_Love posted over a year ago
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Her eyes roamed around the room, taking in the familiar sight. Her stomach felt sick at the smell that had haunted her memory for months. The boxing trophies, the pictures, everything was the same. But cleaner. She sat up and tried to steady her heartbeat.
“Careful. You'll open the wound.”
She looked to the door then glared.
“You had no right to bring me here.”
“You were hurt. I wasn't going to leave you there.”
Cat looked away.
“I know you don't want to be here-”
“Do you?”
“But,” Tommy continued, ignoring her sarcasm, “there's no where else you can go.”
“I have friends Tommy Bronson!”
“That wasn't what I meant.”
“Then explain, please, what you DID intend me to understand!”
“Why are you being so stubborn?”
Cat looked at him incredulously and Tommy stared back at her.
“My apologies for being childish!”
“Answer me.”
“I'd rather wrestle crocodiles.”
Tommy leaned back against the mural and looked at her. Cat shot daggers at him but he was calm, waiting for her to move.
Fan fiction by AislingYJ posted over a year ago
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My evilness continues!!! *runs and hides* If you haven’t read it already, the prologue is link (it’s really short but pretty damn important).

2 weeks earlier.
A bow clattered to the hardwood floor, skidding to a stop in a patch of golden afternoon sunlight that reflected a blinding glare off of the metal. “No!” the dark-haired girl groaned, digging her fingers into her scalp in frustration. “How many times have I told you, that’s not how you hold it!”
Aisling didn’t respond, but shoved her hands in her pockets and crossed the training room to pick up her bow. Fin jogged over, wrenching the instrument out of her friend’s fingertips. “You’re going to snap it if you do that,” she told Aisling, the anger clear in her voice. “How long will it be before you can actually learn?”
Aisling sighed and slid an Arqueiro out of the quiver, painstakingly snapping it onto the string with shaking hands. Well aware of Fin’s eyes boring into her, she carefully aligned the shaft, placing it on topo, início of the Arqueiro rest and gripping the string with three...
Fan fiction by WingsOfDeath posted over a year ago
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Couple years in the future, I'm not telling when...

"Their beautiful..." The angel looked down at her newborns.
"Yeah." Fang smiled.
"Get the kids out of here. Now." Tara burst into their room, armas drawn.
"What? Why!?" Pure terror in the Angel's voice.
"No time, just go!"
Fang picked up his wife, and snapped out his wings. Tara fired at the blur that crashed in the door, only to miss.
"NO!" Devin screeched, the young baby being snatched from her. The other child was snatched por the same blur. Tara restrained Devin from flying after her children, while Fang blurred after the assailant.
"Devin! Calm down! Fang will get them!"
Hot tears streamed down her face.

"Sorry Mom, Dad." Mel mouthed. Mel looked back at her father. Her capa hid her identity, and her wings carried her faster. Fang only pushed harder, grabbing Mel por the ankle. Her eyes widened, she yanked away, and blurred, her speed making thunder clap.
Fan fiction by Blitz359 posted over a year ago
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The escape plan didn't work out as planned.

As the gang began to make their exit, two gunshots rang out, and someone cried out in pain. "Scotch!" Valeriya exclaimed. She crumpled, and behind her, the thug that Aryess had left alive was standing with a pistol raised and a smirk on his face. "One down..." he muttered to himself. In an instant, where his head used to be was but a spray of blood. Throwing his sword on the ground, Richi knelt beside Scotch as she lay bleeding. The others ran over too, concerned for their injured teammate. "Two gunshot wounds," Richi noted, "one to the stomach, the other to the leg." Scotch's eye widened hearing this. "Richi..... I can't feel any pain...." Scotch's breath quickened after informing Richi of this. "Shit...." Richi muttered. Turning to Valeriya, he simply told her, "Run." Valeriya's eyes widened at this. "Is she-" "Yes!" Richi yelled. "Go!" Without another word, Richi picked Scotch up and carried her bridal-style, and ran toward the growing sound of sirens. At the same time, Valeriya motioned for the rest of the group to follow her, and ran in the other direction.
Fan fiction by Robin_Love posted over a year ago
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He stepped quietly but quickly up the steps. He hoped they were here, or at least Tara. As he walked down the hallway, his thoughts turned to his brown-eyed girl. Her soft lips, her willing determination, her splendid brown hair. He could see her soft smile, the playful fogo in her eyes.
His coração ached just thinking about her. But if everything went as he hoped, she would be in his arms in a few minutes. His arms started to hurt from not having her close. He shook his head and looked around. Two mais doors to go. He knocked on the door, practically vibrating with energy.
He was a little disappointed that Becca answered the door.
“When did you get back?”
“About an hora ago.”
Becca nodded and slipped into the hallway, closing the door.
“What do you want, Alek?”
“Let me see Tara.”
Becca paused for a moment. Her eyes seemed to darken.
“She's sleeping right now.”
“Will you tell her I want to see her?”