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Opinion by Gunfire posted over a year ago
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Tess woke up on the floor whit a headake, looking aside se saw Twan standing besid her smiling.
You realy cant handel the alcol, he said whit a smal laugf.
Dont act like your better dad, i heard you geting up to take a painkiller an hora ago.
Twan smiles. your rite, nowe go grab a painkiller and get up, we need to meet up whi an old friend.

10 minuts later:
they were standing in a saml ally, Twan lookd up into the sky Tess dit thse same they saw a big metel objekt coming downe landing por slowly turning of his propelsionrokets, he landet infond of them and Twan smiled.
It is good to see you agien old friend, so was my feeling about bludhaven truwe.
joey saisd in his familar roboric voice.
yes it was Twan, the mobster ther were buzzy but nichtwing took out moste of them to littel work fore me. His voice became very seroice.
i heard wat hapend to your bother, i am sorry fore you, so i geas thad is why you asked me to come back.
Opinion by KaliYJ posted over a year ago
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Emmerson and his darkself
Oh, dig my shallow grave
It's not me you'll save
Cos' I'm a lost cause
I'm a lost cause
A lost, lost cause

"None of them get it do they?"

A mutter, he could only hear, broke the silence as the dark haired boy sat there, on his bed, staring in the mirror at his dark-self mocking him.

Wait, all this time that I have spent away
Makes me think that I might be okay,
For this, the deaf will have to wait
My head, is holding on to all those things you said
You taught me to be strong and get through it, the mist of darkness
In my head

"No one will ever feel what you feel; you're so pathetic.."

The boys face screwed up into a disgusted look.

Oh, dig my shallow grave
It's not me you'll save
Cos' I'm a lost cause
I'm a lost cause
A lost, lost cause

"You're nothing.. always will be.. no one can change that.."
Opinion by BladeYJ posted over a year ago
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Anya as a child.. :D
Name: Anya Kali Griffin (On-yuh Cal-ee Griff-un) ((They're not dumb)) Idc..

Anya meaning-Grace/Favored
Vara meaning-Hated/Stranger

Alias: ((Her middle name)) Kali

Age: 17 and a half

Height: 5'6in.

Weight: 120lbs.

Appearance: Anya, is quite short because her family was short. She has medium-tone,super short, purple hair, and purple/aqua eyes. Her eyes stay purple when she wears darker colors, when she wears lighter as cores they turn an aqua. She has light skin with a hint of dark. She often dyes her hair to blue's and pinks and other colors, and since it's so short it differs in length because she wears extensions. She has one tattoo on her wrist that has her sister's name,"Vara." She also has three piercings in her left ear and four in the other with a cuff. (She's Goth/Emo/Punk WHATEVER THE FUCK YOU WANNA CALL IT!)

Hero/Villain: Hero. Sorta.
Opinion by Mclovin_69 posted over a year ago
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She smirked running her hand down the nape of his neck leaving a burning sensation with her touch, he winced but refused to show weakness, she let out a small sigh staring into his eyes that refused to look into hers. " Cmon cant just look at me...." she muttered seductivly, he hesitated and finally glanced at her with a glare. " Why are you doing this...." he muttered out, " doing doing so much already...." she muttered with a smirk in his ear letting the heat hit his ear like the heat of sitting too close to a fireplace that you could never get away from. " Doing this....all of this....why cant you just let me go.....", " now the boss wouldnt like here to keep you from getting out of line along with the other prisioners here...." she muttered looking at him with her rich laranja eyes that suprisingly showed innocence and good instead of guilt and evil. " Why choose to keep me here then..." Bentley muttered " why keep anyone down here in this dark hole, dont you know that im used to this, dont you know this isnt new to me ". She bit her lip and stood up and made her way to the bar doors, " why do you bring people down here, why do you keep...
Fan fiction by GlitterPuff posted over a year ago
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The girl walked in the cave, laptop in hands, wearing sweatpants, a T-shirt, and multi-colored socks. She sat down on the couch, her legs crossed, and opened the laptop, setting it in her lap. Immediately, the lock screen showed up, having her type in her password. After she typed it in, the laptop went to the main screen, a picture of her, Rosie, and Maxine appeared in the background. The red head moved the rato pad and left clicked on the documents tab, opening a file about Joker that Zack had gotten for her. Rene put it on full zoom, leitura everything over a billion times, getting as much information out of it. She sighed, seeing all the same details as the last document had. She clicked the jogo da velha, hash mark button, making the document page go to the bottom of the screen. The sorceress put the computer on the mesa, tabela in front of her and curled up into a ball on the couch, head between her knees, trying not to burst out in tears. Her laptops screen started to change after not touching it for a few minutes, changing from different pictures of her with the team and school friends. The red head looked over at the laptop and quickly shut it, bring her head back in between her knees.
Opinion by XxKFforeverXx posted over a year ago
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Names: Eliezer (eh l ee eh zu r) and Cole Michels
Alias: Spectrum and Holcate
Powers: Healing, like their father, and flight, minus the wings, telekinesis
Costume/civvies Civvies: Both teens wear jeans, and black converse, but Eliezer wears a white t-shirt and Cole wears blue. Costume: All black and a cloak.
Past: Being the twins of Jack and Alex Michels, both teens grew up happily. Until their mother was struck sick. Of course, she lived. It was a rough journey. Both teens were sent back to prevent anything that could caused her to become sick.
Other: Both teens know of the School but haven't come in contact with them.
-They're very protective of each other.
-Hate anything to do with the School, and Cadmus.
-While Eliezer can tell you anything and everything about the Holocaust, Cole, has the same disorder as Jack, not being able to put face with names.
Article by GlitterPuff posted over a year ago
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Excited Rene
Yay! mais questions! Pwease answer them!

1)    What is your favorito color?

2)    Do you like Skittles?

3)    If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

4)    What is your favorito song?

5)    Favorite book?

6)    Pumpkins or Squash?

7)    Favorite movie?

8)    Rap or Rock ‘n’ Roll?

9)    Do you wanna go mountain climbing with me?

10)    Monkeys or Elephants?

11)    Would you rather drink frutas soco for a whole ano or eat Skittles for a month?

12)    Peaches or Plums?

13)    What is your favorito time of ano and why?

14)    Favorite type of apple?
Fan fiction by Robin_Love posted over a year ago
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Red eyes
“How did it work out?”
“Just as you predicted.”
“Good. Just keep her away from the nosy crew. Before long, it will be time.”
“Don't order me around!”
“Of course not. It was merely a suggestion.”
“Keep your patronizing for your master.”
“Testy, aren't we?”
“Keep your end and I'll keep mine. It would be a shame if oi found her so soon. After all your hard work that is. To keep her hidden.”
His face turned to a frown.
“Yes it would.”
The knock at the door brought them to look at the solid wood. He turned back to his guest.
“You better leave.”
“Of course.”
He turned away again and took a assento facing the door.
“Come in,” he called, picking up the glass of wine por the table.
“Who were you talking to?”
“Hello to you too.”
She glared.
“I don't play games, Kuran. Now who were you talking to?”
He smiled, but it seemed mais devilish than kind.
“A friend. But he isn't a vampire. What can I do for you?”
Opinion by Gunfire posted over a year ago
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Name: Natasha
Age: 17
Gender: famale
Clotes: she always wereas milaty gear, or a unifom, unless she needs to sneak somwere in.
Apareance: long hiar, color of it can difre frome were she is ansingd and wat her mison is, narmal body.
Personalaty: paronoid, does not trust easy, hates pepol using weald to opres others, always helps her comrades.
Skilles: sniper, exeled marxman, tactisan, field commander, knowes all kinds of martial ards, abel to use al kinds of wapons, extrodanry soldier.
wapons: an AK 74, a Dragonov, pistols, grenades, knives.

(( i am lazy so i just put it this way))
- she was born just a fewe years afther the fal of the sovjet union in russia, her famly belond to a group of comunist supordet por the govermend.
- she was triand frome bird to become a soldier, and was taken into the army when she was 4.
- she advanly was acepted ant triand to b a spedzans.
- she rose to the ranks, and when she was 15 she lead her owne team.
Opinion by Gunfire posted over a year ago
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(( this is just to ploloug micht be shirt, but there will be mais parts coming))

Twan walkd truw Gotham on the way to Xerran's house, when he was alomst there he saw and explotion and his brother being trowe out of a first floor whindo por the power of the explotion.

Xerran! he yelt as he ran to his brother, xerran's pele, peles blacken like charcole por the explotion, bleeding alover frome littel wounds coused por scrapnal.
Twan lookd aside fore a momend seeng a part left over frome the bom. Peinwien *he growed* thad fat bird when to far, this time.
he lookes at his brother.
But first this.
He swung xerran over his shoulder and ran to the hospital.

3 hours later:

Twan was standing in xerrans room when the nurse walked in, he stoped her.
Howe is he doing. he asked the nurs.

good considering his situwation, we stist up his wounds and his left arm is broken, some of his bones are damgest, but lukkly his pele, peles absorbed most of the blas. she looked serois at him.
Fan fiction by Robin_Love posted over a year ago
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It's late. So what? Deal with it.

“Are you okay mom?” Lexi asked.
Devin gave her a smile.
“Yes. I'm alright dear.”
Lexi sat in her mother's lap.
“What did daddy say?” Lexi asked, looking at the paper in her mother's hand.
“Daddy says he'll be início soon. He has a leave of absence for a few weeks and he plans to come início in a few days.”
“He'll miss Valentine's day. It's tomorrow, right?”
Devin nodded.
“Yes. But he doesn't choose what days he gets off.”
“I know.”
Devin kissed her daughter on the cheek and gave her tight hug.
“We'll have to surprise him with a late Valentine's dia when he gets home.”
Lexi smiled.
“Can I make decorations?”
“Of course you can. And I bet Irra will help you.”
Lexi slipped off her mother's lap, shouting for her adopted sister. A hand on her shoulder, caused Devin to look up. Jon stood looking at her. His eyes said he had heard everything. She answered the unasked pergunta with a small nod. He sat seguinte to her.
Fan fiction by InfinityYJ posted over a year ago
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Frail bones, frail mind
Slip away from peace and time
Falling, falling, slow and fast
Loved one’s name is shouted last

Child, child, all alone
Sitting here without a home
Stolen from your only friend
The true beginning of the end

Burning fire, burning blood
Lifting higher than you should
Raised in darkness part of hell
Part of your sweet soul to sell

Years will pass and dreams will reap
Till they save you in your sleep
Once you’ve left your tortured life
Now you start a silent strife

‘Family business,’ so they say
Chasing evil ones away
Meeting people, old and new
None of them will see the clues

Until it’s too far late to try
You’re dead and gone, yet no one cries
Fan fiction by Robin_Love posted over a year ago
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“Heads up!”
She turned just in time to block the on-coming sword.
The metal screeched together before pulling away.
“That wasn't at all fair!”
“You think your other opponents will play fair?”
He came at her again, but she dodged and made a jab at his chest. He hopped backwards and blocked.
“You're still doing it wrong.”
“Shut up!”
He lunged for another attack, this time catching her shoulder. She hissed at the pain before attempting to hit him again. He just blocked before sending another rápido, swift mark. No matter how many times she came at him, he was better. Frustration built inside her. Finally, she charged him. He sidestepped her, giving her an extra push as she ran by. The sword fell out of her hands and she fell. The cold metal of his sword at her neck told her not to move.
She glared up at him, eyes flashing red. He put the sword away and knelt beside her.
“You're still letting emotions control you.”
Fan fiction by Robin_Love posted over a year ago
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She ducked her head as another loud rumbling rippled through the air. Water rushed her eyes as she hastened to the door. Lightning flashed and she went through the open portal. Another loud crack caused her to run up the stairs. She headed to her room and pulled the wet casaco off her.
She shivered in her drenched clothes then pulled off her boots. She left her wet boots and casaco on the floor and entered the adjoining bedroom. She striped out of the wet clothes and slipped into dry ones. She slipped into cama as thunder broke through. She settled deeper into the covers, trying to shake away the fear.

Blade looked up as someone passed her open door quickly. She put her book away and followed.
“Hey Tyler! What are you doing?”
“Heading out.”
She stopped behind him as he prepared his bike.
“But it's pouring out there.”
“I have to go.”
“What's wrong? Is someone hurt?”
Tyler shook his head, but didn't clarify. Blade grabbed the keys before he did and he gave her an annoyed look.
Fan fiction by Robin_Love posted over a year ago
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“Tell me more.”
“About what little princess?”
“The ones who look like me.”
“Cat, you're supposed to be in bed. Who are you talking to?”
Terror stood in the doorway, light flooding the room. Cat sat huddled up in bed. She was dressed for sleep, but was wide awake.
“Scotty,” she answered, pointing to the white fox.
“Well it's late. You need to sleep.”
Cat settled back down and Terror closed the door. She waited till she heard his footsteps fade before sitting back up.
“Are you still here?”
“Tell me more.”
“Well for starters, those creatures are called Phouka. They're part of the Winter court. Always looking for trouble and some poor prey. They are usually tall, with cold energy and deadly claws. They don't have tails, but they have long cat ears on their heads and glowing yellow eyes.”
“Are all the Winters like that?”
“A good portion. Emotions are a weakness.”
“Then why have cold ones?”
Opinion by Mclovin_69 posted over a year ago
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not a really good picutre of him ill find a better one later XD
Name: Emmerson Nates

Alias: none


Powers/skills: he has the ability to communicate with another world, ( meaning the opposite of the real world the dark world), so his dark self communicates with him, he can also create others dark selves and bring them into reality.

Appearance:his hair is dyed black and he has green eyes, freckles. ( natural hair colour unknown) peircings, nose,lip, eyebrow yeah most of all dat fun goth stuff :D

Personality: unlike his appearance he is the kind of person who is a dare devil and tends to try things first, examples: drugs, stunts, getting tattoos, peircings etc. He is a good listener and enjoys talking to people and getting to meet new people, he is very easy to talk to and is great to get to know. ( Also he may change his hair colour a lot or always come back with something new )

Civvies: he wears tight jeans, and usually a black sweater or dark colours.
Opinion by WingsOfDeath posted over a year ago
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Name: Hope Ludmilla Adams.

Alias: Ptolema.

-Short black hair, blue eyes, fair skin.

Civvies: Piiicctttuurreee.

'Stume: Picture!

-Very creative
-Trained in most weapons

-Can bring illustrations to life
-Can summon a magic paintbrush(see, I'm original)

Paintbrush's powers(see, s/he get's it's own powers section)
-Can change color of anything(anything, anything)
-Has a mind of it's own

History: Switched with Mary at birth, Hope grew up very sophisticated. She ran away once her parents discovered her wings, and tried using her as advertisement. She ended up running into Mary, who coaxed her into the family. A week after, Hope showed Mary her true self, while discovering her own.

-Life force is measured por how vibrant she's colored. Hair, eyes, skin, ect. will turn grey once she's eliminated or has returned to Athena.
Fan fiction by SilverWings13 posted over a year ago
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As the shade of night deepened, the lights of the city sparked, setting it a light once more. Shadows were cast, and with it, the shelter for the nocturnal creatures who prowled their way through the city only when their pray was least expecting. It was cowardly, though clever in an over-used sense.
These creatures, with their metal weapons and gruesome natures, had to be handled to keep them from over-powering the innocents. There were people to do that, and the boy who now perched on the ledge was one of them. But he had done his duty for the time being, and Titanium was ready to fall into cama and surrender with his battle of exhaustion.
The 15-year-old swept a white lock from his vision and spotted the silhoute standing a foot away.
"Hey," he greeted.
"Finished with your rounds?" the girl asked, all business.
"Of course."
"Good." Aryess's placid expression brightened with a small smile. "Wassup?"
Her partner merely motioned upward with his hands.
Opinion by Robin_Love posted over a year ago
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The Prophecy!!!!! *evil laughter* :3
Don't start panicking. It sucks.

Children of Light find your place, the Prophecy has begun to write out your fate. Follow your code, oh followers of our existence and bring peace to the restless souls who die. Give up your soul to bring true the future and watch your memory shine.

What is lost has been rescued. The dark and light find refuge. White brings the snow of the hope. Black bring your sorrow. One of purity will give them strength.

A warrior shall survive
Your Savior to retrieve the greatest reward.
An angel will die
Darkness survive
Evil awakens from in one of virtue.

Light will suffocate
amor turned to blood
Shadows are doomed to die
Fear will always survive;
Warrior must die.

Magic will fail
Spirits shall yield;
Yet the darkest of powers is awake
Evil turns for purest heart
Demons to reign.
Fan fiction by Robin_Love posted over a year ago
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And I am not even finished yet!!! UGH! XD

She flew down the steps, knocking the two guards away.
“You sick fools!”
Her hands worked on the collar, eyes glaring at any who approached. She snapped the colarinho, colar off the girl's neck, working on the chains next. Kuran stood behind her, watching. When released, the girl clung to her, whimpering in fear. Tara held her close, protecting her shivering body.
“Why such an interest, Tara?”
She turned to glare at the vampire king. Her blood was boiling and she stood with the girl in her arms.
“You dare to bring someone so close to me into this trouble?! You indeed are a fool Kuran! I will not give in to your petty cries for attention like the others! Back off of my territory or die por my hands!”
Kuran looked down at her with a smirking glint in his eyes. He gave a wide bow from the waist.
“I applaud you, Tara. I did not expect your blood to answer so quickly in the place it first changed. You have proved me wrong.”
Fan fiction by Robin_Love posted over a year ago
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Sorry it sucks

The sun shone on her face. Where was she? Oh yeah. Home. She opened her eyes. Wait. This wasn't her place. It was too big, too grand, too...white. Where was she? There was an actual fireplace in the room. She could see a sitting room, a closet, and a bathroom. Each of those rooms were bigger than her apartment. Where the heck was she? And why was she in this gigantic bed? She spied a box at the edge of the bed. A note layed on top. She picked it up, immediately recognizing the bold scrawl. Blade, Sorry for the hasty note. I had planned to be there when you woke up. I'll explain later. For now, just wear what's in here. No complaints. I amor you. Terror.
She studied the note, trying to figure out the mystery. She gave up a few minutos later and opened the box. Inside was a black and red Harley Quinn styled dress. Wherever there was red, black was on the opposite side. She examined it ruefully. She sighed and, slipping under the covers, put the dress on. She fixed her short hair, slipping the matching bow on from the box. Blade put the boots on her feet then walked around the room. It was bright and marbled in...
Opinion by BladeYJ posted over a year ago
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"Shit, shit shit!" he thought as he threw the batter into the pan and looked at the clock. "Only an hour!?" He hissed, shoving the heart-shaped raw cake into the oven. Tyler turned to the cozinha and stared in horror. Flour powered every cranny of the room, egg shells cluttered the floor, the sugar bag was tumped over, so was the cooking oil but it was spilling on the floor. The fogo caster groaned. He still had to dethorn the dazzling red roses, clean, chuveiro and get dressed!

In a hurry he sped over to the rosas and stared at them, a million thorns decorated each of the twelve flowers. How do florist do it?" the thought faded away as he quickly got to picking. A hiss of pain erupted as a point dug into his skin, drawing blood. He whined and continued plucking. He finished. Blood covered his hands and he was on the edge of exploding when a smell of burning wafted into his nose. He turned and screamed as smoke erupted from the oven. Blue eyes narrowed to a laranja and he stared in shock. Another burning smell broke his spell and he turned to the roses. Fire! "No..No...No.No.!" He whimpered in panic and hurriedly chunked the vase of water on...
Fan fiction by InfinityYJ posted over a year ago
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The days when she’s with her friends are the hardest. Because there’s something wrong, and she knows it, but a force is keeping her from telling them. So she’s quiet, silently choking on the words she’ll never say. “Don’t trust me. Don’t come near me. I’m sick. I’m not who you think I am.”
But she can’t say it, and they can’t hear it.
And that’s when she knows she’s really, truly, alone.
So when they ask her if she’s alright, she nods, and they know it’s a lie, but they don’t say so. “Leave her to her thoughts,” Aisling might say. “She keeps her secrets for a reason,” Delta would explain. But not even they can see that behind her glasses is an unknown pain, a threat to her life, one she can’t explain to even herself.
At the end of the day, she’ll even push Eric from her, hoping he gets the message, that she needs time to think. Sometimes he understands. Sometimes he’s afraid for her, afraid she’ll relapse, she’ll fall a victim to self harm. But he trusts her. So he lets her go.
Opinion by BladeYJ posted over a year ago
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His eye's narrowed into her's. A lively fogo was sparked once again, and it settled right in her eyes lapping around.

It only ignited when rage pulsed through her veins, and Mrs.Blade has a lot rage.

The two were at a stand still, who would make the seguinte move, he spoke with poison dripping off his words,"Ahh, and yet you're right once again, let me correct myself for all I do in your eyes are wrong."

Her lips curved into a frown even more,"How dare you! Assume I think I'm right all the time! I do not! You're the one who knows everything! Mr.I-Can't-Even-Tell-My-Wife-My-Real-Name!"

Ice met fire,"You know I have my reasons! To keep you safe! Everything I do is to keep you safe.."

"Riiight! Terror, we're married for a reason! No secrets!"

"Secrets? Is this what this whole fight is about? Because of that?"


"Well, no.. maybe! I dunno!" Her eyes closed to slits and she sighed, lowering her voice to normal volume,"You just leave, and I miss you, how am I suppose to know if you're coming back?"
Opinion by Kurls_Basd posted over a year ago
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Akash turned the door knob quietly and slowly. He was exhausted, he's been at work all dia and now, all night. He looked at the clock on mural at the side of the door as he entered the dark house, it was 11:58pm. He rubbed the back of his neck and closed his eye to relieve the sleepy headache. He then threw his casaco on the casaco hanger and a few items on the drawer below the clock. He ran his hand turn his crimson hair as the marched to the kitchen. As he walked pass the sitting room, he glanced into the door and noticed a number of human figures. He stops and the light is switch on.

"Good night Akash." Aquapoint said, sitting on the couch. Akash looked around, his house was filled with people in hero costumes, he grind his teeth and ask,
"Ashley, what are they doing here?"
"I know you told me to never bring a Leaguer into the house, but this is an emergence."
"What could be so urgent that would make you drag quarter of these guys into my house?"
"Her" Ashley said, pointing to the entrance . Akash turned to the entrance to find Miss Martian beside a certain esmeralda hair girl. His eyes widen, his mouth moved but there was no sound.