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posted by MafiaYJ
"You have to find her, and bring her here."

"Why must we make her one of us, would it not be easier to take her only when we need?"

"Oh, and have turn on us if she chose to? No, we need her on our side if we wish succeed."

"But how do I do it? She cannot die, can she?"

" *chuckle* humans cannot kill her. No one said anything about us."

"And if it doesn't work?"

"Well we'll never know if we don't try. So get out there. And bring us Babylon."

"Yes master."

"But be careful, she is mais powerful than she seems."

Babylon was running, blindly. She did not watch where she ran, or what she ran into. She stopped...
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posted by MafiaYJ
Babylon stared at the clock, 3:54 am. She sighed, running her gloved fingers through her messy hair, another night with no sleep. But she wasn't going to risk it. Yes, she woke up tired, from no rest, but if she did sleep, her memories/nightmares, woke her, making her feeling even mais tired than she did that night.
She facedesked, some stacked papers fluttering to the floor. Babylon stood up with another sigh and decided that maybe if she went home, to her real home, the Magic House would protect her, even if it be momentarily. She slipped on a trench coat, and slipped out of the room. She...
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
 Trystan's civvies~
Trystan's civvies~
These OC's are for composição literária purposed only~!

Name: Trystan West
Alias: Zeal (Hero)
Age: 16
Powers/skill: Superspeed, hand to hand combat and it able to use a staff somewhat.
Past: Trystan always grew up in the shadow of his older brother, "Why can't you be mais outgoing like Wally?" Would be what his parents would always say. He was created in the same lab experiment as his uncle Barry.
Other: Trystan is extremely shy, unlike Wally.
-He hates to be compared to his older brother, someone he is not.
-He has a amor for science, and is know to be better at it than Wally himself.

Name:Braylin Caverly (unknown)...
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posted by khanna266
Name:Elliot Rodriguez
Species:Sky demon
Powers:controls the wind,flying,reads minds,and sorcery
civvies:nothing special
hero outfit:none
status:in a relationship(i'm goin to put him and Klei together)
Family:all dead
BG story:He ran away from his início in mexico to find a new life that could be mais succesful. Where he met Klei and fell in amor with her in Gotham city.He's been with the young justice members since he got together with Klei.
Hobbies:Plays guitar,listens to music,does martial arts and kickboxing,

Hope you all like it.<3<3<3<3
please read mais artigos por me please
 Klei and Elliot's dream wedding
Klei and Elliot's dream wedding
posted by khanna266
Victor swung a kick to Ari's face,and missed"You call yourself an experienced fighter?"she questioned him,but he ignored her and dropped an ax kick onto her knee,"That barely hurt,maybe we should train when you actually learn how to fight,train with someone else your no challenge,and I only take challenges,"she said as she walked away",Victor just stood there."What do I do i'm supposed to help save the world.when i don't even know how to spar anymore i used to be great at sparring in my past life."he said,then he heard a familiar voice,"Pray for help."it was Rei,"We should go to church together...
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posted by khanna266
Name:Dustin Romanov
age:immortal but appears 17
powers:superspeed,superstrength,reads minds,invulnerability(Babylon wouldn't be able to drain his energy),and kiss of death
hero costume:a black tuxedo,and white mask shaped like an x
civvies:(doesn't have anything special he has a different pair of civvies each day)
BG story:Thew dia of his seventeenth birthday he fell off a cliff and died for a few segundos and his mother and father kept praying for God to bring him back and so he brought him back but he brought him back with eternal life as a price added por an evil demon.He can only end his eternal life if he finds the demon and cuts off his head,but for until that dia he has sworn his allegiance to the young justice members...and has a secret crush on Babylon.
P.S he's Russian.
 Dustin in civvies
Dustin in civvies
posted by khanna266
Name:Shaine Do
powers:transforms into a huge red and black dragon and hypnosis
hero outfit:a red pair of pants and t camisa with black ankle boots and sunglasses
civvies;white t camisa with a black dragon on it and jeans(but he also likes wearing other outfits)
appearance:White hair and red eyes they sometimes change color and he's about 6"5'
BG story:He's Augusts long lost brother who has been searching for her for years wondering where she might be and finnally finds her at a starbucks and discovers he has powers just like her and fights along her side against evil.(yes i know they don't have the same last name it's a long story),he's also a former male model.
posted by Robin_Love

Name: Carly Shea
Alias: Vixen
Occupation: Hero in training
Powers: agility, enhanced speed and hearing, enhanced vision, claws, teeth (cause it's really not fangs), and enhanced attack mode, stealth.
History: Carly is from another planet. While her planet is not completely destroyed, she was sent away as a way to save the population. She landed on Earth and immediately was found por a family of foxes. They took her in until she was three years old. At that time, a hunter found her and tried o sell her for money, but a boy saved her, took care of her, and taught her everything he knew. Carly...
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posted by MafiaYJ
 Human Form
Human Form
Name: Tabitha Macon
ID: Tigress
Age: 17
Hair: Black (Red as Tigress) Eyes: Blue Height: 5'7 (5'11 as Tigress)
Nationality: Brazilian/American
Father: John Macon
Mother: Anna Macon
Job: Intern at Daily Planet
Affiliations: Young Justice

Powers: Heightened: Hearing, Smell, Sight, Strength, Speed, Agility. Can turn into tigresa or remain human. Has claws as tigresa and a tail. Can take a beating, her bones can easily pop from their sockets to allow less injury. Roar. As a human she is very agile, just as she is as Tigress. Speaks to all felines. And can do some sorcery, but not very well.

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posted by killer24
 You're wasting my time!
You're wasting my time!
Name: Kane Holmes (yes Sherlock isn't real but it's the first book he read and he liked the knowledge he had)
Age: 17 years old
Height: 5'9
Hair: blond with thick streaks of black all over
Eyes: Left eye black right blue
Nationality: British
Father: Spider-Man
Mother: Sally knight
Affiliations: none

Powers: Magic (mostly the element side of it I.E lightening, fire, water, air etc)
Skills: being able to stay calm in any & every situation, knowledge on all hand to hand combat and 99% of all weapons, able to adapt to any situation, quick learner

Relationship status: no one

Enemies: as far as he knows...
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posted by BladeYJ
Name: Discord.. she doesn't know her real name.


Race: Caucasian/Part-Demon

Age: Seventeen

Hair: ((I like making my females Blonde -.0 I'm sowwie)) Short pastel, blonde hair.

Eyes: Red/orange

Relations: None. Her parents were killed at a young age and her brother is missing.

Costume. Her costume, clothing wise, varies. But she usually has hoodie covering the rest of her face, sometimes...

But one notable thing is her gasmask. She wears it to cover up her face. If you notice the left lens of the gas mask is always covered. So you cannot see her damaged eye.

Skills and Powers:
☠She is quick...
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posted by MafiaYJ
 Mafia -what she wore-
Mafia -what she wore-
"Come on Babylon please!" Mafia begged the brunnet girl sitting on the couch, playing with the tv wires. Babylon soticly shook her head. "Babylon!" Mafia wailed, "I need your help! You can take only one target if you want. I'll take the other two." Babylon looked up at her, eyes half lidded in boredom, and then stood and walked out. Mafia shrieked, "BABYLON! Come back! I need your help with this. They are men, and they need to be alive. So its not like I can take Twan with me on this mission." Babylon kept walking to her room, "Ask Amora." Mafia ran after her, "You know I can't ask her to do...
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posted by godmor
OOC: This fic takes place about 13 years from the present timeline, in this gun is 31 and Tess is 21.
Also the titel is temporrarie and micht chanse if I get a better idea fore it.

Tess rushed true the hospital doors, to into room 13 seeing the man she knew so well Laing on the bed.
He did not wake up yet.
Tess looks to were the familiar voce was coming from and saw mafia holding armas hand looking in her direction.
Watt happened? tess asked
Too face ambushed him 2 blocks from home, he must have emptied a machine gun on him.
Twan slowly opened his eyes looking from mafia to tess.
Looks like I was wrong....
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posted by SilverWings13
Everyone rushed into the room. The doctor was shouting orders. They swarmed the cot where the ivory haired boy lay. His breath has stopped coming, his coração rate slowing.
Ivara and Jace stood side por side, keeping out of the way as the others worked frantically. The pocket of her casaco grew warm, and Ivara reached in to retrieve the broach. The blue rose was glittering, shining with its own life. The two youngsters looked at the treasure, then each other, and finally, the still body of their dying friend.

"You can't.. you can't be here."
Alek hesitated, taken aback. Out of all the reactions he...
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posted by SilverWings13
Tara was on her feet as soon as the door opened. 
“Where’s Alek?” she demanded of Nic as he entered. “Is he alright?”
“Tara, please,” Nic said patiently. She crossed her arms, about to warn him not to lie to her, but when she met his eyes, the serenity there made her pause. There was no mockery, no taunting gaze as if he were purposely trying to agitate everyone around him. Jace and Bentley were watching him with concern; however, the Brit kept his attention on Tara. 
“Aleksander is ill,” Nic informed. “He was given a medicine, a sort of serum, but he overused it.”
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posted by Mclovin_69
She sat on the sofá leitura a book, but really she wasn't leitura or thinking of the words on the pages in front of her. She was really confused and at a loss of why Bentley was atuação weird around her as if he were hiding something. She was worried mais than confused, she worried she had done something wrong. Had she been too resistant or unsure of trusting him?.

She let out a deep sigh placing the book down on the coffee mesa, tabela and laying there staring up at the ceiling in wonder.

Her phone buzzed on the mesa, tabela seguinte to the book she had just placed down, picking it up she saw that the text...
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posted by killer24
"so you think you can beat me, it's a joke" stated Ajax looking at him from the opposite side of the capsule
"Why are you even doing this?, I mean hurting me is one thing but hurting others like Mafia por saying your going to kill me is just wrong" spoke Alex not bothering to look back at him
"details, if I can't physically take you on but I can mentally.
you know you can't kill me because I'm the deepest hidden part of you, yet I can kill you because your Web also, meaning your not really me"
he states yet another fact
"Yeah yeah, ultimate doom and all that but really you know I will try and...
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posted by BladeYJ
((This is a AU article...))

"How many?"
"For what?"
"I don't know, they're typing up the list."
"Well I need to know why my patients are in here before I proceed to... 'therapy'"
"They should be done shortly, Doctor."
"Well go check and quit standing here rambling."
"Yes, ma'am."
"And hurry back!" Doctor called as her assistant rushed into the main office. Her eyes scanned the eleven cells before her. It was ten soft rooms that lined the walls, five on each side, and one at the end of the hallway. These were the rooms she gladly shoved the impeccable creatures she was forced to oversee, due...
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posted by SilverWings13
Sorry for all the aleatório late night one-shots. composição literária helps me fall asleep.

The dreary rain had turned the clouds gray, yet somehow it had also effected the entire city. The rising buildings, the passing cars, the faces of the people hurrying about the streets, all void of color.
Those somber faces, Makaio felt, were mocking him. He could see them clearly, make out distinct characteristics; he was able to distinguish the features of strangers, yet his memory refused him the privilege of the faces of the ones he cared to see. It was his own mind that was betraying him.
Makaio took another bite...
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posted by SilverWings13
Makaio, as he had come to know himself, theatrically bows and motions to the drop in front of them. "Ladies first."
"No way!" she protests. "How do you know it's safe?"
"I've done this a hundred times before!"
"I don't believe you."
"Are you calling me a liar?" he tries to look hurt.
"If you're so sure, then you jump first."
Makaio sighs, though the grin doesn't leave. "Alright, alright, how about we jump together?"
She nods in agreement. "On three."
"Un," he starts.
"Duex," she added.
"Trois!" the shout together. Makaio runs the last few steps and leaps from the topo, início of the waterfall. The water is freezing...
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