...I haven't posted in forever, and I've finally started developing Lexi so that she can be used in things :P

Name: Alexis, or Lexi. Preferably Lexi.
Reason or meaning of name: Apparently it means I'm shy and humble.. hm.
Eye Color: They're brown.. however i do have specks of blue.
Hair Style/Color: Jet black and super silky! Although it's very.. jagged. I may or may not have cut it off with some glass.. out of.. angst?
Height: 5'6. Taller than my brother and still growing.
Clothing Style: I tend to wear very bright and what's the word? (Frilly?) That! Like, pinks and skirts and stuff like that.
Best Physical Feature: I dunno? (Wings, child. They're a blinding white.)

Your Fears: Things with massively large claws.
Your Guilty Pleasure: Oreos, and milk. Oh my god. I also binge watch..
Your Biggest Pet Peeve: Um.. Nothing really gets on my nerves /that/ much.. maybe people who chew really loudly? I mean,I can already hear it, but it just gets amplified.
Your Ambition for the Future: I want to be something professional in the arts..

Your First Thoughts Waking Up: What am I doing today?
What You Think About the Most: Fooooood.
What You Think About Before Bed: Usually along the lines of, "time to sleep for 12 hours"
You Think Your Best Quality Is: The ability to cut my hair with glass. (NO.) What? Why!?

Single or Group Dates: Single. Not a fã of crowds.
To be Loved or Respected: I tend to be a lovable person, so I'd like a little in return.
Beauty or Brains: Tch, why have one when you can have both?
cachorros or Cats: I like smaller dogs, large one makes me uneasy. But all size gatos are great cats.

Lie: I have before.
Believe in Yourself: At one point, no. But now I do.
Believe in Love: Yes~
Want Someone: .. *whispers* yes.. *throws hands out* I MEAN, NO. GOD. EW. BOYS. (Fang can't hear you.) Oh thank god. I do.

Been on Stage: Yes. But in a good way?
Done Drugs: noope.
Changed Who You Were to Fit In: I have, glass, hair, not a good combination.

LAYER SEVEN: favoritos
favorito Color: I like purples and pinks, blues.
favorito Animal: Right now? I'm like in amor with those one white samoyed dogs, and corgis!!
favorito Movie: Umm, it would have to beeee, every single disney movie.
favorito Game: I've really been loving when Jaime and I get into Just Dance.

dia Your seguinte Birthday Will Be: November 9th, on a Friday. (..you're a valentines dia baby.) *screams* I am not! Quit saying that! *covers ears*
How Old Will You Be: 16, time to drive~ (Like hell you are.)
Age You lost Your Virginity: asldjfalsdjf
Does Age Matter: Yes? no? Kinda? I haven't really given it much thought..

Best Personality: I can be around anyone.
Best Eye Color: I don't really care as long as they can handle my parents intimidating stares.....
Best Hair Color: Ditto.
Best thing to do With a Partner: Just hanging around them is completely fine.

I love: Cute things, and things that are furry.
I feel: okay? So-so.
I hide: Things that bother me.
I miss: my long hair. *sigh*
I wish: I hadn't of cut it off.

Optimist or pessimist: I can be pretty optimistic.. although sometimes my pessimist attitude comes through.
Introvert or extrovert: Extrovert
Drives and motivations: I wanna be the very best. (Please don't sing it.)
Talents (hidden or not): I can actually bake, thanks to Scotty. (She does have the ability to bend light, she just doesn't know it.)
Extremely skilled at: Dancing. Jaime and I have been taking them together, actually. (Ballet and hip-hop to be exact. Not ballroom and the tango, not yet, that is.) They're quite fun. Plus, costumes. I'm also suuuuper flexible
Extremely unskilled at: Almost everything else. I am practically the jack of all trades.
Good characteristics: (She can be down to earth and very easy to talk to. She is also very very friendly, and a lot easier to get along with compared to her father.
Character flaws: (Alexis tends to trust very easily, and often lets her guard down. It's gotten her into rough situations.) Hey!!
Mannerisms: I'm a very polite girl.
Peculiarities: I rock on my feet a lot, when I get nervous I start to stutter.
just a future hero Lex, not the hair color, but the style. Costume is on point tho.