Name: Isaac Rizutto

Alias: none other than the name he has gotten from others which is the "guardian of the night"

Age: 18

Relationship Status: Single.

Personality: A little irrational and stubborn, he doesn't listen to others and often thinks of himself mais without the consenquences of what it will do to others. he is a little bratty due to his past.

Appearance: black quiffed hair, eyes that from a far look like a dark brown, but if you look close enough are dark like o espaço itself with almost undectectable specks of lighter as cores that (white or very light brown/white) mover like stars moving in the night sky.

Powers/Abilities: has the ability to summon power of skills from constellations in the night sky named after greek gods or other great power such as stars that represent horoscopes or animals. Though he has all the possibilities of what he could summon, his preference is Orion to use for his archery and strength in hunting. When summoning his powers Isaac is represented with the one thing that symbolizes itself best as a weapon or skill that can help him in his troubles. ( for example: if he were to summon the constellation leo, he would be gifted with the power of being able to think like the lion, or object hes called for).

Weapons: he has a staff of "matter" which can be turned into any weapon to correspond with the constellation he has chosen. ( ex. Orion, bow and arrows. )

Hero wear: black combat boots, pants, and jaqueta with capuz, capa that he almost always had pulled up when suited up. and finger less black gloves.

Civvies: vans, dark jeans, and plain t-shirt ( hint he doesn't like very much attention on himself so he keeps it casual).

Past: he grew up in a normal family with an older brother, he often looked up to his brother and aspired to be very much like him. although one dia he died in a car accident with his friends under the influence of alcohal. After that is when he began to shut people out and keep to himself, which is what made him very self caring and bratty, it was one dia when he was 15 and lying on his rooftop in the small town he lived in when he saw what looked like a shooting estrela fall from the sky and land in an alley way. he found it and picked it up and that's when he got his powers. As soon as he turned 18 is when he packed his bags and made his own way away from his parents and family. Now he roams the city living there and going out taking out the daily bad guys and was found por Robin who brought him to batman to cadastrar-se the team.

Others: he is still adjusting to learn how to work with a team but struggles. PLUS AGAIN HE'S SINGLE LADIESSSSSSSSSSSSS HIT EM UP IN RPS!!.

his jacket.