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posted by GlitterPuff
Some of you wanted to know the 'stuff' that my redhead was talking about from a past article. Well, this is it.


“Elizabeth, what are you doing?” The small ghost had a bag on her back, almost through the front door.

“I’m going to, get something.” Her speech had become much mais eloquent and correct. Even though she still looked and act seven years old, she had learned so much it was like she could be in collage.

“To get what?”

“I, left my shovel at the park. I wanted to go retrieve it.”

“Okay. Just be back soon. I’m making jantar in a little.” The redhead turned and went to the kitchen, pots and pans could be heard as they moved around. Elizabeth sighed and walked out the apartment, running down the stairs to the streets. People were rushing by, coming início from work or going off to work; it was about that time of day. The little girl hid her face and walked down the streets, turning often and crossing streets until she was quite far from home. Before anyone could see her, she slid into an alley way; a man standing in a black capa waiting for her.

“Do you have it?” he asked.

“Yes, of course I do.” Elizabeth pulled out a small pouch from her bag and handed it to him. Inside were the gold coins he requested for her item. In return, he handed her an object wrapped in cloth. She opened it, carefully, finding what she wanted: A small dagger. It had a celestial bronze blade and a wooden handle. She wrapped it back up and stuffed it in her bag, in seguinte to her shovel she ‘lost’. “Thank you sir.”

“Thank you child,” he said as her disappeared into the shadows. The little ghost smiled as she ran back onto the street, running back início before Rene killed her for taking too long.

As she ran through the door, the smell of freshly made comida hit her nose and instantly made her hungry.

She went to her room to throw the bag in there, and came back out.

“What’s for dinner?”

“Homemade pizza.” Elizabeth’s mouth watered. That was her favorite. At least that would be nice before…

“Sounds good! I’ll set the table!” As Rene pulled out the pizza and set it on a plate, the ghost girl grabbed napkins and plates, setting them out. The redhead set the pizza plate on the mesa, tabela and sat down, and so did Elizabeth.

“Dig in honey!” Elizabeth did as she was told, grabbing a slice and biting into it before it hit the plate. Rene laughed, taking two pieces and putting them on her plate and picked one up, eating it all up.

When they were done, Rene cleared the mesa, tabela and sent Elizabeth to clean up herself.

“Okay,” the little girl said to herself. “I can do this.” She ran over to her room and shut the door, grabbing her bag and bouncing onto the bed. Elizabeth looked over to an empty spot in the room. /I miss Bentley as my roommate,/ she thought to herself. Carefully, sighing, she pulled out the wrapped up faca and took it out. “I have to do this,” she mumbled. “It’s the only way.”

“You okay sweetie?”

“Yeah! Fine!” Closing her eyes, she put the tip of the faca to her stomach, and quickly plunged in inside her. It began dissolving her, slowly, killing her.

“Elizabeth?” There was no answer. “Elizabeth!” Rene burst into the room, finding a half gone ghost in its bed. “No…”

“Hey Rene…”

“Why are you doing this? Why would you do this?”

“Because I don’t want to be here anymore. I mean, I amor you. So much. You took such good care of me all these years and I will always amor you for it… But I don’t want to be stuck in this body at this age anymore. My parents died years ago, it’s all over…” and she couldn’t say anymore, because it was dissolved up to her nose, and then. She was gone. All that was left was the knife.

“No. No!” Rene ran out the room, grabbing a thick, black leather bound book and ran back to the room; frantically flipping through. “Bring her back,” she mumbled, flipping to a certain spell. The redhead repeated the words, over and over again, tears covering her cheeks. “BRING HER BACK!” The book glowed as she put her hands on it, absorbing all of the dark magic spells. Her coração was growing dark and cold, eyes turning black as well; until she had become completely changed from the girl she was. Crying up to the sky, she called “Bring her back!” Once more, and the ceiling grew dark, and a face appeared.

”She cannot be brought back.’

“Why the hell not!” she growled.

”Because she chose this for herself. She does not want it undone.”

“But I DO!”

”It cannot be undone!” And the face and clouds disappeared.

“Oh, I’ll make her come back. No matter what it takes.” Rene wrapped up the faca and stuck it in her jacket, then left the room, running out the fogo escape to change what had happened. But now, she would kill anyone that tried to stop her.

Don't worry, there will be mais to come.
posted by robinluv14
AUTHORS NOTE: rachele_x is rx, robinluv14 is r14, ash is ash, fin is fin, kenzie is kk, jessica is sc, chelsea is ci, caitlyn is cg. ENJOY the third installment.
r14: hi
i'm about to leave, this is awk
rx: heyy!!!
i wanna talk to kenzie!!
on fanpop! the wall!
r14: say hi kenzie
rx: go on da wall!
r14: look at my awkward photoshopped pic
rx: where?
r14: i just emailed it to you
rx: oh
r14: it's so awk..
it's kinda hilarious how i managed to do that..
rx: thats legit
rx: why???
it's so amazing!
r14: cuz i've been here since 10;00!!!!!!!
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posted by AislingYJ
I was really bored, so I decided to make wordy gurdies for the OC’s. If you haven’t heard of these before, this is how they work. The answer to the wordy gurdy is a 2-word phrase that rhymes. The first word is the name of an OC (it can be hero name, secret ID/civvie name, whatever). The clue to the wordy gurdy is another 2-word phrase (it can be mais though) that doesn’t rhyme, but gives clues to the answer. The name clue could be their last name, civvie name or hero name, etc. The segundo word is usually a synonym or descrição of the segundo word in the answer. The goal is to figure...
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posted by Robin_Love
He kept his head down as he wove his way into the city. His eyes swept over the faces around him. He could sense their emotions. See through their defenses. Their fears were things he could see. He closed his eyes for a brief second. Then headed down an alleyway. He was thankful to not be noticed. He headed to a side door and down several flights of stairs. He knocked on the door. A hatch slid open, revealing piercing green eyes.
“Oh god,” Terror muttered.
“What's the password?”
“Robin you-”
“Not even close!”
“How about this? Robin open this damn door before...
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