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posted by MafiaYJ
Mafia sat alone on a rooftop, watching through binoculars, her target in a window across from her. The target wasn't aware of her of course, but some one else was. Mafia checked the time on her watch with a sigh. It was past midnight, but she needed this guy, preferably dead. It was easier to carry dead weight than live bait. Especially if he struggled. Sadly, Mafia had been right about one thing; her target would't be leaving the building any time soon. And she needed to have him before sundown. She sighed and tucked her red hair under her hat and pulled the colarinho, colar up, if she was spotted in anyway, the less they saw of her the better.
She pulled the sniper gun out of its case, and was setting it up when the sound of fluttering caught her attention. She snapped up, gun poised between the eyes of the intruder. The man cloaked in black said nothing as she brought her gun down in annoyance. "Oh you." she said simply, a hint of irk in her tone, "Sorry I didn't bow at you're arrival. Couldn't get any heat off you." she remarked, eyeing him. She couldn't tell if he was eyeing her as well behind his cowl.
She went back to fixing her gun, when a large hand grabbed her wrist and pulled her away from it. "Hey! Let go of me!" she snapped, her free hand lashing out with a small dagger she had concealed. He met her hand, turning her wrist, she yelped in surprise as the dagger went flying out of her hand and off the edge of the roof. Mafia blinked for a moment before hissing, "You are going to regret that!" and swung her foot out, her sole smashing into his jaw. he let her go, and Mafia grabbed her gun and punched him, as much as she wanted to, for perhaps her safety, Mafia would have preferred to shoot him. But she wasn't about to shoot the Batman. Then everyone would want to hang her. And there were certain heroes she was sure she wouldn't be able to fight off.
Still, she aimed her gun at him, just in case. He stood up, giving her a famous bat glare. She almost put her gun down. She almost wavered. But she couldn't. She wouldn't. Not to the Batman. "You aren't going to kill him. You're going to let me deal with him, and take him to authorities." he said gruffly. "LIKE HELL YOU ARE!" Mafia snapped, "I need the money, and this guy has a great price for him. Dead or alive."
batman glared at her, "You are joining him unless you leave." Mafia froze. cadastrar-se him? She wasn't going to jail. She couldn't. She'd have the death penalty, or worse. They'd send her to a Russian prison.
And though she had total confidence that if she fought Batman, she could win. But then again, she was in Gotham. This was his city. These were his people people to prosecute and protect, on a higher level of authority they'd allowed him to have.
She couldn't take the chance of losing. "Fine. i'm' going." She hissed picking up her equipment and turning to head out.
batman watched her go before doing his traditional disappearing act.
"I had expected mais of a fight out of her, Alfred." Bruce said back at the Batcave. He finished a quick skirmish with a few easy thugs, and had only injuries from where Mafia had kicked him. He waved Alfred off as he tried to apply a salve to it. "One must no underestimate the young lady, master Bruce." he said with a sigh. He put out a cup of chá and set the silver prato, travessa under his arm, "Sir... is this..perhaps..the young lady you mentioned?" he indicated to the screen.
Bruce turned sharply, his features edged with anger.
Mafia waved on screen, her target laying unconsious in her arms, written in red ink, or so he hoped, across a door on screen, "Snakes Eat Bats."
Before she walked out.
Bruce sighed, "I should have seen that one coming." Alfred nodded, "indeed you should have Master Bruce. Indeed."
posted by AislingYJ
“Of course we’re alone!” Chandler said, slightly irritable at Nathan’s sudden detachment. “It’s the middle of the freaking night!”
Nathan ignored the boy’s irritation, resuming his brisk manner. “They had to make sure.”
Lily crossed her arms. “They? So there’s more. It’s not just you two, is it?”
Nix nodded, smiling slightly. “No, it’s not just us.” She turned away from the children, calling over her shoulder to someone they couldn’t see.
“It’s safe!”
The three children looked at each other, perplexed, but they didn’t have long to wonder, because at that...
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posted by EndgameYJ
((I was to lazy to switch accounts))
Here. I made a Fin/Bruce bonding fic one-shot thing, so.... >.<
Just read and tell me what you think.

Tears flooded down her eyes, crystal blue and wide in shock. She looked down at her chest and felt the world slow to a near stop as a gold flash entered her back and came out as a bullet. It trailed red and that soon became the only color Fin could see-- red. The red of her own blood seeping down the the front of her dress. The red that stained the snow below her feet, that coated...
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posted by BloodyMascara_

Name: Melissa Wellings

Hero name: Coaxoch

Hair: Black.

Eyes: Hypnotic green.

Relation to the Team: ((*Snikers* R_L and KFF are going to kill me...)) Devin and Fangs child from the future. ((SHHH!!!! They dont know it yet....))

Powers: When hugged por the opposite sex or under to much stress, transforms into a small dragon(Willingly or unwillingly. SO I EXPECT ONE OF YOU GUYS TO TRIP ONTO HER!), (When dragon) Flight, (Human) levitation(Self and other objects/people).

Skills: Black cinto, correia in martial arts, Cooking, pick pocket.

Personality: Never gives up, (OVERLY)protective of friends, never backs...
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posted by -BelovedRobin
 Pixiv Id 403191
Pixiv Id 403191
Name: Alucard Fair
Alter Ego: 96
Age: 26 (For Baker’s story)
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: Platinum Blonde, sometimes mistaken for silver.
Distinct Markings: The tip of his left ear is bitten off.
Height: 5’10”
Martial Status: Single
Birthplace: He forgot b/c his family moved a lot
Current Residents: He moves about.
Relationship with: No one, but he is obsess with Aria Leonhart
Foes: Whoever is his target and whoever is “keeping him and Aria apart.”

Meaning behind “96”:

Well I’m using 96 as a representation of characters from the Japanese language. Im Japanese reads as 9 (ku/kyu)...
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Dr. Varhiez yanked his head into his hands., "I cant believe we lost her! Twice! She was our first successful creation!" His assistant, Dr. Foriam pulled out a chart, "Dr. Varhiez, why don't you just make another one of her? I mean, you created her, you have all the information. and," Dr. Varhiez cut him off, snapping his head up. His large blue eyes and messy brown hair made the 45 yr old man look crazier than ever. "that right there Foriam, is where you are wrong! When H-K4escaped from here, I had not finished my diagnostics, i did not finish recording all her information. I have no records...
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posted by The_Writer
A Few Notes (And a Rant) About Me

I know most of you are thinking: "The conceited little brat! He's making an artigo about himself! How selfish!"

But before you assume and make an bunda out of you and me (look at the word assume), lemme have my say. This rant is so that people can get to know what I believe in and what type of person I am before they decide to be my "friend". This isn't a "everyone is my friend cause I like everyone" list. This, in fact, could be used to push people away, but it's all in your viewpoint.

Now, without further ado:

 I am an American. A proud one too. I believe in...
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posted by Robin_Love
She walked into the center of light in the pitch black area. The child was in her arms, sound asleep. A voice spoke and a red light shined.
“Do you have the child?”
“Yes Bella Morta.”
“You have done well, pawn.”
“Thank you.”
“Place the child down gently and leave.”
Becca put Flynn on the ground gently and left. The red light came closer.
“Such an innocent child. I would hate for anything to happen to you. Let us hope your parents do as I say. Oh Devin.”
The angel stepped into the ring of light.
“Yes Bella Morta?”
“I have a message I want delivered. Find the parents of this...
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posted by Obscurity98
Harley eyes fluttered open as she looked around. Her hands where strapped to a chair and so were her legs. She tried to pull loose, but she couldn't It surprised her, Nothing, or at least almost nothing, could have led her.
Her eyes darted around the lightly dimmed room, and they feel upon a human figure, and out of the shadows where she looked came Klarion.
"Can't get out of your chair girly? You might be wondering why."
"Like hell i'm wondering why! what do you want with me?"
"Quiet girly! I ask the perguntas here!"
"Yeah and we both want answers, so give me mine and i'll give you yours."

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posted by XxKFforeverXx
Name: Scott Clancy, or “Scotty”
Alias: White Lightning
Occupation: Hero
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Personality: righteous hero with a strong willpower. Having a strong sense of right and wrong, Scott is guided por his own conscience rather than the general rules that most of the heroes follow. One of his most notable traits is his refusal to admit defeat even in the darkest of situations, Despite his virtues, Scott is also reckless and arrogant. mais than once he has left his emotions nuvem his better judgment.
Powers/skills: Can control weather and especially lightning, acrobatics, hand to hand combat,...
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*Chapter XIV: "Distraction"
*Chapter XV: "Destruction"
*Chapter XVI: "Defusion"
*Chapter XVII: "Murder"


Part Three:

*Chapter XVIII: "Storm Rising"
*Chapter XIX: "Powers" Part 2
*Chapter XX: "Gone...for Good?"
*Chapter XXI: "What Matters?"
*Chapter XXII: "Worry"
*Chapter XXIII: "Secret Midnight"
*Chapter XXIV: "Murder Cont."


Part Four:

*Chapter XXV: "Calm Before the Storm"
*Chapter XXVI: "Happy or Sad"
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posted by HarmonianYJ
~{A/N}~ Ciel's POV. *Bows* Enjoy. ~{A/N}~

I am the shadow, and the smoke in your eyes,
I am the ghost, that hides in the night

I watched from the shadows, the young girl sitting in the window still. The long window was open, letting in a cold breeze, and snow. Her eyes narrowed at the distance, scars obvious in this light.
"What do you want." She spoke.
"Why are you down here?"

Boom-Lay Boom-Lay BOOM!
Boom-Lay Boom-Lay BOOM!
Boom-Lay Boom-Lay BOOM!
Boom-Lay Boom-Lay BOOM!

I shook my head, laying the picture face-down on the desk. The memory would hurt me mais than I already was, and I wasn't ready for...
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posted by ScarletYJ
1) If you had to choose between riding on a arco iris, arco-íris or delivering rainbows, and why?

Is neither an option, not a big fã of rainbows

She's in a shitty mood just warning you

2) When is someone going to go elefante riding with me?

I could go with you seguinte week if you really wanna go that bad

3) Would you rather live in a giant pumpkin, or eat a giant pumpkin?

What kinda pergunta is that

oh for cripes sake just anwser the question

Fine I'd rather live in one

4) unicórnios or o espaço Unicorns? Please explain!


I give up! Your hopeless

*sighs* unicórnios cause they're one of the nicest mythical creatures...
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posted by CoaxochYJ
 Deep in the water, your chances little. A watery grave, your bones that whittle.
Deep in the water, your chances little. A watery grave, your bones that whittle.
Pretty cool if you sing it like link...

Deep in the water, your chances little.
A watery grave, your bones that whittle.
Lay down your hand, and slowly you will die
And when again the sun leaves you will lie.

Here is hate, here there's mourn
Here the Demons hide you from your light
Here your wounds are deep and tomorrow you earn new
Here is the place where we, hate you.

Deep in the flames, hidden far away
A capa of ash, a burn streaked face
Forget your loves and let your happiness lay
And when again it's morning, they'll wash away.
 Deep in the flames, hidden far away A capa of ash, a burn streaked face
Deep in the flames, hidden far away A capa of ash, a burn streaked...
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posted by CoaxochYJ
*Shrugs* Its a little long... But what the heck? Its somethin' to read!

I spun around and delivered a powerfull kick to Nightwing's chest, he made a weird wheezing noise, then sucked the air back in. One of the toughest guys I know. He recoiled and lanched at me, delivering a powerfull soco to my jaw. It was so hard, I heard a pop and my head snapped to one side. I tasted blood, then went full instinct from there on. We were both breathing heavily, a thin layer of sweat on both of our foreheads. No weapons allowed, no powers, just the machines that we call our bodies. Blade watched, leaning...
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posted by InfinityYJ
A visualização to what's coming! The sign-up is still open, closes tomorrow. I need some guys, please, so if you could, it'd be nice. ;D
Here we goo!!

Fin rushed to her room, zipping past the people in the front to avoid communicating with them. She slammed her door open, giving the same amount of force to close it, and went straight to her dresser in the closet where she started throwing the clothing out of it. “C’mon, where is it, where is it...”
Blaire, who was sitting on the dog cama in the corner, perked up, curled tail wagging. Fin noticed this and turned, crouching down. The pup jumped...
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posted by CoaxochYJ
I just felt like writing....So comment and enjoy!

I ran through the streets of NewYork, thick with people and vendors. I took a sharp turn, skidding on the rain water, my windbreaker keeping my wings dry. My wings were sore, and I couldnt move them. Horrible when your trying to escape things about three times stronger than you. And jumped up and kicked off of a building nearby. Throwing my hands out infront of me, I saw the clouds. It was like slow motion, untill I hit the chest of a furry Eraser. Adrenaline pumped into my system. He stummbled back and made a wheezing noise. He grabbed...
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