Atarah in costume (Econtra)
Name: Atarah and Dawn
Alias: Econtra and Contra
Occupation: Atarah is a hero, Dawn is mais of a villain
Powers: Atarah has the ability to see auras and make weapons into harmless items; Dawn can implant seeds of different emotions. Though she can't actually change them, Dawn can nudge people to think or a feel a little differently. Both are excellent at swords play and agility.
History: Atarah and Dawn are the same person. Dawn is Atarah's other personality. Atarah has a personality disorder, but as Dawn, her hair also changes color due to her being able to read and manipulate auras. Atarah was put into a mental hospital when she was young and grew up there, despite not being able to control her disorder. She has no clue what triggers her changes or even if she can control them. She was recently taken out of the hospital and became an honorary member of the team so that batman could keep an eye on her. She mostly takes care of things inside the base, going on single missions batman or one of the other JLA puts her on. As Dawn, she works with no one and does as she pleases. Dawn is mais of a mercenary than an actual villain.
Notes: Atarah is Latin for crown. She doesn't remember her actual family, but she sometimes can see imagens of what she thinks her family. Dawn claims to have no family. She instead thinks up dramatic stories to tell that will have people sympathizing. Atarah and Dawn act mais like two contained spirit's, but they are only one. Atarah isn't soft-spoken, but she doesn't say much about herself in case people get too close. Dawn is flirty and dangerous, living on the thin wire of good and evil.
Dawn in costume (Contra)
Atarah and Dawn