He felt another prescence in the room with him. He half-hoped it was her, but he knew it wasn't. But the thing standing in the corner of his room wasn't what he expected. He made ready in case the thing attacked, but then he saw the eyes. They weren't the same color, the familiar blue, but they held the same pain and sadness and longing that his eyes had before.
“Did you find her?!”
“Yes. Becca's there now. We have to hurry.”
He stood and ran over to where the so-called monster stood. He felt the slight pressure of a hand on his shoulder and they stepped into the darkness of the shadows.

Her arms fell at her sides as she kept the power flowing. They may be demonic, they may even be strong. But she was better. She kicked her way to the cannons, taking them out first. She was tackled to the ground and then suddenly freed.
“Wondered when you'd come.”
He gave her a smirk she couldn't see and then moved to make a clear path to the front. She could feel the power rolling off of him and wondered how she could be so close. Her own magic radiated off her, but it was slightly weaker from the battle they were fighting. Her ears picked up the sound of heavy boots running away and she could only guess that it was Alek running. Then she followed after Terror when they were attacked yet again.

Her feet thundered on the cobblestone floor. She could hear sounds of fighting. She tasted the sulfur of cannons and felt the shudder of the castelo falling around her. She didn't wait to see what happened; this was her one shot of freedom.
“Oh Tara~!”
She ran faster, panting hard. She wouldn't go back. Not with him. She turned a corner, finding a corridor, before she was tackled to the ground and pinned down in one smooth motion. Fear flooded through her veins.
“It's not nice to run away.”
His voice was sultry and flirty, like cantar a song.
“P-please let me go. You don't know what will happen.”
“On the contrary, I know quite well. That is why you must go. The way you've tried so many times before.”
He pulled out a silver dagger, the hilt stained with blood.
“Oh how much I will miss playing with you, dear little Tara. But I have heard many things and many say that Taranth isn't so bad.”
She gulped and felt the first trickle of blood from the weapon at her throat. The dagger trailed down her neck, across her shoulder, and down to her heart. He held it there, looking at her for a last time. Her eyes shut instictively and tears fell over the side of her temples. She felt the dagger press on her skin slowly and then heard the sound of a gunshot. Metal clattered against the floor and then the weight was gone. She sat up and slowly opened her eyes. Her amor stood a few feet away, eyes filled with amor and worry and relief. The steaming gun in his hand was matched with the look of fear and anger on his face. She looked at him for long minutes, tears creating rivers down her cheeks.
The sound of her voice saying his name brought him back and he was holding her in a heartbeat.
“Are you okay?!”
“I'm...fine. You're here.”
“Yes. Are you sure you're okay????”
“Who was that?”
“An incubus. And old...admirer.”
“It's a long story, Alek.”
“You're still alive.”
“I amor you!”
“I amor you too.”
“Don't leave me again!”
“I won't......Are they really gone?”
“Yes. No one will take you again. And I'm putting a sino on you. You aren't going again.”
“Just..shut up and hold me.”
He kissed her head and did as she asked.
It fit