Mafia sat on the mesa, tabela at mount justice. No one had been there in ages, and she was unsure how this mesa, tabela survived, let alone manages to hold her weight. She sighed, running a hand through her hair. She had only been a few times, and the last time she was, she met Atticus. Her mind mind wandered. Atticus. He was nice, and treated her well. And she respected him, and he thought her powers were... cool. No one had ever thought so before. And she had scared him with the snake thing. She personally thought it was cute.
Mafia looked at where the sofa should have been when she sat seguinte to him. She sighed once again and hopped down from the table. It creaked. She flinched at the sound. And she shook her head.
There was also Burke. It kinda threw her off. He liked her, she knew. But he was flirt to be honest. And he could easily be playing her. Though he had kissed her on mais than one occasion. Did that mean anything like it did back in Russia?
She shrugged it off. She thought of when they met and he saved her necklace, and she sat on topo, início of him. it was sweet. But was it an act? And she rarely saw him. And because of him, she was being watched por the Batman, who didn't like as it was.
She kicked at the mounds of dirt, and let it settle around her.
Her mind was racing. Atticus, the mystery boy she met once, or Burke the playboy she knew.
Cadmus was her real name, yet none of them called her that.
She groaned, frustrated. And then in the blink of an eye, became a brown snake and slithered from the cave's ruins.
amor was too confusing.