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Name: Blade Serenity Howard-^insert Terror's last name-which is secret-here^


Current Living Location: She owns an apartment, where she usually stays, but also has a room at The Cave if she wants to crash. Currently she is M.I.A.
((Though she is Missing In Action. I do break the rules that I've made, occasionally, and RP with her.. So what.. sue me.))

Race: Half Human-Half Vampire/Caucasian.

Age: Seventeen, but due to the vampirism, immortal-Age Wise-

Hair: Her hair is a bright blonde but if she's in the sun for a long time it fades to a pastel yellow. She has a red streak down her bangs. Blade's hair is short and messy, when I say short I mean short.

Eyes: Her eyes no longer change color and are just a deep blood red.

Relations: Dante-Her brother who is currently M.I.A. with her-

Skills and Powers:
☠Twice as fast and as strong due to vampirism
☠Her eye-sight and hearing has improved greatly, she can see farther and notice even the smallest movements~this comes in handy when in combat~
☠She still has her fighting skills and she is still good with guns.
☠Blade has a great sense of smell~
☠When extremely injured there's a chance of her going into "Rage Mode".
Her pupils either dilate or turn to slits, they turn a dark maroon, her fangs increase in size and her strength and speed quadruple.

♥Silver bullets will kill her if they hit her heart. If hit anywhere else it will cause that part of the area to dissolve and rot.
♥Blood is kind of like a something to control her. ~if she's hungry enough~When she senses blood her knees get weak, her lips quiver. Eh you can see where I'm going with that.
♥Due to her really sensitive hearing high pitched noises, send her into a lot of pain.
♥Rage Mode may seem like a advantage but it only lasts for a certain amount of time and can actually be very deadly for it cause her senses to numb so she won't feel any pain which can cause her to not realize how much she's bleeding out. When her episode is over her nose will bleed and she will fall unconscious leaving her very vulnerable.
♥Her past
♥Endangering friends or loved ones
♥The Dark
♥The Ocean, Lakes, and Ponds.

Background: Blade grew up as the youngest of her family. Her mother left with Dante after a few years. Her father was a mercenary and soon discovered her powers, coming início drunk one night he was out to get her and use her as a weapon. Her sister, Kelsey, tried to defend her but was killed in the process. Blade escaped por using her teleportation but had no where to go but back to her father. He trained her to be what she is today, and carved a "B" in her back so she would always remember him. She left at the age of sixteen to live with her mother, but three months later her mother was murdered por her dad. ~~ Soon she met up with her brother in attempt to kill herself, which he saved her from. Then one cold dia she went to his apartment venting, they got into a heated argument and to try and let things cool down, Dante left, which resulted in a car wreck. She blamed herself and attempted suicide again, but was only put into a small coma. Only recently did she go M.I.A and is being held in Mansion.

Relationships: Terror is her husband and they have a son, Hatter.

Nicknames: Honey B, Bladey Boo, Kiddo, Miss Howard, Miss Blade.

-Blade has a piercing on her lip.
-She no longer has her lobo powers
-She acts tough but is pretty soft
-She's bisexual~ ((Problem?))
-She has freckles on her cheeks
-She's very sarcastic

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Blade's 'Stume. I know it's Prussia Genderbent.. but Idgaf. Sue me.
Blade and Terror <3 She's a little forceful.
Blade and Dante!
She's a vampire o;
This is her hair c: