<I'm not dead! Hi!>

"....Who?" Giovanni questioned. Richi looked at him with an expression of shock. "...Really?" Richi asked. With a nod from the large man, Richi began the explanation of his true backstory with a sigh. "Maria Antonio, 20 years ago, was your spouse. She was devoted to you and she loved you with all her heart, and the feeling was mutual. On a camping 16 years ago, however, my mother became pregnant with me on a camping trip after she went for a walk in the woods. Only, she didn't know it until a check-up at her doctor 2 months after the trip. When she refused to get rid of me, you decided to kill her to get rid of both of us. She ran, and for 2 long years you hunted her like wild game, every dia a living nightmare. When she could no longer continue, she hid me and willingly gave herself up. It was her way of release from all the suffering she went through." Richi paused to take a breath, glaring the aged man across the room. He balled his fists before continuing. "But you took it too far. You killed her por hanging her from an old willow tree, cremated her body, and then threw her ashes into the sea off of a large cliff. The overkill and disrespect to her body caused her soul to shatter, and she simply ceased to exist."

After a small moment of silence, Giovanni began clapping. "A wonderful, well thought-out tale. Truly captivating. But let me ask you this: why would I go as far to kill my loving spouse if she were pregnant with a child? Even I would not kill an unborn infant, much less my own wife. Really, boy, get your common sense working." Richi glanced over at his allies, who were all noticeably tense, and they seemed much mais alert, as if they could tell something was going to happen soon. "It's simple, really," Richi replied," if you take into account my family blood. The aged man leaned progressivo, para a frente in his seat, clearly playing along. "Really now? Okay, okay, I'll bite. Who exactly is your father?" Richi cleared his throat before introducing his family line to the murderer of his mother.

"He goes por many names, all long atrás feared among people. Abaddon, Lucifer, angel of the Bottomless Pit. But his most known name is Satan, king of Hell, and your future torturer. And I? I am your executioner." At this, the teens pulled out their weapons, and stood on standby for the signal. They stared at Giovanni, who stared at Richi with his mouth slightly open, as if in shock. A sound emitted from Giovanni before he burst into laughter. "Ahahaha! Now I remember! I could never find that disgusting excuse of a proper wife's child." From his suit pocket he pulled out a small, metal rosary with a button on the rosary, which he pressed. Immediately, large metal arms sprang out from a device on Giovanni's back, which attached themselves to his limbs, body, and head. They expanded and unfolded, until a full metal body suit had grown onto his body. As he adjusted to the suit, he began speaking once more. "And now it seems he's delivered himself right to my doorstep for his death." With a mighty yell, he raised his foot and stomped the ground, and the furniture in the room crumbled, as if it were made of dust. A strange sensation also washed over the team, but they dismissed it as battle jitters. "You said you were here for my head, boy?" Giovanni boasted. "Then DIE for it."