She awoke to a rythmic jolting, her head aching. She wanted to open her eyes but they wouldn't obey her. She realized someone, maye something, was holding her and walking. Her reflexes kicked in and she tried to mover away. But not being able to see things made it hard.
"Relax! It's just me!"
The sound of the voice should have made her scared. Instead, she relaxed. His voice had changed to a deep echo inside his chest with the slightest undertone of a hiss. But it was still him.
"Why can't I open my eyes?"
"Cyvus cast some sort of spell. As soon as you were out, he and Syl left."
"How am I supposed to help if I can't see??!"
"He wants you to use your other ability."
She stayed silent, but could feel him looking at her every so often.
"Did he tell you what it was?" she whispered.
Terror looked down at the warrior in his arms. Her voice had been so soft, almost vulnerable.
"No. And you don't have to either."
He waited for a nod, but she didn't indicate that she had heard him.
"Put me on the ground."
Albeit surprised, he did as she bade. Once her feet hit solid earth, she gained her balance.
"Becca you don't have to-"
"You need to know. Or you won't be able to concontrate on fighting."
He stepped away from her, letting her have room to demonstrate this ability of hers. Her eyes stayed closed and she could hear him. Her body tensed up.
“Are you okay?”
She shook her head and he came back to her.
“I can't show you without touching you.”
“Sorry. Here.”
He took her hand and gave it a small squeeze.
“Go on. Show me.”
She nodded and her hand sparked his. Then his vision disappeared and he could see nothing. Green started to appear, then blue, and grey. He breathed out a “whoa” then turned to look at Becca. Instead of seeing her, he saw red.
“I'm here. What you see is the spirit auras. Green for nature, blue for water, grey for stone-”
“And red is living things.”
She nodded, at least he thought she did, and pulled her hand away. His vision cleared and he stood looking at her.
“So you can beat them up while I go fetch him?”
“Then let's go. We have a princess to save.”