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posted by InfinityYJ
So, this is my new story... Yeah... link Enjoy~

Hiding in an alleyway, the small neko girl’s ears twitched as the sound of soft footsteps approached. Her green eyes went wide and she grabbed her backpack, slinging it over her shoulder and dashing further into the passage. Her light brown hair fluttered out behind her and her tail curled up. She ran into a dead end, a small sob escaping her. She looked behind her as the footsteps became louder and began to climb the gutter pole to get to the roof.
When she was about halfway up, the footsteps slowed, and from the shadows another teen came out. Her eyes were shadowed por the hoodie on her head, and she was stick thin and kind of short. Her clothing was rather grungy and old, and her sneakers seemed worn out. “Wait!” she called softly, and the neko girl hesitated.
“Wh-what do you want?”
“I’m not going to hurt you, I promise.”
“I don’t believe you!”
“Please! I’m... I’m different, too.”
The neko glanced over as the girl took off her capuz, capa revealing dark brown hair pulled up in a ponytail. Her eyes were two different colors, blue and maroon-red. But the most interesting thing about her was the technological pattern on the side of her face, glowing dimly in the dark night. “I’m a technopath.”
“N-neko,” the small girl said, sliding back down the gutter and coming closer to the stranger.
“My name’s Nikki.”
“I’m Lily.”
“C’mon, then, Lily.” Nikki took the smaller girl’s hand and hoisted her onto her back. “Let’s find shelter for the night.”
The two of them walked back down the alley as rain began to fall in sheets of droplets. por the time they found a suitable place to stay, the rain had soaked the streets thoroughly, leaving large puddles in the craters of the asphalt. Nikki reached out with a gloved hand and turned the knob on a door, pushing it open with an eerie creak. Lily shuddered, tightening her grip on Nikki’s neck. “Hello?” Nikki whispered.
“You found one?” A voice asked from the darkness of the safehouse.
“Yeah. She’s pretty young. And a neko.”
“Get in here, quick.”
Lily looked around as the door closed behind her. Suddenly a light flickered on, illuminating 6 other figures. Four of them were males, the other two were females. “I’m Vincent,” said a boy with shaggy black hair. “This is Adam, Toby, and Felix, and the girls are Leila, Chryssa, and, well, you’ve already met Nikki.”
Lily blinked, confused. “What is this?”
“This is a place where we’re safe,” said a new voice. “But it’s also a place where we’ll become stronger. We have to stop the new threat.”
Chryssa tossed her long red hair over her shoulder, scoffing. “What, become heroes? Everyone knows that the people like batman and Robin are just bedtime stories. I haven’t heard a story like that since I was little.”
“That’s the problem with the world today,” the voice said. “Not enough people know those legends. Or the fact that the legends were true. But in order to stop this man, we need to become the new legends.”
Chryssa shook her head. “Why should we listen to you? We have no proof you’re even a meta. How do we know you’re different than all those humans out there?”
Lily watched as a figure emerged from the shadows. Her hair was bright gold, in a choppy pixie cut, and her eyes were like sapphire gems. Lily swore there was a fogo in the girl’s eyes, one that burned passionately but couldn’t be let out. The teen hissed out angrily, glaring at Chryssa. “Trust me, I’m different.”
Looking down at her feet, she murmured to herself, fiddling with a golden locket on her neck. For a segundo Lily saw her hair much, much longer, and dark as midnight. The girl sighed. “I may be the most different out of us all.”
“What’s your name?” the cat-girl blurted out quickly. The teen looked at Lily curiously. “My name...?”
Lily nodded. “You ought to have a name, right?”
The girl smiled distantly, as if reliving a memory from her past, mais than two-hundred years ago. “You can call me Era.”
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posted by SilverWings13
Dear amazing dudes and dudets of this site,

Everything about this site is awesome. The peeps (meaning you guys), the talent, the creativity, and the friendships. It's a great place for kids like us to spread our wings and show our colors. You already see where this is going, don't you? Do I even need to say it? I gotta fly. The responsibility I feel for this place and to you all as a member is getting in the way of that sick, cold, so called "real life". Wish I could fix the things I screwed up here, but I can't now. Maybe I'll be back in the New Year, though I can't insure that. Whether or...
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posted by AislingYJ
Finally got the inspiration to write it!!!!!!!! Once again, all anterior parts are in my favorites. xD
“Why don’t you ask my friends--your friends--about that?”
The three kids looked first to the woman’s still body, then to each other, and up to the crowd of Leaguers that had surrounded them. Confusion and disbelief clouded their faces, quickly fading to anger as the meaning of the fallen villain's words registered with them. Chandler was the first to react; his cornflower-blue eyes widened, then narrowed as he gritted his teeth. Without warning, he let out a strangled cry and lunged...
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posted by Robin_Love
 Irra-dressed as a girl
Irra-dressed as a girl
This is the time line where Lexi and the others are already there and Jamie has his squad

Name: Irra Weldon-Addams
Alias: Ray
Occupation: Apprentice
Powers: bends light, wings, controls heat, expert rua fighter, small weapons
Age: 15
Weaknesses: If she is kept in shadows or cold for mais than a few hours, her light extinguishes; if she expends too much light she becomes uncontrollable; limited fighting endurance
History: Irra's parents died before she was a ano old. She was taken in por an orphanage. por the time she was four, Irra had escaped her foster care início and stayed in the streets. She...
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Sign up is link. Enjoy!

Eric dropped his backpack on the couch, glancing over at the T.V. Static, again, but no one seemed to be watching. Looking towards the kitchen, he noticed M’gann wasn’t there, cooking like she usually was. In fact, the whole cave had an empty air to it. Well. Emptier than usual.
It had been two months since any of them had seen Infinity, after she’d stormed out and announced a name change, to Phoenix. She never was around to enforce it, however. Cutting off all ties with the team and League, she’d gone completely off the map, disappearing from everyone in a matter...
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
 Tarrant Hero
Tarrant Hero
Name: Dariyn Swift
Alias: Tarrant
Age: 16
Powers/skills:-Creates optical illusions
-master of hypnotism and mind control
-hand to hand combat
Past: Dariyn grew up in a wealthy family as well, along with Hikaru and Kaoru. Dariyn was sitting at his escrivaninha, mesa doing his school work, when his maid entered the room, and noticed a slight change of attitude in her and decided to make some arrangements to it with his powers. Dariyn met Jaime and the Eden twins while attending school.
Others: -People refer to him as the "Mad Hatter" because of his costume.
-Keeps cards in his hat.
-Occasionally uses his powers to get what he wants.
-Has flirtatious attitude as Hikaru and Kaoru.
 Daryin civvies
Daryin civvies
posted by InfinityYJ
A/N: Okay! This is loosely based off some youtube vídeos "11 Drunk Guys Play Slender/Hospice/Sanatorium/Slender Mod."
Warnings for pure stupidity, some cussing, and mentions of alcohol.

You ever heard that joke, 4 drunk heroes go into the forest at night, with nothing but their stupidity and a flashlight? No? Well, here’s how it went.

The dampness of the forest sent shivers down her spine. Fin glanced behind her, then back progressivo, para a frente again. seguinte to her, Eric was waving the flashlight aimlessly, letting the light hit the dark green leaves of the treetops above and the muddy road below their feet....
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Life is a series of collisions with the future; it is not the sum of what we have been, but what we yearn to be.-Jose Ortega y Gasset
Bandages wrapped around his sweaty, matted hair, covering his closed, damaged eyes. The blood had been cleaned from his head wound, stitches put in place, and morphine injected into the blood stream of the 12 year-old-boy. Now he lay on the cot, chest rising with each breath. A women with the same fiery red hair as her son looked down at him with sad eyes.
"Margaret," a towering man with jet black hair murmured to her softly and set a hand on her shoulder. She...
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
 Before the incident
Before the incident
Had this idea in my head for quite sometime, finally finished it yesterday on my way home!

Name: Daniel "Danny or Dani" Clancy (whichever you feel like spelling!)
Alias: Spectreo (Thanks! ^.^
Powers: -ghostly powers: flight,intangibility, and invisibility.
-gains super strength and enhanced abilities and agility his human form does not possess
-ghost sense that manifests as a blue wisp from his mouth that announces the presence of nearby ghosts.
-ghost raio, ray early on which has become one of his most frequently used powers;becoming an energy ball that can expand in size and corresponding area...
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posted by SilverWings13
The 18 ano old sat on the subway as it rolled along the tracks. His bag at his feet, containing every single thing he owned. Not much.
Declan kept his head down, capuz, capa drawn up over his wavy fair hair, earphones streaming Maroon 5 from the iPod tucked away in his jaqueta pocket. He wasn't staring at nothing. He was looking at his worn tênis shoes, the floor, and the scenes from Atlantic City that kept flashing through his mind.
He did not regret killing the men. They would have hunted him down, murdered him, and done the same to the others. They got what was coming to them.
Declan felt a sudden...
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posted by InfinityYJ
“A new threat has been putting together a team of extremely smart teenagers to help with his or her plots. Teens from across the globe who’ve ever been in juvvie or otherwise have received virtual invitations to cadastrar-se this team of ‘anti-heroes.’ They refuse to call themselves villains, for no discernable reason.
“Most of these teens are, currently, in juvvie. But we’ve decided to take this opportunity into play-- that’s where you come in. The teens we’ve chosen are who you’re going to be undercover as.
“Infinity, you and Dimension will be disguised as Nikolai and Ramona Salazar,...
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posted by FangYJ
It's okay...I guess.

Fang sat staring at his computer screen. 
"Gyah..No idea what to say." He frowned and leaned back against the sofá for any ideas. A ding come from the laptop and Fang looked down and the highlighted pergunta in the corner of his screen. 
"Lovely." Fang sighed and switched over to the questions, scanning over the questions. This should be interesting 

Are you goth or emo?  
What makes you assume that I'm either?

Why do wear so much black? Are going black and never going back?  

What's with the long hair? emo or goth?...
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Skylar, Nightwing, Twan, Superboy, M’gann, and Silverwings stepped into the white corridor . They looked around, poised for an ambush or any kind of assault awaiting them. “Whoa. Guys come ‘ere. Look at this!’ Nightwing said as he noticed the picture frames. “They look so lifelike.” said Superboy. “Its says H25 under this one,” Silver replied, “is that the name of the painting or what?” Nightwing shrugged, “I don’t know. But whoever this guy is has some weird stuff in here.” Megan flinched suddenly, “Nightwing, I don’t think that these are…”
“SKYLAR! Nightwing!”...
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