Name: Genesis

Alias: Eden

Age: 10 yrs

Nicknames: Gen, Genny, Genny-la

Powers: Flight, Invulnerability, controls but cant become fogo and water.

Skills: rua fighting experience

Weapons: Two armas hidden in her camisa and pocket knife.

Harley's not clone but sister, After Lex Found her DNA, it was given to CADMUS. where they tried to re clone her, after realizing their tries were in vain, they decided on simplicity, Give Harley a sister.
They successfully created the girl, calling her Genesis.
They released her and led her to Harley.

-This is part of her bio
- Who she is will soon be revealed.
- hates super-homem and batman and Superboy
- Doesn't like Skylar nor Wolf, or Sy.
- really smart