She counted several hundred demons. Against the seven of them...She sighed and pulled out her gun. Always a good time to bring this out. She shot several. A demon came at her, changing to a dragon shape.
“You shall not live,” it hissed.
She tossed a grenade in it's mouth and walked away calmly as it erupted from the inside.
“So many say the same.”
She ran over a kicked a few off Cat.
“Thanks Tara.”
“No problem.”
The two looked around. Leah and Rachel were dealing with Amber, Erin was making fast work of the thirty demons she'd claimed, Becca was holding her own. But where's... Tara ran over to Becca and stabbed a demon in the back.
“Becca! I can't find Devin!”
The warrior looked around with worry. Her browns were swift. And suddenly became hard.
“Oh I'm going to kick his demonic-”
Tara couldn't hear the rest of the sentence, but she didn't have to. She had already guessed at what was being said when she followed Becca's line of sight. She smirked to herself, using a force field to scatter the demons farther away. Go kick his demonic ass, Becca! She laughed almost evilly, taking out a dozen mais demons with a bomb.

The heavy wooden door closed and she was tossed to the ground. She looked up through her hair. The room was dim, lit with a fiery torch. It was just as she'd remembered from her nightmares, overly decorated in gold, blood red, and black. She stood up despite her sore and shaking legs and wrapped her arms around herself. It's like being in the lair of Satan himself. She resisted the urge to shiver. She couldn't see him anymore, but heard a lock and a few footsteps. She cheirado, cheirava, smelt brimstone. Two hands attached on her waist, a chilling voice sounding in her ear.
“You've always escaped before, angel. But not this time.”
“I'm not a toy to be placed,” she growled out.
His eerie laugh sounded.
“No. But I'd sooner let them kill you with a demon sword than rescue you from me.”
“You're twisted.”
“In mais ways than even you know. But soon, it won't matter. The process has begun.”

publishes and hides from Fang