With the World Premiere of Divided We Fall right around the corner, I thought I should give you guys an update as to WHA to expect in the most influential book in Red Revenge history.

Release Dates

September 29th: WORLD PREMIERE!!!
"Ominous Prophecy"
"Hell On Earth"
"Loss of Life"

September 30th:
"Trapper Part 1"

October 1st:
"Trapper Part 2"

October 2nd:
"Trapper Part 3"

October 3rd:
"Trapper Part 4"

October 4th:
"Trapper Part 5"

October 5th:

October 6th:
"Blind as a Bat"


That's the schedule for the week-long marathon. After that, I'll release two or three chapters every Friday/Saturday. Divided We Fall should be concluded with the ULTIMATE cliffhanger por Thanksgiving.


General Updates

Alright, so a bit of an explanation: "Ominous Prophecy" predicts the end. "Hell on Earth" and "Loss of Life" show the death of two characters and Revenge's most spiritual battle yet.

"Meanwhile" is one of the few "Team" stories in here. However, it's critical.

"Jolt" is the start of Red Revenge's mood lightening up, despite recent events. It also marks the return of Reaper, who not only killed Sam's father, but is Red Revenge's arch enemy.



Trapper is one of the most influential Red Revenge stories of all time. The five-part storyline so far is 13,000 words. That's a lot for one storyline. Several major things happen in this storyline, and also a few minor things that alter Revenge's life physically, mentally, and in other ways.

While this story is similar to "The Dark Knight Rises", I assure you, the plot was conceived before I knew about those batman movies.

Trapper and Ominous Prophecy are two of my darkest fanfictions. Trapper contains extreme violence, sexual situations, and several other things I'm not gonna list that are DEFINITELY NOT appropriate for children under 15.



I know I haven't talked about azevinho, holly hardly at all on my Red Revenge series. She was a main character for the first book, even the third one, but she's sort of faded away. You don't have a clue about her, I know.

So azevinho, holly gets her own series: "Betrayal". A three-part mini-series exploring as much of azevinho, holly as I can fit in. Her childhood, her training, her view on the Black Hero, and her personal adventures.

Hopefully this is enough to satisfy your azevinho, holly needs for now, because she won't be in Book V at ALL. Well, at the end, but other than that, nada appearances.


Wrapping it Up

Divided We Fall is one of the biggest and most influential books for Red Revenge I have ever written. You skip out on this, you will not understand the Red Revenge world the way you should. For those of you who know how the whole series ends, I've got a bigger finale cliffhanger for you.


Thank You for leitura and following!

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