OOC: Never really explained Fang's mothers death...But I also wanted the post something about 9/11....so yeah..

World Trade Center, North tower
8:40 A.M. 

Brendan sat in the daycare room of the North tower in the World Trade Center. Crystal was across him, playing with some other girls around her age. The sky was blue, it was a beautiful, warm September day, until tragedy struck. All the kids screamed and looked up, as there was crash and a loud explosion. 
"Get the kids out!"
"I'm sure it was just!"
"Get them out! Now!" 
Crystal scurried up and clung to her mothers leg, 
"Let go sweetheart, mommy will be right back!" Crystal let go, and held on Brendan who was already walking out of the building. 
"Go stand over there with the nice policemen!" The kids walked over and stood, Brendan, the tallest, poked his head over the cop car, watching the segundo plane collide with the South tower. He covered Crystals eyes and ears, as dead bodies hit the ground in front of cop car. 
"Bubby, what's going on?" 
"Sh. Be quiet." Brendan watched and people filed out of both towers.
"Where mommy?" Crystal looked around aimlessly
"Be quiet! I'm looking!" He set his elbows on the cop car and watched. 

10:28 A.M. 

Brendan and Crystal watched in horror as the North tower collapsed in front of them. They had both ducked under the cop car when the South tower went under. 
"Mommy!" Crystal screamed, and Brendan covered her mouth and shut his eyes. He could feel Crystals tears push through the dirt on her face. He rolled out from under the car and stood up coughing when the smoke and rubble cleared, Crystal followed him closely.
"Hey! You kids alright?" A firefighter walked up and puts his hands on the children's shoulder. 
"It's okay..everything will be just fine guys. We'll get you seguro and cleaned up."