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posted by InfinityYJ
Resting upside down in a computer chair, Fin adjusted the pockets on her cargo pants for the millionth time, sighing as her colar dangled in her eyesight. Bending progressivo, para a frente she fiddled with the laces on her combat boots. She wasn’t happy with this outfit, but Silver had come por with Seb and Cat and dropped them off. Now they were all in a small deadbeat building, waiting for two other people-- Delta, and someone else she said knew mais about this than all of them.
Fin sighed and pulled at the colarinho, colar of the shirt. Cat giggled, smiling at her, and Fin decided it wasn’t her that she’d glare at. Instead she shot a bat-glare off to Silver, who shrugged. “Not my fault! Ash told us to give you them!”
Fin shook her head and pushed the floor with her hands, sending the chair spinning. Sebastienne watched with a poker face, only there because she had been brung along to make sure the odds were even. The ‘visitor’ Delta was bringing was an assassin, and a highly trained one at that.
Someone knocked on the wall, and everyone looked in that direction. The pounding slowly reduced to a soft tap, and Fin nodded. “It’s her.”
Cat flicked a switch on the wall, and a panel swung open, letting Delta in. She grinned at her sister, who responded with a grin of her own. Behind Delta came a dark-clad female figure, black heels clicking on the cement. She wore a tightly fitting black topo, início with a pattern of thick red lines tracing around her arms, going down to embrulho, envoltório around her legs and covering the main part of her boots red. She had a mask that went from the her camisa up to her hairline, covering her face completely. The hair in pergunta was a bright crimson, almost glowing.
Delta nervously chuckled and the mood of the room darkened. This assassin had to be bad news.
“Why is she here?” Fin muttered under her breath to her sister, who was nervously edging closer por the second.
“She knows about this. Everything. I checked, she’s right.”
Fin only adjusted herself so she was sitting up correctly, and everyone took a seat, except the older girl. Fin looked at her and nodded once. “Please, um--”
“Demon.” Despite her rough appearance and dark demeanor, the female’s voice was soft and melodic. Everyone smiled a little, but each smile quickly vanished and business was priority again.
“Demon, of course. Sit, and tell us everything.”
Demon’s face shifted under the mask, but she relaxed into the sofá seguinte to her, where Silver happened to be. Silver scooted away, but if Demon noticed, she was unfazed.
“The League here on Earth isn’t your League. They’re clones.”
Fin gaped at the teen’s straight up openness, but recovered and prodded her to continue on.
“Savage knew he couldn’t rely on the Starrotech for the actual Leaguers, that soon one of the team members would be able to create a cure. So he cloned them and put the real ones in holding cells.”
Seb watched her incredulously. “And the controlled teens? Are they clones as well, or...”
“No, that’s Starrotech. I’m sure you could ask Fin here. She’d know about that.”
Everyone except Delta turned to Fin. “What does she mean por that?” Cat wondered.
“You guys... you were controlled too. You don’t remember, because you were out ‘patrolling’ for the ‘League’ when I managed to give you the cure. You woke up, and there were notes near you that told you to go to Aisling, who explained it all.”
“And the undercovers in the League?” Silver questioned.
“People I cured when I went in there. I told them all that had happened, and they stayed undercover as not to alert the League of the cure.”
“The torre de vigia resistance?”
Demon cleared her throat. “That’s mine to explain. The real Leaguers managed to break out with some.. help. Savage fled, but tried to zeta out when Robin and Fin tried to zeta away with Scott. The zeta was confused, and sent Savage to Earth and got Fin out, but everyone else was sent to the watchtower. Someone broke the zeta to the Tower, and that’s how it happened, and that’s where we are today.”
Delta smiled. “There, full story. Now, you don’t have to worry about actually hurting the League when you fight them-- especially because you will fight them. Tomorrow. Actually, no, tonight.”
Fin shook her head, laughing. “Yeah. I’ll fight them tonight. But there’s one thing that confuses me. How does this assassin know that it was Scott who came with us?”
Demon sighed, cursing slightly, and looked down at the ground. Whatever she said was extremely quiet, but they caught one sentence. “Damn myself.”
“Uh... what now?” Silver stared at Demon, who brought a hand up to rub her temples. Then, she slowly brought the piece of fabric that was covering her face down. At the same time, the red on her outfit turned gold, and her hair became black, except for a single streak of gold in her hair. Fin instantly knew who she was looking at, all she needed was one conformation--
Demon’s eyes opened, and they were flickering between two different colors. Sparkling gold, and flawless sapphire.
Goddamn it.
Silver poked her, then looked at Fin with a “What the hell is going on face?”
Demon smirked. “Yes, Fin’s an assassin in five years. So what? Maybe she’s a double agent. You won’t remember this, so I doubt you’ll know until five years from now.”
Delta groaned, Cat stared, Seb was shaking her head, Silver was hitting her head on the wall. Fin was just incredulous, when all of a sudden Demon snapped and everyone was frozen.
Fin rested her hands on her hips. “What the hell is going on here, Phoenix?”
Demon, or Phoenix, laughed. “You’ll understand in five years. Just remember-- curiosity killed the cat,” she gave a small nod towards cat, then smiled at the metaphor, “but there was never anything about a bird in there.”
She snapped again and was gone, leaving Fin with the others. “What--what just happened?” Cat inquired, holding her hand up and shaking out her ears. “Where’s Demon? What did she say?”
Fin only smiled. “She told us what was really going on, then left. Now, help me find some kryptonite. I’ve got a feeling we’ve got a big fight coming up.”
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posted by NekoTheif
"Detention!" the teacher yelled. dia shrugged her shoulders staring at the teacher. "Is for students who misbehave in class and are hooligans to this school! This is your punishment!" Mrs.Hills yelled. Several students sat among the empty desks. A popular who was late for class because she was doing her make-up. A idiot and his little gang of friends who set cereja bomb fireworks off in the bathrooms. A few other punks who got into fights, and Day. Who talked back to a teacher, slept in class, and drew out their on timely deaths. She was on a roll.

"Because your here your all going to fail...
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posted by SilverWings13
Never Alone part II- Stakeout

SilverWings kept her eyes trained on the warehouse. It was blazing hot, and she had long abandoned her leather jacket, hiding it in the tall grasses. Her eyes flickered to her partner, who squatted patiently in the weeds, keeping eyes on their target.
Silver sighed, frustrated por the empty silence, "Looks abandoned."
"Another dead-end?" Thirteen wondered.
"Gordon Tin, third name on the list," Silver said. "This is the address from the data-base." She felt her spirit dampen. The first two names on the list had led to empty apartments. She was certain she had memorized...
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He has a partner and her perfil will be up shortly-

Name- Caleb

Alter ego- Target

Age- 17

Grade- Junior

Allies- Night/Day

Personality- sometimes cocky, proud, protective, older brother, teasing, doubtful, sometimes thoughtful, careful, loving.

His ability-

He is the only meta in his family though he doesn't use his powers often mostly just to disgruntle his younger sister. He can great gusts of win and small tornado like things for a few minutos but never a full out one. He is also intelligent. he knows how to rile his opponent up enough to make them make a mistake. His name it self makes some people...
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OOC: This is a re-pub of my very first story, Expectations. So basically, this happens before Fin is dead (that’s why Fin is in this. duh.) and it takes place right when Aisling joins the Team. So yeah. God, it was so long atrás that I wrote this! Well anyway, here it is..
I don't remember the dia I found the Team. Those memories--all memories of my past--are gone, corrupted and removed; but mais on that later. I only know now what they told me, but from what I've heard, I picture myself as a kitten. A lost, scrawny, water-sodden kitten, that somehow dragged itself--myself--onto the doorstep...
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
5 years later
"Soldiers! You are not in combat training anymore! Welcome to the real war, the real thing. We have some returning veterans to the battlefield." The commander turned and held out his hand to point at Derek. "Soldier Adams, thank you for returning to battle. Your assistance is much needed" Derek nodded once and shifted his sniper rifle. Soldiers starting running and grabbing armas and ammo as the threat of a bomb filled the air from the radios. "ADAMS! Get to higher ground, use that sniper to take enemy targets down." Derek nodded and grabbed ammo and running out of the tent,...
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