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posted by SilverWings13
"It's raining, Ary." You don't open your eyes as he approaches you.
"I know," you said. You can hear the patter of the rain on the rooftop. It's a soothing rythmless muse to your ears.
"Wouldn't you prefer to be inside?" he asks, standing over you.
"If I wanted to go inside, why would I be out here?" you snap.
You sigh and open your eyes. Alek stares blankly at you, letting the rain drops fall on him and soak his jacket.
"I'm sorry, Alek," you apologize, shame forcing you to look down at your hands. "I just..." You trail off, the words dying on your lips as you realized you have no explanation. For once, you have absolutely no answer.
Alek lowers himself onto the ledge beside you. He rests one hand on his knee, letting the other dangle over the edge. He silence helps you collect your thoughts.
"I just get so frustrated sometimes," you mutter, still staring at your palms. "This whole team thing is crazy. I amor it but..."
He looks over at you, waiting patiently for you to find your words.
"Sometimes I just... I just want to scream," you admitt finally.
"Then do it," Alek permits.
You look over at him, your wet hair falling in your face.
"Really, go on," he prompts. "I don't mind. I won't even listen. See?" He places his hands over his ears. It's very comical.
You shake your head. "I think that may scare the neighbors," you say, meaning the occupants of the apartment building you're perched on.
You listen to the patter of the rain as Alek falls silent once more, thinking over the matter.
"Alright," he says slowly. "Let me show you something." He stands and reaches a hand down to help you up.
You look from your partner's outstretched hand to the ledge, searching for an excuse to stay where you are. Why are you looking for one? you ask yourself. After all, this is Alek. Cool, calm, trusting Alek who would never do anything stupid and drag you down with him.
Finally you nod and take his hand, careful not to slip on the wet ledge as he leads you off it. He releases your hand and leads you to the firescape.
You follow him down down down the ladder to the sidewalk below. Across the street. Over the avenue. And down the steps to the underground subway.
It is crowded down below, as usual. You weave through the throng of people, keeping an eye on Alek's green coat. He leads you to a door set in the mural at the edge of the crowd.
Alek punches in a sequence and the door clicks open. After a cautious glance over his shoulder, he grasps your hand and quickly pulls you through. Before the door is fully closed, you're jogging down the empty, dimly lit corridor after your partner.
The hall suddenly ends. Literally. It's like someone cleaved off the rest of the corridor. You follow Alek to the edge and realize it opens up to the tunnel.
"It's safe, I promise," he reassures you. Then he turns and climbs down a short ladder leading to a small platform. Beyond the platform are the tracks.
"The engineers use these gaps for repairs," Alek explains as you drop from the gap to the platform.
"I still don't understand why we're here," you remind him as you dust off your jeans.
"Wait for it," he says simply, watching the tracks.
After a moment you feel the floor begin to vibrate beneath you feet. The silence is gone and is replaced por a growing roar.
"Alek," you say nervously.
"It's the seguinte train," he says. "Count to ten, then let it all go!"
You finally understand. The roar of the train will surely cover any scream. It is an ingenious idea.
Not seeing any reason not to, you shut your eyes.
1... 2... 3... You think of every time you've been outsmarted. 4... 5... 6... Of every time you have gotten annoyed, angered, frustrated.The floor of the platform is shuddering so hard it's becoming difficult to stand in place. The roar in your ears is defining.
7...8...9... You think of every time you've wanted to slam a door. soco a wall. Cry and yell and scream at the topo, início of you're lungs, but didn't because it would be immature and childish. 10.
You squeeze your eyes shut and scream as loud as you possibly can.
It's like popping the lid of a fizzing bottle, only to have it explode. And that's what you do. Explode.
You scream and scream, adding to the thunder as the train rushes past. The sounds mix to a single voice.
You scream and yell and scream scream scream.
Finally, you feel the air escape your lungs. You yell a final burst, then slowly open your eyes, panting. The end of the train comes and goes.
You feel light as air. It's a new feeling. A great feeling. You grin widely. Just because you can.
You look over at your partner. His face is red as a beet and he's breathing as hard as you are. Alek had taken his own advice. He faces you and grins as widely as you are, his eyes glittering emeralds.
"Better?" he asks.
You nod truthfully. "Much."
posted by EclipseYJ
Welcom to the list on how to piss my off WARNING: TRY ANY OF THESE AND THEY WILL ALL RESULT IN HORRIBLE, SLOW DEATH, i am only informing you of these for you're protection ^-^

1> Ask me if I'm anarexstic when i deny Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

2> Ask me if jesus is my brother and if he is a cool dude.

3> Touch, poke, bother or hug me.

4> Take my capa and run away saying Snape called and asked for his capa back.

5> Tell me i need a manicure when ever my claws are out.

6> Call me a Playa/Slut/Hoe just because i have dated 7 guys.

7> Lock me in a white room with a straight jacket...
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posted by AislingYJ
So this is the prologue to Broken Wings, the story I posted the fórum about. Just so you know, this takes place in 20 years. Yeah.
12:03 AM
She was in the shadows, laying flat on her stomach with the gun at her side, trying to blend in with the roof of the stone building. Luckily the night was dark, only a tiny sliver of a moon hung in the sky, so she didn’t have to worry. Not yet.
Her finger was poised near the trigger of the gun, and part of her wanted to press it, just out of sheer boredom. But she didn’t. When were they going to come? Part of her wanted to go out and look for them, but...
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posted by Kenzie_KarmaYJ
OOC: The beginning of the third and final fic in Kenzie's little trilogy. Enjoy!

Kenzie grinned in delight, watching Delta furiously charge towards Robin and scissor kick him. He retaliated, grabbing her legs and flipping her to the ground. Kenzie gave a small laugh and the teens gave her simultaneous smiles before going back to their training. She shifted her attention to Bentley, Aisling, Belle, and Russel, her momentary visitor. The four sulked in the corner. It was a habit for the particular group. Kenzie got up from her place and, carefully avoiding the sparring siblings, she made her way...
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added by Robin_Love Outsiders team needed a theme and this is it! Plus, I amor THIS SONG SO MUCH!!!!!! XD
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posted by bakes2389
I've decided to leave this club, due to the high levels of drama and hate that has been thrown my way por certain asinine people (2 in particular). These two people, I shan't name names, have made this club unenjoyable for me, and I just feel that it is high time that I mover on away from it. I come on this website as an escape from my daily routine, and I don't think it should be miserable. That to me, is truly saddening, when one cannot go online without feeling bullied and harassed dia after day.

Personally, I find this arguing to be truly pointless and very immature. I have just had my...
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posted by -BelovedRobin
Behind the curtains production was under wraps. The café expresso, espresso was sapping out the filter like árvore sap whereas the silver canister spieled fluffiest of whip cream on topo, início of the freshest coffee in the city of Emerald. Spit-shine shoes tapped to the beat of the crowds bustling mummers. Hips clad in well-fitted calças, calças compridas swayed along with the smooth dissonance of the plucking bass. Upon entry it was the embodiment of chaos surely to run a slicking stun upwards of any spin the gatos dragged in. Yet just as the cloying essences tease their taste buds until they were begging for me like a porn estrela or...
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posted by InfinityYJ
 Demon (scythe)
Demon (scythe)
This isn't a new OC, rather, it's an old one you all know, but don't know, so it's new to you, but not really cuz you know her, as someone else... Imma shut up now.

Name: Kyra Grayson ((see, told you!!))
Alias: Demon
Age: 18 ((YJI Timeline, she’ll make an appearance in LHS))
Personality: cocky, headstrong, over-confident, protective of aleatório people in the past
Appearance: maroon/red hair, red eyes, lithe figure and pale skin
Costume: black ninja outfit with red highlights and red boots, full face mask with red highlights surrounding eyes
Civvies: black skirt, shirt, and knee highs, red ballet flats...
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posted by BloodyMascara_

Name: Ciel Norrian.

Alias: Harmonian.

Appearance: 6'0 tall, purple eyes, white hair.

Gender: Male.

Civies: Usually a white t-shirt and jeans will due, an occational jaqueta aswell.

Hero-Suit: Blue tailcoat, a top-hat and black jeans.

Weapons: He carries around a spoon. And a pocket faca he carries around in civies. And a (A spoon XP) And with his power, (see powers) can make a weapon.

Skills: Fair cantar voice, extreemly agile.

Powers: When he sings a special chorus, he can create or repair items such as..... a colar made of pearls, he sings "Build it up with silver and pearl, silver...
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posted by SilverWings13
The dreamy melody filled the room. She could have continued playing forever, tapping each key to sing a specific note. But like all great things, the seemingly endless Claire de Lune was nearing its end. She played out the last measure, holding the last note. She waited for it's last breath to fade before lifting her hands from the keys. "How was that?" she asked, nervous of the response she would receive.
"Excellent, Emily." Emily Weston, formerly known as Project Immunity, turned on the piano's bench to face her teacher.
Jasper sat progressivo, para a frente on the couch, his head resting in his hands; his eyes...
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posted by Obscurity98
1) Tell her she needs to grow (wally)
2) Recommend that one of you grabs her legs and some one her arms and pulls her. (wally Robin)
3) bragging about a mission (wally Robin)
4) walking into her room without permission (wally)
5) ignoring her cooking conselhos (M'gann)
6) not being able to listen to burlesque
7) poking her and act like it wasnt you
8) trying to enforce her into a group hug
9) telling her that batman wants to talk with her but he isnt there
10) talking in a baby voice
11) sneaking out of nowhere and then poking her (Robin)
12) plain sneaking up on her
13) Argue about super-homem being a bad parent...
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posted by The_Writer
Ravage Part III 2

Chapter Seventeen:

Cassie banged on the glass mural of her cell. She retreated, breathing heavily. A man came progressivo, para a frente to deliver her lunch. She grabbed him and rammed him on the glass. She was reaching for his name tag to attempt escape when she fell through the floor. 

Cassie screamed as she fell. She kept falling down a long metal pipe until she emerged in a red environment. 

She expected to see the rest of Alpha Squad. Instead, all she saw was a man in a blue-black Tron-like suit pointing a sword at her.

"Joy." she said, rolling her eyes.

"Who are you?" he asked. He glanced...
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posted by BladeYJ
((Okay.. first graphic fanfic. This has cursing, a rape scene, and a sex scene! So I AM WARNING you here, if you don't want to read this just hit back and ignore this completely! Thank you ^-^ Also it's a song fic! The Song is "Your Guardian Angel" por "The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus" Not the best song but I was listening to it.. :) SO why not!!))

A Demon's Love.

She backed up into an alley, as four 'roided men surround her. She reached for the gun in her boot. Nothing. She hissed under her breath,"Fucking Bloodmist."

The men closed in, they didn't say anything just moved closer. Blade pulled out...
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posted by robinluv14
AUTHORS NOTE: rachele_x is rx, robinluv14 is r14, ash is ash, fin is fin, kenzie is kk, jessica is sc, chelsea is ci, caitlyn is cg. ENJOY the third installment.
r14: hi
i'm about to leave, this is awk
rx: heyy!!!
i wanna talk to kenzie!!
on fanpop! the wall!
r14: say hi kenzie
rx: go on da wall!
r14: look at my awkward photoshopped pic
rx: where?
r14: i just emailed it to you
rx: oh
r14: it's so awk..
it's kinda hilarious how i managed to do that..
rx: thats legit
rx: why???
it's so amazing!
r14: cuz i've been here since 10;00!!!!!!!
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