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posted by SilverWings13
"It's raining, Ary." You don't open your eyes as he approaches you.
"I know," you said. You can hear the patter of the rain on the rooftop. It's a soothing rythmless muse to your ears.
"Wouldn't you prefer to be inside?" he asks, standing over you.
"If I wanted to go inside, why would I be out here?" you snap.
You sigh and open your eyes. Alek stares blankly at you, letting the rain drops fall on him and soak his jacket.
"I'm sorry, Alek," you apologize, shame forcing you to look down at your hands. "I just..." You trail off, the words dying on your lips as you realized you have no explanation. For once, you have absolutely no answer.
Alek lowers himself onto the ledge beside you. He rests one hand on his knee, letting the other dangle over the edge. He silence helps you collect your thoughts.
"I just get so frustrated sometimes," you mutter, still staring at your palms. "This whole team thing is crazy. I amor it but..."
He looks over at you, waiting patiently for you to find your words.
"Sometimes I just... I just want to scream," you admitt finally.
"Then do it," Alek permits.
You look over at him, your wet hair falling in your face.
"Really, go on," he prompts. "I don't mind. I won't even listen. See?" He places his hands over his ears. It's very comical.
You shake your head. "I think that may scare the neighbors," you say, meaning the occupants of the apartment building you're perched on.
You listen to the patter of the rain as Alek falls silent once more, thinking over the matter.
"Alright," he says slowly. "Let me show you something." He stands and reaches a hand down to help you up.
You look from your partner's outstretched hand to the ledge, searching for an excuse to stay where you are. Why are you looking for one? you ask yourself. After all, this is Alek. Cool, calm, trusting Alek who would never do anything stupid and drag you down with him.
Finally you nod and take his hand, careful not to slip on the wet ledge as he leads you off it. He releases your hand and leads you to the firescape.
You follow him down down down the ladder to the sidewalk below. Across the street. Over the avenue. And down the steps to the underground subway.
It is crowded down below, as usual. You weave through the throng of people, keeping an eye on Alek's green coat. He leads you to a door set in the mural at the edge of the crowd.
Alek punches in a sequence and the door clicks open. After a cautious glance over his shoulder, he grasps your hand and quickly pulls you through. Before the door is fully closed, you're jogging down the empty, dimly lit corridor after your partner.
The hall suddenly ends. Literally. It's like someone cleaved off the rest of the corridor. You follow Alek to the edge and realize it opens up to the tunnel.
"It's safe, I promise," he reassures you. Then he turns and climbs down a short ladder leading to a small platform. Beyond the platform are the tracks.
"The engineers use these gaps for repairs," Alek explains as you drop from the gap to the platform.
"I still don't understand why we're here," you remind him as you dust off your jeans.
"Wait for it," he says simply, watching the tracks.
After a moment you feel the floor begin to vibrate beneath you feet. The silence is gone and is replaced por a growing roar.
"Alek," you say nervously.
"It's the seguinte train," he says. "Count to ten, then let it all go!"
You finally understand. The roar of the train will surely cover any scream. It is an ingenious idea.
Not seeing any reason not to, you shut your eyes.
1... 2... 3... You think of every time you've been outsmarted. 4... 5... 6... Of every time you have gotten annoyed, angered, frustrated.The floor of the platform is shuddering so hard it's becoming difficult to stand in place. The roar in your ears is defining.
7...8...9... You think of every time you've wanted to slam a door. soco a wall. Cry and yell and scream at the topo, início of you're lungs, but didn't because it would be immature and childish. 10.
You squeeze your eyes shut and scream as loud as you possibly can.
It's like popping the lid of a fizzing bottle, only to have it explode. And that's what you do. Explode.
You scream and scream, adding to the thunder as the train rushes past. The sounds mix to a single voice.
You scream and yell and scream scream scream.
Finally, you feel the air escape your lungs. You yell a final burst, then slowly open your eyes, panting. The end of the train comes and goes.
You feel light as air. It's a new feeling. A great feeling. You grin widely. Just because you can.
You look over at your partner. His face is red as a beet and he's breathing as hard as you are. Alek had taken his own advice. He faces you and grins as widely as you are, his eyes glittering emeralds.
"Better?" he asks.
You nod truthfully. "Much."
posted by Obscurity98
when Roy is 18, Harley is14, and Skylar is.... don't think he want ppl to know so, never mind that.

Harley walked along side of Skylar's lobo forma s they walked through the forest. Harley smiled, "the poor lobo didn't even see it coming." Skylar smiled, "yeah i know." Suddenly Skylar's ear twitched to a side. "Did you hear that?" he asked. Harley looked around and took a deep breath. Her body froze and went rigid. the scent was too familiar.
Skylar sniffed the air. He knew the scent too, bu the couldn't place it. Some thing shifted near them, to their right. Skylar swiveled around to face...
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OOC: This is a one-shot that me and robinluv14 wrote together. We were really bored so this is kind of insane. Like really insane. It’s really random, and not on the timeline of our other stories or the rest of the wall. Which is why Fin is alive and Delta isn’t a traitor and all that. Well we wrote most of this before the Delta thing. We were just too lazy to finish it and post it.....Well I’m rambling, as usual, so here. Read. If you dare.

The sun had set, and gray dusk had overtaken Happy Harbor. Most of the team was piled in the cave, in the lounge, the kitchen, or in their respective...
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posted by ArtemisYJ
Well hello,
ArtemisYJ's RPer here. And I have some things I wanna say. The Young Justice role playing is kind-a....BONKAS.
My character Artemis got pregnant. seguinte thing I know 3 other people are pregnant. NOT cool. You can come up with your own drama. Don't copy other people. Use your own imagination.
Another thing that's not cool is spamming the wall. You don't need to post on that mural every other hour. I do notice a particular person that posts far to frequently and it gets annoying when the posts are pretty much the same thing over and over and over and over again.
Another thing. Your...
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Okay, I'm having one of those moments again. The kind where I get all depressed about Mercy becoming evil (because I really didn't want her to!) and about how there are WAY to many OC's! Not pointing fingers at anyone, because I'm doing it too, but seriously! If you want to make an OC, could you PLEASE just write an artigo about them first? We need some idea about them first!
That's why I won't be RP-ing at all until I can actually WRITE a story for Casey! I suggest a lot of you guys do that, saying that some people don't even put up a bio for their character!
One mais point, PLEASE refrain...
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posted by Jade_DragonYJ
Name: Fa mulan (In English, mulan Fa)
Alias: Jade Dragon
Occupation: hero, student
Powers: power sensing and recognition, flight, high density polymerized titanium Japanese fans, has a way with healing herbs and prefers them over modern dia medicines, very intelligent, bonds with the Ancestors, professional martial artist, extremely agile
History: There was a prophecy about mulan when she was born: It was said that she was to be the embodiment and hostess to the Jade Dragon spirit. But the Jade Dragon was the emblem of a different family. That alone caused tension between families. After a while,...
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posted by Robin_Love
 pá costume
Spade costume
Name: Rylan Touya
Alias: Spade
Occupation: Hero
Powers: Agility, acrobatics, ability to manipulate, trained in hand to hand-to-hand combat, flight, trained with a pair of Sais, jinx factor
History: Rylan Touya was born and raised in Japan. Both her parents were of German background, but Rylan's mom married a Japanese man after her husband died; Rylan was three. Rylan's new father was a scientist experimenting with all kinds formulas. When Rylan was five, she discovered her new father was trading and making deals with the villainous Poison Ivy. Rylan tried warning her mother, but was ignored. Three...
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posted by SilverWings13
I realize how crummy my first bio of my OC was, so I've decided to rewrite it.

Occupation: Heroin in training- Team Young Justice
Alter-Ego: Aryess Weston aka Ary
Personality: mature for her age, but often acts like a kid to keep up the good mood; trustworthy though doesn't trust many others; very friendly unless she feels threatened; stubborn.
Age: 14
Description: 5'5"; fair hair; light gray eyes; always wears her angel-charm nacklace; two tatuagens (one on left shoulder, one on lower back, both hidden from view).
Skills: no super powers, faca handling, martial arts, rua fighting, mild acrobatics,...
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