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Twan walk's trouw the thrence, buths lieling evrywer around them, the hair of a RA soildir got cut of por an passing bullet.Keeps your heads down comrades, they we cant fith tham this way. Twan said. The RA soldire within hearing rangce took cover. fogo the Katyusha, blow them to hig havean. Twan said in his earpice to his aralarie camander. Yes sir, the officer said. evrywan heard the schreaming sound of the Katyusha's launsing ther devastating missels, the merc's her terifid in ther trence por the scheaming sound. Gunfire and the Ra saw howe the misels rain down on the merc's, devestayding ther defences.

Sudenly a figterjet apaird on the horison, weh it came closer, evry wan was stund, it had the merc's banner painted on it wings, it fired 2 misels at the RA's line, but missed, Twan laugft and said, even ther pilots cant aim, joey pleaze lpuk this bird's win's, joey used his roket boods and flew up to the figter landing on iths wing, her riped of its wing and the figter stardet spining, joey fliew back int the trence, the pilot try to regain controle but faild, the figter crased behind the RA lines. The misels kep raining down on the Merc's. Lyla sniped one of the merc's frome the trence. Twan thougt, this should thead them a leson.

OOC: sory it is this shored.
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-Ooc: I have recently fell in amor with Harley Quinn (not like that butcha know) Ok so this is a part of Broken Traitor but its mais of an idea.. if no one likes it ill trash it and right a different part in its place so be honest about it ;) P.s. I do not own HQ And don't hate me cos this article-

She awoke..not knowing where she was.. just that she was in different clothing. Her voice echoed,"Where am I?"
Gage's voice replied cheerly,"Oh.. we had to mover positions your friends
were.. On to us."
She glared,"Gage! Why am I dressed like this!?"
"Oh.. 'cos.. now can i ask you something"
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 Death costume
Death costume
I amor this character in animê so I HAD to use him! Besides, it fit the character I was creating!

Name: Kid-kun (confidential)
Alias: Death/Red-X
Occupation: Hero; high school student at Central High
Powers: No actual powers except traveling through portals of the Underworld/Hell. Gifted with two armas that can combine with his soul into a cannon. Expert in weaponry, combat, and has above average speed and agility although not super-human. Has a dark energy dimension.
History: No one knows where he came from or how he was trained. All they know is that Kid is trouble. Everywhere he goes, death follows....
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batman doesn't need to answer you... he's Batman!
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hope u like it XD
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