Secret-Day time
Name: Trevor Wright
Alias: Secret
Occupation: Hero
Powers: Trevor posses different powers at different times of day. Day-strength, light, fire, wind. Night-speed, shadows, darkness, water. Trevor is also a master spy and trained extensively in combat. He has never been detected and has endurance that lasts twenty-four hours. Trevor loves to use a gun in the dia and a sword at night.
History: Trevor was raised on the streets of London, England. He is, as far as he knows, an orphan. His powers manifest from his X-gene. He was taken in por a sly shape-shifter, who intended to sell Trevor to the highest bidder. When Trevor found out, he stowed away on a ship and escaped to Happy Harbor. There he followed the acts of several heroes, learning to master his abilities and fight. Trevor, in a state of poverty, started to trade his talents in exchange for comida and drink. He was later approached por Terror. He was offered board, food, and everything else. Trevor took the offer and has joined Terror's team of teenage heroes, Outsiders. Trevor met Zeth there and the two have become best friends. Trevor now risks his life to take care of his family.
Notes: The only thing Trevor has proving he has parents is a locket around his neck. The locket is a mystery in itself and Trevor never lets anyone touch it. He is quick with languages and is able to tell how someone is feeling just por leitura their body language. He speaks with a slight accent, but only uses it when flirting. He is a naturally free spirit and enjoys taking time to bug his family. He is mais often chatty than quiet, but knows how to shut up. Trevor's hair is red in the dia and white at night. The reason for this is unknown, but Trevor thinks it has something to do with his parents. He is often careful around new comers. Trevor is fierce and protective, never letting his family get hurt. Trevor's locket seems to hold some form a secret, but no one can tell. The locket has never been opened. It is sealed shut.
Secret-Night time