She sat alone in her room, listening to the song coming from her boom box. She hugged the stuffed urso to her chest, trying not to burst into tears. This dia was one she had dreaded for months. She bit her lip as the música filled her senses. A light knock sounded at her door.
“Go away!”
Her command was ignored and Trevor walked in.
“What's up kitty Cat?”
“Leave me alone.”
He glanced over her and softened.
“What's wrong?”
Cat looked away, afraid she would burst into tears. Trevor came closer and sat beside her.
“Why so upset? Talk to Trevor.”
She smiled a little as his British accent slipped into his tone. But it brought little joy on this day.
“I miss them.”
“Who, kitty Cat?”
“My family.”
Trevor looked at her and laid seguinte to her.
“How did they die?”
“My parents?”
“It was an accident. They should have survived.”
“What happened?”
“They went out one night. Just out to dinner. They were celebrating their anniversary. 15 years. I was all por myself. I waited for them to come home. All night I waited. Then a police officer came to the house.”
Cat paused, tears sliding down her cheeks.
“Said their car had been hit por a car thief trying to get away. Hit and run. The driver never stopped.”
Trevor watched as Cat buried her head into the bear.
“The bastard never stopped!”
His eyes widened as she burst into tears. Cat had never so much as risen her voice and he she was cussing out the one who had killed her parents.
“I'm sorry Katzchen. You shouldn't have to go through that.”
“My brother died this dia too.”
“You had a brother?”
“Mhmm. Alexander Romanov Kyle. He was older than I was. But we did everything together. There was nothing I didn't know about him. But then I got my claws. They scratched his flesh, tearing through his heart. I retracted my claws, but his coração fell at my feet. Still beating. I killed him.”
Trevor looked her over.
“There's someone else?”
“Yes. But I haven't hurt him. And he's not a part of my twisted past. I've met him recently.”
“What happened?”
“Someone else is interested.”
“So you're giving up?”
“They're on a team together, Trev. I can't compete.”
“What do you mean you can't compete?! Have you looked at yourself lately?! Cat, you're gorgeous!”
“Thanks. But I promised.”
“Then you're nuts. Cat Kyle is not a quitter. And neither is she a beast with no emotion. Cat Kyle is the most adorable thing on this planet! And I think you should meet.”
The two looked at each other before Cat let out a small giggle. Trevor smiled.
“There's my girl. I know you're going to take this world por storm. One wind at a time.”
“Because that's the tiger within you."
Cat's Teddy urso