Ravage Part III 3

Chapter Eighteen: 

Yeah, yeah. The great Barbara Gordon got captured less than five minutos in this hellhole. Don't rub it in.

Besides, it's not my fault that I fell into the middle of a battle. 

It's quite simple what happened. I acted violent, the know-it-alls upstairs flipped a switch, I fell "behind enemy lines" and was captured. I almost got Cassie killed when I glanced in the cave, but she's fine for now. I landed seguinte to M'gann, but she disappeared. Probably used her Martian Invisibility.

So now I'm hanging upside down over a pit of lava that the girls like to dip their enemies in. 

They're feasting and laughing. What they're eating I don't really want to know, but I have a nasty feeling what it is. 

The part that really hurts me is that these are all teenaged girls. Meta-human teens, yes, but they still once led a "normal" life. Now they're cannibalistic barbarians fighting their fellow humans to the death.

The heat from the lava and the blood rushing to my head is about to knock me out. About to when I see a flash of blonde in the corner of the room. 

Cassie. I'd recognize her anywhere. But she can't rescue me. I'm in the middle of the room. 

I scrunch my nose, trying to get my mask back on my face properly when one of the girls glances at me. 

"Mrs. Redhead is making faces at us." she exclaimed.

That's when I notice. They're all have brown hair. It's a haircist tribe. (The word exists now, blame Dick)

One of the girls, no older than thirteen is ordered to lower me into the lava. She looks terrified. She shakes her head once and in a moment the rest of the girls are upon her. When they step back, the girl lies dead, her body ripped and torn. Cut to pieces for not murdering me.

It makes me sick. This place.

I feel someone untying my ropes as the girls continue to disrespect the body of the girl they just murdered. Megan catches me and levitates me out of the room. 

"Where's Cassie?" I ask as soon as we land.

"I don't know. She dropped somewhere else." Megan replied.

"I just saw her." I said.


"First in a cave with some guy, just now across the room."

M'gann's eyes glow for a second.

"She's-- just got out of range." M'gann said.

"Which direction?" I ask.

"East." M'gann replied.

"Utility cinto, correia please?"

M'gann hands me the utility cinto, correia she snuck inside via shape-shifting. I buckle it up and adjust my mask.

"Shall we?"