Ravage Part III

Chapter Sixteen: 

"N.O.W.H.E.R.E.?" Robin and Kid Flash growled.

The rest of the team looked lost.

"N.O.W.H.E.R.E. is a terrorist organization who capture and experiment on meta-human teenagers. Robin and Wally had...experiences with them." Nightwing explained.

"When I get my hands on them..." Wally began, but Nightwing held up a hand and Wally fell silent.

"Batman is currently...out of town and won't be back in time. I'm taking emergency authorization to send a squad  to save Artemis."

Nightwing thought for a moment before continuing. "We'll need some people who can fake not knowing how to use their powers. N.O.W.H.E.R.E. will immediately kidnap you and you'll be inside. They've probably taken Artemis to the Culling already."

Robin paled.

"Act violent and they'll throw you in with her. Find her and raise a communication to me." Nightwing said. 

"So who's going?" Wally asked.

It took Nightwing segundos to determine. "Wally, Cassie, Barbara, Robin, and Megan will compose Alpha Squad. You'll be infiltrating the Culling."

"Add my name to that list." Revenge growled.

"No. Your not meta and therefore-"

"If you think I'm gonna let my sister's safety rest in the hand of a few rookies--"

"Who's your what now?" Blue Beetle asked.

Everyone else, including Nightwing, stood shell-shocked.

"Okay... Fine. Everybody, this is Samuel...Grant?" Nightwing said. 

Revenge growled and pulled off his mask. "Y'know, the mask is there for a reason." 

Nightwing ignored him and continued, "Blue Beetle, Superboy, you're with me until the Jusice League arrives. Mal is mission manager and will get in contact with the World's Finest as soon as possible."

Mal, Superboy, and Jaimie nodded.

"So how do you propose we get in?" Wally asked.


"Beat it!" Megan said. 

Cassie stumbled back into the rain again. The rest of Alpha Squad laughed.

It was all part of the plan. 

Cassie and Barbara were pretending to be two bullied schoolgirls while the rest of the squad were the bullies.

Cassie got mad. She began to float and punched Megan, tossing her out into the street. Megan floated. She opened her eyes in surprise.

As the fight progressed, mais and mais of the teens discovered meta-powers. Soon, it was an all out brawl.

"Quite impressive." A voice whispered in Revenge's ear. 

Revenge kept his masked eyes forward. "Yes. Quite. You secured things on your end, partner?"


"Good, now we let the two sides fight it out."

A furgão, van screeched up in front of Alpha Squad. Gas flew out of the furgão, van and in a few seconds, the entire team was unconscious. Masked men walked out and threw the teens into the back of the van.

Sam flew unconscious into the van. A shadowy figure landed seguinte to the men.

"Missed one." the female said.

The men nodded and got back in the furgão, van before driving off.