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These would be their kids. xD This is a future timeline, por the way. Like probably 20 years or something? Cuz she probably had her oldest when she was in her 20s and the oldest is 12 so....You do the math.
Name: Lily Brooklyn Cohn
Alias: Midnight Streak
Gender: Female
Age: 12
Appearance: brown hair, wavy, medium length, green-blue eyes (more green than blue), average build
Powers: speed, strength, can turn invisible por manipulating darkness
Weapons: martial arts/combat
Personality: talkative, slightly gullible, headstrong, kind of has a temper, determined
Name: Chandler Austin Cohn
Alias: Coda
Gender: male
Age: 11
Appearance: dark brown hair, deep blue eyes like his dad’s, solid build
Powers: metal communication, flight
Weapons: knives and swords, martial arts/combat
Personality: quiet, fiercely determined, loves music, strong, stubborn
Name: Annabelle McKinley Cohn
Alias: Firefly
Gender: female
Age: 9
Appearance: long blonde hair, blue-green eyes, slender
Powers: signals (mainly telepathic and light)
Weapons: martial arts/combat
Personality: sweet, friendly, quiet, eager to please, flexible, easygoing
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 Gimmick costume
Gimmick costume
Name: Zero
Alias: Gimmick
Occupation: Android; hero
Base: Metropolis
Powers: can walk through solid objects, can mimic abilities, lightning, super-senses.
History: Zero was originally made por Cadmus. He is an android; a robotic device made with human emotions and patterns. He was imprisoned in a chamber, sleeping. He was freed por his friends Terror and Zeth. He began to learn of his powers and joined the X-Men, who all had some sort of ability like his. Once he was able to control his powers, Zero became a hero. He has often ran into Terror and Zeth on several missions. He has also met Teague the...
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 Loki uniform
Loki uniform
Decided to post info for this team too! :D

Name: Zeth Parker
Hero Name: Loki
Occupation: Minor, sorcerer, vigilante
Base: other dimension; currently Earth
Powers: Magic, elements, hand-to-hand combat, staff
History: Zeth was raised in the streets as an orphan. He was taken in por a kindly gentleman. Zeth soon discovered that his new guardian was a warlock. Zeth had potential in the magic arts and was trained to control his ability. When he turned six, Zeth was a talented warlock and was able to control the elements. It was then that his guardian came to the conclusion that Zeth was a demigod and the...
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Despite the lies that you’re making
Your amor is mine for the taking
My amor is
Just waiting
To turn your tears to roses...

A grim smile broke out on her face as she whispered the crude lyrics harshly, her throat dry from lack of water and too much inhaled rubble. Barefoot and barely alive, she stood from her crouching position and began to run on the rooftops, her hair practically taking a mind of it’s own as it flew out behind her in wild patterns. She wiped her nose with the back of her hand, coming back with a streak of blood, but she paid no attention as she leapt across the gap between...
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posted by BubbleBlastYJ
 Bubbleblast ;)
Bubbleblast ;)
Name: Ariel Saskia Moon

Alise: Bubble Blast

Age: 15

Birthday: 18th July 1998

Hair and eyes: Blonde and Blue

Personality: Bubbly and always happy! It takes a lot to get her down, strong willed and hopefully at all times.

Powers: She can create bubbles made out of either lighting, ice, water or just energy and if she gets angrey Powerful fogo bubbles, she can make force feild bubbles and even travel underwater with them. She has a bubble staff which she uses to fly around and shoots bubbles aswell

Relation to team:None yet but has a crush ;)Team mate and member of the X-men

Like: BUBBLES! XD Cat's, swimming, spending time with friends, flying, bubble baths, bubble machines, the starts, bakeing, chocolate and drawing :)

I think thats all if you wanna ask perguntas I will be happy to answer
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young justice oc
white lightning
There is a three ano time jump between Season 2 and the Arrowette Series. A few things have happened...

Darkseid invaded Earth and was repelled, but Batman, Aquaman, Hal Jordan, and Flash were killed (Batman unbeknownst to the public) during the invasion forcing Wally and Dick to fill the respected roles of their mentors. One ano later, Barbara Gordon was paralyzed and forced to leave the capota, capuz of Batgirl behind and become Oracle. Stephanie Brown took her place.

Red Robin, leader of the Teen Titans (That's right, I changed their names) is still Tim marreco, drake (There will be NO Damian Wayne). Aqualad...
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Name- Tundra

Real name- Amara Noelle

Status- Married to Charm, one child

Gender- female

Powers- to create/control ice, turn into wolf

Upside- She always had a weapon at hand and has better smell and hearing

Downside- She can't use 2 powers at once. if it gets to hot it can affect her ice ability and make her use mais energy.

What happened?-

After Charm's disappearance and her attempted arrest Amara fled and took Bonnie into hiding. She ran the drug trade and eventually moved in with the Jones family after finding Red Rose. Amara continued to look for Charm and raise/train Bonnie.


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Ravage Part III: Going N.O.W.H.E.R.E.

Revenge grinned and grabbed the girl behind him por the neck before dropping her. "Cassie." he growled.

"Good to see you too." Cassie replied, rubbing her neck. Revenge glanced at the male.

"Who's your boyfriend?"

"Liam. He's a meta. Helped me."

"For now." Revenge said, narrowing his eyes.

"I don't like you." The guy stated plainly.

"And why not?"

"You've got too much hatred, anger, but also fear. Fear for Artemis and fear for...yourself."

"Well wiseguy, who is this Artemis?"

Liam grinned. "Pretty fierce warrior who'll kick your butt. I'm sure she...
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Roy's arms crushed her body as he hugged her, he begged her not to leave. Harley only pushed him away, and backed up. Roy gave her an odd look, and pulled her closer. Harley pushed away again. Kaldur stepped closer, "Harley please, You have to come."
Harley looked around, the sorrow in her eyes. She had to find a way to communicate. She ran over to Megan and pulled their heads together, Megan was startled, "what? What are you doing?"
Harley motioned from her head to Megan's. Finally Megan got the picture and tried to communicate telepathically. But just as they did, something blocked them. Megan...
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batman left her alone then, and she sank to her knees, the world was alive, people loved her. People she didn't want to hurt. Harley fought back tears, and threw her head back. If batman found her, she was sure Superman, might be as well.

She was sleeping on the roof of the daily planet, when the sun came shining up. She heard a loud crash that woke her. Her eyes fluttered open, and she saw red yellow and blue zoom by. She had to leave. Now. if she didn't super-homem would com back, and make her feel guilty. She didn't need that. No one understood that she had to do this. If she hurt them, she'd...
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k this is the prologue to Caitlyn, Reese, and Constance's debut (sorta) So here. Enjoy! xD
The faint sound of crickets resounded in the still night, a tiny sliver of a moon barely managing to illuminate the forest path, which wound through the deep woods and up a steep hill. A small rustling, and a fox, pele, peles dark as the night, stepped lightly out of the underbrush and padded nimbly along the path up to the topo, início of the hill. He stood, ears cocked, head swerving around, and then briefly alerted, bristling, before slipping back into the forest. Walking quickly, his rápido, swift paws barely making a sound...
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Name: Achilles
Secret ID: Adrian Martin
Age: 14
Appearance: about 5’8”, muscular but not super ripped, dirty blonde hair with a blue streak, one blue eye and one brown eye
Civvies: jeans, teeshirt, blue jean jacket, tubarão tooth necklace
Costume: civvies with sunglasses and wildly styled hair.
Personality: quiet, keeps to himself, a teeny bit egotistical when he talks, doesn’t like to talk to many girls, but does have a soft spot for some who seem down-to-earth
Powers: limited invulnerability, uses knives and blades, poison and explosives expert
Bio/History: He refuses to disclose this.

So.. yeah. That's me.
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Source: Me!
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Name: morgan Mace
Alias: Echo
Occupation: Hero; clone of Miss Martian
Powers: super-strength, super-speed, invisibility, telepathy, super-vision, heat-ray vision, shape-shifting, can mimic superhuman abilities
History: Nothing is really known about Morgan's past. All that is known is that she is clone to Megan, has been trained in all her powers, was created por Talia Al'Ghul from DNA given to her por Becca Stevens before Becca turned against her, and is part of the team. She has had no run-ins with any of the other heroes, minus Becca Stevens.
Notes: morgan is a bubbly and warm clone. She knows she...
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OOC: Here's an overview of what you're about to experience.
It's been two months after the discovery of the toupeira on the team. Vandal Savage has succeeded in taking over the League, the teen division as well. Total submission comes from those who are smart. There are rebel groups spread across the world of young heroes, including certain members of the original team and some members that have joined during the revolution. These few groups are doing their best to work in secret, however.
Now, in this period of time, Savage has left the torre de vigia and found he cannot return because something has...
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Downtown Gotham. 5 weeks before Lylas death.

We were playig cat and rato on a cloudy day. Fang was flying above us, he was close to our mouse, yet it kept slipping away. Aisling close behind me as I caught up with Fang. Sil was at my left hand as she passed me. As soon as I was close I had remembered. I smacked my face at the thought. I have powers duh. and appeared right were my prey was. I grabbed his-no, scratch that- her arm. And as I slowed to a stop, so did she. But her breathing wasnt heavy. My god Im exasted but she didnt even put a dent in her cardio
"I didnt do anything." She said...
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Posting pics on the club. :)

Name: Beck Harrison
Alias: Falcon
Occupation: Hero; clone of Robin
Powers: Flight, agility, posses abilities of Robin, master hacker
History: Not much is known about Beck's past. All that is known is he is the clone of Robin. Beck has been trained to be the best. Was cloned por Talia Al'Ghul from DNA given to her por Becca Stevens before Becca turned against her. Beck now works with his team, who used to work for the JLA before going their own way. They are now located in Keystone City.
Notes: While he may have Robin's DNA, Beck doesn't always act like Robin. Beck tries...
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