Gimmick costume
Name: Zero
Alias: Gimmick
Occupation: Android; hero
Base: Metropolis
Powers: can walk through solid objects, can mimic abilities, lightning, super-senses.
History: Zero was originally made por Cadmus. He is an android; a robotic device made with human emotions and patterns. He was imprisoned in a chamber, sleeping. He was freed por his friends Terror and Zeth. He began to learn of his powers and joined the X-Men, who all had some sort of ability like his. Once he was able to control his powers, Zero became a hero. He has often ran into Terror and Zeth on several missions. He has also met Teague the demon on several various occasions. Now as a hero, Zero has befriended many members of the JLA. He is the leader of the team.
Notes:Despite his robotic innards, Zero feels like a real human. The glasses he wears in his civilian attire are used to help hide his eyes, which look like that of aliens. When hanging out with Zeth, Terror, and Teague, he is usually the most knowledgeable one. He enjoys confusing his friends, and loves to watch them embarrass themselves.