1. Willow no making out with Wally in public it offends Artemis

2. doing the salt and ice challenge will not be put online or being allowed done in the cave. ( Wally, Lucas, Ben)

3. spray painting Lucas's sail barco that says Phoebe is the best is not nice ( Phoebe)

4. Lucas no annoying Becca

5. Wally you need manners on eating learn to use cutlury

6.no sneaking in Andrews lab playing with inventions some of them can be potentialy dangerous. ( Lucas, Willow, Artemis, Wally, basically anyone)

7.making fu nof Willow liking Wally is not allowed ( Artemis, Phoebe)

8. noone is allowed calling Lucas "Luke" or " Mr.Mcmuffins" or " Lukey" only Artemis is allowed.

9. boys no running around in your boxers ( Wally, Lucas )

10. no eating Artemis's pickles ( Wally)

11. if Flynn poops a diaper or pukes when your holding him you have to clean it up

12. calling Fang " Fangy is not allowed only Devin is allowed to call him that.

13. Bloodmist is not a ninja

14. no making jokes about Bloodmist and Whiteshadow por saying they are pepper and salt shakers.

15. no playing say uncle ( Lucas, Wally )

16. Roulette is not a pinyata ( Wally, Lucas)

17. stop riding Bernie he is not a horse ( Phoebe, Becca)

18. sneaking in Lucas's room with sportsmaster mask or cheshire mask is not nice you will possibly be injured ( Wally, Becca, Phoebe)

19. Willow is not to be yelled at or Becca will hunt you down ( Wally)

kay i really liked these they were so much fun so i just had to do this again XD i might do mais later lol