OOC: This is a re-pub of my very first story, Expectations. So basically, this happens before Fin is dead (that’s why Fin is in this. duh.) and it takes place right when Aisling joins the Team. So yeah. God, it was so long atrás that I wrote this! Well anyway, here it is..
I don't remember the dia I found the Team. Those memories--all memories of my past--are gone, corrupted and removed; but mais on that later. I only know now what they told me, but from what I've heard, I picture myself as a kitten. A lost, scrawny, water-sodden kitten, that somehow dragged itself--myself--onto the doorstep and lay there, pitifully, reeking of disease and decay, almost ready to give up, when they opened the door and found me. I'm pretty sure it was only out of pity that they decided to take me in; I had very few powers and skills, and the ones I did have were weak. Like the kitten, the poor stray kitten, who has no use or merit and is only another mouth to feed, another set of bills to pay, a most likely temporary investment, the one that could very well perish of the diseases that got it in that state a mere months after. You don't want it, you don't need it, but the poor, sad, dirty face, the tangled, matted, filthy, yet soft fur, the forlorn and desperate blue eyes force you to feel sympathy for the creature.

The Team was reluctant to take me in. They thought I would be mais of a hindrance than a help, and even when they saw my powers, which were and still are weak, they were skeptical. Despite my solid build and average strength (superhero-wise, of course I was still much stronger than a normal human), I was inadequate in most other respects. But in the end, they all agreed, I could stay, under one condition: I had to prove my worth to the team.
This didn't come easy, but all these pitfalls, all these struggles, have only made me stronger. I am Aisling Carter. I am Tiger Storm, and this is my story.