5 years later
"Soldiers! You are not in combat training anymore! Welcome to the real war, the real thing. We have some returning veterans to the battlefield." The commander turned and held out his hand to point at Derek. "Soldier Adams, thank you for returning to battle. Your assistance is much needed" Derek nodded once and shifted his sniper rifle. Soldiers starting running and grabbing armas and ammo as the threat of a bomb filled the air from the radios. "ADAMS! Get to higher ground, use that sniper to take enemy targets down." Derek nodded and grabbed ammo and running out of the tent, motioning the soldiers to get into their positions. Scaling a building Derek looked around for any danger, as a enemy helicopter flew over head firing at soldiers. "Shoot," he leaped up on the building and took aim at the gunman who was looking in other direction. "fire at this bastard." Derek said as he pulled the trigger releasing a bullet only to hit to pierce straight through the soldiers head and hit the helicopter driver making the helicopter spiral out of control. He stood up and leaped of the building. "MOVE mover MOVE!" Derek motioned for them to follow, "What why?" A soldier stood up after crouching, keeping hidden from everything. "That helicopter is going to crash into a land mine, which will cause a chain reaction, blowing this rua to pieces. So we need to go NOW!" The Soldiers spoke into his radio. "Commander this is Sector 091, request for helicopter pickup at abandoned Iraqi-an base at coordinates 014, 143." Derek jerked his head as the helicopter crashed into a land mine causing a explosion, all soldiers in the area took off running down the rua avoiding any debris, as mais land mines exploded behind them.