"I don't know who you are"

It shook Charm's foundation. "You...what?" he blinked. "Where am I?" she blinked at him. Charm noticed something different. The anger, the hurt, the love, the understanding it was all gone. She wasn't his Amara. "your not her. You can't be" he shook his head. "Who was I suppose to be?" she blinked. "Your suppose to be Amara! Your suppose to be Tundra!" he yelled shaking her.

She looked hurt. "I don't know who she is but she must mean a lot to you" she slid onto her knees. "She does. She means everything to me." he let Abel embrulho, envoltório her arm around his shoulders. "Is she lost? What does she look like?" she blinked. "Like you. What is your name?" he blinked. "I don't know, I can't remember a thing" she shrugged. Charm narrowed his eyes. She sounded like Amara, talked like Amara, moved like her and yet she didn't remember anything.

Someone hurt her.

"Who did this to you?" he growled. "Excuse me?" she raised and eyebrow. "Who took your memories away!" he yelled. "i don't know what your talking about!" she yelled back. "You have to remember" he pleaded. Abel wrapped her arm around the boy's shoulder. "I can't just loose my memories" she rolled her eyes. "Well when magic is involved, and it is, it isn't impossible" Zatanna spoke up.

"Don't worry Amara we will get your memories back" Abel smiled at the confused girl. "Yeah cause you and him are in looovvvvvveeeee!" Cain swooned over them. "I have a, I'm, he is my, I'm his, what?" she stuttered. "Aw don't freak out Amara you and him, you guys are wayyyyy past casual I mean you even live together and I'm pretty sure you to have-" she was cut off por Charm growling at her and Abel glaring. "Cain she has lost her memories don't scare her, in fact I'm pretty sure even normal Amara would be blushing" Abel chided the raven.

"Well we will leave you to it!" KF smiled and zipped off. As the young justice retreated Cain did one last jibe. "THAT'S RIGHT BIRD BOY GO BACK TO YOUR NEST, OOPS I MEAN CAVE!" she yelled. "Shut up Cain!" Robin shouted. "Well Charm you get to work and me and Cain will see if the enemy is near by" Abel stood leaving the 2 alone.

"So tell me why does this place feel safe?" Amara drew circles and shapes in the dirt. "Well you saved me in the middle of a blizzard. Then I left and came back and well we stayed together." Charm summed it up. "Hm that's weird" she tapped her chin. "What?" he titled his head. "Well 1. Normally in story books the man saves the woman but in your story I saved you. Different that's all. And 2. how am I suppose to trust you if I can't even see some of your face?" she titled her head. "I've heard that before" he laughed.

"Well it's to protect my identity." the glasses slid down his face. "And like I said to you back then I'll say it again. I only show my eyes to people I trust" he blinked. She wrapped her fingers around the glasses and gave them one final tug. Flawless brown eyes stared at her. Like the color of the dirt at their feet but as warm as the sun on your skin. She stared at his eyes when they flashed a sea blue. "Pretty" she muttered. "huh?" he blinked. "Your eyes their really pretty" she smiled. "Well um thanks?" he smiled awkwardly.

"You know the funny thing is that I don't remember you. I don't remember you or falling in amor and por all means I shouldn't trust you. But...I know your not lying because I amor you right now" she laughed. "come on I'll show you some stuff" he stood pulling her up and leading her across the forest.

It was different though. Amara was nimble and easy moving in the woods and she had trained him to the point of boot camp levels not to snap every twig on the ground. Yet this Amara was barely able to keep up. "I'm suppose to be good at this aren't I?" she laughed. Charm glanced back she was so care free what had happened to make that hard, dangerous, scary woman that was also sexy and amazing and sometimes girly.

He never realized how important memories were until now. "This is where we live" he gestured. "nice" she nodded. He led her inside and she explored touching every little nick nack they had laying around. "I can hear a small waterfall!" she turned her head. He smiled her abilities were being to make a come back. He led her to the waterfall.

It was small but the pond beneath it was crystal clear and pretty. "it's really nice" she smiled bending down she dipped her feat into the water. "Yeah you dumped me into this once when you got mad at me" he closed his eyes letting the sun light bathe him. "I hope I get my memories back." she sighed. "It seems like there are a lot of things that were good and that I missed out. I want to remember" she lay down on her back.

"Yeah i want you to remember to" Charm sighed. Why was this so hard why couldn't she just remember? "tch tch tch I never would have guessed the Lycan would run here" a deep thick voice sounded. lycan? Charm blinked confused. "Oh who is this?" the man from before emerged several armed soldiers por his side. Their guns, net throwers, and swords all trained on her. "Who are you old man?" Charm stood up his armas drawn. "A man who has been after, that girl!" he gestured. Charm's blood burned this was the man that had hurt her. "So who are you boy?" he blinked. "Charm, Charmante Roi!" he yelled.

"I have heard of you. My Intel tells me that your the boy the Lycan travels with" the man adjusted his coat. "Hm perhaps we should do a round of fire!" he shouted the last word.A net flew out of one of the armas charm shot the person who did it bracing him self for impact. It never came. All he heard was a splash. He turned and the man appeared behind him grabbing his hair and throwing him back. "Charm! Charm!" Abel's voice could b heard through the tree. "Charm. What a fitting name for him." Amara thought as she sunk lower and lower into the deep cavern of water. "Mommy! Mommy!" a child's voice chilled her soul. "Cain get Bonnie out of here!" Charm's voice screamed.

"Bonnie? Who is she? Why is she calling me mommy?" she closed her eyes and a picture one picture slipped through the spell. Of her and Bonnie and Charm eating the dia before her capture laughing and getting comida all over her small face. "Bonnie! She's my daughter. And Charm he loves me and their hurting them!" and then mais memories flooded through. Abel and Cain young justice her life before them the forest finding the small child. Finding Charm. She felt her claws grow out and cut the net. "[i]I am tundra of the forest. I am a Lycan, I am a fighter!" and then she swam up popping out of the water. "Sir!" a soldier cried.

"You have some kind of death with coming here and taking me away. And now your back. Now your looking for death messing with my family!" she growled. "none of you are getting out alive!" she growled. Ice spears formed in the air. "Sir!' another man yelled. They went progressivo, para a frente stabbing the men. "you missed" the main man grinned. "No I didn't" she raised her hand and a dozen spiked from the ground blood splattered every where.

She collapsed. "I used to much energy" she panted. "Amara!" and then she was swept up. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" she began to sob. "Don't worry I'll protect you"