There was a large group standing down wind. Their cavalos pacing nervously. "I want that girl!" The leader shouted. The men nodded "Come back with out her and your good as dead to me" he hissed. This girl had eluded him for far to long. He had hunted Lycans for as long as he could remember (Lycans are a hybrid werewolf. They can change from their human to lobo form at any given time) His grandfather he remembered had one as a slave. The golden lycan had refused however to shift forms.

It was set loose then hunted. But as the Lycans went into hiding rarely entering their human form or their lobo form it was impossible to easily capture and find them. And then it became a game hunting the Lycan packs and then slaying them keeping them for their pele, peles coats. His uncle 12 years (she was 3 when it happened she's 15 right now) atrás had found a Lycan living with a human. He had come back said she refused to shift to fight even for her life. She was killed and brought back as a prize. She was the last Lycan in America it was said.

His uncle said the women had bred with a human and had a small child with her when she was killed. But he doubted the child was Lycan. His Uncle was wrong. They found his body in the he forest he stood with his throat ripped out and bite in his calves and arms and his sword dug into his abdomen. He had heard rumors of a lobo girl in the woods. The lycan had it's territory here. And now it was going to be his pet.

The men that had been dispatched found the a silver lobo finishing it's kill. "At least it won't be hungry and eat us" one man whispered. The others nodded. The lobo traveled to a stream where it shifted into the girl with snow white hair and crystal blue eyes. The girl turned sharply glancing over her shoulder narrowed eyes staring at their hiding place. They froze. but the girl merely swirled her hand. A dense fog lifted from now where. They could see her sill house moving. They approached. One man raised his club and hit her. He heard her yelp and crumple to the ground.

When the fog disappeared they gasped. The girl must have been getting ready for a bath because she was in nothing but underwear and a bra (dark as cores so these men can not see anything) They through a net over her and dragged it back. Climbing up the colina side they dropped the net to the ground. "Great absolutely great" the man smiled.

A helicopter appeared lowering a rope they hooked the net onto it and it flew off bringing tundra with it. When they arrived at the large início tundra began to stir.

She awoke in a room painted dark blue with draped around her. She lifted her self from the bed. Cold wind hit her bare skin and she gasped. Narrowing her eyes she looked round again. Where was she!? She slid off the cama and found a white dress. Slipping it on she stepped into the hallway. It didn't smell right here. It cheirado, cheirava, smelt like something foul. "Ah and the maiden awakes!" a cheerful voice sounded. She turned holding in a growl "Where the fuck am I?" she snapped.

She had to make dinner, and tuck Bonnie in, and make sure Charm doesn't have nightmares or stay up all night. "My dear my warriors found you being dragged away and rescued you. They brought you to my home" he smiled. He was lying she knew it. "Come cadastrar-se us for dinner" then he took her arm and led her down the hall. She was given a assento at a large mesa, tabela were piles of comida were waiting and the seats were all filled. People chatted amongst them selves while she ate small portions of things like mashed potatoes and ham. Taking the final sip of her water she rubbed her eyes.

"Tired there Lycan?" the man sneered. lycan what does that mean? she blinked her vision getting blurred and blurrier and then it all went dark. When she awoke again she stared up at the ceiling "Are you sure it worked?" a husky voice from her left spoke. "of course she's a mindless drone now she's harmless" another voice answered. She sat up her feet curling away from the floor. Where was she? Why did it smell like she should be afraid of this place?

She stumbled over to a mirror and blinked at her reflection. Was that her? She exhaled and the mirror was misted over. Turning away she blinked these men smelled like fear she walked around the room trying to understand the things she felt and where she was and who she was. She looked at her hands they looked worn but from what?And then her mind went blank again and she crumpled to the ground unconscious.

This time when she woke up no one was in the room with her. When she looked around she remembered this being the room she woke up in. Bored with the all ready explored room she expanded her exploration. She approached the door and opened it people scurried away. She stumbled out of the room. She fallowed a scent one that smelled like home. Safety. Something that she felt would tell her if this was a seguro or dangerous place.

She stopped at 2 wide doors and pushed them open. She stopped gasping like a fish. In front of her were tons of dead lobo pellets. A voice deep in her mind whispered to her slayed lycans her feet moved on their own as she turned and ran. She ran down the hall and the stairs and ran out the door and into a place where it smelled like other animals. Live animals. One blew air at her. She collapsed into something and passed out. Why did she run from the room? What is a lycan? She opened her eyes and stared at the weird face of something. it had ears and pele, peles and was obviously an animal. It sucked in air in front of her face and scurried away. It ran gracefully. She tried running after it but it was to fast.

She wished she was an animal that could run fast. She turned around to see lots of these weird looking animals. "Get the cavalos we procurar for the Lycan!" a male voice called. Lycan why were people calling her that? "What does it look like?" a man said. "We don't know just look for a wolf, he said the spell didn't work and that she probably ran off" the first voice answered. She walked towards them "What's a Lycan?" she titled her head. They laughed "Well little girl a lycan is like a wolf. Have you seen a lobo run por here?" they eyed her with mischief. "Why do you need to find a lycan? Everyone talking about it" she titled her head. "Lycans are to be hunted down and either slain or kept as pets" they laughed.

From what she knew about lobos is that they were wild creatures. She didn't think that the lobo would want to be kept as a pet and dying didn't seem appealing so she pointed in front of her a and watched them grab cavalos and run off. "Lycans" she thought about the room she saw. The one that made her jump and run. Were they dead lycans? People called her a lycan was she a lycan too? She ran her hand through her hair. She knew that lobos ran fast and hunted. She wondered what it would feel like. And then she felt like her skin was slowly changing and it was warm. When she opened her eyes she was smaller but she could smell and hear things. She looked around her her and moved.

And then instinct took over Amara's body. She began to run. Through hills and past lakes sometimes and she kept running until she reached a forest that smelled like home. Her início and she strolled into it and found a spot and lay down.

Bonnie watched her dad run back and forth. She was sitting on the counter enjoying a Popsicle (blue) and watched her dad run back and forth in their home. "AMARA WHERE ARE YOU! AMARA!" he yelled. He was throwing cushions of the sofá looking for her mom. He was in the middle of a spaz attack and wouldn't stop to think to look somewhere else.

She hopped of the counter and took down the list of people she should call in case of an emergency. Taking the phone and list back to her spot she dialed a number.

"Hello this is Becca speaking

"Daddy's having a spaz attack"



"Why are you calling?

"Cause Daddy's having a spaz attack!" Geese to grown ups ever listen?

"Are you sure?"

"I'm sure" she turned the phone away and towards charm screaming.

"Did you hear?"

"Yes where is your mother?

"We dunno she never came início from hunting but Daddy was passed out"

"Hold on sweety. Robin Charm's having a spaze attack and Amara isn't home."


"Bonnie listen to me carefully tell Charm to come to the cave okay?"

She hung up. "Daddy Robin says to go to the cave" she called. "Right!" Charm grabbed her and dragged her off. When they zeta beamed in the team and Abel and Cain were waiting. "She's gone!" he yelled. "We know" Artemis answered. "Well were is she!?" he yelled. "in her territory but we did your permission to procurar something that big" Superboy answered.

"Why?" he blinked. "Charm your Tundra's boyfriend or 'mate' which makes you the alpha male your also part of the territory and if we show up with out permission from an alpha then Amara's going to be pissed" Abel explained. "well then I give you my permission now FIND HER!" he screamed leading them to the zeta beam.

The team found her clothing at first por the river that ran through the territory. Then they found the girl sleeping at the edge of her territory on the western side.

She cracked open a eye. "Where am I?" she blinked. "Uh excuse me?" Becca blinked. "Where am I?" she said groggily . Zatanna frowned "I sense a small bit of magic on her" she whispered. Charm frowned and leaped progressivo, para a frente hugging her. She pushed him away "Amara please you-" he was cut off.

"I don't know who you are"